Please, first thing to ask yourself how is it legal or even Constitutional FOR T…EXAS and our corrupted Government to take a innocent mothers child (at 41 yrs old) with no criminal background at all with Native American Rights. My only child was viciously taken so scared at 2 yr old with no investigation right away for only making a evidence based criminal report on my wealthy powerful step dad who… was appointed by Governor Rick Perry! Despite my case was ruled out and dropped it was illegally reopened due to CPS worker Debra Reyna saying the document was not official yet it was and the judge allowed this! The CPS investigator who signed it is DEBRA MAYO who never came to court once to clear up their lies! She also returned no phone calls in over 2 yrs! The 2 CPS workers that illegally set me up to lose…

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Hear what they Stole from Amy…The New Babylon, Corrupt Houston,Texas

 Hear what they Stole from Amy …


Amy Charron’s Fight Back Againt CPS Corruption And Fixed Crimes, Published on by floridadcfwarning (floridadcfwarning) on September 21, 2011

Amy Charron

Amy Charron of Houston , Texas calls in on LIVE production of “ON SECOND THOUGHT” TV in Santa Maria, about her mom and step father , a oral surgeon keeping her daughter, Markel , age 3, from her after Hospital made a series of errors.Hospital records do seem to indicate Amy had been poisoned, and several witnesses we contacted support Amy’s story. Standard YouTube License


URGENT! Amy Charron Is Getting Evicted Please help! Part 1


Amy Charron: World wide child kidnapping epidemic – Vinny Eastwood 23/12/10 1/3

Christmas special guest Amy Charron comes on to talk about the corrupt CPS practices and the involvement of high level corruption and child kidnapping in US cities which is a microcosm of a world wide system of child abuse.

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CPS Kidnapping Special II

 Child Protective Services is supposed to “Protect” Children from Bad, Neglectful, and Abusive Parents. Sadly, it’s Good Parents who are all too often the victims of having their children wrongly kidnapped by CPS. In this Special Edition; we talk to Amy Charron regarding her ordeal with CPS.



CPS Kidnapping Special II

Child Protective Services is supposed to “Protect” Children from Bad, Neglectful, and Abusive Parents. Sadly, it’s Good Parents who are all too often the victims of having their children wrongly kidnapped by CPS. In this Special Edition; we talk to Amy Charron regarding her ordeal with CPS.


Amy Charron: World wide child kidnapping epidemic – Vinny Eastwood 23/12/10 2/3 by PlanetEarthAwakens01 350 views

Amy Charron vs CPS On the Vinny Eastwood Show by Vincent Eastwood 593 views

Vincent Eastwood

If you can Help please contact Amy on Facebook here: or by phone 713 859 9688

Please download this and re-upload it to your youtube channel and post it on facebook do anything that is necessary to get Amy some help on this issue, public support is what’s needed, she cannot fight this alone!
Vinny Eastwood

Amy Charron: This is my perverted hateful dangerous evil step dad who TEXAS protected illegally! IN the end he you will get caught GARY WAYNE MCDONALD! All along it was a huge criminal and political cover up…many in TEXAS knew I wasn’t guilty and they had proof …..his gold bought him justice!   Anita McDonald is my so- called evil mom.   I pray you grow old with him in JAIL! Can you imagine that we live in a world where an abusive family that harmed you and your child (evidence based) can still buy your child and steal your life?

I must file something again, but remember, in spite of proof that I was set up by their lies and evil and that they got away with felonies, the courts ignored me– even The Supreme Court!  What should I file, now? I want to sue Governor Perry as well for helping them win illegally!   He is directly involved more than you know yet!

Remember that Governor Perry was the one who appointed my wicked step dad to head of the Dental Board even though he later learned of his crimes.  Yet, he did absolutely nothing! Why is it that TEXAS would not let me file a criminal report or a sworn statement?

That is highly illegal.  Even when I traveled to do so, I was told that the report must be completed in-person. I could not take it home to complete. It is clear I am black-balled to cover up a huge political scandal.  Yet still, no one has jumped on top of this story in spite of my evidence that I have compiled on the website alone.  The site registered  almost $10,000 with a cash reward to prove me wrong.  Nobody ever did! How could two (2) people have that much power to take down a  once more than happy (fit) mother and daughter?

We live in a scary world and despite even many witnesses who confirm my abuse growing up and later abuse Texas sided and continue to side with their money and connections.  They are  denying me my guaranteed, Federally protected US Constitutional Rights!

First my evil mom and step dad get away with what was reported by a lawyer as attempted murder with a timeline, but then Texas forced me into a mental place with no investigation.  They called me names like “delusional”……where I was so dangerously sedated that I had serious drug reactions to the point that I did not know what had been forced into my body.  I couldn’t move correctly or see and while I was getting treatment to calm down the effects by IV …. they were plotting with Child Protective Services (“CPS,” DFPS in Texas) how to steal my child!

I will sue TEXAS and the Governor for allowing this to happen and for  hiding the proof! I have nothing to lose and if I get set -up for a crime or end up dead… know who the suspects should be! Please send my story to anyone who many help. For the record, the more I publicly exposed and even showed my evidence, the more Texas called me “delusional,” and the more I was wrongfully and unconstitutionally, thus, illegally, shut- down.

My Rick Perry Youtube channel registered  almost 2,000 hits  in just a couple weeks, but of course it vanished with all my first time Youtube attempts to tell my horror story to the world.  I even proved live that there was  hacking going on. But remember, they want you to think I am imagining it all .  They couldn’t stand that I proved how corrupt Houston, Texas really is! I am Amy Charron who has earned my opinion. I will never be okay with any of this.  I will not quit.  I will fight back against this corrupt system with GOD by my side! …. and please hurry and take a peek before Ramona Mayon shuts it all down criminal evidence again illegally after getting so much money out of me!  My own always wicked of a mother has not let me even talk to my girl in 2 yrs now and lives only 40 minutes away! Who could doubt my story is beyond me! That is severe child and adult abuse and it fits her evil patterns of abuse my whole life. She even abused my real dad who died barely 50 yrs old.   My father, Mark R. Charron, kept so much to himself but I will speak out for him as well! When my dangerous evil mom, mom,  Anita McDonald, married him she was pregnant and dropped out of high school . She called me so many names blaming me for anything and everything! She always hated me for things that were her own fault!

She thought because my dad wrote hit music for BJ Thomas and others, she would land big money but later when my dad became sick much like I did which is suspicious she had an affair with the man she is married to now. Any great investigator should of put these pieces together. I had a very disturbing secret tape of my dad questioning why he felt so sick from 1983 and my mom laughing. I had a jerk of a crooked high profile lawyer named George Parnham and yes he was Andrea Yates lawyer. HE asked for the tape and never gave it back! When I showed up for it with a witness he threatened me and allowed me to be illegally set up after getting a almost $20,000 retainer. My story is so far worse than you know yet. How am I still standing is beyond me. It’s like no matter how much I tried to win they would illegally take me step back ….even my evidence was stolen out of my house with witnesses and the police did nothing. Luckily much was with a trusted friend you could say. The threats, harassment, scare tactics, it was not something I ever dealt with until this case so think about it. Sadly everyone in Houston seem to protect their shocking crimes and not even let me legally defend myself.   I lost everything unlawfully fighting back even my beautiful home and belongings and they counted on that to win!

The evidence of the drugging:

Charron’s father wrote a few hit songs:

My sweet talented dad (Mark R. Charron) who wrote hit music for BJ THOMAS and others died far too young much to do with my evil mom! He was thrown on the streets with nothing after he couldn’t get any more hit songs written. While he was trying she called him so many names and abused the heck out of both of us! Despite he was a great dad and wrote many hit songs earlier on she had an affair with my evil now step dad and dumped him so quickly! He was later mugged and left with severe brain damage until he died! My evil mom Anita McDonald has gotten away with too many crimes with her sick husband Gary McDonald! Don’t worry dad I will get us justice! …. so glad to see people are posting my dad’s music recently. How amazing as old as they are…..

B. J. Thomas – Mama (Original Stereo)

“Mama” would be B.J. Thomas’ second consecutive Top 40 single after his debut c…over of Hank Williams Sr.’s “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry”, peaking at #22.

During a supervised CPS visit, this audio was secretly recorded, and it is available here:

See also, Houston Helium, Investigative News Blogs 1, 2 at

Wonderland Club Paedophile Ring (Operation Cathedral), published on by Fabrice Bardsley, Published on Apr 13, 2013

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