Dedication to the Real Mommies and Daddies of The Real America…And The Children Who Want to Come Home

Dedicated to the REAL mommies and daddies of the REAL America…and to their children who want to come home, inspired by and for my only child, julian-jacob: of family saloom, now aged 7 3/4 years old in 2014

To Julian, Joni's Little AngelThis blog site is dedicated to all of the Real mommies and daddies of the Real America and to their Children who Want to Come Home, and most important to me, my sweet little jewel, my Julian Jacob Worrell of Genealogy Saloom, my only child, a  son, my heart, my soul, my moon, and my sunshine and “sonflower,” or, sunflower(our flower).

Julian has been deprived of his Real Mummy, Joni Faith Saloom, and, reciprocally, Joni has agonizingly survived by the Grace of God and unconquerable soul and spirit  for well over two years now without any meaningful contact  whatsoever(“Invictus,” poem by William Ernest Hensley, 1888).

Agonizingly, Julian’s first day of kindergarten for which I, having been a former teacher with a passion for education my entire life, had so enthusiastically helped to prepare him, have come and gone like a ship that has set sail to never return–a ship that I was supposed to be aboard.  Similarly,  the other two first days of school since Julian started “big” school (I had just pre-registerd Julian at Kindergarten Round-Up the day before the abduction)–as my little Julian, who I hear they now call, “J.J.”– is now in second grade making straight A’s–have woefully come and gone in my absence.

Julian attends Lakewood Elementary School in Tomball, Texas (Harris County) under Principle Royce Aston.  Although Julian and I used to live right around the corner from the school, for some unknown reason as signed for Julian’s father’s attorney in Houston, Lawrence/ “Larry” Rothenberg, it is now alien to me.  Though I appreciate the report cards I had to fight, much to the expense of my  substantive expense in court, to receive, they are not a substitute for the constitutionally mandated meaningful participation in Julian’s academic and extra-curricular school life for which your schools accept money from the federal government to encourage such participation.

Mommy will never stop fighting for you, Julian. I think I speak for the overwhelming majority of us Real mommies and daddies of “kidjacked” (see website) children…of the Real America, when I say this to our children, and of course, to you my little jewel, Julian–We are with you every second, every minute, and through every waking and sleeping dream and nightmare, through every tear you shed when we should be holding you, through every achievement in school, sports, through your heartthrobs and heartbreaks, for better or worse, no matter what, in heart, love, soul, and spirit, wanting more than anything in this entire world to have you home  again. You can always come HOME to the other half your Real heart.

You will be home soon, to your Real mommies and/or daddies from whom you were stolen; in this I have faith and confidence with prayer and with all my heart and soul. Always remember that the Bible tells us that with enough faith, one can “move a mountain into a stream.”  Keep praying, and don’t ever give up hope, for fifteen seconds can change our entire lifetime. That is all it takes.

Our fifteen seconds are just around the corner, Sweetheart. There is God’s time, and then there is our perception of time. Please keep in mind that they are very different, yet, the same, “as it was in the beginning, is now, and every shall be, world without end, Amen.” “Take heart, and have courage,… “for the Kingdom of Heaven is near,” loves (The Holy Bible).. and “Rejoice,” for your Real Mommies and Real Daddies love you more than all the granules of sand on all the seashores, way up past the clouds in the sky and past Heaven–“to infinity, and beyond!”

I believe that God chose us be special so that we might have compassion for the suffering of others and show kindness and humility–these things, God loves.

And Julian, until you come home to the other half the rhythmically symbiotic heart that we once shared…indeed that we will naturally always share in interest, body, soul, essence, and spirit Corporeal Living and Freely Feeling and Procreatively “Expressing” and “Associating,” “Assembling”–with your Real mommy, Joni Faith Saloom, I will see you in my dreams (when I am lucky), in every beautiful full moon, in the children on every school bus I see, in every playground I have to pass and see children with their Real mommies/daddies playing and laughing together, in every school, in every grocery store, in every tear that falls, at any restaurant, park, or place we ever went together (and didn’t get to go to together), in every picture of you that I refuse to take down, basically, I will be seeing you EVERYWHERE, ALL THE TIME (First Amendment, Federal US Constitution and incorporated Bill of Rights as applied and ratified through the Fourteenth Amendment to the Federal US Constitution and incorporated Bill of Rights, see also Pierce v. Society of Sisters (1925) on the fundamental right to [lawfully] direct the moral and religious upbringing of one’s children)).

FAIR and Full, Non-“threatening, Legal (“lege”) NOTICE to the Maternally “Alienating” “Stepparents” (though not according to Black’ Law Dictionary where parents have never been married or “co-habitated”) being construed in the light most favorable to the Originating “vessel” on whose waters little natural, sovereign property “sprung off,” and to the little natural sovereign male or female “imbued with the spirit of the divine Creator,” essence manifested in its corporeal, live body inherently free from involuntary servitude)/Families and Friends Who are Too Afraid to Protect the Little “ChildReal Property not of his or her own natural body, or who have otherwise been conned by the narcissistic personality disordered, sociopath, criminally selfish better half and manipulated and lied to, at Real “Mommy” or “Daddy” and Real Property/”Child’s” expense and detriment, and perhaps even more important, during little natural male or female property’s  at all times material critical years of education:

We implore you to realize what this is doing to the child(ren), how he or she will feel about it later in life, how he or she will feel about you later in life if you don’t stop your bullying, and to forgive whatever it is in your heart or mind that compelled you take away a little boy’s Mommy or Daddy in the first place. Would you have wanted to be separated from your real mother or father and told that they were dead and you had to “grieve” for their “loss” in classes when they are still alive?

Would you want to go through every holiday wondering where your real mommy or daddy was and what they were doing? If you answered no these questions, then you are a liar, a sociopath, or both, and you will be getting a big spanking from God Himself (whether or not you believe in Him).  May God give you “ears to hear” and “eyes to see” the real  (“binding,” not of human “bond”age) TRUTH that you have helped to “Loose” and that you have and continue to freely choose to refuse–recuse– to change. There is still hope and time for everyone to change,…Everyone.

press this case at Queen’s Bench:

i, being a natural woman whose divine creator is God in heaven, require that you restoreth my little male property to me immediately.  my property was stolen on May 08, 2012, and has not been returned to me.  I am charging all of you who I find out or already know participated in this unholy, rotten-to-the-core, morally reprehensible and insanely cruel to a superlative degree scheme to unjustly, unlawfully, and unconstitutionally deprive me of my property, and, reciprocally, my property’s property in me, at the rate of $1.00 per minute for the unauthorized use of my property against our wishes and requirements.  Harm will be calculated and accruing at the federally allowable rate at the time when you are put in front of a jury of your peers who will not be able to accept bribes, kickbacks, referrals, Responsible Fatherhood federal state block grant funding, or adoption and marriage incentives.

P.S.  If all else then fails, my little love, according to God’s Will and true “Trust,” mercy, grace, kindness, compassion, humility, love, faith, forgiveness….and the “beatitudes” or “the true ‘riches'”–“be quiet or sit still and ‘wait’ for the Lord Jesus, the Real “Heavenly” (“Founding”) Father and also of this sovereign Republic United States of (the Real) America– until you are closer to  having your superficially and fictitious age or “disability” “removed,” and/or before.  The cavalry is coming for you and all the other children who should have never by any reasonable individual’s standards been kidnapped, or, “removed,” from their  Real natural mommies, and some Real daddies of their lost and kidnapped under the color of law and “authority” for not only the “State” of Texas, but all other forty-nine US “states”/”territories”/”military enclaves” as well.

This Blog is a Dedication to the Real Mommies and Daddies of The Real America…And Their Children Who Want to Come Home

Excellent Job Joni.. Sorry for not responding sooner.. But I will share!


  1. My situation is the same but was in Judge Pratt’s corrupt court and my 2 daughters have been and still are begging to come home. Pratt hasn’t allowed me to see them in over a year! I too promised my girls that if they wanted me to keep fighting for their voices to be heard then I will never stop….because who would have thought that a child’s outcry about the abuse and alcoholism would have been ignored!

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