A Mother Erased

This is what life is like for a little girl or boy to grow up without her or his real mommy.

The world needs to know that this is the worst kind of “violence” that exists.  Maybe it already does and that is the point.  If this be the case, what a nightmare for everyone.


The SisterWives

Mother-daughter relationships can be incredibly complex and difficult to navigate, because in each other they see the best and the worst of themselves.  Please join us in welcoming the author of A Mother Erased, as she shares her heartbreaking and personal story of estrangement, abandonment, and hope.

Minolta DSC

It was a warm September day, but my body froze when I saw my mother’s bright red hair.  She leaned out of her black Ford Mustang and waved at me.  She still recognizes me, I thought.  Twenty-one years ago she walked out of our lives leaving my sister, our father and me behind to piece together a new life.  My father remarried a year later and we’ve called his second wife “Mom” ever since.

At four years old, I was abandoned by the person I loved more than anyone.  How could I trust another adult again, especially a mother figure?  Besides, my stepmother did…

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