Cost to County of Lying Social Workers: $10.6 million

Cost to Orange County for Lying CPS Social Workers: $ 10.6 Million, Two Teenage Girls Finally Home with Mother, Deanna Fogarty-Hardwick

Mother, Deanna Fogarty-Hardwick and her Two Daughters

Read about how scheming CPS social workers cooked-up a conspiracy to “remove” Seal Beach woman, Deanna Fogarty Hardwick’s, two loving daughters in a custody-switching scam that involved their father (who had recently gotten re-married) and allegations of sexual abuse by his daughter.  The girls were forced to live in an institution before being transferred to the custody of their father and subjected to humiliation by “supervised” visitation with their own mother–one of the grounds for this rainmaker special jury verdict which included exemplary punitive damages to serve as a future deterrent.  Yet, social workers remain determined to repeatedly commit crimes of criminal ignorance against the Sovereign women, men, and children whose lives they repeatedly destroy around the world and across this Republic US.  Fogarty-Hardwick’s “Underdog” Attorney/Lawyer of the Year in San Diego, California–Shawn McMillan’s–crest symbolizes the genteel and noble requirement and divine privilege of compassion and sharing in the suffering of others.  Sometimes humility and the beautiful virtues actually do get rewarded in this life, and this story illustrates that persistence does indeed payoff.  Keep reading, for one never knows what great Fate awaits one on the next page!

Please comment with the names of real lawyers and zealous advocates for families and children who you know or have heard about.  Likewise, please comment on those who zealously advocated for your money that got you nothing in return save for heartache, defeat, a family, and/or a permanent record that forever chains one to the “digital plantation” (citing Dale Carson, author and attorney, former police officer in Cook County, Illinois, son of a judge, Duval County, Florida,  How To Arrest Proof Yourself for Dummies, practicing lawyer in Florida, Fourth Amendment constitutional rights expert).

San Diego Lawyer, Shawn McMillan and Wife or Significant Other/Friend, Deanna Fogarty-Hardwick’s Lawyer Who Helped her Win and Collect the $10.9 million from Orange County, CA

To re-cap, there is Best Family Lawyer in America of the Family Innocence Project, Michelle Macdonald in Minnesota, Gregory Hession in Massachusetts, who is temporarily working on another projects, to the best of Author’s knowledge, and the valiant Mr. Colbern Stuart, President of California Coalition for Families and Children and Croix’s Real Daddy who is currently fighting for real justice on multiple fronts in Southern California.  Arch Cunningham shows boldness and courage as he represents the class of parents, or, “plaintiffs,” in the Pierce v. Cantil-Sakauye action in San Francisco, California.  Is the Ninth Circuit the only place justice might be available for all?  No wonder they want to break that racket-up.

Source:  OC Watchdog, “Cost of County Lying Social Workers: $10.6 Million,” posted by Andrew Gavin, pub.January 19, 2012, updated August 21, 2013