Dedication to the Real Mommies and Daddies of The Real America and Our Children Who Want to Come Home

To Julian, Joni's Little Angel

This blog site is dedicated to all of the real mommies and daddies who lost their precious and healthy children wrongfully and unconstitutionally, and to their children who want and need to come home (and especially to my sweet little munchkin, Julian Jacob Worrell of Genealogy Saloom, my only child, my son, now age 7, abducted May 08, 2012 under the color of law and handed over to his abuser, Matthew James Worrell, as reported to myself and many professionals in the community). —Julian turned eight (8) years old this month, another without his real Mommy (no phone calls allowed by the father or his family or the “Stepmommy” or her family in Tomball, Texas (Harris County justice of the Peace “jurisdiction”), Nancy Gray-Worrell, formerly Nancy Gray-Dufour, and previous to that, Nancy Gray.
Mommy will never stop fighting for you, Julian. I think I speak for the overwhelming majority of us real mommies and daddies of “kidjacked” (see website) children when I say this to our children–We are with you every second, every minute, and through every waking and sleeping dream and nightmare, through every tear you shed when we should be holding you, through every achievement in school, sports, through your heartthrobs and heartbreaks, for better or worse, no matter what, in heart, love, soul, and spirit, wanting more than anything in this entire world to have you home to us again. You can always come home. You will be home soon, to your real mommies and/or daddies from whom you were stolen; in this I have faith and confidence with prayer and with all my heart and soul. Always remember that the Bible tells us that with enough faith, one can “move a mountain into a stream.”

Keep praying, and don’t ever give up hope, for fifteen seconds can change our entire lifetime. That is all it takes. Our fifteen seconds are just around the corner, Sweetheart. There is God’s time, and then there is our perception of time. Please keep in mind that they are very different, yet, the same, “as it was in the beginning, is now, and every shall be, world without end, Amen.” “Take heart, and have courage,… “for the Kingdom of God is near,” loves (The Holy Bible).  I believe that God chose us be special so that we might have compassion for the suffering of others and show kindness and humility–these things, God loves.
And, Julian, until you come home–with your real mommy, Joni Faith Saloom, I will see you in my dreams, in every beautiful full moon, in the children on every school bus I see, in every playground I have to pass and see children with their real mommies/daddies playing and laughing together, in every school, in every grocery store, in every tear that falls, at any restaurant, park, or place we ever went together (and didn’t get to go to together), in every picture of you that I refuse to take down, basically, I will be seeing you EVERYWHERE, ALL THE TIME.
To The Other Parents/”Stepparents”/Families and Friends Who are Too Afraid to Not Support the “Other Parents”, we implore you to realize what this is doing to the child(ren), how he or she will feel about it later in life, how he or she will feel about you later in life if you don’t stop your bullying, and to forgive whatever it is in your heart or mind that compelled you take away a little boy’s Mommy or Daddy in the first place. Would you have wanted to be separated from your real mother or father and told that they were dead and you had to “grieve” for their “loss” in classes when they are still alive? Would you want to go through every holiday wondering where your real mommy or daddy was and what they were doing?

If you answered no these questions, then you are a liar, a sociopath, or both, and you will be getting a big spanking from God Himself (whether or not you believe in Him). May God give you “ears to hear” and “eyes to see” the truth you have helped to create and refuse to change. There is still hope and time for everyone to change,…Everyone.

If you don’t repent and change now, then you can expect a big spanking from God (whether or not you believe in Him)!

Click on the link below to go directly to Blogs and Websites to Follow which contain profound wisdom from those who have the experience with these pernicious systems violently tearing our property (“children”) away from us and desecrating the traditional American family, thus, defecating on the true American Flag of this Republic USA, restoreth through these truths.  Remember, in the end, we win!  “Take heart and have courage!”

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