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December 8, 2014

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No Child Left Behind yet Abused At Children Center Hamden

No Child Left Behind yet Abused At Children Center Hamden

No Child Left Behind yet Abused At Children Center Hamden

Many people contact regarding Connecticut Department of Children and Families (DCF) as well as Connecticut family court issues, GAL’S AMC’s  ,these issues are being brought to our attention at an alarming rate.

After reviewing an email sent to us in regards to a 15 year old boy that is in the care of the Connecticut Department of Children and families, we contacted the family. Sarah the mother of this young man as well as the grandmother Sandy, torn at what is being done to him in the care of Connecticut DCF.

The 15 year old boy was removed by Connecticut DCF on an order of temporary custody (OTC) for imminent danger, although the mother and grandmother were unsure of what that imminent danger was, they told us that it was “unknown”.  He has had some issues but they have been treating him, he was away in a treatment center in New York state for 4 months, with one issue that was addressed and immediately handled.

The major issues came when he was moved to 1400 Whitney Ave, Hamden Connecticut, Children’s Center-Hamden Inc almost two weeks ago. His mother Sarah and grandmother Sandy, have expressed great concern on what is being done to him. They have told us that he is being abused by other children in this “Children’s center” and that staff there have witnessed the abuse. What sort of abuse? Physical, being punched, emotional abuse, mental abuse all of these things that no one is willing to help. As a protected person, he is anything but protected and this 15 year old young man needs help, he needs to be removed from this children’s center, as his mother has said that he is regressing and under tremendous stress and is fearful of what is going to happen next.

They have reached out to the child’s attorney, Susan Rothenburg to inform her of the abuse that is taking place. They report that she contacted the mothers attorney, who does not have the authority to help the child, there is a GAL assigned to the child, but has not been of any help. The Connecticut department of children and families was notified as were the Hamden police.  The mother has an open investigation with them and shares her concerns with the investigation may be used against her son.

This young man is not violent in anyway, he will not protect himself. He is an extremely smart individual, with an IQ of 129, he misses his home with his mother and grandmother and is regressing.

As the teenage years are difficult, he is not difficult, he suffers from depression and in the current situation at the Children’s center in Hamden, is doing much more harm than good.

With his family desperate to get him out of this situation, their cries for help are falling on deaf ears.

We will be speaking to his mother tomorrow, as she will explain more of what is going on with her son. She is fearful for everyday he is in the Children’s center in Hamden Connecticut and will continue to speak out until he is safe.

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