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We are many things. We are what we eat, what we think, what we do and what we say. It doesn’t take an expert to know that if we eat poisoned foods, we in turn, are poisoned and our bodies have a constant uphill battle merely to stay alive. In this way, we tax our own bodies by our own consent. It can also be agreed that if we have constantly negative, less than wholesome thoughts, we also manifest that in our day to day attitudes. This is what separates the victims from the victors.

Our actions most certainly speak volumes because they are the manifestations of our thoughts brought forth and shown in the visible light spectrum where most of our focus lies. Then there is the matter of what we speak, how we speak and the vibrations that are emitted forth into the seen and unseen universes. It is this, I wish to speak on mostly because the entirety of universes are created in the energy of sound waves, even visible light which is only a higher vibration of sound. How many times have you said something to someone only to be completely misunderstood in the intent of what you were trying to say? Such are the limitations of language and in those limitations, many tricks can be played. How often have you found yourself in a mindless debate where the one you’re talking too has taken what you said in the wrong manner and you spend hours trying to fully explain it to them?

This sort of interaction generally ends up tainting friendships, relationships, and family life etc. ad nauseum. Where the word was uttered, the intent was missed or turned around by an ego seeking control. How many times have you had conversations discussing a concept with another and had an “aha!” moment? These are the times when resonance of concept occurs where there was no confusion allowed to set in and where both parties were seeking unity in truth. Here’s where I’ll make an attempt to make those events the more common one versus the prior and why I spend precious little time trying to explain things to those simply seeking an ego stroke. In my experience, I have found great relief in deciphering the language from a slightly different perspective. Not one of spellings but rather one of hearings. Have you never wondered why they call court cases a hearing?

We are many things. We are what we eat, what we think, what we do and what we say. It doesn’t take an expert to know that if we eat poisoned foods, we in turn, are poisoned and our bodies have a constant uphill battle merely to stay alive. In this way, we tax our own bodies by our own consent. It can also be agreed that if we have constantly negative, less than wholesome thoughts, we also manifest that in our day to day attitudes. This is what separates the victims from the victors. Our actions most certainly speak volumes because they are the manifestations of our thoughts brought forth and shown in the visible light spectrum where most of our focus lies. Then there is the matter of what we speak, how we speak and the vibrations that are emitted forth into the seen and unseen universes. It is this, I wish to speak on mostly because the entirety of universes are created in the energy of sound waves, even visible light which is only a higher vibration of sound.

How many times have you said something to someone only to be completely misunderstood in the intent of what you were trying to say? Such are the limitations of language and in those limitations, many tricks can be played. How often have you found yourself in a mindless debate where the one you’re talking too has taken what you said in the wrong manner and you spend hours trying to fully explain it to them? This sort of interaction generally ends up tainting friendships, relationships, and family life etc. ad nauseum.

Where the word was uttered, the intent was missed or turned around by an ego seeking control. How many times have you had conversations discussing a concept with another and had an “aha!” moment? These are the times when resonance of concept occurs where there was no confusion allowed to set in and where both parties were seeking unity in truth. Here’s where I’ll make an attempt to make those events the more common one versus the prior and why I spend precious little time trying to explain things to those simply seeking an ego stroke. In my experience, I have found great relief in deciphering the language from a slightly different perspective. Not one of spellings but rather one of hearings.

Have you never wondered why they call court cases a hearing? It has to be that since you were already caught in their spellings and now they wish to add power of creation with sound vibrations. This is also why the courts/church are the masters of word trickery and also why everything is all about assumption and presumption where the intent must be proven. Intent is the only difference between first degree murder and involuntary manslaughter where either way, someone was killed and only the intent differed.

It was a matter of sorting out the sounds that are used and the corresponding sounds and multitudes of variations that were attached to all the sigils we know of as letters. Many letters have multiple sounds and these are LEARNED through forced practice called school. A child learns to speak long before they learn to write. You’re also going to need to get a little outside the physical box on this one as well since all speech is truly etheric and spiritual in nature; it’s what universes are made of, literally. As an example, I’m going to write a few sentences in the normal spell casting way where the intent can be assumed only via habit to illustrate the power of assumption in our everyday lives.Image result for Scylla and Charybdis pics

Remember, this is “Show AND Tell” so it’s difficult to convey the sonics of this, without seeing the actual words I’ve written. “Eye halve found many pea-pull that true lee halve know idea watt there saying because they halve bean taut four a long thyme two assume, threw habit, watt they halve bean indoctrinated in two bi spells and careful training two bee anything butt there intent. Sea watt eye mene?” So, really, what are you saying and what do you really think you are saying?

I can safely assume the previous paragraph based on sounds, would not be mine or yours intent, non? This is when we all need to stop and take a second listen to everything we utter, every literal creation we manifest. In this realm or dimension, we have those that have been invited in by our own calling, of our own free willed consent, like it or not. All universes are under the same laws, the same golden rule because balance must always be maintained be it perceived good and/or evil.

It is all about contract here and everywhere, even the dimensions you cannot see. We observe everything, be it sonically or visually in a singular visible light/sound dimension. For proof of this, I will ask if you can see the wave patterns of sound, the infra-red spectrum, X-rays or anything of that nature? We can use technology to display vast new galaxies in the infra-red spectrum but we are unable to see them with our limited 3D eyes. We all assume far too much and yet know far less than we think we do. This is the limitation of ego that renders many stubborn to move beyond the physical 3d meatstick reality because they have been taught for a very long time that that is all there is. They do this from an early age and by “they” I mean those that have higher knowledge of the universal laws and use them to control those of us still in ignorance. I’ll share a few examples in the hopes that the concept will be grasped where I prefer to show people how to fish versus simply feeding them.

This game is all about self-responsibility where the masses have been lifetime trained to seek external saviors. Sorry, not one of those and certainly not yours, that violates the golden rule. I won’t ruin your game and life lessons, don’t ruin mine. Let’s take a few words I’ve already written so far in this essay; Responsibility. Sound it out and see/hear what else is there that you missed in your assumptive haste that is programmed ego. Re-spawns-ability. Re, as a prefix, means to do again.

Image result for Scylla and Charybdis pics

Spawns is a word relating to new life or eggs of life being spawn. Ability, we’ll leave alone for now but there is much hidden still in the sigils and the sounds. This is not as complicated as it sounds for it is merely the concept that must be mastered, not the totality of the art. In short, once you click on the concept that we’re not saying what we mean where assumption is concerned, we break the spell. Right, write, rite or wright?Image result for Scylla and Charybdis pics

So, for me, responsibility is the ability of bringing something back to life and why the system wants you to re-spawned to everything. They need your life force and depend on your ignorance to fulfill their wishes. Nifty trick eh? As serious as this game can get to be some days, we need to let go of much to begin to see things that have been hidden. Once we lose the rage of being tricked and accept it for the masterful ploy that it is, only then can we begin to play it back. It was this much mirrored effect that gave me some pretty big keys to their game and that’s why their jig is up and they know it. So, how about the whirred physical? Where spellings are always deceptive, sounds tell the entire story. Every letter/sigil has more than one sound so let’s take the very unique letter of “Y” that is the only one that is a vowel/vow-all and a consonant (with sound). In the word physical we are taught to say it like the letter “i” in “lift” versus how it would sound in “high” so let’s switch(s-witch) it up shall we? Now “phy” sounds like “phi”. Part two of the word physical is “si” as in sit but let’s sound it “sigh” since that is an assumptive option. Interestingly enough, it sounds like another Greek letter “psi”(sigh sound) with the remainder of the word simply sounding like “cull”. I have decided to alter/altar their spell thusly: 

        Phi-Psi-Cull. Let’s go a little deeper on this. What do the Greek letters represent? Phi and Psi are the 21st(777) and 23rd (psalms) letters of the Greek alphabet. Phi ratio is the sacred geometry of creation itself where Psi is the spirit so I see/hear the word “physical” to be a culling of the sacred creative spirit and the trap of traps. Thus why this realm has people so focused on the “meatstick” and not their true selves as consciousness and master of all things. No, it wouldn’t bode well for one wishing to control anything that far out powers it if it knew it. It does take a little practice to really get the hang of it but the true art form is slowing down enough to not be distracted by everything physical and mental interfering with our abilities to do so. To be plain about it, sit down, slow down, shut up and listen closely. If you don’t, you’ll miss it and why we have for so long. We were the ones that assumed far too much and it was turned in the mirror to control us. If I showed you a picture of a “happy face” logo, you’d get the same concept as most everyone where pictures or glyphs are much more difficult to assume or presume anything. No, the “riting” of spells had to be more complex to outsmart those of us who might have caught on sooner. Image result for Scylla and Charybdis pics

If I asked you to visualize a cat would it be safe to assume it was a tabby or was it a sabre toothed tiger? There’s where we get hooked on the spells and then, by phonics. We utter the words with such irresponsible vigor yet we have no true idea what we are litter-ally puking into existence. Prefixes and suffixes are nasty little pieces of work that alter the meanings and assumptions of words dramatically. Imagine a language without them. We had that once because both of those forms are add-ons to existing words. Another interesting thing about the prefix “re” is that it is the ancient true spelling of the Egyptian sun god Ra. The letter “r” is also a very special letter to me. In Greek it re-pre-sents/sense the letter “rho” as in row, row, row your boat (mind). It is pronounced with a rrrrolling sound much like the Scottish still say it correct. That letter “rho” means “breath of spirit or spirit breath” aka creation. What, you think the Vatican’s symbol/cymbal/sigil of chi/rho (key/row) is merely a fluke? The Greek letter “chi” (pronounced key) looks like the western “X” and “rho” takes the form of a “P” in reverse, and for me, that is a deliberate mirroring of the real intent. Visualize the letter P backwards and ending in a point versus being rounded and you’ll know what it looks like. Let’s get phonics on it. Chi can be sounded out like chee(cheap), key(quay), kai(kite) or ki(kip). I was rather fond of the kite sound so I switched it up to see what i would get, never assuming any sound whatsoever and sounding them all out to see what I would “hear/here”.. Have you ever heard of a city in Egypt called Cairo (chi-rho)? Just what is the Vatican’s/elites lust for Egypt anyway?

Here’s the thing. Take the letter P and put an X over it and there’s the symbol. Since the P is reversed, also can the X be “assumed” to be reversed although not many would even think of doing that since it looks identical. Ah yes, you forgot the one important thing I mentioned earlier; Intent…oh yeah. An X can also now be considered a duality in singularity creating a literal double-cross. Have you ever heard that mentioned before as in someone “double-crossing” you? Did you never question why and where that expression (X-press-shun) came from? Now have a look at the flag of one of the other centers of evil called the City of London, state as in the union jack or the Un-ion hi-jack. Yes, one has to be a little more creative in one’s thinking to see these things but I’ll do my best to show a few things I used to get outside their box. Have you ever had the feeling that you’ve been double-crossed your whole life in one way or the other and you wanted to figure out why?

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The basis of true humanity is one of compassion and unconditional acceptance via free will choice, live and let live. As powerful and beautiful as that can be, it was also our downfall where it was and is the wishes of lesser caring or soulless entities to use to their own benefit. If you’ve ever been screwed over by another being because you trusted them fully where their intent was shown to be one of trustworthy and ended up being far less than that in their actions, you’ll know what I mean. This is the reason why I never create obligations. It took me a long time to figure it out, I was in my late twenties, when something my grandfather mentioned to me finally resonated properly. “If you ever decide to lend someone money, give it with the intention of never getting it back”. You see, an obligation works both ways when loans are made. This is the true nature of usury, not the ridiculous interest distraction. Only an obligation can enslave us, not the interest on it. An old saying comes to mind and one that humanity ignored and is being reminded of now. “Never a lender nor a borrower be”.

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That doesn’t mean screw everyone if they need help, no. Rather it means that if you have the means to help, do so willingly, without obligation because the truth is, it will enslave both minds, hearts and souls until the DEBT is forgiven. Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors. Where in that statement does it say “take”? The bottom line is this; if you give expecting it back, you’re enslaving both parties where the true intent will always be shown in someone’s actions. If you can’t afford to give it as a gift, don’t make debt slaves out of you both. This is the true trickery of spellings where you often find yourself saying “that is not what I meant/ment/mind” but it usually falls on deaf ears since the spell was already cast. this is the power of whirreds where they’ll spin you out every time where the intent is left wide open to interpretation and it won’t be the one you wanted unless you get a grip on the word puking we all do.

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The spell is broken with me where only my intent is given out now and any misunderstandings from anyone else are theirs, not mine anymore. If you misunderstand me, then you are still under the spell of sigils empowered by phonics or “spirit breath”. Speaking is not an external creation, it comes from deep within, first by thought and then, through vow-call chords. Was that bow to your lady or give her a bow? I also had to bring in the musical scales to see and hear this even deeper and, in fact, music was the chi/quay/key that opened the lock/lough/waters of truth.

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Here’s a question for you. What is the lowest beginning note on the scale and is also a nickname for money? What is the highest note and something hot you drink? I could write/rite a book on the musical scales and all the trails that i followed, one after the other with resounding epiphanies all the way. I even used these altered/altared spellings in legal documents long ago to let them know I was catching on to their word trickery. If there was anything that got me attacked, it was this unveiling of the word trickery, not the matters contained in the documents. You see, once the power of the spelling illusion was broken, it mattered not what I wrote anymore but that too many people would see the spells for what they are. Let’s do another paragraph of altered spellings/intents shall we just to reinforce the concept of the double-crosses shall we?

” All ways keep in mined that EVERYTHING ewe udder is Cree 8 Ted in the invisible universe. Weather ore knot ewe be leave it is knot relevant two watt is being brought in two X cyst ants and wear psi-lents is goal done. It matters knot tomb me watt ewe think ore be leave because won thing eye no is that when eye se n-knee thing, eye no eye halve created sum thing, sum wear that is an a bomb in nation two gnat your all lahs” So, the simple truth is, the less you know about this trickery, the more you need to be silent because this has been making an absolute mess of everything and it’s about time we put up AND shut up until we get our e-motions (no motions) in order because when the emotions rule the mind, many bastard creations get put forth. Please don’t under estimate your abilities because those that have you under their control know full well of the power they wield over us in our blissful ignorance of these laws. There are only two things one needs to control the masses and those things are fear and ignorance where both are rife in our whirled today.

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Every sigil, symbol, letter, number etc. are created off the flower of life or the flow-er of life and are empowered as such with creation itself. Seriously, how powerful do you think you would be if you had billions of souls doing all the manifesting because you have them babbling according to your intents? If it is your wish to keep enslaving yourself and others, then “Babylon” in ignorance. Have a second look and listen to why they had to castrate/Ka-strait Osiris which/witch makes more sense to me in that Ka is Egyptian for spirit and a strait is a narrow waterway. This is why we need to ka-strait ourselves.

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Image result for Scylla and Charybdis picsImage result for Scylla and Charybdis picsImage result for Scylla and Charybdis pics

The more astute will quickly real eyes how many terms we use are in direct relation to the sea and maritime traditions. Ancient etymology has the words mind, boat, barque, ship, and ment as all being one and the same. Even the word phonics comes from the ancient Phoenician maritime civilization that was known for their warring ways. Think of all communications (com-you and I-Ka-shuns or with one spirit shuns) and the use of the combo letters of “ph” with “P” as reversed rho and the letter “H” which I see as a vow-all, not a consonant with no Greek letter representing it and why it is silent in most languages except (X-sept/seven) Angle/Angel-ish. If something is “ish” it means it’s only sort of like the original eh?

To me, the original language was silence because you can hear a sound in your mind; create it without needing to be phi-psi-cull at all. Let’s look at a few other “ph” words such as even our own alkalinity levels of “ph” balance. Words like telephone and phonetics are all phony means of communication. Greek letter phi is the literal aspect of creations ratio itself. Phee, phi, pho, phum or Fee, fie, fo, fum? Are you starting to hear the picture yet? Are you starting to understand the gravity of the situations that have had us all trapped for eons because once, long ago, we opened our “pearly gates” and let heaven slip forth via a langue-gage/tongue pledge? What did you think pearly gates meant in relation to heaven?

Image result for Scylla and Charybdis pics

Heaven means “heaved up, thus head” and the Vatican mirror boys have had us worshipping (war-minding) their phalluses/phalaces with silent “h” all along. The word “pen” means head as well so consider a few other words where their dick worship shows up in penal colony, ( isn’t the colon the place where the sun don’t shine and makes sense as to why they’re so into buggering little boys?), penis, penitentiary, pencil, pentagon, pentagram(theft of divine feminine) pendragon etc….. It is more important to me that people begin to see the nature of the spell versus the vastness of it and how destructively pervasive it is and how utterly distracted most of the masses are in their own culling. Trying to fix your body before you clear your mind of the garbage is like putting a brand new paint job on a car in the junkyard and why i get so adamant about getting out of the distractions. You can make a junk yard car look great but it’s not going anywhere and the simple truth is, we are all driving mental Ferrari’s in a parking lot boxed in by some very clever beings.

What part of “Ment-All” did you not hear? We create our own future, each and every one of us and if the focus is maintained on the physical, you’re going to miss the real show and you’ll be culled along with those that are yet still sleeping. Here’s the good news about that and I always refer to the law of dominant frequencies for this clearing up of nonsense. How many of you are trying or have tried to awaken someone up that you knew to be sleeping be it a friend family member or otherwise? I will simply ask you to stop trespassing on their free will choice to experience life where they are at.

You need only empower yourself to have the dominant frequency effect. Do you know why the “follow the crowd” is so powerful? It’s because there are some that know how to dominate the frequencies to make it very uncool not to follow the trends. How down did you feel after trying and failing and ultimately pissed off someone for trying to awake them? Is that a good energy to be in and more so, share? Yeah, you’d best stop that because you are creating an obligation and a double cross while trespassing on the most fundamental law of them all; free will choice and consent. How long would it take for you to get pissed off if someone walked into your room while you’re sleeping and wake you every hour on the hour?

It’s a different story if you ask someone to wake you at a certain hour and it is only the inevitable consent I’m seeking and waiting for. It is only important for you to power your own inner light up and that is done with knowledge, then knowledge put into action creating wisdom. You then become part of a higher frequency that is engulfing this planet right now where all lower frequencies rise to the new dominant one of positive light. Yes, even those most evil and sleepy will have to awaken as a result where they too get a chance to re-pen-t (sun of god in the head/mind of love).

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This physical realm is merely a playground that has been corrupted by the very few but we are equally responsible for allowing it to happen in the first place via our childlike innocence (in-no-sense) but we are getting wiser and vibrating higher by the second if the illusion of time be considered. It is also no coincidence that the Age of Pisces was the age in which the darkest aspects came into light and why the Vatican goonies wear their fish hats and became fishers/fissures of men. They got us hooked by phonics, sending forth our altared creations through our pearly gates in and of our own ignorant consent and all we have to do, is to take the hook out of our mouths and stop taking their bait because they are the master-bait-oars of the highest/lowest order.

I will also finish up with this. Look at the word “aura” split in two to form au-Ra. Au is the periodic table symbol for gold and Ra is the sun of god which is you, not the one in the sky since that is only a re-fleck-shun of your true inner self. Those that have made a mess of this place with our help are here to mine our true gold, our creative energy, our aura….not the gold in the ground. No, they got us to help them destroy theconsciousness of our Mother Gaia first where we were traders/traitors of her first and now, with their BOND created money, they have us cannibalizing each other where our true gold is simply being given away and culled like any other no minded, soulless crop.

This is where you have the choice to be hooked, rooked and cooked by/for/of/in/on/as phonics or n given away and culled like any other no minded, soulless crop. This is where you have the choice to be hooked, rooked and cooked by/for/of/in/on/as phonics or not. Silence truly is golden; long may you shine…..much love, kate of gaia


. . . Whoa!  far out.   I think I prefer the merry-go-round, the grand illusion. 


The con cepts below are what some have been taught to be lieve, but always  remember that with every word there lies a half truth and a half of a lie in equal measure.  One realizes this in studying decisions and opinions written by the Higher courts.  Read  everything that you can get your hands on and wrap your mind around, but at the same time use your own life experience, internal beliefs minus programming, and your own interpretations , or, con science, be your guide.  Some scripts are good, in my opinion.  Others are limiting.  How much should one  limit oneself?  I still  like the Holy Bible.  Some ancient truths and secrets feel more real and naturally Good and right, afterall, than others– even in a world of illusion.  Honesty is the only ver sion that should rule.  Man, be true to thyself — Know thyself.  Trust no one else to create your own right illusion or reality.  This is the ultimate balance, minus “Baal.”  I feel that this is the first responsibility–to know thyself and learn and discover on one’s own, rather, by one self.  As far as magic in the world–I do believe it exists, but only through God and the love of our Lord Jesus Christ transferred to the love we have for one another.  Children are sacred.  They are a little pie-ce of God and Heaven.

Incidentally, I found the below when I typed Riddle of the Sphinx into the little “Google” box within the physical ra diation box.  I still adhere to the notion that we are not meant to grasp God’s full purpose or understanding for usin this life, but just because one may read something and integrate pieces of information and disinformation (though, fundamentally both are information–keys about why or what others want  you to think) into one’s own schem-ata or con struct of the world as one knows it to exist on an individual plane or leveland for general under standing of basic logos and why and how others might use it for their own manipulated purpose  or profit.

Invasion of privacy is always a venal sin.








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Music of the Cherubim The purpose of music is to resurrect humanity from the limiting conditions it must experience in order to comprehend form and matter. This is its mission, for music has the power to restore man (mind) to his forgotten divine estate. One of the principal factors operating in all cultures and nations is to call forth the human spirit from surrendering completely to, and being overwhelmed by, the numbing effects of a materialistic and mechanized civilization (Saturn and Capricorn). The Divine and life-giving energies of God are radiated to our universe by the twelve constellations (hierarchies) that surround our solar system. Each of the hierarchies sounds forth a distinctive keynote. The twelve signs fall into four groups according to the four elements (earth, air, fire, water) and together they form the music of the spheres. A specific creative task is given to each of the creative hierarchies. While the tasks are different, all are manifestations of the One universal tone, which is the source of their energy, and from which all music springs.This Earth is a vast harmonic wave system that is built and sustained by unheard (by most of humanity) music. All great musical composers have been connected consciously or unconsciously with this source of music, a fact that enables them to become masters of their art. Their compositions contain specific messages brought through from high realms for the purpose of bettering world conditions and bestowing upon humankind greater illumination. When humanity was very young, all that could be heard were the sounds of nature. Therefore, music originally consisted of simple sounds that attempted to reproduce nature.A threefold song of the Absolute is heard by all the kingdoms (except the masses of humanity whose inner ear is not yet attuned) throughout the universe. This song possesses the three aspects of God (will, love/wisdom, and intelligence, Rays 1, 2, & 3). These aspects are reflected in music as those of harmony, melody, and rhythm. Reflecting the three originating Rays in the Big Dipper, these three aspects are the substances within Sound (“At the beginning was the Word”) that create(d) form. This three-fold song within the cosmos is literally the universal energy by which God continually manifests Himself. From this we can interpret the words, “And the Word (harmony, melody, and rhythm) became Flesh.”The emanations of the tone of G# major, from the Cancer Hierarchy, produces the cosmic waters of life that nourish all bodies taking form on Earth (Capricorn). In the developing embryo, Cancer provides the nourishing spiritual waters that protect and nurture the body of the developing child. This is why the sign of Cancer is called the Great Mother. Brahms, the master of lullabies, was definitely able to “hear” the keynote from the Cherubim in the Cancer Hierarchy. He had his Mars (Ray 6, reaching high) in Cancer (life spirit) and Neptune (from higher worlds) in Capricorn (bringing into form).

Each of the twelve constellations emits its own individual sound. Each tone has its seven octaves. The following are the keynotes for each of the constellations:
Aries D-flat major
Taurus A-flat major
Gemini F-sharp major
Cancer G-sharp major
Leo A-sharp major
Virgo C-natural
Libra D-major
Scorpio E-major
Sagittarius F-major
Capricorn G-major
Aquarius A-major
Pisces B-major
Source: Healing and Regeneration through Music, by Corinne Heline.
The Light of Virgo & the Light of Initiation Virgo is referred to on page 260 of Esoteric Astrology as the sacred vessel carrying the “Light of God” or the “God of Light” hidden within the womb. “Virgo symbolizes depth, darkness, quiet and warmth; it is the valley of deep experience (Earth) wherin secrets are discovered and eventually ‘brought to light’; it is the place of slow, gentle and yet powerful crisis and periodic developments which take place in the dark and yet which lead to light.”Virgo, in this quote, is a metaphor for matter holding deep within itself the light of Spirit. Virgo also represents the process of bringing forth the light (spiritual awareness and consciousness) in the dark places of matter (the Earth and hidden within our physical body). The ever-growing experiences of light are actually the stages of initiation. There are three stages in which three different Lights are brought forth. The three lights are the Light of Knowledge, the Light of Wisdom, and the Light of God, and all are the result of the seeker’s desire and aspiration for spiritual connection.In stage one, the aspirant attempts to neutralize glamour (emotional reactions) through the growth of the mind. The Light of Knowledge (acquired through study) is a major eliminator of emotional reactions. Emotions often veil the truth from the seeker. Overseen by Taurus, this stage provides, through the star Aldebaran, the Light of Knowledge. Stage two is the stage in which the Soul light is activated. This is the Light of Wisdom and is the result of life experiences blending with the light of knowledge (stage one). This is overseen by Virgo, which expresses the Hidden Light of God. Stage three, overseen by Capricorn, is when contact with the intuition takes place. This is through the blending of the Light of Knowledge (personality light) and the Light of Wisdom (Soul light). The result of this blended Light is pure radiance and the power to enter into the Rain Cloud of Knowable Things.Initiation is a word that signifies successive entrance into greater knowledge and light. Humanity experiences seven initiations over the course of many lifetimes on Earth. Initiation is not something given to, or conferred upon, by a teacher or guru. Initiation is an internal state of progressive revelation, a new vision that attracts and draws the seeker into greater and greater light. (Light here refers to a sight perceived at times by the physical eyes and always by the opened Third Eye. This light, when seen, is often observed peripherally as a flashing light.) Initiation is a progressive process of light recognition and light utilization. Since light is the medium that carries information, initiation is also a process of an ever greater expansion into “knowable things.” Humanity is that unit of life that has abuilt-in evolutionary process of progressing from a dimly lit state of consciousness to a consciousness lit with supernal glory. This ever-increasing expansion into light is the Path of Evolution.Readiness for initiation is signified by “light” available along the Way. There is a specific type and amount of light available at each level of development. Each stage, therefore, is “lit” (the Lighted Way), and as this light penetrates each individual, it enables the initiate (one who seeks) to contact and see what has previously been felt but unable to be perceived. This new contact and “seeing” produces new knowledge, which, in turn, directs the initiate into even greater light.At each initiation (remember there are seven) as the seeker is able to perceive a new light and a new area of divine consciousness previously unknown, greater responsibilities and opportunities are encountered. Eventually these new, and more inclusive, fields of light and information become normal spheres of experience. It is during these times of initiation, as the light of knowledge, perception, and responsibility increase, that the seeker surrenders the self to the greater service of humanity. This ever-seeking and entering into greater and greater light is the training ground for Mastership, which Virgo (as Mary) represents.  
The United Nations Most of humanity does not understand how the founding of the United Nations came about, what its purpose was and still is, and what part in the Plan of the Hierarchy and evolution it plays. Founded in October 1945 at the urging of the Hierarchy, the United Nations was an inspired (key national figures, such as President Franklin D. Roosevelt “caught” the idea from the Mind of God) gathering of the world’s leaders whose purpose was to bring order, unity, and synthesis (a higher level of unity) to all nations of the world. Behind the United Nations, and as a result of creating a polar opposite to the evil (evil is real, with origins that are outer planetary) predominating in the world at that time (Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin), stand all the Masters (the Hierarchy who are also behind the United States government and provided the impulse for the creation of the Declaration of Independence) of the Inner World, those Beings who oversee, influence, and direct humanity and the Earth’s evolution.The United Nations’ Sun (will) and Mercury (messenger) is in Scorpio (Scorpio provides us with spiritual aspiration, and works with Ray 4 of harmonious bridging). The personality meaning and function of a Scorpio Sun (acting as the vehicle for Love/Wisdom) is to allow conflict to be expressed. On the Soul level, Sun in Scorpio is where the Dweller on the Threshold (tests) appears. The test is to release the old so the higher reality can be revealed. The Soul-level purpose is to be a catalyst for the transformation of others, which the United Nations attempts by calling forth the voices of all nations. Mercury in Scorpio (both Ray 4) provides the United Nations with great mental power so that humanity can be freed from the past and enter into a new conscious awareness of the Plan of Life. Mercury in Scorpio presents the United Nations with great tests, and a demonstration often must be made that the Path of Synthesis is being adhered to. Mercury in Scorpio also means that the inner workings are often hidden and mysterious. This is the reason many people have the opinion that the United Nations is weak. Mercury in Scorpio asks one to have a mental power that transforms and reorients the thought forms of the masses. The UN was very active in transforming the mind of the masses who were watching Clinton’s videotapes to be able to look at the situation (Clinton and sex) on a higher level of reality &emdash; not just viewing Clinton as a sex addict filled with a desire for the “flesh” (emphasis within matter), but rather as a powerful leader able to bring together nations, stand up to terrorism, and attempt to bring democracy to the world (Spiritual emphasis). And he was recognized with a three-minute standing ovation, something never done previously on the floor of the United Nations.It is particularly interesting to note that the UN horoscope also has five planets in Libra (balance after chaos), which parallels Clinton’s chart of six planets, plus his rising, in Libra. Clinton, esoterically, is Everyman, with foibles and grace notes, sexual appetites and spiritual visions. This was apparent on that paradoxical Monday with Starr’s tapes broadcasing around the globe while Clinton hosted the illuminati of our world’s future.In Libra, where the polarities are starkly apparent, there is always the middle point that sounds the note as to where the spiritual vision of the future lies. This middle point is the voice (65 percent) of the masses, whose choice, and after the tremendous volumes of “pornography for the puritanical” (to quote the New Yorker) that Starr provided us with, is to leave Clinton alone to perform the job he was chosen to do.Humanity needs to see and experience two polarities at the same time. These polarities are desire (sex tapes) and goodwill (purpose behind the UN). Both are apparent and needed. Desire moves us into spiritual aspiration for things higher and better. Goodwill results in Right Human Relations. Both are Libran issues and the recent government activities provide us with the Libran function of choice.  
The Rays & Capricorn  Capricorn receives three distinct rays from the Big Dipper &emdash; Ray 1 of Will and Power, whose color is red (think fire); Ray 3 of Active Intelligence, whose color is green (think Earth’s vegetation); and Ray 7 of Synthesis and Order, whose color is violet (think amethyst ring on a bishop, a cardinal, or the birthstone for those born in February). The fact that there are three rays streaming through Capricorn is significant. Only one other sign, Sagittarius, is the recipient of three rays. Therefore, Capricorn and Sag have a distinctly important influence on all of Earth’s kingdoms, but specifically at this time on humanity directly.Capricorn is the sign of ambition and is pictured as a goat constantly climbing mesas and mountains and clinging to narrow precipices that other animals (and few humans) would attempt. In the human kingdom, we often find Capricorns as heads of vast corporations (Ray 1 of power), tending to billions of dollars (Ray 7 is also money), running a “tight ship” (Ray 7 of order) with enormous power (Ray 1) and mental acumen (Ray 3 of active intelligence). That’s the outer appearance of Capricorn. The inner, deeper, and esoteric (hidden) reality of Capricorn is that it is the sign of Initiation, that stage of development where great preparations are made to enter into the world of the Hierarchy.In the case of Capricorns specifically, (but for all of humanity this month), the individual is being prepared, through great and multiple responsibilities, to become a powerful leader, to manage immense resources, and to fulfill a purpose that places him or her in positions in the outer world that eventually create and bring forth a new civilization. Now that’s a very large purpose, and the preparation is taken seriously and with internal intent. If we observe Capricorns in our lives, we often see a quality of “being driven” by some inner force. Though they are not able, in many cases, to articulate just what that intensity is, nevertheless, their words and actions often embody a hidden and unseen force.In terms of the influence of Capricorn on the kingdom called humanity, when the Sun is transmitting Capricorn and directing the Rays 1, 3, and 7 (for a month each year between Dec. 21 and Jan. 20), we are also affected and influenced by this internal force. We experience a desire to begin the activities needed to fulfill the goals created last month in Sagittarius. During the time of Capricorn and for one month, we have the will (Ray 1) to mentally activate (think and act, Ray 3) the steps and set up an order and an agenda (Ray 7) so that we may succeed (Capricorn word) in our aspirational endeavors. If we observe our thoughts and activities during this month, and look at them through the lens of this information, we will link with the intelligences available from the Rays, Capricorn, and the Sun, and our connection with the ever-influencing cosmic forces will be more stabilized and more activated. 
The Three Crosses of Consciousness For those whose background is Christianity, the three Crosses referred to in the text are the same three crosses referred to in the Bible story of the Crucifixions of the Christ/Jesus and the two thieves. Christ and the two thieves represent humanity’s three different stages of consciousness and Spiritual development. Remember, at the Crucifixion at Golgatha (place of death), on the left cross hung the unrepentant (Mutable Cross) man (unconscious of anything beyond self), on the right cross hung the repentant (Fixed Cross, realizing errors and asking forgiveness in order to begin anew) man (aware of something greater than self and thus coming to a greater consciousness), and in the center, (and whose death caused thunder, lightning, and earthquakes on Earth), hung the Christ/Jesus (Cardinal Cross), who, through sacrifice (crucifixion) of the small self or personality (“Not my will, but Thy Will, Father”), had become One (union) with the Father (Shamballa, or place where the Will, Plan, and Purpose of God is known). This is the inner, esoteric meaning of the crosses, the crucifixion, and the Christ. All of which are pre-requisites to the state of consciousness called the Resurrection.
The Mystery of the Sphinx The following text is very intricate. I ask my readers to try and stay with the information that unfolds both through the main text and the footnotes. I am not aware if this particular information has been correlated, combined, synthesized, and written about prior to this writing. The theme running throughout is that of the sign of Leo (individual self-consciousness and identity) and Leo’s opposite sign, Aquarius (humanity’s group consciousness and identity).In the Bible, which is written in astrological and esoteric codes, the name for the influence of the sign of Leo was Judah. During the time of Judah, or in the House of Judah and with the Kings of Judah (during the Age of Leo), the Chosen People (our ancestors, who were the first seeds of the Aryan race or People of the Mind race) suffered greatly. This time was the beginning of the dissolution of the House of Israel (Israel comes from Isis, Ra, El which means balance of male/female with God at the center). With the destruction of their Spiritual temples, absence of enlightened teachers, and through a series of cruel and unenlightened kings, the people lost their sense of self in relation to their God.The Age of Leo occurred some 13,000 years ago. Leo is the sign through which a previous identification ceases and a new state of self-identification occurs. Note that during the Age of Leo, the people lost their previous sense of identity (as one with God). Thus began what is known today as the Lost Tribes of Israel. It is important to note that Aquarius, the sign of group identity, is the sign opposite Leo which is individual identity. Note also that the Sphinx is half lion (Leo, self) and half human (Aquarius, the sign of Humanity). Esoteric tradition teaches that the Sphinx was created during the Age of Leo (lion) and was a temple of Initiation that taught, housed, and protected the ancient and still hidden mysteries.There are many questions concerning the origin and meaning behind the Sphinx. Carved in natural rock and guarding the Nile Valley, the majestic statue of Giza set in the Egyptian desert seems to evoke endless myths and conjecture. In Greek mythology the sphinx was a winged lion with a woman’s head. She lived on a rock near Thebes1 and always asked a riddle of those who gazed upon her. Those who could not answer the riddle were killed. It is said that Oedipus2 answered the riddle correctly, whereupon the Sphinx leaped from the rock to disappear forever. Oedipus later became king of Thebes. This story, the riddle, and the Sphinx today contain an esoteric mystery concerning consciousness (self and group) that is to be revealed as the Aquarian (opposite sign to Leo) Age unfolds.The riddle the Sphinx asked Oedipus (who represents all of us) was, “Do you know who you are?” &emdash; which is the question, purpose, and force behind the sign of Leo. The story of Oedipus is directly linked because as a child he was given to another family to be raised due to the prophecy that he would eventually kill his father (meaning the end of an Age). So Oedipus was raised without the knowledge of his (divine) parentage. One day, during a quarrel with a man he did not know, Oedipus killed him. Later, Oedipus was informed that the person he killed was actually his father. When the Sphinx asked Oedipus the riddle “Do you know who you are?” Oedipus sorrowfully replied, “I am the son of the Father that I killed.” Because one man (mind) was able to know (identify) himself and his heritage (divine), the Sphinx no longer had reason to repeat the riddle. Men (mind) would begin to ask that question themselves.But this questioning of self and identity (Leo’s purpose) would not begin to occur until humanity had been “lost” (in the desert, in cities, in desires, in poverty, in despair, in ignorance, etc.) for thousands of years and until the aspiration (and activation) of love (Leo once again) became a reality. It was taught in the Ancient Wisdom Temples that the fulfillment of Leo (“Man, know thyself”) would not begin to emerge until the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.The Sphinx, representing the one symbol of hope for mankind, was built 13,000 years ago in the Age of Leo by Great Teacher-Initiates who knew that future humanity, during the then-coming ages of Cancer, Gemini, Taurus, and Aries &emdash; 8,500 years in all &emdash; would experience the darkest and most despairing period of life on Earth. The Teachers knew that in the coming 8,500+ years, humanity, living in the densest material matter, would forget its original and divine origins (identity) and eventually have very little ability to contact God. Therefore, it was to provide humanity with a “light,” a hope, and a promise with which to dispel the darkness (matter and the material world being experienced) that the Sphinx was built and preserved through time. (A question to ponder. Why do you think the child Jesus and his parent traveled and lived in Egypt during Jesus’s childhood? And what did they do there?)And so, in fact, a terrible darkness and despair did indeed occur for humanity (us), peaking during the time of the Roman Empire (c44 B.C.-A.D.476). (Note the dates. The Buddha began his teachings concerning the dispelling of desire some 500 years prior to this time, and the child Jesus ; later to be overshadowed by the Christ ; was born sometime around c50 B.C.) Humanity (and the field surrounding the Earth) became so immersed in matter (darkness) that the Hierarchy considered Earth and all its kingdoms to be in a state of emergency. Such was the crisis on Earth at that time that a Council meeting was held and a dispensation (change of rule/gift) from the Lord of the World (Sanat Kumara) was compassionately given. This dispensation was in the form of the Christ, Son of the Father (Sanat), Son from the Sun (His home), Regent and Teacher of the World, messenger of cosmic love (Krishna represented planetary love), who visited Earth for three years in order to dispel the ancient thought forms that created the darkness and hid the “light.” One of His statements while He was here was, “I am the Light of the world.” This He would say to the people of Earth, most of whom did not understand Him. “I have come,” He said, “so that you no longer walk in darkness.” (John 8:12). He also said, “I come to give you a new lawh; to love one another as my Father (the Lord of the World, the Ancient of Days, the planetary Logos) has loved you.”Like the Sphinx, whose mysteries remain sealed even today, the Christ left us with a great many mysteries that, up until now, have remained relatively unsolved. Who was He, really? What was His message? And how and when will humanity come to understanding concerning His Presence, purpose, and meaning? Christ was a Messenger. He did “come from the Father” (the place where the Will of God is Known, which is also Shamballa, and the present home of the Lord of our World, Sanat Kumara). As with the Sphinx, Christ’s message was about our Divine self-identity. We are to identify as Suns/Sons of God for we were created “in His image and likeness”). Christ’s other message was that for us to receive the full enlightenment available in the Aquarian Age, we must first learn to love (Leo) one another. This love (Leo, lionhearted, Sun, heart of the Sun, our heart is the Sun within our bodies, warmth, awareness of self, sensitivity to self, divine identity) is the key to the door that opens us to Aquarius (love of humanity, knowledge gathering, leading to intuition). It is said that the fulfillment of Leo is Aquarius. But to get to Aquarius one must fulfill the sign of Leo first. This means one must have full consciousness and awareness of self (Leo) as a Sun/Son of God. Only then are we able to perceive that all of humanity is a group consisting of other Suns/Sons of God.To this day the Sphinx still stands in the desert. Sands have shifted over its dual form of lion (Leo) and human/woman (Aquarius) for more than 13,000 years now. The mystery of the Sphinx, ; like the riddle, and like Christ’s words ; no longer needs to remain a mystery. We have entered, just begun actually, the Aquarian Age. This is the month of Leo, when the keys to understanding ourselves and our identity are available. The first step is knowledge (Ray 5), which has been given here. The second is concentration (a Leo quality and the first stage in meditation) on this knowledge. The third step is the intention to “be” what we were created for. The fourth step is invocation (asking). The fifth step is identification (“I am”). The sixth is to maintain this right identity daily. The seventh step will occur eventually, and that is to serve our “group” called “humanity.”1 Thebes was a city in ancient Egypt (on the site of present-day Luxor), center of Amon worship, and in the Bible is the town called No. See Bible Concordance for references to the city of No (Books of Jeremiah and Ezekiel). Amon (c641 B.C.) was the idolatrous king of Judah, slain by servants, succeeded by Josiah, who restored religious law. Jeremiah, the prophet who foresaw the coming of the Aquarian Age, lived during the time of Amon. (Note that the biblical word Judah, as in Tribe of Judah and the apostle Judah, both refer to the sign of Leo).Amon, or Ammon(2400 B.C-400 A.D.), is also an ancient Egyptian deity and was the local god of Thebes. He was represented as a ram (Age and/or religion of Aries). The principle temple of Amon was in Libyan desert (area of Babylonia and era in which ancient Gods were destroyed).2Oedipus was a hero in Greek mythology who unwittingly killed his father and later was reunited with his mother by answering the riddle of the Sphinx. From this myth comes the Freudian Oedipus complex, a psychoanalytic “condition” or diagnosis wherein the boy of four to five loves his mother and deeply dislikes his father. The opposite (Electra complex) occurs for girls. (Freudian analysis was/is a psychological developmental stage for humanity in its growing search for knowledge about self.)
Venus: Sacred Ray 5 PlanetThe following is a very esoteric and complex article on Venus. It will be an exercise in Concentration, that first stage in meditation available during the month of Leo. I ask that readers remain with this article. To assist yourselves, create graphs, drawings, lists, symbols, sketch the five-pointed star (symbol of Venus and Ray 5), jot down dates and information in your daily calendar, and invoke the template of effortlessness since you will need great amounts of mental effort to understand the inner (esoteric) meanings of what is occurring this month both in the sky and its reflection below, which is Earth.I will begin by giving you facts about Venus on an esoteric level. On the personality level, Venus is love, Eros, attraction, marriage, and valentines (heart). But Venus has another, higher influence, and since this is an esoteric (inner realities) journal, we’ll simply acknowledge the mundane (mass consciousness, personality-building, “when is my next relationship/job/money arriving and/or will my present system fall apart?”) level of Venus and concentrate more on the “heart of the matter.” This article asks you to begin to make some connections with all the information provided here. It’s an exercise in concentration (Leo stage in meditation) and in a new state of self-identification with the larger group, called humanity. Esoteric FactsVenus is the bright star presently seen in the summer night sky. It will soon be the morning star. It’s so big and bright right now that it actually looks like a five-pointed star suspended in the heavens. Venus is the home planet of our Earth’s God (Sanat Kumara), also called the Lord of the World and the Ancient of Days1 in the Bible. It was this Lord and his three Kumaras (Enlightened Ones) who came from Venus to Earth eighteen million years ago in order to activate the latent mental seeds previously “breathed into” us by the Sagittarian Lords three million years earlier.Venus is a Ray 5 planet. Ray 5 is Concrete Knowledge and is the ray that influences scientists and knowledge-seekers. All rays have symbols. The symbol for the Ray 5 is a five-pointed star. Leo, the sign our Sun is passing through this month, is also Ray 5. Other Ray 5 signs are Aquarius (opposite sign of Leo) and Sagittarius (the Ray Lords who “breathed into” us the first mental seeds). Now, Jupiter rules Sagittarius (knowledge) and Aquarius (the Knower). Remember that both Sag (Truth) and Aquarius (humanity) work with the 5th Ray of Concrete Knowledge. In the sky later on this month there will be a T-square (bring a new energy forth) formed between the signs Leo (self-awareness) and Aquarius (humanity), and the planet Jupiter (illumination and planetary ruler of Sagittarius). Therefore we can say that some type of knowledge is being sent forth for the illumination of humanity. And it’s big knowledge about individual and group identity. But there is more. Venus Retrograde and the “Fall”Venus, the planet from whence came the God who activated our minds, and the esoteric planet of unity and Love through knowledge (Ray 5), turns retrograde at 5 degrees in the sign of Virgo (World Mother pregnant with the Sun/Son, which means a new consciousness) on July 29th, the day after the New Moon-Lunar Eclipse (end of old identity and birth of new identity) in Leo/Aquarius (for self and for humanity) also at 5 degrees!In astrology, Venus is considered in its “fall” in Virgo (an Earth sign). “Fall” esoterically means something very deep and significant is happening here. Venus “falling” in Virgo means a light of consciousness is “falling” to Earth; a new (New Moon) birth (Virgo) of consciousness (Venus) will be kindled within pregnant humanity. Remember that eighteen million years ago the “seeds” of our minds were in need of being activated, and it took the Lords (Light Beings, Archai) from Venus (Ray 5 are the Lords from Venus) to activate them. Something on this scale will be occurring again. There will be a reorientation toward new consciousness, an activation of Right Human Relations, and a seeking of new and True knowledge of our “real” identity everywhere.Venus will be retrograde (we will gestate and reorient) for six weeks. Then, still retrograde, Venus will re-enter Leo (activating self-identity) and turn direct on September 10th (Rosh Hashanah begins) at 18 degrees Leo, the same degree as the total Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Leo/Aquarius. Obviously, some deep numerological (numbers signify specific states of consciousness) and astrological (our evolutionary teachers) situation is occurring here. Beauty and Form ManifestPerhaps the form (Lunar Eclipse) of humanity (Aquarius) is completing and “righting” itself (Leo) within the womb of matter (Venus in Virgo). Perhaps Right Direction within humanity is a possibility. If this occurs humanity will manifest a beauty (Venus) and a form (Virgo, also Jupiter in Taurus) that fully expresses the inner Spiritual realities. There is a quote from the the Tibetan DK/Alice Bailey’s Esoteric Psychology (vol. 1, page 75) that best illustrates what may be occurring on Earth at this time (words in parentheses are mine): “A beam of light illuminates the Form (Earth): the hidden (waters of life in Cancer) now appears (to self-identify in Leo). Knowledge (Ray 5) of God and how He veils Himself find consummation (Virgo becomes pregnant) in the thoughts (Ray 5) of man (Aquarius)…and this &emdash; the Love (Ray 2) which marketh all things new (eclipses) &emdash; must stand revealed. This is the purpose back of all the acts of this Great Lord of Knowledge (Ray 5 Lords).” What is underlying these cosmic events, reflected here on Earth, is Love (Ray 2) so that we may have Wisdom (also Ray 2).Reappearance, Resurrection, ReconstructionThere is yet one more subject about which I hesitate to speak. It is about the Reappearance of the Christ (fourth line in the Great Invocation) and the Hierarchy on Earth. In all of the world’s major religions there is the promise that the Teacher of the World (Lord Maitraya) will return. But this return cannot happen until a certain percentage of humanity has reached Soul awareness and, consciously or unconsciously, has the intention to serve the group called humanity. No one knows when this reappearance will occur. It is said that They will come “in the air.” Some interpret this as “on an airplane.” But always, when working with the esoteric, words are veiled (coded) and often signify hidden realities known only to those whose abstract and intuitional minds are fully active. In esoteric tradition the element air signifies the Mind Principle, or the consciousness of the Soul. Note that the Hierarchy constitutes the “head center” of humanity. And also that the Christ said “This is the covenant (promise) I will make; I will put my laws into their hearts (Leo rules the heart) and in their minds (Aquarius, knowledge) I will write them.” (Hebrews 10:16).Therefore, during this Leo month, which includes two major eclipses, both of which signify the casting away of our old identities (personal) and the acquiring of a new (self-identity leading to global, humanitarian) identity, and with Venus birthing a new state of consciousness in form (Virgo), it is not inappropriate to suggest that there might be an “appearance” of some type that is the first level of the Earth and humanity’s restoration (from the “fall”), and a resurrection (rising up) of God’s Kingdom (humanity) on Earth. Perhaps, we, trembling light-sparks fallen from the heart of God, will begin to consciously retrace our steps, rejoin the Powers (Elohim) that gave us birth, and become gods once again. That is actually the Will of God, and therefore a great possibility. 

1-Ancient of Days: see the Old Testament, Book of Daniel 7:13 and 7:22

Virgo’s Planetary Rulers & Rays Virgo’s Planetary Rulers & Rays The planetary rulers of Virgo are Mercury (personality level), the Moon (Ray 4 of Harmony Through Chaos, which is how our personality grows) veiling Vulcan (Soul level), and Jupiter (Spiritual level). Though not a ruler of Virgo, Venus, the planet of the mind leading to Love/Wisdom, is said to astrologically “fall” in Virgo. Each planet helps Virgo bring forth the expression of Divinity that is latent in form. Mercury (Ray 4 and sometimes the creator of chaos with all its messages), the Messenger of the Gods, is an expression of both the concrete and abstract mind (of God and thus our minds) and is the planet of connection and communication. Mercury, therefore, is the planet that links the mind threads in the building of the Antahkarana.The Moon, with its waxing and waning (we experience them as “moods”), helps build the personality vehicle, which eventually houses and is directed by the Soul. When the individual works on the Soul level, the Moon’s significance “falls away,” and work begins to occur with the unseen planet Vulcan (Ray 1 of Will and Power). Hidden behind the Sun, referred to as the first blacksmith, husband to Venus (she loved someone else), and cast out of heaven twice, Vulcan, like Saturn, is a hard and forceful master. His (our) work is to place raw materials (the personality) into a fire (aspiration), bending and fashioning them into objects of beauty (Soul-infused personality).The expansiveness of Jupiter, the Ray 2 planet of Love/Wisdom, is somewhat lessened in Virgo. But actually this “lessening” esoterically helps define the fact that Divinity (Ray 2, which is the Son/Light of Mind) in Virgo (Ray 2, 4, and 6) is hidden and veiled in matter (pregnant Madonna symbolism).The term Son of Mind can be explained on several levels. First, the word “Son” implies that there was a birth of some type. Virgo is an ancient Atlantean word for “mother.” Second, the Earth with its inhabitants is actually part of the “second solar system” manifested in a series of three solar systems, with each system being under the guidance and development of a Ray Lord.The first solar system in which we participated in was ruled over by Ray 3 Lords of Active Intelligence (Mind principle). In that system we developed the processes of the lower concrete mind. In our present solar system, that of Earth, we are governed by (and thus must develop) Ray 2 of Love/Wisdom, which is a state of intuitive consciousness built upon the lower concrete and abstract minds. Thus we have the esoteric reference to Ray 2 being the Son of Mind. “Son” in this case means descendant and “mind” refers to what we developed in the first solar system.In our present solar system, we (the Sons of Mind) are to develop Love and Wisdom &emdash; both the Buddhic (Wisdom) and the Christ (Love) consciousness. This is the realm of the higher intuitive mind and the place where the “Rain Cloud of Knowable Things” is found. Further, note that the two Great Teachers of this, the second, solar system were Buddha (who taught us that to attain Wisdom we must drop desire) and the Christ (who told us to “Love one another”). Both were “Sons” of Mind, and both were the first in humanity to achieve enlightenment. That is why they are our Teachers.The third solar system, which will come into being after we reach our goal of Love/Wisdom in this system, will be governed by Ray 1 of Will and Power. It is then that we will come to know, understand, and control the power of Will. But here and now, we are to learn Love.

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