Health and Human Services/CPS Business Plan with Big Pharma to Experiment on America’s Children

Health and Human Services(HHS)/CPS Business Plan with Big Pharma to Experiment on America’s Children

Forget about the “welfare state,” real Americans, this is only one unabashed and publicly available community-stakeholder and collaborative, interdisciplinary policy manual that details one bullet point of many in the overarching ‘Party’ Agenda to Destroy everything traditionally American and Go _ d through creation of a more streamlined, economically efficient and socially Darwinist-outcomes-oriented, research-based Xanadu the likes of Reunion and its Les Enfants Creuse that Julian’s Real Mummy calls the New “Mental Health” state.  While it was crushing for this real American who grew up  in a generation that still, to some degree at least, valued and tried to teach the spirit of the good old-fashioned Puritan work ethic that allowed for the reality of the dream to be, do, and achieve anything in this world (that is, er, once, …as it can be difficult to keep) with enough determination, Spartan work-ethic, and divinely inspired, inflammatory, white-hot passion to read, as I recently did,   that Long Island, New York and places in California, at least, had their own dystopian Eugenicist, Island of Reunion laboratory to breed for certain Anglophile populations for a more “equitable, just, fair, and socially equal and responsible community.


SOUND OF THE DRUMROLL…..(now click on the link to the Trauma-Informed Care Presentation below)-

This presentation appears to be the greed-mongering, penny-pinching “State” of Texas (and others’)Health and Human Services Commission (an Inter-Agency Business Venture or Criminal Enterprise that Consists of Health and Human Services Department/Commission, Office of Child Support Enforcement of the Texas Attorney General, and Real American Parents’ Favorite “Helpers,” also with headquarters in Austin, Texas, the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, Mental Health Deputies of the Sheriff’s Department to Assist “Peace” Officer Droids in “Domestic” Violence or Crisis Situations, the Crisis Intervention Team, or Catchment “Zones” Coming to an Area Near You if not Already Locking up those crazy, hysterical, “vigilant,” “alienating” property-owning, “protective” mothers and some fathers not in on the custody-switching scam over at the Texas Attorney General’s Office Recruitment Center,  Administrative Office of the Courts, the Children’s Commissioner’s and Commitment and Probate Courts, the “SAFE” supervised “access” and “visitation” (“trauma-induced”) test sites presided over by Executive Director, Marinelle Timmons in the Houston (Harris County, Texas) Regional Hub that is the modern-day equivalent of the former WWII Army Office of Special (Sexual) Services and Special Projects Covert PsyOps found in the joint public-private profit center  venture capitalist coercive cover-up front of interdisciplinary SS Eugenicist Nazi’s of questionable moral and intellectual fiberMonopoly found in one of the, at least, sixty-four Children’s Assessment Center/Child Advocacy Centers.

What Children and Mothers Have in Common with Harry Harlow’s Monkeys

What Children and Mothers Have in Common with Harry Harlow’s Monkeys

I find it interesting commentary that society would find it in their hearts to protect animal’s rights more than women and children’s.  Frequently over the last couple of years, I have had occasion to be reminded of Harry Harlow and his rhesus monkey experimental studies.  Conveniently, I ran into this article on maternal deprivation this evening.  I thought my audience would appreciate the parallels between the fraudulent family court crisis and its disparate treatment of mothers and children.  Where one analyzes the actual outcomes of this experiment, however, at least, with regard to the maternally deprived monkeys, prudence and caution supersede scientific value.  On a bleaker note, social scientists, social workers, and the new government agenda, it would seem, have certainly paved a quicker route to depopulation and return to patriarchy.  At least the men can go back to work and start paying bills again.