Court Reform Advocates Address Judicial Council of California- Public Comment Period

Court Reform Advocates Address Judicial Council of California- Public Comment Period, 10/27/14

Kidnapping Budget 2012

Kidnapping Budget 2012



Mao and Kissinger in 1973.

CPS.BUDGET 2012summary-2012-budget-children

David Ferris Calls Freedom of the Press Radio and Says Ex-Wife Falsely Accusing Him, Says Runaway Daughter Wants to Live w/Him

The Sacramento Shield

David Ferris called into the Dec. 15 Freedom of the Press Radio broadcast and denied the emotional, physical, mental abuse — and sexual — and instead said it was his wife, Susan Ferris, who now sits in a Sacramento County jail on a contempt charge for not having their runaway daughter show up in court, who committed all of those things. The radio archive of the Dec. 15 show can be found here:

The last 30 minutes of the program contain the David Ferris material. He agreed to call into the Friday, Dec. 16 show as well. That link is here:

The original story from Susan Ferris can be found below:

Susan Ferris, our guest on tonight’s FOTP Radio Show, was thrown in jail after her runaway daughter could not be found and show up to court in Sacramento County, California. Judge Matthew J. Gary, after swearing in…

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Daddy Anthony Lingle and Baby Hailey’s Story


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Anthony Lingle | My Story

Anthony Lingle – My Story 

The Sacramento Shield

I met a girl named Kari.  We fell in love.  As with most couples, we spent every waking moment together.  In a very short time, we found out she was pregnant.  I was very happy and asked her to marry me.  She said yes, and everything was great. I accompanied her to every doctor’s appointment and supported her every way I could.  We knew that as soon as Kari’s dad found out she was pregnant, he would kick her out of his house.  As a result, I moved from my one bedroom apartment to a two bedroom to accommodate the growing family.  She moved in, and everything was still great.

Then things were not so great.  When Kari was just over 6 months pregnant, I caught her drinking on a few occasions.  Every time I inquired about the alcohol, she got very mad and left.  When I became overwhelmed with concern, I showed up at the next doctor’s appointment, unannounced.  I discussed this concern with the doctor, thinking prenatal exposure to tobacco and alcohol could harm our growing baby.  My intentions were good, and I hoped the doctor would take necessary measures by discussing the importance of a “clean and sober” pregnancy with Kari and perhaps contact DHS, CPS, or similar organizations if the neglect continued.  However, my efforts were either dismissed or not enforced, as the drinking continued.  When Kari found out I spoke to the doctor, she became angry again, screaming for me to go away and leave her alone.  I knew it would be best if I did as she asked.

Soon after, I filed for joint custody and a paternal test through the Sacramento Court System.  In return, Kari filed a restraining order against me for being overly controlling.   This claim was based on her false account of my previous actions, of me pleading with Kari and the doctor for things to change, for the neglect to cease.  In addition, she fashioned lies on the restraining order in attempt to have me arrested and removed from my obstructing position.  Rightfully, the restraining order was dismissed when the judge found her claim untrue.  The judge also required that we return sometime after the child’s birth for case revision and a paternal test, upon my request.

On January 1, 2010, my daughter Hailey was born.  Responsibility for her care was immediately given to the prospective adoptive parents at birth.  Unfortunately, Hailey’s birth was kept secret from me, despite the court’s word that I would be informed.  I found out on my own by calling the hospital every day.  And due to privacy laws, I was not allowed much information.  At my next court visit, I was notified that the case was transferred to Placer County, the location of the adoption.  The paternal test results were revealed at the next court date, which showed 96.9% probability of my paternity.  It was also at this court date that Kari’s lawyer informed me of her intent of adoption.  I was unaware she could commit such a selfish act without my consent.

I obtained an attorney to fight the adoption, and it was during the first trial hearing that the truth was revealed.  To my dismay, the continued alcohol and tobacco use during pregnancy showed their effects in multiple ways.  I was horrified when I saw the photos of Hailey from birth, as she was scratched and bruised from head to toe.  Some battle wounds from birth are not uncommon, but the extent of her injuries seemed beyond normal, and I suspect were due to chemical dependency and withdrawal.  She was in the hospital on a respirator for about nine days after birth to allow her undeveloped lungs to reach full potential.  Hailey was also born with “Intrauterine Retardation,” a condition that can be caused by long-term exposure to alcohol and nicotine during pregnancy.  This caused Hailey to be born with a low birth weight, less than six pounds at full gestation.  My prior efforts to prevent fetal harm were apparently useless.

Despite having spent $75,00 ($150,000 as of Dec. 2011) towards the attorney fees, I lost my counsel when more money was required.  A court-appointed attorney resumed fighting on my behalf.  During the trial, the judge called me unfit as a parent for a few reasons; one being that I was attempting parenthood solo, where the adoptive parents could provide twice the support and care.  In addition, the judge was concerned about my rocky past.  I had a drug problem many years ago, but have since completed the Salvation Army’s 12 month live-in program, volunteered an additional 12 months there, and completed an eight-month EMT course through the Charles Jones Skill Center.  I have remained clean for nearly 7 years.  All this happened long before I met Hailey’s mother.

During these adoption hearings, the prospective adoptive parents revealed they were filing for divorce.  The judge then put a stay on the case decision until he could investigate and gather details.  The resulting deposition exposed another truth, that the prospective adoptive mother had been cheating on the husband with six other people since the court hearings began, four men and two women. One of these men had been the best man at their wedding.  She also had a medical marijuana card for anxiety, which is still current today. I surmise this is just a cover to obtain a “legal” front for previously illegal drug use.  My concern is that she won’t give 100% to Hailey’s care while under the influence or may not be alert in emergency situations.  And what affect would this have on Hailey?  She may grow up thinking this behavior is acceptable.  Surprisingly, the adoptive mother filed for sole adoptive custody to raise Hailey as a single parent.  Back when the adoptive parents were together, my request for adoption was rejected for this very reason.  And yet the prospective adoptive mother was succeeding where my argument failed.

I was given visitation with my daughter when she was five months old.  I saw her every Tuesday and Thursday for two hours each day, and I did not miss a single one. May 1st of this year was the day of reckoning, when the judge made his decision.  My court-appointed attorney’s opinion of my case was bleak; he didn’t think I stood a chance.  He said if I had 20 years clean, perhaps, but after only 6.5 years, the chances were slim-to-none.  It was a classic case of “A parent with a scarred history” versus “An adoptive parent with no record”.  This case was very unique due to the unexpected divorce during the adoption case.  I prayed every day not to lose my daughter.  I did not believe the courts possessed any reason to remove my influence from Hailey’s life.  I wanted to be in her life, to raise her, since I first learned of her conception.  She is my daughter, I Love her with all my heart.  When I first laid eyes on her at five months, I fell in love. She became my heart, she was my daughter.  I never turned my back on her.  I believed I had a right to raise my daughter, believed she deserved me as a father, but at that point I did not know what to expect of the outcome.  The courts were attempting to revoke my rights as Hailey’s father, saying I was unfit, despite my “Kelsey S Father” status that proved I was responsible, reliable, and supportive.  True, I had been addicted to drugs for 12 years, ensued much trouble during this time, and have been punished greatly as a result.  But I have been clean for almost 7 years, learned how to live sober, improved my way of life, and tried my hardest to ensure only the best for my future.

As of May 2nd, 2011, the court terminated my parental right to be Hailey’s father, and in doing so, deprived Hailey’s life of her fatherly experiences.  I fear I have lost my daughter completely, that the adoptive parent might move away and never tell Hailey about me, about my love for her, my devotion to her, and my valiant fight for her.  I am currently in the process of appealing the court’s decision in hopes I can gain my daughter back and provide her with a better life.  I have been keeping everything pertaining to Hailey and the custody case in a safe box.  If I do not win the appeal, my only wish is that one day Hailey will ask where she came from and will receive the truth.  I hope she will look me up, come find me, and I will pull out the box.  I will share it with her and share my wonderful memories.  I will share my noble fight and tell her I never wanted to give her away, that I have always loved her.

I am sharing my story with you today because it may be the only way to return Hailey where she belongs – in my arms – and to be involved in every part of her life, not just to be her weekend father.  I feel like the judge’s decision was unfair, a violation of constitutional rights, and I hope that those who believe me could help make that difference.  As you read this, please pray for us.

Anthony Lingle, Hailey’s loving and devoted father

The Stolen Show | Anthony Lingle’s Daughter Sold for $82,000 | Parts 1-4

The Stolen Show did an interview with Anthony Lingle and his case about how his daughter was sold for $82,000:


The Stolen Show on Facebook:

Anthony Lingle | The Family Court System Has Become the New Regime

There is no system ever devised by mankind that is guaranteed to rip husband and wife or father, mother and child apart so bitterly then our present Family Court System” – Judge Brian Lindsay Retired Supreme Court Judge

Families are being torn apart by people in positions of power – judges, therapists, counselors, attorneys. The family court system and our system of justice have become the new regime. If you don’t agree with them, if you stand up for your rights, or voice your displeasure in the system you are crushed. As much as I hate to say it the alienators think that they are in control but really they are just puppets in the hands of power hungry people who want to play God in the lives of the people. Parental Alienation is one of the tools they use to destroy families and gain control of our children. It is happening everyday in every civilized country around the globe and the majority of people are sitting back and apathetically letting it happen.

I have been pondering what has been happening in the courts lately. I am struck by the overall apathy of people until it directly affects their lives. Apathy is the very thing that destroys a nation. When we become apathetic we let down our guard and allow the wolves to enter the sheep’s fold. These wolves are cleverly disguised as sheep but no matter what they look like on the outside they are wolves who seek to devour every thing in site. I know it sounds a little dramatic and a little conspiracy theory but the reality is that we have let the wolves in.

Anthony Lingle
Sacramento, California 

This Christmas Without You, Hailey

Anthony Lingle is the father whose own daughter was sold for an $82,000 adoption by his ex-fiancee with no warning or discussion.

By Anthony Lingle
Hailey’s Loving Father

Freedom of the Press Group LLC Launches The Sacramento Shield

The Sacramento Shield is the third Freedom of the Press Group LLC venture in California after sister Web sites, The Placer County Observer and The Amador Arrow. The strategy is to shine a light on a corrupt, wicked and evil judicial branch of government, as well as provide an outlet and forum for victims of governmental abuse to voice their concerns and tell the world their stories. Publisher Joey G. Dauben received a vision to launch The Sacramento Shield in his car on Nov. 29, 2011.

“I was driving along, listening to Christian band Red, and thinking about my friend Anthony Lingle, and figuring out a way to better help him get his story out,” said Dauben, 30. “Yahweh then told me, ‘Start a blog in Sacramento. Call it The Shield.’ And that is quite literally how this blog came about.”

Dubbed an “Investigative Protection Blog,” the meaning behind that is as a priority, all of the Freedom of the Press Group LLC Blogs and Newspapers (there are more than 50 now) will devote the mission of each outlet to investigating political corruption in those particular areas, cities, counties, regions or states. And then, the FOTP Group outlets will serve as a “protection mechanism” to literally Shield sources, children, parents, mothers, fathers, individuals and people from all walks of life from their government, from retaliation and from evil deeds and wicked schemes. This spiritual war needs courageous individuals to come forward and fight, but we cannot think for one second that our enemies will not retaliation or react towards us in harassing, mental, or even physical ways.

i second that motion and emotion; Another Petition to Remove Judge Lisa Millard from the Bench; Regards from the Lion Who Watches the Eagle Who Watches the “Mongoose” (Greg B. Enos, Atty.), who watches the brood of vipers in the courts

Oh, goody.  The votes on this petition might actually help account for the 1,000 votes that disappeared from the last petition tally overnight.  Yes, others are watching the watchers.

Cheers to the author of this petition.  Did you know that Judge Lisa Millard in Houston, Texas (Harris County) and her assistant judge, Conrad Moren, also know many other pernicious crimes like bribery, as reported or alleged by more than one mother, aiding and abetting kidnappers, protecting alleged pedophiles and child traffickers, verbal assault on a witness, failure to adhere to constitutional oath of office which she confesses regularly on and off official and unofficial court record, abuse of office and title, racketeering and federal R.I.C.O. crimes, obstruction of justice, wrongful suppression of evidence, abuse of procedure, domestic terrorism, fraud, both implicit and explicit, crimes of “immunity,” prosecutorial misconduct, intentional suppression of exculpatory and inculpatory evidence, refuses to comply with demands for jury that she has otherwise promised on court record (official and unofficial) and also for any (or) all findings of fact and conclusions of law to support her client(father’s) heavily bank-rolled decisions, egregious crimes of injustice, inhumanity, unfairness, inequity, and, as reported, alleged, or opined by others with firsthand, actual, legal knowledge, allegedly engages in radical and extreme gender, socioeconomic, and racial disparity or discrimination (both female and male bias, depending upon whomever holds the proverbial purse strings or is represented by a more powerful friend or contributor/voter of hers), Sovereignty, natural citizens, parents and children, treason, misprision, legislating from the bench, upholding bills of attainder, threats of false imprisonment or kidnapping, collaboration/conspiracy not unlike Judge Elizabeth Coker and Judge Denise Pratt, both whom resigned or were forced to resign with more dignity than Millard, tampering with government documents, abuse of process, subornation of perjury, witness tampering, ex-parte queen, fiduciary and other fraud, double, triple-dipping in federal funds to serve self and special interest lobbyists that help fund her phony judicial campaign that is run as a front for the Red Party under the alias “Republican Party?”  It’s true.  Both she and Conrad Moren are exposed.  Signed, the Lion that watches the eagle, that watches the “mongoose” (Greg B. Enos, Atty.), that watches the brood of vipers in the courts in and around Harris County (Houston), Texas.  One (Friendly) Question, Mr. “Mongoose”:  Was that the voice of “unflappable” associate judge on your Twelve Days of Christmas post on The Mongoose blog who arrogantly wrote, “Thank you, Greg, we appreciate the ‘work’ you do for ‘us.’?”  Regardless, what does this speaker propose to mean, or, rather boast about, when he or she writes, and I am paraphrasing here, “It is no use trying to fight it, their taking over is inevitable?”  Is this person referring to a certain “Party” not of their own, yet, for whom they are consistently making criminal rulings for under threat of losing pensions and positions, exposure or blackmail/extortion, or even worse, of their own free will and volition with a voluntary spirit with sufficient knowledge of harm?  I claim dibs on front row seats at the “New” Nuremburg Trials–which may or may not be “imminent.”  The MSM and disinformation propagandists appear to purposefully leave out the most powerful “Party” of all, which this Author aspires to represent faithfully, earnestly, and steadfastly.  On any given day, it is anyone’s game!  “Take heart and have courage,” for the Kingdom of Heaven is near, and He shall come like a thief in the night.”  Are you ready to not look back or hold onto anything of this world?  Thanks to official oppression and total deprivation untolled, yet being tolled, this Author has died to the Righteous Fight.  Cliches are sometimes true, in this case, “Good always Triumphs over Evil in the End.”  “Invictus,” my Friends.  It is not too late to join the Good, winning, Triumphant Team.  Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint (another cliche from the grand tradition of a certain Circuit has  underestimated and under-esteemed by other Circuits not so empowered).  Just remember that the Lord enabled the Assyrians and Babylonians to oppress others specifically to set them up for their own Fall.  Now that is useful ancient wisdom illumined and mysterious, and most powerful.


Paper Orphans in Stone Boxes

This post needs no introduction.  It is directly copied from the above-cited source in good faith and with the hope that the people who found or who seek out its message dedicate a portion of daily prayer to the souls of these children and to their parents and/or families who are still living out of respect for human life.  This post should, but most likely will not, serve as a deterrent to those charged with committing the crimes and child trafficking in the professional “protection,” or “parenting,” “guardianship,” and “therapeutic,” “non-for-profit”/”for profit of government” “community partners” and “key stakeholders/shareholders, ” sell out law enforcement, and corrupt judicial/administrative legal venues and BAR members,…and the legislators and politicians who profit behind the curtain (and in the closet).  Many thanks to the original author of this post which Author of this post and blog encountered at (DonnellyJustice) for taking the time to care and promote compassion and exposure of those who continue to deny true, real American justice to those most in need–orphans, widows, the needy and poor-in-spirit, “victims” of abuse and Circumstance, those hated for being children of God instead of this world who cannot be bought or sold, yet, whose Redeeming qualities and Divine gifts–all Glory goes to God–shall triumph in the End over every Evil represented in the deaths of these most precious little hosts of Heaven.  Your lives were not lived in vain, neither was your suffering.  Your presence and purpose in this life has been made known.  We will continue to seek justice against those who killed you in the name of all that is Good, true, pure, loving, kind, gentle,  and of the real America and its founding principles on which it purported to rest…and your real Mommies and Daddies.  I can only imagine their pain and suffering if still alive.  Kisses and hugs to every child on this list!  “Catcha’ on the ‘flipside!'”  XOXO, Julian’s Real Mummy


Although many children have died since my last update it just got too overwhelming for me to keep posting the obituaries of these children.  I leave this here as a testimony to how many children have died AFTER being removed for their alleged abusive and neglectful parents.  They were alive when they were taken!

This page is posted in and dedicated to the memory of the children who have died at the hands of Child Protection Services and their accomplices in the Industry of Professional (sic) Parenting.  Our deepest sympathies and heartfelt sadness are extended the all those who had the privilege of knowing and loving these children.  It is in the names that follow, that this struggle for justice must prevail!

Santa Barbara, California (1981)

Christopher Michael Finney– 6 yrs. old, Goleta, CA, took a ride on his bicycle when he left his dad’s little store, hopped  on a red motorcycle with a strange man (serial rapist pedophile and murderer who had also allegedly been sexually abused, neglected, and spent 17 years in an institution in Maine, judges for some reason kept sending him back to the same place, but not to get help at a psychiatric facility, almost as if they were tracking and recording his behavior), raped, sodomized, kicked the man’s tire, man strangled him with an object, man’s name, who later confessed to many of his crimes if not all–murders–Malcolm Robbins from Rockland, Maine who later got the death penalty from a jury in Santa Barbara, California

Dallas, TX (1979)

Steven LIttle– 6 year-old victim, also by  dangerous pedophile, Malcolm Robbins;  sodomized, murdered, set on fire and put in a dumpster after he had already been murdered, died just days after Christmas

Vineland, Jersey (1980)

Evan Bailey- 9 yrs. old, sodomized (described in great detail by murderer and rapist Vincent Robbins, beaten brutally, tried to run away, got stabbed multiple times so that he couldn’t identify Mr. Robbins to the police

Wheeling, West Virginia (1980)

Brian Lepko–  another victim of Vincent Robbins, 17 year-old from Wheeling, West Virginia, Brian’s mother said he was going to a party with a man who wanted to buy his blue Chevy Nova,  that man was pedophiliac serial rapist and murderer Malcolm Robbins t

South Dakota

Tiffany Lewandowski –  Waubay, South Dakota, Jan 17, 2005,  House Fire

Joslyn Bullbear Waubay – South Dakota, Jan. 17, 2005,  House Fire

Daniel Flynn Waubay- South Dakota, Jan. 17, 2005,  House Fire

Gina M. Score –  Plankinton, South Dakota, May 07, 1985 – July 21,1999,  Baked by Boot Camp

Detroit, MI

Isaac Lethbridge- 2 (two years-old),  Detroit,  MI,  Aug 17, 2006,  Struck by Blunt Object

Las  Vegas, NV

Genesis Acosta-Garcia – Las Vegas, Nevada, 3 (three months-old), November 19, 2005, Septic Shock


Travis C Adams-Salem, Oregon, August 8, 2000, December 16, 2002, Wandered into Creek

North Carolina

Kayla Y. Allen– Richlands, North Carolina, November 10,1995 – August 2, 2003, Poison

Panama City, FL

Martin Lee Anderson – Panama City, Florida, 14 (fourteen years-old),  January 06, 2006, Beating, Suffocated or Asphyxiation

Richard L. (“Ricky”) Aragon – Albuquerque, New Mexico, January 24, 1991 – April 12, 1993, Battered

Charlotte, NC

Shirley Arciszewski – Charlotte, North Carolina, April 19, 1992 – September 11, 2004, Restraint


Miguel Humberto Arias – Baca –  Westminster, Colorado, 2 (two year -old), February 02, 1999, Battered

Minneapolis, MN

Angellika Arndt – Minneapolis, Minnesota, 7, (seven years-old), May 26, 2006, Restraint


Ian August – Sevier Desert, Utah, June 21, 1988 – July 13, 2002,  Exhaustion

Los Angeles, CA

Denzel Bailey –  Los Angeles, California, 11 mos., April 2001,  Malnutrition

Toronto, Ontario

Jeffrey Baldwin – Toronto, Ontario, December 20, 1996 – November 30, 2002,   Malnutrition, Pneumonia


Casey Paul Barrow – West Valley, Utah, 18 mos., October 22, 2003,  Battered


Anthony Bars – Indiana, 4 (four years-old), January 20, 2004,   Starved, Battered

Midland, MI

Shelly Bash – Midland, Michigan, 8 (eight years-old), March 2005,  Transplant Rejection

Manitoba, Canada

Nadine Catherine Beaulieu-Dauphin – Manitoba, 23 mos. old,  February 1996, Battered


Maria Bennett, Lancaster, Ohio, 2 (two years-old), October 23, 2002, Battered

Lubbock, TX

Modesto Blanco- Lubbock, Texas, 22 mos. (twenty- two months), March 02, 2002, Battered

Halesowen, England

Christian Blewitt né Osik- Halesowen, England, 3 (three years- old), December 2002, Poison, Battered


Deondre Bondieumaitre- Florida, 16 mos. (sixteen months- old), April 16, 2003, Battered


Timothy Boss – Remsen,  Iowa, 10 (ten years-old),  February 23, 2000,   Battered


Alex Boucher – New Port Richey, Florida, January 25, 1997 – September 25, 2000,  Asphyxiation

Los Angeles, CA

Kerry Brooks – Los Angeles, California, 9 (nine years- old) February 10, 2001,  Suicide


Talitha Brooks – Colorado, 1 (one year-old),  July 1998,  Heatstroke


Amira Brown-Reading, Pennsylvania, 12 (twelve years old), September 04, 2005, Battered / Restraint

Dothan, Alabama

Diminiqua Bryant – Dothan, Alabama, 2 (two years-old), May 1999, Battered

Wales, Great Britain

Scott Buckle- Swansea, Wales, 12 (twelve years-old), February 06, 2005, Hanging

Manvel, Texas (Brazoria County)

Latasha Bush – Manvel, Texas, January 02, 1987- February 28, 2002, Restraint

Naples, FL

Arieale Daniels – Naples, Florida, 15 (fifteen years old), 1999, Car Crash

Michael Buxton – Miami Oklahoma, five years old, July 5 1998, Battered

Eduardo Calzada – Bakersfield, California,3 mos. old, March 2004, Battered

Toledo, OH

Chris Campbell – Toledo Iowa, 13 (thirteen years-old), November 02,1997, Restraint

Gladys Campbell – Philadelphia/New Jersey, 2 (two years-old), circa 1988

Tucson, AZ

Edith Campos – Tucson, Arizona, 15 (fifteen years-old), February 04, 1998,  Restraint

Harrisburg, PA

Brianna Canales – Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, 4 (four years-old), April 24, 2006,  Drug Overdose,  Zoloft Pills (1 Dozen)

Boston, MA

Latasha Cannon – Boston, Massachusetts, 17 (seventeen years-old), April 2001,  Slashed Throat

Chula Vista, CA

Mario Cano-  Chula Vista, California, 16 (sixteen years- old), April 27, 1984,  Untreated Blood Clot

Detroit, MI

Joshua K. Causey – Detroit, Michigan, March 21, 1998 – March 18, 2003,  Battered

Jaime Ceballos – Salinas, California, 2 (two years-old), November 27, 2005,  Infection, Bleeding

Las Vegas, NV

Baby Boy, Charles – Las Vegas, Nevada, 7 mos., August 04, 200 Head Injury

British Columbia

Sherry Charlie– British Columbia, 19 mos., (nineteen months old), September 4, 2002, Battered

Alhambra, CA

Sarah Angelina Chavez – Alhambra, California,2 (two years-old), October 11, 2005,  Battered


Felix Chen –  Bloomington, Indiana, August, 1997 –  April 01, 2004, Treatment Withheld

Paterson, New Jersey

Sky Colon Cherevez, Paterson, New Jersey, 3 mos.,  August 06, 1998, Battered

Fort Worth, TX

Tiffany H Clair – Fort Worth, Texas (Tarrant County), September 6, 1985 – May 4, 2001, heroin

New Jersey

Brian Clark- New Jersey, three (3)  years old, January 2002, untreated Pneumonia

Bakersfield, CA

Angelic Clary- Bakersfield, California,  3 mos. (three months old), September 14, 2003

San Antonio, TX

Roshelle Clayborn- San Antonio, Texas, sixteen (16) years old, August 18, 1997, Restraint

Westminster, Colorado

Casey Collier- Westminster Colorado, 17 (seventeen years-old), December 21, 1993, Restraint

Los Angeles, CA

Desiree Collins- Los Angeles California, 14 (fourteen years-old), February 10, 2002, Gunshot

Veracruz, MEXICO

Adrianna Cram – Veracruz, Mexico (US “Supervision”), August 25, 2000 – June 13, 2005

Springfield, MO

Christopher Henry Cryderman – Springfield, Missouri, July 27, 2004 – November 22, 2004, Infection


Dirk D. Dalton –  Clarkston, Washington, June 07, 1989 – May 01, 1994,  Battered


China Marie Davis – Phoenix, Arizona, 2 (two years-old), March 23, 1991 – October 31, 1993,  Battered

Tajuana Davidson – Phoenix, Arizona, 3 (three years-old), November 03, 1993,  Battered

Nicholas Contreras – Queen Creek, Arizona, January 15, 1982 – March 02, 1998, Infection


Tristan Sovern – Greensboro, North Carolina, 16 (sixteen years-old), March 04, 1998, Restraint

North Carolina

Sabrina Elizabeth Day – Charlotte, North Carolina, July 04, 1984 – February 10, 2000,  Restraint


Tyler Joseph DeLeon – Stevens County, Washington, January 13, 1998 – January 13, 2005, Dehydration

Long Beach, CA

Kameron Justin Demery- Long Beach, California, 2 (two years- old), October 14, 1996, Battered


Mark Draheim – Orefield, Pennsylvania, October 10, 1984 – December 11, 1998, Restraint

Cleveland, OH

Charmaria Drak – Cleveland, Ohio, 20 mos., March 13, 2003, Battered

Manvel, Texas

Stephanie Duffield –  Manvel, Texas, July 14, 1984 – February 11, 2001, Restraint


Willie Lawrence Durden III – Citrus County, Florida, 17, (seventeen years-old), October 2005, Unknown Cause of Death, Died in Prison Cell


Brian Edgar – Overland Park, Kansas, 9 (nine years-old), December 30, 2002, Asphyxiation

Ontario, Canada

William Edgar- Peterborough, Ontario,  thirteen (13)  years old, March 1999, Restraint

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Tiffany Eilders- Rancho Cucamonga, California, fourteen weeks old, December 07, 2005, Battered


Kayla Erlandson – King County, Washington, 2 (two years-old), April 1991, Battered


Luke Evans – Lowell, Indiana, 16 mos. (sixteen months-old), November 30, 2001, Battered, Malnourished


Roberta (Berta) Evers –  Bayfield, Colorado, 6 (six years-old), June 13, 1998,   Restraint


Sara Eyerman –  California, 20 mos. (twenty months-old), circa1986,    Pneumonia


Sean Isaac Faith – Eagle, Idaho, 3 (three years-old), May 13, 2006,   Drowning


Miranda Finn- Lake Butler, Florida, 9 (nine years-old), January 25, 2006, Traffic accident


Laura Fleming –  Palmdale, California, October 11, 2004 –  November 21, 2004, Unknown Cause of Death


Sarah Jane Forrester, Woodlaw, Maryland, October 30 1985 – found May 13, 1999, Battered and Stabbed

Pasadena, CA

Rita Foster –  Pasadena, California, 4 (four year-old), June 29, 2006, Run Over by Bus

Boston, MA

Henry Gallop –  Boston, Massachusetts, 2 (two years-old), 1987, Poison

Albuquerque, NM

Alexander Ganadonegro – Albuquerque, New Mexico, March 10, 1998 – February 04, 1999, Battered


Christening (Mikie) Garcia- Ingram,Texas, twelve (12) years old, December 04, 2005, restraint


Camron P. Gardner-  Waupun, Wisconsin, three (3) years old, May 05, 2006, battered

Fremont, CA

Dylan James George, Fremont, California, April 16, 2002 – October 04, 2004, Battered

Chicago, IL

Corese Goldman – Chicago, Illinois, 2 (two years- old, 1995), Drowning


Mollie Gonzales – Jefferson County, Colorado, 10 (ten years- old), November 18, 2002, Drug Overdose

Glendale, CA

Julio Gonzalez– Glendale, California, May 10, 1995 – December 29, 1996, Battered


Elizabeth (Lizzy) Goodwin – Coeur d’ Alene Idaho, March 22, 1996 – October 22, 2002, Drowning

Anthony Green –  Brownwood, Texas, 15 (fifteen years-old), May 12, 1991, Restraint

New York City, NY

Sabrina Green – New York City, NY, 9 (nine years- old), November 08, 1997, Burned and Battered

Jacksonville, FL

Lamar D. Green – Jacksonville, Florida, 16 (sixteen years-old), 2001, Car crash

Treasure Island, FL

Corey Greer – Treasure Island, Florida, 4 (four months-old), circa 1985, Dehydration

Boston, MA

Gage Guillen –  Boston, Massachusetts, 3 (three years-old), 1995, Strangulation

Lincoln, NE

Darvell Gulley –  Lincoln, Nebraska, 13 (thirteen years-old), April 27 2002, Restraint

Prince George, British Columbia

Savannah Brianna Marie Hall –  Prince George, British Columbia, September 09, 1997 – January 21, 2001, Malnutrition/Restraint

Jacksonville, FL

Latiana Hamilton –  Jacksonville, Florida, 17 mos. old,  July 18, 2001, Drowning

Washington, D.C.

Mykeeda Hampton, District of Columbia, two (2) years- old, August 1997, Battered


Kelly M Hancock- Malden, Massachusetts, November 6, 1985 – July 18. 2000, Stabbing


Laura Hanson- West Palm Beach Florida, May 17, 1981 – November 19, 1998, Restraint

Jerrell Hardiman- La Porte, Indiana,4 (four years old), October, circa 1993, Exposure


Alex Harris- Minden, Louisiana, 12 (twelve years old), September 2005, forced to run for ten (10) miles as punishment by her legal guardian or parent or grandmother,appears to have been dehydration


Diane Harris – Seguin, Texas, 17 (seventeen years-old), April 11, 1990,   Restraint


Jessica Albina Hagmann – Prince William County, Virginia, 2 (two years old), August 11, 2003,  Smothered

Akron, OH

Letia Harrison – Akron, Ohio, October 23,1999 – September 19, 2002,   Baked in Attic

Toronto, Ontario

Jordan Heikamp – Toronto, Ontario, May 19, 1997 – June 23, 1997,  Starvation

Cedar Hill, TX

Eric Hernandez – Cedar Hill, Texas, January 06, 1999 – March 07,1999,  Suffocation

 Tucson, AZ

Dwight Hill – Tucson, Arizona, 4 mos., November 16, 2005,   Battered


Nina Victoria Hilt née Vika Bazhenova –  Manassas, VA, 33 mos., July 02, 2005,  Battered

Steven A. Hoffa – Des Moines, Iowa, February 04, 1993 – May18,1996,   Battered

Richard (“Ricky”) Holland – Williamston, Michigan, September 08,1997 – July 2005,   Battered

Michael Anthony Hughes – Choctaw, Oklahoma, March 21, 1988 – September 12, 1994,  Kidnapped/Missing

Jarod (“Jerry”) Hulsey –  Mesa, Arizona, 10 (ten years-old), April 03, 2006,  Battered

Joseph (“Joey”) Huot – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2 (two years-old), January 27, 1988,  Battered

Dion Jack – Sproat Lake, British Columbia, 6 (six year-old), March 01, 2006,  Seizure

Chicago, IL

Walter Jackson- Chicago, Illinois, 10 (ten months- old), August 09, 2005, Battered

Springfield, MO

Dominic James – Springfield, Missouri, June 04, 2000 – August 21, 2002, Battered

East Sussex, England

Billie-Jo Jenkins- Hastings, East Sussex, England, 13 (thirteen years-old), February 1997, Battered

Boston, MA

Dontel Jeffers – Boston, Massachusetts, 4 (four year-old), March 6, 2005, Battered

Ciara S. Jobes – Baltimore, Maryland, August 17, 1987 – December 11, 2002,  Starvation, Beating

Stephanie Jobin – Brampton, Ontario, 13 (thirteen years-old), June 21, 1998, Restraint

Aaron Johnson, Boston, Massachusetts, 15 mos.,  1987, Poison

Anthony Johnson – Marshall, Texas, 4 (four years-old), July 11, 2005, Drowning

Elijah James Johnson –  Los Angeles, California, 3 (three years-old), May 10, 1999, Scalded

Lorenzo Johnson, Queen Creek, Arizona, 17 (seventeen years-old) – June 27, 1994, Drowned During Escape


Quartrina K. (“Snappy”) Johnson –  Pikesville, Maryland, December 25,1988 – July 20, 2004, Beaten and Choked

Capetown, South Africa

Xolani Nkosi – Johnson, Capetown, South Africa, 12  (twelve years-old),  June 02, 2001, AIDS

New York City, NY

Christal Jones –  New York City (Vermont ward), May 24, 1984 – January 03, 2001, Suffocation

Chicago, IL

David L. Jones  –  Chicago, Illinois  April 15, 1992 –  March 07, 1998,   Battered

New Jersey

Xavier Jones –  East Orange, New Jersey, 21 mos., June 07, 2006, Methadone Poisoning


Dennis Jurgens né Jerry Sherwood –  White Bear Lake, Minnesota, 3 (three years-old), April 11, 1965, Battered


Marissa (“Shorty”) Karp –  Pompano Beach, Florida, December ,1985 – August 19, 2002, Gunshot

David Ryan Keeley –  New Haven Connecticut, 6 (six years-old), August 12,1998, Battered


Ashley Keen –  Lake Butler, Florida, 13 (thirteen years-old), January 25, 2006, Traffic accident


Cassandra Killpack –  Springville, Utah, November 29, 1997 – June 09, 2002, Water Therapy


Ahmad King né Rawls – Alma, Georgia, 3 (three years-old), January 24, 2006, Homicide


Heather Michell Kish –  Berlin Township, Michigan, September 15, 1987, found October 06, 2002, Murdered


Noah Knapp – Marysville, Washington, 6 (six years-old), May 30, 2005, Automobile collision


Alissa Kneen –  Newport, Minnesota, 5 (five years-old), September 07, 2001, House fire

Cordell Kneen – Newport, Minnesota, 20 mos., September 07, 2001, House fire

Anatoli Kolenda– Westfield, Massachusetts, May 20, 1991 – October 20, 2002,  Stabbing

Yana Kolenda –  Westfield, Massachusetts,  December 31, 1990 –  October 20, 2002, Stabbing

Anthony Lamb – Lake Butler Florida, twenty months old, January 25, 2006,  Traffic accident

Keisha Shardae Lane –  Hagerstown, Maryland, 15, (fifteen years-old), August 17, 2005, Gunshot

Shawn Lawrence né Andy Mohler –  Shelton,  Washington, 10 (ten years-old), October 1999, Drowning

Brittany Legler – Millcreek, Pennsylvania, 15, (fifteen years-old), May 09 2004, Battered

Trenton Jared Lewis – Canyon County, Idaho, 3 (three years-old), July 08, 2006, Drowning

Jacob Lindorff –  Franklin Township,  New Jersey, 5 (five years-old), December 14, 2001, Battered

Christian Liz –  New York City, NY, 3 weeks old,  November 29, 2004, Suffocation

James Lonnee –  Guelph/Hamilton Ontario, 16 (sixteen years-old), September 7 1996, Beaten by Cellmate


Gregory Love –  Florida, 23 mos., April 2005, Head Injury


Nikki Lutke –  Cheyenne Wyoming, 5 (five years-old), August 28, 2003, Drowning

North Carolina

Zachary James Lyons, Winston-Salem North Carolina, January 24 1992 – October 8 1996, battered

South Carolina

Shaquella Mance, Belton South Carolina, seven months old, March 27 2005, battered


Elizabeth Mann- Lake Butler Florida, fifteen years old, January 25 2006, traffic accident

Heaven Mann-Lake Butler Florida, three years old, January 25 2006, traffic accident

Johnny Mann-Lake Butler Florida, thirteen years old, January 25 2006, Traffic accident

Cynthia Nicole (Nicki) Mann- Lake Butler Florida, 15 ( fifteen years-old), January 25, 2006, Traffic accident


Logan Marr– Chelsea Maine, October 14 1995 – January 31, 2001, Asphyxiation

Bakersfield, CA

Fernando Ibarra Martinez- Bakersfield California, 9 mos., March 26 2006, Battered


Stephanie Martinez- Pueblo Colorado, five years old, December 31 2001, Untreated Burns


Tiffany Laverne Mason –  Folsom, California, June 11, 1986 – August 09, 2001, Battered

Viktor Alexander Matthey né V Sergeyevich Tulimov –  Hunterdon County, New Jersey, 6 (six years-old), October 31, 2000, Hypothermia


Dominic Matz –  Osawatomie, Kansas, July 06, 2002 – February 15, 2004, Treatment Withheld


Jamie Mayne –  Atascadero, California, March 24, 1995 – February 10, 2000, Battered

Chula Vista, CA

Kristal Mayon-Ceniceros –  Chula Vista, California, 16 (sixteen years- old), February 05 1999, restraint

Tucson, AZ

Emily Ann Mays –  Tucson, Arizona, 16 mos.,  August 24, 2005, Battered


Andrew McClain –  Bridgeport, Connecticut, December 06, 1986 – March 22, 1998, Restraint

North Carolina

Cory Bradley –  McLaughlin, North Carolina, 4 (four years-old), July 04, 1997, Battered


Jerry McLaurin –  Brownwood, Texas, 14 (fourteen years-old), November 02,1999, Restraint

Katy, Texas

Maria Mendoza –  Katy, Texas, 14, (fourteen years-old), October 12, 2002,  Restraint

Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Caleb Jerome Merchant – Edmonton, Alberta, 13 mos., November 26, 2005,  Battered


Denis Merryman né Uritsky –  Harford County, Maryland, 8 (eight years-old), January 2005,  Starvation

Spokane, WA

Devin Miller – Spokane, Washington, 20 mos., August 06, 2006,  Battered

Kansas City, MO

Euryale Miller –  Kansas City, Missouri, 1 yr. old, April 01, 2001,  Battered


Jacob Miller –  Georgia, 22 mos., November 20, 1997,  Battered

Clayton Miracle –  Georgia, 3 (three years-old), August 11, 1993, Battered


Hanna Denise Montessori – Santa Ana, California, March 16, 1988 – January 19, 2004, Homicide/Head-Injury


Alfredo Montez –  Auburndale,  Florida, 2 (two years-old), July 01, 2002, Battered

Charlotte, NC

Zachary Moran –  Charlotte, North Carolina, 14 mos., August 08, 2003, Battered


Christina Morlan – Scott County, Iowa, September 03, 2003 – November 30 2003, Unknown Cause of Death

Nashville, TN

Carlyle Mullins – Nashville, Tennessee, 5  (five years-old), May 27, 2005, Battered

Killeen, Texas

Cedrick Napoleon – Killeen, Texas, June 26, 1987 – March 07, 2002, Restraint


Candace Newmaker née C Tiara – Elmore, Colorado, November 19, 1989 – April 19, 2000, Re-birth/Asphyxiation

Chicago, IL (Cook County)

Jonathan Nichol – Cook County, Illinois, 2, (two years-old), June 16, 1995, Drowning


Trevor Nolan- Mono County California, five years old, April 12, 1997, treatment withheld


Sierra Odom,-Arlington Texas, three years old, August 11, 2005, battered

Lenny Ortega- Ingram Texas, twelve years old, May 30, 2006, drowning

South Carolina

Keron Owens, Walterboro South Carolina, three years old, January 19 1992, battered

North Carolina

Sean Paddock né Ford, Johnston County North Carolina, four years old, February 26 2006, battered

Miami, FL

Omar Paisle- Miami Florida, seventeen years old, June 2003, untreated Appendicitis

Buffalo, NY

Terrell Parker- Buffalo New York, two years old, 2003, battered


Travis Parker- Cleveland Georgia, thirteen years old, April 21, 2005, Restraint


Melva Dee Parrott– Hershey, Michigan, May 04, 1998 – June 29, 2000, Bronchitis

Schaumburg, IL

Alex Pavlis, né Geiko –  Schaumburg, Illinois, 6 (six years-old), December 19, 2003, Battered

St. Petersburg, FL

Dillon Peak –  Saint Petersburg, Florida, 14 (fourteen years-old), June 17, 2006, Undiagnosed Illness

Manvel, Texas (Brazoria County)

Dawn Renay Perry –  Manvel, Texas, 16 (sixteen years- old), April 10, 1993,   Restraint

New York

Angellica Pesante –  Seneca County, New York, 4 (four years-old), April 18, 1997,  Battered

Atlanta, GA

Terrell Peterson –  Atlanta, Georgia, 5 (five years-old), January 01, 1998,  Battered

Miami, FL

Cynteria Phillips –  Miami, Florida, December 10, 1986 – August 14, 2000,  Rape/Murder

West Orange, NJ

Marguerite Pierre – West Orange, New Jersey, 5 (five years-old), December 2005,  Poison


Emporia Pirtle – Indiana, 6 (six years-old), November 11,1996,  Battered

Jason Plischkowsky – Southampton, England, May 25, 1985 – December 19 1986, Head Injury

New Zealand

Huntly Tamati Pokaia – New Zealand, 3 (three years-old)


David Polreis – Greeley Colorado, 2 (two years-old), February 06, 1996,  Battered


Maryah Ponce – Rialto, California, December 5, 1997 – June 29, 2001,  Baked in Car


Constance S. Porter – Kearney, Missouri, July 20, 1998 – February 12, 2001, Battered


Dakota Denzel Prince – Smith, Lancaster California, 5, (five years-old), July 08, 2003, Baked in Car

Nehamiah Nate Prince – Smith, Lancaster, California, 3,  (three years- old), July 08, 2003, Baked in Car

St. Louis, Saskatchewan

Karen Quill – St. Louis, Saskatchewan,  20 mos., September 13, 1997,  Internal Injuries


Rodrigo Armando Ramirez Jr.- Victorville California, eighteen months old, July 6 2001, drowning

Stephanie Ramos-New York City, eight years old, July 9 2005, dumped in garbage can

Houston, Texas

Bobby Jo Randolph- Houston Texas, seventeen years old, September 26, 1996, asxphyxiation

Grand Rapids, MI

Jacquelyn Reah – Grand Rapids, Michigan, 10 (ten years-old), November 27, 2004, Runaway / Hit by Car


Latayna Reese – Bradenton, Florida, 15 (fifteen years- old), April 1996

New York City, NY

Caprice Reid – New York City, NY, 4 (four years-old), June 1997,  Starved and Battered


Jonathan Reid – Gardena, California,9 (nine years-old), June 09, 1997,  Treatment Withheld

Matthew Reid – Welland, Ontario, 3 (three years- old), December 15, 2005,  Suffocation

Dustin Rhodes- Litchfield Park, Arizona, 9 (nine years-old), August 13, 2003,  Battered

Honolulu, HI

Alana Rickard-Cowell – Honolulu Hawaii, 2 mos., April 23, 2006, Unknown Cause of Death (broken bones)


Eric Roberts- Keene , Texas June 16 1979 – February 22 1996, restraint


Ana Rogers,-Sparks Nevada, four months old, July 2005, pre-existing injury

Chula Vista, CA

Genevieve “Genny” Rojas-Chula Vista California, four years old, July 21 1995, starvation, scalded

San Antonio, TX

Guadalupe Rosales III, San Antonio Texas, April 2005 – June 13 2006, battered

Ontario, Canada

Paola Rosales, Milton Ontario, fourteen years old, July 3 2001, suicide


Kyle Anthony Ross, Massachusetts, September 07, 1995 – June 09, 2001, rottweiler attack with fatality

Marlon Santos, Worcester, Massachusetts, 5 mos. old, November 05, 1998, Missing


Andres E. Saragos, Warm Springs, Oregon, August 05, 1995 – July 13, 2000, Baked in Car


Caprice Scott –  Florida, infant, 1999, mother in Foster Care


Ryan Scott –  Sheffield Lake, Ohio, 2 (two years-old), March 27,1998,  Battered

Marcus Fiesel – 4,  Lewis Township, OH, Aug. 2006, Left for 2 days to Die while Locked  Inside of a Closet before being Incinerated by Foster Parent

South Carolina

Krystal Scurry –  Aiken County, South Carolina, February 1989 – November 02, 1991, Rape/Murder


Andrew (“Andy”) Setzer –  California, April 27, 1995 – August 02, 1999,  Battered


Ariel Shaw – Bibb County, Georgia, 19 mos., January 26, 2000,  Battered


Vivan Uk Sheppard – Jacksonville, Florida, 8 mos., May 15, 1999,  Suffocation

New Mexico

Colby Shirley –  Gallup, New Mexico, 18 mos. old, March 20, 2006,  Battered


Joseph H. Shriver – Pennsylvania, March 02, 1997 – October 05, 1997,  Battered


Quincey L. Simmons –  Omaha Nebraska, August 21, 1997 – March 24, 2001, Battered


Devin A. Slade – Milwaukee, Wisconsin, October 23, 2000 – June 19, 2001, Asphyxiation


John Smith – Fishersgate, England, 4 (four years-old), December 24, 1999,  Battered and Bitten


Mikinah Smith – Cincinnati, Ohio, 1 year-old, March 18, 2003, Battered

Connre Dixon – Ridgefield, Township, Ohio, 11 (eleven years-old), October 18, 2004, Stabbing


Jushai Spurgeon- North Las Vegas, Nevada, 14 mos., April 03, 2005, Scalding

Joshua Sharp -15 mos., Las Vegas, NV  Aug 17, 2006, Unknown Cause of Death


LeRon St. John – Detroit, Michigan, 15 (fifteen years-old), March 01, 2003,  Tuberculosis

Christopher Simpson – Howell, Michigan, 7 (seven years-old), November 14, 1998,  Fire

Jordan Simpson né Richard Morrison II –  Howell, Michigan, 5 (five years-old), November 14, 1998, Fire

Nicole Simpson née Desira Morrison –  Howell,  Michigan,  7  (seven years-old),  November 14, 1998,  Fire


Tommy Stacey –  Carmichael, California, 3 mos.,  January 03, 2005,   SIDS

New York City

Elizabeth (Lisa) Steinberg née Launders – New York City, NY,  May 14 1981- November 04, 1987,  Battered

Paterson, N.J.

Yasmin Taylor – Paterson, New Jersey, 7 mos.,  May 08, 1994,  Virus

South Carolina

Lakeysha Tharp – Irmo, South Carolina, 6 mos. old, April 07, 2004, Asphyxiation

Adam Michael Thimyan –  Riverview, Florida, October 02, 1986 – April 03, 2004, Gunshot

Timothy Thomas- Banner Elk, North Carolina, 9 (nine years-old), March 11, 1999, Restraint

Liam Thompson né Dmitry S. Ishlankulov – Columbus, Ohio, October 03,1999 – October 03, 2002, Scalding

Michael Tinning – Schenectady, New York, 2 (two years-old), March 02,1981, Asphyxiation

New Jersey

Kelly Ann Tozer –  Egg Harbor City, New Jersey, 18 mos., July 30, 2005, Drowning

Patrick Trauffler – Phoenix, Arizona, 6 weeks, February 18, 2003, Battered

Zaire Knott – Newark, New Jersey, September 16, 2005 – October 20, 2005, Unknown Cause of Death


Demetrius Tyler – Johnson City, Tennessee, 6 mos., November 10, 2004, Drowning

Tyler Vanpopering – Southgate, Michigan, September 23, 2003 – April 14, 2004, Battered

Philadelphia, PA

Jacqueline Venay- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 6 (six years- old), September 21, 1998, Battered

British Columbia

Reena Virk – Saanich, British Columbia, 14 (fourteen years-old), November 14, 1997, Teen Swarming

George Walker, III – DeKalb County, Georgia, 10 mos. old, November 07, 2002, Choking

Boston, MA

Michelle Walton –  Boston, Massachusetts, October 06, 1994, Asphyxiation

Erickyzha Warner – Utica, New York, July 19, 2002 – May 31, 2004, Untreated Burns

Shane Devell Washington – Fresno, California, 15 mos., circa 1996,  Drowning

Las Vegas, NV

Evan Watkins – Las Vegas, Nevada, 21 mos., July 01, 1996,   Battered


Omar Wellington – Toronto, Ontario, 17 (seventeen years-old),  July 15, 2006, Stabbing

Cleveland, OH

Devin Wilder – Cleveland, Ohio, July 29, 1998 – April 02, 2001,  Battered

St. Louis, MO

Dominic J. Williams –  Saint Louis, Missouri, June 08, 1987 –  June 03, 2004, Strangulation

Owensboro, KY

Andrew Wilson –  Owensboro, Kentucky, 3 (three years-old),  August 07, 2005, Drowning

Seattle, WA

Lorenzo J. Wilson – Seattle, Washington, January 29 2004 – October 22 2004,  Battered


Rilya Wilson –  Florida, born September 29, 1996,  Disappeared 2001, was missing 15 months before real or foster parents reported her missing

Michael Spencer Wiltsie  –  Silver Springs, Florida, September 18 1987 – February 5, 2000,      Restraint


Jimmy Allan Wood –  Adams County, Colorado, 14 (fourteen years- old), November 13, 2002,  Drug Overdose


Jonnie Wood – Springdale, Arkansas, 8 (eight years-old), August 13, 2005, Drowning


Braxton D. Wooden – Missouri, May 15, 1997 – June 02, 2005, Gunshot

West Palm Beach, FL

Donte L. Woods – West Palm Beach, Florida, February 25,1986 – May 27, 2002, Gunshot

Rhode Island

Thomas (“T. J.”) Wright – Providence, Rhode Island, 3 (three years- old), October 31, 2004, Battered

San Antonio, TX

Willie Wright – San Antonio, Texas, 14 (fourteen years-old), March 04, 2000, Restraint

Palmdale, California

Gabriel Fernandez-Age 8, “8-year-old Gabriel Fernandez, the Palmdale boy who was found tortured and murdered, allegedly at the hands of his mother and her boyfriend.

The Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services had case workers assigned to Fernandez, and there had been repeated complaints of abuse before paramedics were called to the home to discover the boy unconscious with BB pellets in his chest and groin, a fractured skull, broken ribs and burns, NBC4 reports. Fernandez died at the hospital and his mother and her boyfriend were later charged with murder.

DCFS chief Philip Browning recommended the employees be discharged after an investigation into the handling of the case, according to L.A. County CEO Bill Fujioka.”


Luke Boruskiewicz, Australia, 2 or 3, survived by, at least, natural father, Michael Boruskiewicz, died in the hospital in his father’s arms while still breathing, in “care” of “Docs” or Australian counterpart to Child Protective Services (“CPS”), beaten to death in foster home while under Docs legal custody who gave hospital “permission” to turn off life-support while not even three year-old Luke was in a coma from the other children in the foster home, as alleged

Austin, Texas

Alexandria Hill- 2 year-old girl from Austin, Texas, bludgeoned to death in foster care

Palm Beach, FL

Nubia Docter-Barahona, 10 years old, murdered Feb. 14, 2011 while in the “care” of adoptive father and mother (who adopted them in 2009) in West Palm Beach Florida area, her twin-brother survived, Nubia found wrapped in garbage bag in adoptive father’s pick-up truck in a pool of toxic chemicals, body found decomposed in acid and pesticides in the scorching hot Florida sun, Nubia had been “removed” from mother’s custody for alleged alcohol and substance abuse problems, placed with father, he was found guilty of a sexual crime against a minor or person not residing in the home, as alleged before children taken into foster care, natural mother lived in Texas

Broward County, FL

Gabriel Meyers – died in 2009, Florida, DCS Foster Child, Broward County, FL

Samuel Grossman –  Age 13, 1986, Prescription Stimulant for “Over-Activity”

Shaina Dunkle – 1991-2001, died from Toxic Levels of Psychiatric Drug, died in her mother, Vickie Dunkle’s arms

Matthew Smith -1986-2000, 7, Diagnosed with “ADHD,” died from long-term use of stimulant prescription drug, heart-related


  • Kayne Williams, 1
  • Anterious Miller, 1
  • Avahya Martin, 1
  • Justin Polk, 2
  • Joel Chirieleison, 6
  • Bryson Redd, 2
  • Lamar Braddy, 2
  • Savanna Mohney, 15
  • David Mohney, 11
  • Trysten Eli Frank Adams, 2
  • Ly’Xander English, 3 mos.
  • Keegan Alexander Ericson, 1 mo.
  • Jayden Isme, 8
  • Marvin Mobley, 6 mos.
  • Frank Santoya, 3
  • Cameron Plummer, 20 days
  • Armani Niguel Pierce, 1
  • Alhlee Phillips, 6 mos
  • Mitchell Peters, 1
  • Noelani Isabella Marmolejo, 2
  • Rae -Lynn Mahan, 1 hour
  • Mya Lee, 1
  • Jasmine Keene, 3
  • Ka’liyah Joseph, 2 mos.
  • Michelle Ivancsits, 4
  • Sir Isaiah Isaacs, 1
  • Carter Herman, 2 mos.
  • Julian Guardado, 3
  • Wendy Ferraz do Amaral, 10
  • Jacob Davidson, 1 mo.
  • Susana Castrillon, 8
  • Sebastian Castrillon, 7
  • Henry Bryant, 2 mos.
  • Clayton Bland, 2
  • Darell Avant, 5
  • Breonna Smith, 7
  • Joshua Worthy Jr., 1
  • Kaleb Kuhlmann, 11
  • Kylie Kuhlmann, 9
  • Johnathan Kuhlmann, 8
  • Destiny Stewart, 5
  • Brandon Stewart, 4
  • Alana Stewart, 2 mos.
  • Nicholas Young, 6 mos.
  • Nikki Olivia Mendoza, 7
  • Leanna Lindsey, 2 mos.
  • Jayden Powers, 8 mos.
  • Alicianna Black, 3 mos.
  • Paige Lunsford, 14
  • Carter James Turcanu, 9 mos.
  • Jai’Shin Rashid Vinson, 11 mos.
  • Myla Giggles Presley, 1
  • Yeliani Schwartz-Ojeda, 3
  • Javon Willie Dade, 4
  • Josephine Boice, 1
  • Daymeon Chrystopher Wygant, 16 mos
  • Tariji Gordon, 2
  • Ghanson Debrosse, 3
  • Yanelli Vasquez, 3
  • Mariah Neveah Johnson, 1
  • Michael McMullen, 3
  • Edrick Henry, 6
  • Tamiyah Audain, 12
  • Luis Enrique Rodriguez, Jr., 1
  • Logan Hancock, 2 mos.
  • Jaslene Nicole Bryan, 3
  • Michael Williams, 1
  • Malyk Kentrell Sheffield, 3
  • Dakota Stiles, 3
  • Eli Stuart, 11 weeks
  • Jayden Villegas-Morales, 1
  • Yvonne Isabella Bailey, 22 months
  • Christian Byrd, 2
  • Cherish Perrywinkle, 8
  • Ezra Raphael, 2
  • Kayden Swat, 11 mos.
  • Fernando Barahona, 1
  • Brooklyn Stewart, 1 mo.
  • Armanny Delgado, 2
  • Ka’Sharie Freeman, 3
  • Da’vonna Wright, 3 mos.
  • Mason Truit Britt, 1 mo.
  • Brianna Cooper, 6
  • Nyla Hardy, 3 weeks
  • Bryan Osceola, 11 mos.
  • Charlize Terrell, 10 weeks
  • Aliyah Branum, 2
  • Anthony Joyce, 4
  • Destinee Gross, 1
  • Demetrius Powers, 3
  • Cameron Bosch, 2 mos.
  • Ke’Andre Coleman, 4
  • Jewel Howard, 3
  • Michael Seger, 1 mo.
  • Natalie Taylor, 10
  • Nathan Gicker, 3 mos.
  • Caden Nickles, 1
  • Cur Mari Rutledge, 3 mos.
  • Matthew Condatore, 11 mos.
  • Marion Davis, 7 mos.
  • Brianna Addison, 2
  • Emma Morrison, 1 mo.
  • Danni Terceira, 4 mos.
  • Dontrell Melvin, Unknown
  • Deejay Rivera, 9 mos.
  • Jonah Reyes, 6 mos.
  • Olivia Pennington, 10 mos.
  • Brooklyn Sanchez, 2
  • Melissa Stoddard, 11
  • Michael Jackson, 7
  • Emma Perrault, 5 mos.
  • Khariss Landers, 8 mos.
  • Daniela Padrino, 4
  • Julia Padrino, 6
  • Micah Shaver, 3
  • Miah Shaver, 3
  • Jesse Deaton, 15
  • Jadegean Butler, 4
  • Ashton-Lynette Arnold, 5
  • Camron Deon Willis, 4
  • Jaydin Sarria, 1
  • Amelia Jewel King, 1
  • Arianne Rosso, 7 mos.
  • Johnny Davober, 1
  • Janese Johnson, 2 mos.
  • Ja’Quez Baker, 2
  • Rashaud Robinson, 1
  • Josiah Figueroa, 10 mos.
  • Jordan Coleman, 4
  • Ashley Marie Hancock, 17
  • Trent Sailers, 1
  • Byron Rios-Molina, 9 mos.
  • Latrovious Jackson, 5 mos.
  • Jaxon Buchner-Henriquez, 2 mos.
  • Taariq Cross, 7
  • Milo Aray Rupert, 9 mos.
  • Kesia Kearse, 5
  • La’Darius Drayton, 10
  • Christian Love, 2
  • Kearra Lewis, 1
  • Joseph Cosmillo, 6
  • Alex Perez-Ramirez, 2
  • Joel Johnson, 12
  • Jazlyn Johnson, 13
  • Pebbles Johnson, 17
  • Jaxs Johnson, 15
  • Aaron Jerrell, 9 mos.
  • Jeffrey Lentz, 3 weeks
  • Jaymelynn Cypress, 18 months
  • Achilles Daniels, 1 mo.
  • Izabella Whitson, 5 mos.
  • Braden Register, 2
  • Xavion O’Neal, 1 mo.
  • Lucas Daniel Machin-Torres, 3
  • Zayonna Moss, 1
  • Phoenix Gallagher, 3 mos.
  • Riley Ryon, 3 mos.
  • Alexis Petrow, 1
  • Trevon Richardson, 1 mo.
  • Jada Cantrell, 1 mo.
  • Hayden Melton, 2
  • Janelle Lucero, 5
  • Dylan Winslow Andres, 1
  • Maliyah Gartrell, 1 mos.
  • Russell Fox, 8
  • Jason Ward, 3
  • Ayanna Ross, 1
  • Sean McKee, 1
  • Daniel Rashley, 8
  • William Rashley, 7
  • Torey Vincent Dymond, 1
  • Kevin Jackson, 4 mos.
  • Jeshiah DeJesus, 9
  • Sean Graham, 3
  • Zyunna Gipson, 4 mos.
  • Josalin Libby, 1 mo.
  • Destinee Webber, 1
  • Vincent Vitagliano, 4 mos.
  • Gabrielle Crawford, 21 months
  • Damien Landry, 18 mos.
  • Logan Lanier Suber, 1 mo.
  • Derrick Billie, 1
  • Elyssa Thompson, 5 weeks
  • Lesther Rocha, 4 mos.
  • Evan Longanecker, 1 mo.
  • Christopher Bourassa, 13
  • Lillian Vaughn, 20 mos.
  • Aaliyah Siler, 9 mos.
  • Christian Rodriguez-Herrera, 3
  • Evan Hayden Watkins, 4
  • Nataley Jayde Agee, 3 mos.
  • John Gideon Suggs, 2 mos.
  • Destiny Taylor, 2
  • Jason Howell, 6
  • Ja’Kobe Woods, 5
  • Nolee Elizabeth Wilkinson, 11 mos.
  • Marquel Michael Clark, 1
  • Isaiah Shade, 2
  • Rocio Genesis Naranjo, 1
  • Kaylee Ann Rice, 12
  • Seth Lasater, 11
  • Jayden Jordan, 1 week
  • Sha’mon Simpson, 20 days
  • Romana Bones, 13
  • De’Angelo Crowley, 18 days
  • Derek Thomas, 10
  • Zha’heem White, 3 weeks
  • Rigel Locke, 2
  • Marta Negron, 15
  • Joshua Moran, 2 mos.
  • Jace Shaw, 6 mos,
  • Ezekiel Mathis, 1
  • Marina Mikos, 9 mos.
  • Demontra Wilford, 1
  • Kassidie McMillin, 10
  • Tavont’ae Gordon, 2 mos.
  • Kalacia Watts, 2
  • Marie Freyre, 14
  • Brianna Johnson, 4
  • Jalecia Whaley, 10
  • Marvin Pouncey, 2 mos.
  • Isis Molette, 3 weeks
  • Laela McGlothren, 3
  • Kimberly Hayward, 4
  • Lily Naumoff, 1
  • Zhydrick Brown, 2
  • David Galarraga, 2
  • Jerry Anthony Correa, 3 mos.
  • Jermaine H. McNeil, 10
  • Ju’Tyra R. Allen, 6
  • Denajah Neal, 2 mos.
  • Cano Coy, 2
  • Ava Grace Slaby, 1
  • Navaeh Brown, 9 mos.
  • Nubia Barahona, 10
  • Xavier Boyd, 6 mos.
  • Ronderique Anderson, 1
  • Kaylynn Mitchell, 2
  • Calyx Schenecker, 16
  • Powers “Beau” Schenecker, 13
  • Daquan Davis, 2
  • Ja’veon Mitchell, 7 mos.
  • Frederick Stevens, 6 mos.
  • Ronnie Ellet Bias, 10
  • Alyssa Almodovar, 4
  • Ashton Enclarde, 1
  • Sandra Grace Sulier, 4 mos.
  • Jason Bickmore, 3 mos.
  • Luna Wolanin, 7 weeks
  • Jayshawn Underwood, 7 weeks
  • Markela Thompson, 4 mos.
  • Mario Lopez, 7 weeks
  • Patryce Battle, 11
  • Jovante Segura, 3
  • Taniyah Janaya Peters, 6
  • Tamiyah Jashaye Peters, 6
  • Ka’mia Strawder, 1
  • Ulysses Franklin, 1
  • Briana Sykes, 14 mos.
  • Amanda Lowery, 1 mo.
  • Mark Moore, 3
  • Kobe Bachellor, 1 mo.
  • Maiya Nelson, 9
  • Morgan Bell, 14
  • Mar’quan Montero, 4 mos.
  • Javon Nelson, 11
  • Daniel Barnett, 10
  • Diane Barnett, 13
  • Bryan Barnett, 14
  • Peyton Joshua, 5 mos.
  • Benjamin Ortiz, 8 mos.
  • Triumph Alexander Skinner, 7 mos.
  • Jamisa Poitier, 1
  • Hayden Jean Price Morgan, 2 mos.
  • Jossue Caderno, 3
  • Kyli Grace Haynes, 1
  • Jadah Anderson, 2 mos.
  • Adielana Martinez, 1
  • Marisela Tillman-Lopez, 9 days
  • Peyton Brown, 1
  • James Weir, 1
  • Willie Nehemiah Brown, 2
  • Melinda Harr, 16
  • Janiyah Simmons, 2
  • Willie Alexander, 6
  • Lennon Crepeau, 4
  • Bryden Rideaux, 5 mos.
  • Taylor Jacobs, 12
  • Evan Henry, 3
  • DeWayne Page, 2
  • Naymari Vazquez, 1
  • Deondray Dooley Ashe, 2
  • Shiloh Casey, 3
  • Eithan Williams, 7 mos.
  • Victor Hill, mere minutes
  • Vito McQuaig, 4 mos.
  • Josue Rosales, 1 mo.
  • Kiania Meus, 1
  • Tyler Drummond, 1
  • Cyonie Buxton, 2
  • Ariel Wells, 4 mos.
  • Donte Dawson, 1
  • Jayden Michael Rothermel, 1
  • Makeda Arthur, 3
  • Madison Marie Flores, 8 days
  • Cameron Kroot, 4 mos.
  • Aaden Lee Batista, 23 months
  • Kaleb Cronk, 1
  • Milla Barbieri, 2
  • Ben Powell, 2 mos.
  • Esteban Reina, 10
  • Jordan Freytes, 1 mo.
  • Dorean Eustache, 18 mos.
  • Dominic Beninati, 1
  • Megan Kilburne, 15
  • Seth Mixon, 13
  • Shelby Maddox, 4 weeks
  • Antonio Wiles, 2 mos.
  • Dennis Franklin Farmer, 24 days
  • Victoria Mans, 7 weeks
  • Isaiah Wenrich, 3 mos.
  • D’Angelo Jackson, 6 mos.
  • Jaxson Spencer-Wills, 7 mos.
  • Cavares Polk, 2
  • Lauralye Presgrove, 6 weeks
  • Dominic Meyer, 3 mos.
  • Christiano Alexander Dos Santos Belle-Felix, 11 mos.
  • Tanto Brown, 2 mos.
  • Morgan Vandusen, 8 mos.
  • Valentina Orlova, 13
  • Elijah Clement, 26 days
  • Bernard Latimore, 10
  • Alana Williamson, 11 weeks
  • Kymani Billie, 3 mos.
  • Jasper Michael Sawyer, 2
  • Jaidyn Lawrence, 7 mos.
  • Bryce Atkeson, 6
  • Namona Johnson, 3 mos.
  • Kataryn Anahlysse Johnson, 3
  • Nathan Cook, 1
  • Chauntashia Gardner, 5 mos.
  • Ryan Blake-Mulkins, 2
  • Amanda Nipper, 14
  • Carson Phillips, 1
  • Myleahya Woods, 18 mos.
  • Adrick Dante Sannino, 4 mos.
  • Jaiden David Washpun, 3 mos.
  • Avelyn Gaston-Rodriguez, 1
  • Jeremiah Reese, 14
  • Morgan Damas, 1
  • Meshack Zach’ Damas, 9
  • Megan Damas, 3
  • Maven Damas, 6
  • Marven Damas, 5
  • Angelina Faye Roseboro, 9 mos.
  • Destiny Patterson, 1
  • Corey Joseph Ward, 19 mos.
  • Zachary Taggart, 16
  • Laurynn Claire Riley, 5 mos.
  • Ma’kaylia Houston, 2 mos.
  • Draven Ramos, 1 mo.
  • Kelis Rucker, 4
  • Jaden Gudger, 7
  • Kaden Warren, 5 mos.
  • Zionna Ervin, 18 mos.
  • Ja’vion Porter, 2
  • Michael Trifu, 7 mos.
  • Roosevelt Bradley, 7 mos.
  • Laysha Marie Haslem, 2
  • Shailyn Shaw, 2
  • Gloria Arias-Ysabel, 1
  • Veronica Arias-Ysabel, 2
  • Seth Garrard, 10
  • Zander Burkett, 1
  • Steven Walton, 7 weeks
  • Leeahzhia Booth, 1 mo.
  • Zaryeiah Sanders, 8 mos.
  • Angeliah Duncan, 3 weeks
  • Bryce Barros, 1
  • Benny Strozier, 9 weeks
  • Shaiunna Hare, 2
  • Skye Kennedy, 1
  • William Sloan, 6 mos.
  • Nicholas Block, 15
  • Kevin Walker, 16 mos.
  • Arianna Long, 1
  • Matthew Mannix, 1
  • Ryan Gerken, 11 mos.
  • Keyon Devante Jones, 10 mos.
  • Kimora Unity Russ, 2 mos.
  • Mariah Kras, 2
  • Destiny Lawson, 5 weeks
  • Devyn Oscar Costanzo, 2
  • Jananiah Williams, 5 days
  • Malachi Todd Wilson, 3
  • Marquis Jackson, 2
  • Daniela Cubilla, 1
  • Yasmine Veronica Caldwell, 2
  • Ismina Carolina Caldwell, 2
  • Emanuel Murray, 3 mos.
  • Emily Cook, 1
  • Kristina Nicole Hepp, 4
  • Billy Jean Wallace, 5 weeks
  • Naomi Petit-Homme, 8 mos.
  • Serenity Marshall, 3
  • Ryan Twiddy, 6 mos.
  • Cory James Becvar-Taylor, 5 mos.
  • Gabriel Myers, 7
  • Gavin McCloud, 1 mo.
  • Logan Mann Johnson, 2 mos.
  • Trenton Giachetti, 4 mos.
  • Travis Jeramiah Palmer Shaneyfelt, 4 mos.
  • Camden Paul, 3
  • Dyllan Michalski, 1
  • Marcus Cole, 3 mos.
  • Ryan Wagner, 2
  • Tia Green, 4
  • Jesus Enrique Mojica-Rivera, 2
  • James Sorgaard, 2
  • Genisis Page, 1
  • Vincent Bizier, 3
  • Zachary Johnson, 1
  • Unnamed baby, Minutes
  • Ricky Deshon Reynolds, 7 mos.
  • Aaliyah King, 3 mos.
  • Ryan O’Berry, 12
  • Chase Anglemyer, 1 mo.
  • Tristan Curtis Simmons, 4
  • Zachary Daniel Bass, 11
  • Donavon Devine, 3
  • Gianfranco Rivoli, 6
  • Anyla Renee Barfield, 5 mos.
  • Jabrea Stevens, 3 mos.
  • Diella Beth Ludwig, 2 mos.
  • Ella Moon Martin, 7 mos.
  • Amari Copeland, 1 mo.
  • Charliece Frazier, 4 mos.
  • Blake Rupe, 1
  • Faith Ray, 2
  • Haleigh Marie Cain, 2
  • Renaldo Wallace, 5 weeks
  • Hunter Gibson, 4 mos.
  • Skyler Giovo, 3 mos.
  • Antoine Lamont Hardiman, 1
  • Deja Jasmine, 4 mos.
  • Alexis Marie Scott, 2 mos.
  • Brianna Morges-Gress, 4 mos.
  • Cadier Jordan, 3 mos.
  • Gabriel Golden, 5 mos.
  • Kyla Joy Hall, 1
  • Sy’miya Ross, 1
  • Lily Edwards, 15 mos.
  • Anthony Michael Lietz, 1
  • Damien Michael Lietz, 2
  • Thomas Anthony Goldsmith, 4
  • Tazarr’ion Armour, 2
  • Dezadarious Preston, 3 weeks
  • Desaun Ocheal Wright, 5 mos.
  • Keiyahna Walker, 10 mos.
  • Jennifer Tuthill, 4
  • Dakota Herbert, 1 mo.
  • Lillyanne Martin, 5 mos.
  • Lil’Jah Crittenton, 6
  • Jarkevis Allen, 14 months
  • Jah’ziree Darien, 5 mos.
  • Genevieve Perry, 5 mos.
  • James Green, 7
  • Olivia Resendez, 9 mos.
  • Kayelin Kennedy, 1 mo.
  • Nevaeh Loy Ambrose, 9 mos.
  • Candice Stone, 2
  • Makaila Janesha-Nicole Thompson, 2
  • Damion Flowers, 1
  • Rachael Sutton, 17
  • Lakeicia Jones, 2
  • Haley Rowland, 1
  • Johnny Gore, 1 mo.
  • Jason Warren, 8 mos.
  • Taylor Whitten, 4 mos.
  • Elijah Edwards, 8 days
  • Walter Smith, 2
  • Graycee Luff, 3 mos.
  • Jordan Hester, 3 mos.
  • Essence Young, 11 mos.
  • Jamar Donovan Phillips, 1
  • Jesse Lassiter, 1
  • Joshua Eugene Golfe, 8 mos.
  • Ashley Conzo, 4 mos.
  • Sebastian Bechard, 2
  • Aurelia Juarez, 1
  • William Coburn, 8
  • Jhuavz Neely, 2 mos.
  • Renee Fountain, 9 mos.
  • Da’Shanti Howell, 5
  • Audrea Rankin, 17
  • Ashante Lawson, 3
  • Keirsten Leigh Davis, 3
  • Zachary Freiberg, 7
  • Heather Savanna Freiberg, 3
  • Cortez Williams, 2
  • Lexi McDougall, 2 mos.
  • Deriona Nichols, 7 mos.
  • Kaylie McDonald, 1
  • Keegan Andrew Beasley, 2
  • Jesse Harper, 13
  • Darius Clark, 1
  • Antoine Powell, 5 mos.
  • Veda Jade Van Cleave, 1
  • Jada Cruz, 2
  • Kerri Anne-Marie Newton, 2 weeks
  • Hailie Francine Caples, 1
  • Jose Cabrera, 4 mos.
  • Aliya Towell, 7 weeks
  • Ivoryana Bivins, 1
  • Krystal Cain, 4
  • Tyler Rodgers, 1
  • Zane Aaron Stubbs, 3
  • David Carter, 2
  • Joshua Jenkins, 6
  • Sabrina Henderson, 6 mos.
  • Tameah Bines, less than 1
  • Kenneth Paulk, 16
  • Thalia Ortiz, 11
  • Jean Pierre Tillman, 6 mos.
  • Malachi James Jackson, 3
  • Kristin Love Adams, 1
  • Ivan Arroliga, 2 weeks
  • Marieann Boucicaut, 4
  • Angeliyah Robles, 2 mos.
  • Zoey Walters, 5
  • Allison Bellamy, 1 mo.
  • Shawna Masterson, 4 mos.
  • Daniel Bejerano, 2 mos.


Stephanie Hall- 1984-1996,  12, Ohio, died of cardiac arrhythmia, stimulant prescription for “ADD”

John McCloskey – 19 (nineteen years-old), died in a Coma fourteen (14) months after severe Sexual Abuse of an unspeakable nature–Rape–while in a Psychiatric Hospital, Involuntary Commitment

Tucson, AZ

Edith Campos –  1998,  Tucson, Arizona, 15 (fifteen years-old), died of Asphyxiation in a psychiatric Hospital, Restraint, Involuntary Commitment

San Antonio, TX

Roschelle Clayborne – 1997, San Antonio, Texas, 16 (sixteen years-old), died during Restraint, Thorazine overdose, died in her own waste and vomit in a Psychiatric Facility, Involuntary Commitment


Tristan Sovern – 16 (sixteen years-old), Canada, 1998, Restraint with Five (5) Psychiatric Drugs, Ruled Accidental Death, Involuntary Commitment

New York City, NY

Elisa Izquierdo– 1995, New York City


Joseph Wallace- 1993, Illinois

Dallas, TX

Eric Hernandez- infant, Dallas, Texas, died in CPS foster care

Houston, TX

Baby Jasmine Hall– only daughter of Chanel Hall, Houston, Texas, died in CPS  foster care, tracheostomy tube came out from neglectful foster mother who wasn’t watching her, as reported or alleged, Tony Clay was one of the CPS (Supervisor) bureaucrats who contributed by wrongfully and unreasonably “removing” child from Chanel Hall; Tonya Clay has been implicated in other scandals as well–She works at the Children’s Assessment Center/”C.A.C.”/”Child Advocacy Center

Portland, OR

Brendan Blum — 14, mother, Dana Blum, a widow in Portland, Oregon, Brendan died at Youth Camp Utah(Aspen Education, the first of 140 institutional purchases by Bain Capital venture corp., or “CRC”) just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah while he was locked in “the purple room” for alleged misbehavior, twisted bowel infarction, a condition that required emergency treatment


Savon Kinney – 18, Burns, Tennessee, New Life Lodge in Burns, Tennessee, a CRC (Bain Capital) venture

Patrick Bryant – Burns, Tennessee, died on his 20th birthday four (4) days after being admitted to New Life Lodge


Sergey Blashchishen– Aged 16, Hampton, Oregon, Sage Walk Wilderness School (another Bain Capital/”CRC” correlated death),  died of heatstroke (his pulse stopped) on his first hike at the school, Staffers contended he was faking his symptoms and failed to call 911 until his pulse had stopped; that death is the focus of a negligent homicide investigation.

Matthew Meyers – 14, Heat Stroke, 2004, Texas Lone Star Expeditions, Wilderness Camp, survived by mother, Crystal Manganaro


Danieal Kelly – Philadelphia, PA, died of Starvation in care or custody of Department of Protective Services (“DPS”) and Special Bid Contractor “Multi-Ethnic,” that formed just to bid on the project, Mother, Andrea Kelly, Father, Daniel Kelly (AZ), Social Workers Perjured themselves and Tampered with Government Documents when they doctored the paperwork to appear as if they had been making regular visits to check on Danieal, a very happy little girl with cerebral palsy

North Carolina

Jeremiah Swafford –  2 (two years-old), Shelby, North Carolina, Cleveland County, mother, Kathy Lynn Swafford; Blunt Borce Trauma to the Head, autopsy determination based on Bleeding on the Brain and Skull Fracture; Blunt Force Abdominal Trauma;;

Tiffany Wright (with child) – 15 (fifteen years-old), born in Buffalo, N.Y., shot in the head in Charlotte, North Carolina by the rapist, drug-dealing son of a foster mother who also impregnated her; Tiffany had a bright future and was an accomplished scholar, athlete (track runner), and aspired to be a lawyer.  She was excelling in academics when she was murdered just minutes before her bus would arrive.

Wichita, KS

Adam Hermann – 11 or 12 (eleven or twelve years-old), Wichita, Kansas (Butler County), NOT REPORTED MISSING by his Adoptive Parents for Ten Years (2009), yet, Adoptive Parents collected checks for him as a dependent, Doug and Valerie Hermann adopted Adam at age 2

North Carolina

Anijah Burr– Age 3, Spring Lake, North Carolina, 2006, molested and abused along with 13 year- old female sibling by Dominic Best, the step-father; police misconduct or failure to investigate, part of the reason Spring Lake police officers can no longer investigate felonies (massive corruption); Two police officers arrested in connection to this incident–(1) Corey G. Johnson and (2) Drew Brode

Shaniya Davis – 2009, Cumberland County, Fayetteville, North Carolina, Raped and Murdered, last seen in motel footage with Mario Andrette McNeill, Mother, Antoinette Davis, death, “DSS” (Department of Social Services) refuses to release any records in the case

Carly Sawyer–survived by her biological mother (Air Force), Jennifer Kimery and grandparents (Louisiana and New York),  Age 5,  died in Chesapeake/Norfolk, Virginia; DSS history in Onslow County, North Carolina, custody battle over little Carly started by Joshua, got a court order for temporary custody after Carly’s mother, Jennifer filed an abuse charge against Joshua in North Carolina, Carly reportedly arrived at the Virginia hospital unconscious and with no brain activity, blunt-force trauma, Contributing factors included starvation, ligature restraint and medical neglect, police said, legal guardians biological father and step-mother–Joshua Sawyer (US Marine) and Step-Mother Brandy Sawyer who were reported to have kept her restrained with mesh and kept in a cardboard box and starved for punishment by father and step-mother, two child siblings lived in the home with them

North Carolina

Kayla Allen- 2009, Onslow County, North Carolina

Sean Paddock – North Carolina

Jace Fullbright – North Carolina

Gabriel Duckette – North Carolina

Devarion Montrell Gross – Toddler, Garner, North Carolina, death by “homicidal violence,” estimated that he had been deceased for approximately six (6) weeks before being found



Tamryn Klapheke – Lubbock, TX, Tarrant County Hospital near Fort Worth, TX,  22 mo.-old baby girl died in her own pool of waste in the scorching hot Texas sun after Abilene social worker reportedly closed a case of child abuse and returned the child, died of Dehydration and Malnutrition

Lake Georgetown-

 4-year-old Waco girl and her 6-year-old brother, Lake Georgetown, TX, Foster Care Death, Cedar Park, Texas, Providence Wilderness Camp, Drowned, 2013


Alexandria Hill –  2, Austin, Texas, 2013, Social Worker with Child Protective Services (“CPS,” Texas Department of Family and Protective Services);  “removed” (kidnapped) Alexandria from her biological parent’s home and placed her with a “Texas Mentor” who had been convicted of selling marijuana and had multiple driver’s license suspensions, yet, Alexandria was reportedly “removed” from her biological parents because they admitted to smoking marijuana one (1) time after she went to bed; mother had a medical condition (as reported or alleged)

Crockett, TX

Demetrius Jeffries – Crockett, Texas, 17 (seventeen years-old), August 26,1997, Strangulation

Anthony Seguro– Age 2, beaten to death, Jan. 2013, Texas


Krystal Maddux and her father, Nathan Madduxmurdered leaving “SAFE” “supervised” “visitation” at a church in Colmesneil, Texas (Tyler County) in February 2014

Michigan…Possibly Found in New Mexico Desert

Jackson Farrey – died in 2013, age unknown,  parents from Michigan,  body possibly found in New Mexico desert



ALICIA DANIELLE DeBOLT – 14 yo -(2010) Great Bend (NW of Wichita) KS


Eric Dean – 4 years-old, Pope County, Minnesota, Beaten to Death by his step-mother, Intestine Punctured, fluid leaked, and digestive enzymes began to eat his little body away, step-mother Amanda Pelltier, as self-confessed and reported, sentenced to life in prison,  Eric leaves behind his father David Dean, who took Eric in when he and his brother were “removed”/kidnapped  from mother by social workers who then later closed approximately fifteen strong cases of child abuse against adorable little Eric’s step-mom and his dad when many daycare workers were terrified to let Eric go home with the step-mom, Amanda Pelltier–They were right; Heartbreaking, as are all of these stories!


Marcus Feisel–Age 3, Died in 2006 in Butler County, Ohio foster care parents’ home where they left him tied-up and his mouth duct-taped, wrapped in a blanket in a closet while they left and attended a family reunion; survived by loving mom, Donna Trevino, from whom he should not have been kidnapped, or, “removed” for profit and auctioned off to child abusers; also regarding Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services, See….

Tiffany Hubbard-3, of Hamilton in 1986;

Randi Fuller, 2, of Hamilton, in 2000;

Christopher Long, 2, of Middletown, in 2001;

Courtney Centers, 3, of Middletown in 2002;

Jesus Rodriquez, 7 months, of Hamilton in 2003;

Justin Johnson– 13 months, of Middletown in 2004

Detroit, Michigan

Isaac Lethbridge- 2 Years-Old, died on August 16, 2006, near Detroit, Michigan, because child welfare caseworkers took him from his parents and placed him in an unsafe foster home environment. He was beaten and burned while in state custody foster “care”.  His fosterer, Charlsie Adams-Rogers, 59, is on trial for manslaughter.

“Columbus” (GA? OH? ???)

Jeremy Green or Jeremy Hall (?), 6 “Columbus”;


Phoebe Jonchuk, 5, St. Petersburg, Florida, thrown off the Tampa Bay Bridge by father who had custody of her;; found at


Goodyear police investigate death of 3-year-old foster girl by Elias C. Arnold, published on August 3, 2009 at AZCentral.Com.; posted by Linda Jo Martin at Fight

Sacramento, CA

Tamaihia Moore-died in 2007, Sacramento, CA, “protective” care of foster mother, Tamekca Everett Walker, 26, convicted of killing a 17-month-old girl who was a foster child in her home; According to an Associated Press article published on 07/21/2009 in the San Jose Mercury News, she said the child cried constantly and so she held her hand over the girl’s mouth until she was quiet.; posted on, Linda Jo Martin; See also,, an article on lawsuit by parents by By Andy Furillo at; posted on Stop Corrupt DSS website

Alberta, Canada

Delonna Sullivan – 4 mos., 2011, Warburg, Alberta, Canada, died within six (6) days of being wrongfully “removed” by social workers and police officers in Alberta, Canada and placed in foster care, official cause of death was asphyxiation, SIDS, foster mother let baby sleep in infant carrier, no crib or mattress, survived by mother, Jamie Sullivan and maternal grandmother Rome News Tribune(, posted, anonymous, June 18, 2014;


Teddy Bellingham- Smiths Falls, Ontario, sixteen years old,  August 1992,  Beaten


Jerome Bennett-Oshawa, Ontario, 15 (fifteen years-old),  February 03, 2006,  Homicide


Lloyd Stamp – Edmonton, Alberta,  17 (seventeen years-old), September 29, 2005,  Suicide


Kameryn Fountain –  Bibb County Georgia,  2 mos., November 20, 2005,  Unknown Cause of  Death

Ashley Boyd – LaFayette, Georgia, 12 (twelve years-old), December 13, 2005,  Hit by Car, Suicide

Heaven Woods –  May 05, 2014, Rome, Forsyth, Bartow, Georgia (Monroe County, Floyd County), deceased, blunt force trauma to the abdomen; Source:  Northwest Georgia News,;

(Georgia) Department of Children and Family Services (“DCFS”) Case File for (now deceased) Heaven;, Source: Georgia Coalition for Child Protection Reform,;

Holden Young – 2 (two years-old), January 27, 2011, Rabun, Georgia, died in DCFS Caseworker Car Chase (that ended in a crash) while “DCFS” (Department of Children and Family Services) caseworer were trying to apprehend the mother while on a Surveillance Mission that involved a Stake-Out during which Caseworkers dialed 9-1-1 after “removing” one of Holden’s siblings, one of four children to die in January 2011 in Georgia DCFS – related cases, caseworkers claim another mother ‘on-the-run’ to justify their reckless endangerment and invasion of privacy and entrapment, survived by two siblings and mother, Misty Dawn Bleckley, Sources:  Atlanta Journal-Constitution (, Craig Schneider, Feb. 23, 2011;; Georgia Coalition for Child Protection Reform,;

Justin Walker– 3, Hogansville, GA, Troup County, died January 28, 2011, prior involvement of Georgia DCFS, diversion policy, reported in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (, Craig Schneider, February 22, 2011;

5 week-old baby boy– died in Coweta County, GA, 2011, Georgia  “DCFS” neglected to reveal name and circumstances, reported as a homicide, DCFS “removed” infant from home of his parents and placed with relatives, citing “medical ‘neglect'”; Atlanta Journal-Constitution (, Craig Schneider, Feb.22, 2011;;

Terrell Peterson–  5 (five years-old),  Fulton County, GA

Source: Georgia Coalition for Child Protection Reform, Helping Families Stay Together through Preservation Reform,http://www.georgiacoalition4childprotection, posted March 04, 2013

Ethan Israel Martinez – 7 (seven years-old), Newton County, GA

Original Source: Newton County, ” ‘DFACS’ Investigated Livingston Student Prior to his Death,” Michelle Floyd,

If you would like to add someone to this list please email me the details at and I will add it to this page.

We are not defeated…we stand in our rightful place as the generation keepers and fight for justice.

Custodial Deaths in Texas (from the Texas Attorney General, Greg Abbott)

City Date Name
Abilene 2006 Jeffery Garlin Trotter
Abilene 2007 Kristoper S Rupe
Abilene 2014 Jeffery Scott Johnson
(1 deaths)

Addison Police Dept.

City Date Name
Addison 2006 Anthony George Brown
(1 deaths)

Alamo Heights Police Dept.

City Date Name
San Antonio 2007 Juan Vicente Torres
(1 deaths)

Aldine I.S.D. Police Department

City Date Name
Houston 2014 Steven Lee Allen
(1 deaths)

Allen Police Dept.

City Date Name
Allen 2005 Edgar Alejandro Vera
(1 deaths)

Alvin Police Dept.

City Date Name
Alvin 2012 Stephen Ray Wilson
(13 deaths)

Amarillo Police Dept.

City Date Name
Amarillo 2007 Matthew Scott Carey
Amarillo 2007 Alfonso Basaldua Montoya
Amarillo 2007 Duane Ray Schneider
Amarillo 2008 Roman Martinez
Amarillo 2010 Ruben Arthur Flores
Amarillo 2011 Edward Jay Browne
Amarillo 2011 Jerry Mack Etheredge
Amarillo 2011 Kelly Wayne Sinclair
Amarillo 2011 Leon Earl Stephens
Amarillo 2011 Claudio Gregory Trujillo
Amarillo 2012 Allen Wayne Black
Amarillo 2013 Dalton Dakota Knott
Amarillo 2014 Jeremiah Lamar Farris
(5 deaths)

Anderson County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Palestine 2006 Sherry Edwards Rancour
Palestine 2008 Steven Wayne Ritchey
Palestine 2009 Bennie Lee Tatum
Palestine 2013 Jeffrey Mallachi Eastman
Palestine 2013 Tommy Glenn Jones
(4 deaths)

Angelina County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Beulah 2013 Zachary Ryan Day
Lufkin 2005 Samuel Dolese
Lufkin 2006 Michael Ragsdale
Lufkin 2008 Thomas Joseph Kirksey
(2 deaths)

Angleton Police Dept.

City Date Name
Angleton 2011 Christopher Marshall Monroe
Angleton 2009 Yolanda Ann Fuller
(1 deaths)

Aransas County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Rockport 2006 Michael Anthony Solis
(2 deaths)

Aransas Pass Police Dept.

City Date Name
Aransas Pass 2005 Pedro Serifino Longoria
Aransas Pass 2011 Lisa Vela
(1 deaths)

Argyle Police Department

City Date Name
Argyle 2010 Kenneth Clyde Livingston
(4 deaths)

Arlington Police Dept.

City Date Name
Arlington 2008 Larry Earl Leaks
Arlington 2008 Melvin J. Roach
Arlington 2012 John Austin Osborne
Arlington 2012 Anngleque Josette White
(1 deaths)

Armstrong County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Claude 2014 Mitch Allen Thompson
(5 deaths)

Atascosa County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Jourdanton 2005 Ross Noel Cruz, Sr.
Jourdanton 2007 Steven Ray Cassity
Jourdanton 2007 Charles James Mcdonald
Jourdanton 2011 Rene Robledo
Poteet 2009 Miguel Jimenez
(1 deaths)

Athens Police Dept.

City Date Name
Athens 2007 Michael Wayne Coffman
(1 deaths)

Austin County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Bellville 2005 Antonio Francis Rondeau
(24 deaths)

Austin Police Dept.

City Date Name
Austin 2005 Michael Clark
Austin 2005 Daniel Rocha
Austin 2006 Fidel Gomez Macedo
Austin 2007 Kevin Alexander Brown
Austin 2008 Adan Mondragon
Austin 2009 Nathaniel Sanders
Austin 2010 Devin Rae Contreras
Austin 2010 Pat Allen Faith
Austin 2010 Howard Hahn Huynh
Austin 2010 Maurice Earl Pierce
Austin 2011 Byron Elliot Carter
Austin 2011 Surleslie Eugene Hall
Austin 2011 Gilberto Vallejo
Austin 2012 Ahmede Jabbar Bradley
Austin 2012 Maurice Chad Paladino
Austin 2013 Herbert Dennis Babelay
Austin 2013 Brandon Deshay Ben
Austin 2013 Larry Eugene Jackson
Austin 2013 John Stanley Schaefer
Austin 2013 John Steven Thomas
Austin 2014 Thomas Donald Rice
Austin 2014 Kenneth Neil Schlanker
Austin 2007 Milton Lee Davis
Austin 2007 Malcolm Thomas Smith
(1 deaths)

Azle Police Dept.

City Date Name
Fort Worth 2012 Douglas Dewayne Roof
(1 deaths)

Balch Springs Police Dept.

City Date Name
Garland 2013 Noah Michael Timmons
(2 deaths)

Balcones Heights Police Dept.

City Date Name
Balcones Heights 2005 Al Dwaun Jackson
San Antonio 2014 Jeffrey Todd Campbell
(2 deaths)

Bandera County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Bandera 2013 Justin Dale Richardson Brown
Bandera 2013 Timothy Daniel Connor
(5 deaths)

Bastrop County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Bastrop 2005 Marc Benjamin Nicolson
Bastrop 2006 James William Pancher
Bastrop 2007 Michael Dale Davis
Bastrop 2008 Irene Carolyn Henderson
Bastrop 2009 Kenneth Wayne Rickaby
(4 deaths)

Baytown Police Dept.

City Date Name
Baytown 2005 James Davis Potts
Baytown 2005 Laurian S Rova
Baytown 2008 Barry Lynn Brand
Baytown 2008 Richard Ernest Mathes
(4 deaths)

Beaumont Police Dept.

City Date Name
Beaumont 2008 Daniel Wayne Hough
Beaumont 2008 Michael Gregory Mitchell
Beaumont 2014 Stanley James Leger
Beaumont 2014 Elmore Segura
(1 deaths)

Bedford Police Dept.

City Date Name
Bedford 2013 James Allan Myers
(2 deaths)

Bee County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Beeville 2005 Cody William Morgan
Beeville 2009 Reyes Garcia Garcia
(11 deaths)

Bell County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Belton 2005 Brandon S Asuncion
Belton 2005 Chad Philip Blevins
Belton 2005 Marvin Wayne Carter
Belton 2005 Clyde Ray Hembree
Belton 2005 George Leland Lewis
Belton 2008 John Orlando Thompson
Belton 2008 Kenneth Andrew Tucker
Belton 2010 Gary Lee Hamilton
Belton 2010 Lincoln Troy Kephart
Belton 2014 Steven David Evans
Temple 2011 Eriberto Herrera
(2 deaths)

Bellmead Police Dept.

City Date Name
Bellmead 2006 Jerome Allen Davis
Bellmead 2014 Julian Magdaleno
(1 deaths)

Bexar County Constable Precinct 3

City Date Name
San Antonio 2010 Warren Albert Williamson
(1 deaths)

Bexar County Constable Precinct 4

City Date Name
San Antonio 2005 Tyler Joseph Green
(65 deaths)

Bexar County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
San Antonio 2005 Teresa Banda
San Antonio 2005 Juan Chavez
San Antonio 2005 Bethel Bill Ewers
San Antonio 2005 Cristal Hernandez
San Antonio 2005 Carol Lee
San Antonio 2005 Reginald Robles
San Antonio 2005 David Rodriguez
San Antonio 2005 Edward Prado Sauceda
San Antonio 2005 Jesse Lopez Solis
San Antonio 2006 Robert Aleman
San Antonio 2006 Antonio Cavazos
San Antonio 2006 Angelica Estrada
San Antonio 2006 Nick G Gaitanos
San Antonio 2006 Vincent P Menetti
San Antonio 2006 Victor Samarron
San Antonio 2007 Joe James Gomez
San Antonio 2007 Jesse Vivian Green
San Antonio 2007 Kevin Wesley Jamieson
San Antonio 2007 Joel Carlos Monteagudo
San Antonio 2007 Albert Salazar
San Antonio 2007 Benny Tovar
San Antonio 2007 James Valsamakis
San Antonio 2007 Cededonio Zapata
San Antonio 2008 David Medina Torres
San Antonio 2008 Andrew Pumpkin Woods
San Antonio 2009 Darrell Johnson
San Antonio 2009 Harlan E Mcvea
San Antonio 2009 Fernando Moreno
San Antonio 2009 Jonathan Fabian Ramirez
San Antonio 2009 Joel Solis
San Antonio 2009 Bruce Edward Whiteside
San Antonio 2010 Ricardo Guzman
San Antonio 2010 Eulalio Hernandez
San Antonio 2010 Joe Anthony Lopez
San Antonio 2010 Richard Luna
San Antonio 2010 Mark Anthony Montoya
San Antonio 2010 Theresa Louise Olden
San Antonio 2010 Noe Rodriguez
San Antonio 2010 Nicholas William Tucker
San Antonio 2011 Pamela Jean Anguiano
San Antonio 2011 Jason Edward Biesenbach
San Antonio 2011 Roger John Peters
San Antonio 2011 Adrian Rodriguez
San Antonio 2011 Leroy Ortegon Sanchez
San Antonio 2011 Anthony Andrew Tootle
San Antonio 2011 Patrick Marlowe Wallace
San Antonio 2012 Jose Alberto Guerra
San Antonio 2012 Alfonso Guerrero
San Antonio 2012 Corey Hiller
San Antonio 2012 Robert Rodriguez
San Antonio 2012 Thomas Reed Taylor
San Antonio 2013 Alvin Boyd County
San Antonio 2013 Linda Frazier
San Antonio 2013 Mathew Charles Jackson
San Antonio 2013 Johnny Daniel Mendoza
San Antonio 2013 Frederick Miller
San Antonio 2013 Antonio Obregon
San Antonio 2013 Dennerek Dionne Perry
San Antonio 2013 Danny Puente
San Antonio 2014 Nathaniel Gamez
San Antonio 2014 Pedro Israel Martinez
San Antonio 2014 William Richards
San Antonio 2014 Eric Nathan Velasco San Nicolas
San Antonio 2010 Richard Huff
San Antonio 2013 Fredy Suazo-Perez
(2 deaths)

Big Spring Police Dept.

City Date Name
Big Spring 2007 Michael Howard Kilmer
Big Spring 2007 Bobby Silva
(3 deaths)

Bosque County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Clifton 2013 Alan James Stokes
Meridian 2008 Thomas Aquirre
Meridian 2013 April Lee Troyn
(11 deaths)

Bowie County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Texarkana 2005 Robert Bruce Williams
Texarkana 2007 Louis Arnold Pavey
Texarkana 2010 Harvey Jenkins
Texarkana 2010 Anthony Deize Lewis
Texarkana 2010 Christopher Joe Richardson
Texarkana 2011 Philip Malin Baker
Texarkana 2012 James Hankins
Texarkana 2013 Terrance Demetrius Shorter
Texarkana 2014 Calvin Lee Noiel
Texarkana 2011 Thomas Craig Miller
Texarkana 2009 Glen Alan Lowe
(13 deaths)

Brazoria County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Angleton 2005 Daniel Scott Levine
Angleton 2007 Marcia Denise Heaton
Angleton 2009 Lori Denise Pucek
Angleton 2010 Jesse Ray Woodard
Angleton 2012 Nathan Elroy Carter
Angleton 2014 Victoria Yvonne Marie Gray
Angleton 2014 Anthony James Hill
Angleton 2008 William Yendis Franklin
Angleton 2013 Darren Shin
Angleton 2010 Lisandro Torres
Galveston 2007 Henry Woodard
Houston 2011 Rachelle Josephine Gay
Manvel 2012 James Dortch
(2 deaths)

Brazos County Sheriff’s Dept

City Date Name
Austin 2005 Kendra L. Willliams
Bryan 2007 Terry Lee Davis
(1 deaths)

Breckenridge Police Dept.

City Date Name
Breckenridge 2008 Michael Wayne Richardson
(2 deaths)

Brown County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Brownwood 2005 Christopher Stewart James
Brownwood 2014 Courtney Ruth Elmore
(6 deaths)

Brownsville Police Dept.

City Date Name
Brownsville 2006 Edgar Ivan Lopez
Brownsville 2006 Jesus Quintanilla
Brownsville 2007 Jose Limon
Brownsville 2008 Rodolfo Cisneros
Brownsville 2008 Ricardo Moreno
Brownsville 2012 Jaime Gonzalez
(2 deaths)

Burleson County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Caldwell 2013 Ricardo Lopez Castaneda
Caldwell 2013 Steven Earl Dahlquist
(2 deaths)

Burnet County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Burnet 2013 Gregory Mark Currie
Granite Shoals 2011 Willie Ray Banks
(2 deaths)

Caldwell County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Lockhart 2006 Edwin Doyle Jennings
Lockhart 2007 Sarah Renee Trevino
(1 deaths)

Calhoun County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Port Lavaca 2009 Michael Jason Rivera
(3 deaths)

Callahan County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Baird 2009 David L. Nass
Baird 2011 Billy Dan Higgins
Baird 2012 Jason Wayne Hyatt
(8 deaths)

Cameron County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Brownsville 2005 Santiago Aleman Maldonado
Brownsville 2009 Leandro Torres
Olmito 2010 Jose Trinidad Guerrero
Olmito 2011 William Lee Burchette
Olmito 2012 Ricky Earl Mccraney
Olmito 2014 Jose Miguel Pecina
San Benito 2006 Joe Ernest Ramos
San Benito 2007 Mario Cabrerra Linares
(2 deaths)

Carrollton Police Dept.

City Date Name
Carrollton 2005 Jose Arturo Garcia
Carrollton 2005 Hunter Curtis Little
(1 deaths)

Carson County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Panhandle 2010 Bryan Keith Haley
(4 deaths)

Cass County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Linden 2005 Charles Gregory Daniel
Linden 2013 Bobby Zach Clements
Linden 2013 Curry Travon Smith
Lindon 75563 2013 Beverly Jean Dubal
(1 deaths)

Cedar Hill Police Dept.

City Date Name
Cedar Hill 2005 Jeffery Spradling
(2 deaths)

Cedar Park Police Dept.

City Date Name
Cedar Park 2012 Charles Herbert O’Hara
Cedar Park 2012 Chad Eric Runge
(3 deaths)

Chambers County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Anahuac 2009 Ernest Lane Muller
Baytown 2012 William Charles Mathis
Cove 2014 Oliver Jarrod Gregorie
(4 deaths)

Cherokee County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Rusk 2005 Damaron Lyn Adair
Rusk 2005 Enoch James Tucker
Rusk 2006 Jerry Mckinley Tatum
Sardis Community (cr2218) 2007 Allen Lee Wallace
(1 deaths)

Childress County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Childress 2014 Arthur Alois Merideth
(1 deaths)

Childress Police Dept.

City Date Name
Childress 2009 Tabaris Kashaun Brown
(1 deaths)

Clarksville Police Dept.

City Date Name
Clarksville 2013 Ralph Dexter Spruill
(2 deaths)

Clay County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Henrietta 2005 Marc Christopher Clark
Unknown 2009 Lucio Rodriguez
(1 deaths)

Cleburne Police Dept.

City Date Name
Keller 2008 Deborah Diane Britton
(1 deaths)

Cochran County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Morton 2006 Raymond Elbert Brown
(1 deaths)

Coleman County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Coleman 2010 John Paul Dobbins
(7 deaths)

Collin County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Mckinney 2005 Luis Alonzo Reyes
Mckinney 2007 Marcus Nygel Elliott
Mckinney 2007 Bok Kyoo Park
Mckinney 2007 John Dinzle Rogers
Mckinney 2009 Christopher Garrett Schell
Mckinney 2013 David Alan Ward
Unincorporated 2010 David Thomas Christoffel
(1 deaths)

Colorado County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Columbus 2012 David Alton Ison
(7 deaths)

Comal County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
New Braunfels 2005 Jesus Ramon Ruiz
New Braunfels 2005 Irving Wayne West
New Braunfels 2012 Shana D’Lynn Wicall
New Braunfels 2013 Alfredo Torrez Martinez
New Braunfels 2014 George Willis Hales
New Braunfels 2014 Humberto Placencia
Spring Branch 2014 Jean Pierre Boniec
(2 deaths)

Comanche County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Comanche 2005 Adrian Muniz
Comanche 2008 Kenneth Ray Simons
(1 deaths)

Commerce Police Dept.

City Date Name
Commerce 2010 Artenio Rodriguez
(1 deaths)

Concho County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Eden (nearby) 2013 Ernesto Nmn Gonzalez
(4 deaths)

Conroe Police Dept.

City Date Name
Conroe 2007 Marcos Antino Sariento
Conroe 2008 Jose Luis Castillo-Ortiz
Conroe 2011 James Richard Hill
Conroe 2013 Russell Rios
(1 deaths)

Coppell Police Dept.

City Date Name
Lewisville 2010 Steven Michael Irwin
(2 deaths)

Copperas Cove Police Dept.

City Date Name
Copperas Cove 2006 Jason Leon Martin
Copperas Cove 2013 Kristofer Charles Gagliardi
(1 deaths)

Corinth Police Dept.

City Date Name
Shady Shores 2012 Omer Gene Brown
(14 deaths)

Corpus Christi Police Dept.

City Date Name
Corpus Christi 2005 Gilberto Limon
Corpus Christi 2006 Madeline Garcia
Corpus Christi 2006 Sergio Martin Garcia
Corpus Christi 2006 Elcide Gabriel Sylve
Corpus Christi 2007 Dougressa Elaine Crawford
Corpus Christi 2007 Richard Lee Parr
Corpus Christi 2007 Armando Robledo
Corpus Christi 2009 Herman George Knabe
Corpus Christi 2011 Tyree Sinclair Edwards
Corpus Christi 2011 Bryan Richard Egolf
Corpus Christi 2012 Daniel Scott
Corpus Christi 2012 Troy Marcus Stewart
Corpus Christi 2013 Michael Rosales
Corpus Christi 2009 Sylvester Villasana
(1 deaths)

Corsicana Police Dept.

City Date Name
Corsicana 2013 Eliseo Mercado-Resendiz
(1 deaths)

Coryell County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Gatesville 2006 James Roy Gilmore
(1 deaths)

Crosby County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Crosbyton 2007 Randall Wayne Beckham
(1 deaths)

Crystal City Police Dept.

City Date Name
Crystal City 2012 Daniel Zavala
(2 deaths)

Dallas Area Rapid Transit

City Date Name
Dallas 2007 Bobby Walker
Richardson 2012 Corey Lamar Jones
(83 deaths)

Dallas County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Dallas 2005 Ronald Lewis Coleman
Dallas 2005 Kenneth Wayne Downing
Dallas 2005 Alonzo Fryer
Dallas 2005 Sandra Gonzales
Dallas 2005 Fred Green
Dallas 2005 Larry Gurst
Dallas 2005 Christopher William Lynch
Dallas 2005 Jake Simpson
Dallas 2005 Rosie Lee Sims
Dallas 2005 Charles Edward Townsend
Dallas 2006 Richard Leroy Collins
Dallas 2006 Russell Eugene Galer
Dallas 2006 Paulino Garza
Dallas 2006 Jimmy Ray Giddings
Dallas 2006 Lee Davis Goines
Dallas 2006 Joseph Preston Harlan
Dallas 2006 Susie Harris
Dallas 2006 Jeffrey Dale Jones
Dallas 2006 Shawn Ellis Leflore
Dallas 2006 Neab Llahsram
Dallas 2006 Mathew Leo Mulkey
Dallas 2006 Jason Edward Olsson
Dallas 2006 James Tittle
Dallas 2006 Mark Audey Wilson
Dallas 2007 Jc Hill
Dallas 2007 Buddy Conor Howell
Dallas 2007 Tammy Knatt
Dallas 2007 Keith Nellum
Dallas 2007 David Lee Porter
Dallas 2007 Carl Fredrick Williams
Dallas 2007 Madison Graham Williams
Dallas 2007 Wanda Williams
Dallas 2008 Corey Dean Bailey
Dallas 2008 Joseph Eugene Bonner
Dallas 2008 Tracy Norvette Hart
Dallas 2008 Mark Howard
Dallas 2008 Christopher Lynn Mccleary
Dallas 2008 Laura Elizabeth Mckay
Dallas 2008 Jonathon Menjivar
Dallas 2008 Ronald Wayne Shumaker
Dallas 2008 Stephanie White
Dallas 2008 Roger Earl Young
Dallas 2009 Sol Sebastian Dickey
Dallas 2009 Brian V. Lee
Dallas 2009 Craig Robert Morris
Dallas 2009 Bernardo Mario Pena
Dallas 2009 Fredie Wiley
Dallas 2010 Ronald Curtis Chambers
Dallas 2010 Andrew Lee Farris
Dallas 2010 Gregory Maurice Kitchen
Dallas 2010 Melville John Longheed (lougheed)
Dallas 2010 Victor Eduardo Rosales
Dallas 2011 Sandra Kay Bursey
Dallas 2011 Jason Thomas Evans
Dallas 2011 Danny Lee Kleinbak
Dallas 2011 Billy Joe Reeves
Dallas 2011 Shirley Kathleen Simpson
Dallas 2011 Joe Nathan Taulton
Dallas 2011 Hanson Thacker
Dallas 2012 Jonathan Hayden Beck
Dallas 2012 Daniel Cardoza
Dallas 2012 Jeffery Tyrone Crawford
Dallas 2012 James Robert Dungan
Dallas 2012 Elicia Ann Gonzales
Dallas 2012 Cynthia Laverne Harper
Dallas 2012 Johnny Johnson
Dallas 2012 Dominic S. Kelly
Dallas 2012 Curtis Lee Reynolds
Dallas 2012 James Lee Woodard
Dallas 2013 Leonel Bustos
Dallas 2013 Marco Caballero-Gomez
Dallas 2013 Edward Lee Dunson
Dallas 2013 Karen Renee Galloway
Dallas 2013 Willie George Lafayette
Dallas 2013 Jerry David Saner
Dallas 2014 Samuel Bell
Dallas 2014 Alisha Skeats
Dallas 2008 Marlo Derail Fowler
Dallas 2009 Bryan Keith Gilmore
Duncanville 2013 Clinton Eugene Peterson
Highland Park 2013 David Edwin Hartman
Lancaster 2008 Robert Eugene Forester
Wilmer 2013 Derrick Wayne Young
(1 deaths)

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport DPS

City Date Name
Dfw Airport 2011 Robert Alan King
(103 deaths)

Dallas Police Dept.

City Date Name
Dallas 2005 Rodricus Causey
Dallas 2005 Neiman Demarcus Gibson
Dallas 2006 Carl Lee Kelley
Dallas 2006 Ben Tarell Miller
Dallas 2006 Jason Verne Pabis
Dallas 2006 Dashaun H. Pearson
Dallas 2006 Johnny Jimmy Robles
Dallas 2006 Jose Romero
Dallas 2006 Gregory Demone Steward
Dallas 2006 James David Turner
Dallas 2007 Johnnie Darin Davidson
Dallas 2007 Matthew Wayne Layton
Dallas 2007 Dennis Demarcus Oatis
Dallas 2007 Juan Dedios Robles
Dallas 2007 Paul Rodriguez
Dallas 2007 Jonathan Lemar Simon
Dallas 2007 Tommy Glenn Smith
Dallas 2007 Lorenzo Charles Stiggers
Dallas 2007 Brandon Lee Washington
Dallas 2007 Shaun Watson
Dallas 2007 Robert Neil Woods
Dallas 2008 Rodrigo Robles Aguirre
Dallas 2008 Gregory Dwight Carter
Dallas 2008 Jacques Ramon Howard
Dallas 2008 Derrick Jones
Dallas 2008 Dale Mitchell Lemoine
Dallas 2008 Eric Michael Parenzan
Dallas 2008 Daniel Devette Ross
Dallas 2008 Richard Smith
Dallas 2008 Reginald Keith Starling
Dallas 2009 Jerry Lee Gray
Dallas 2009 Abel Rodriguez Martinez
Dallas 2009 Rosendo R Navareno
Dallas 2009 Stacey Tyrone Paris
Dallas 2009 Juan Carlos Reyes-Gallardo
Dallas 2009 Johnny Ray Rose
Dallas 2009 Shirley Ann South
Dallas 2009 Robert Webster Taylor
Dallas 2009 Dontell Mitchell Terrell
Dallas 2010 Abdel Aziz Alakhras
Dallas 2010 Michael Anthony Alcala
Dallas 2010 Gaylon Castalono Alexander
Dallas 2010 Michael Torell Benit
Dallas 2010 Cedric Dale Hill
Dallas 2010 Kenneth Michael Horton
Dallas 2010 Adrian Benard Johnson
Dallas 2010 Khalifa Tehran King
Dallas 2010 Freddie Lee Lockett
Dallas 2010 Tobias Arthur Mackey
Dallas 2010 Arron Randall Massey
Dallas 2010 Tony Menchaca
Dallas 2010 Miguel Alvarado Mendoza
Dallas 2010 Robert Randall Mustard
Dallas 2010 Robert Matthew Weaver
Dallas 2010 Joey Clayton Wood
Dallas 2011 Ronnie Keith Davis
Dallas 2011 Jacob Bernard Ford
Dallas 2011 Stephen Ray Malone
Dallas 2011 Cedric Darnell Stephens
Dallas 2011 Terry Wayne White
Dallas 2012 William Leodis Banks
Dallas 2012 Lenny Randall Ellis
Dallas 2012 Luis Antonio Escalante
Dallas 2012 James Germon Harper
Dallas 2012 Travis Henderson
Dallas 2012 John Robert Husband
Dallas 2012 Richard Edward Latour
Dallas 2012 Kendrick Bernard Mcdaniel
Dallas 2012 Marshall Moreno
Dallas 2012 Andrais Darnell Smith
Dallas 2012 Lee Dell Thomas
Dallas 2012 Robert Williams
Dallas 2012 Jack Lee Young
Dallas 2012 Efrain Zarzoza
Dallas 2013 Clinton Roebexar Allen
Dallas 2013 Frank Austin Gaddy
Dallas 2013 Stacy Zimbalist Golston
Dallas 2013 William Keith Hall
Dallas 2013 Brian Michael Hunter
Dallas 2013 Tyrique Rashad Johnson
Dallas 2013 Salvador Munoz
Dallas 2013 Gerardo Pinedo
Dallas 2013 Stoney E. Rawlinson
Dallas 2013 Domingo Soto
Dallas 2013 Carlos Valencia
Dallas 2013 James Lamont Winston
Dallas 2014 Codi Ben Bullard
Dallas 2014 Steven Douglas
Dallas 2014 Mario Evans
Dallas 2014 Ricardo Garcia
Dallas 2014 Andrew Scott Gaynier
Dallas 2014 Jose Gonzalez
Dallas 2014 Terrence Groessel
Dallas 2014 Jason Harrison
Dallas 2014 Rodney Hodge
Dallas 2014 Allen Joel
Dallas 2014 Michael Mayo
Dallas 2014 Sergio Ramos
Dallas 2014 Michael Schmidt
Dallas 2014 Carlos Vasquez-Liberato
Dallas 2007 Trinton Louis Hawkins
Dallas 2007 Carlton Dwayne Mims
Duncanville 2005 Douglas Blackstone
(1 deaths)

Dayton Police Dept.

City Date Name
Dayton 2009 Andre Ramon Payne
(1 deaths)

Deaf Smith County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Hereford 2013 Gary Mark Mcquigg
(2 deaths)

Deer Park Police Dept.

City Date Name
Deer Park 2006 David Ryan Cody
Deer Park 2010 Nicholas Thomas Moreno
(1 deaths)

Denison Police Dept.

City Date Name
Denison 2006 Bobby Lee Wadford
(10 deaths)

Denton County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Denton 2005 Brian Doyle Savage
Denton 2006 Robert Jones Redden
Denton 2009 Willie Caldwell
Denton 2012 Clyde Alex Redman
Denton 2013 Michael Stephen Stolz
Denton 2013 Ronald Eugene Wilkinson
Denton 2014 Calvin Coolidge Mckinney
Denton 2014 Kenneth Eugene Zimmerman
Frisco 2006 Jose Luis Trevino
Krum 2012 Roberto Carlos Hernandez
(1 deaths)

Denton Police Dept.

City Date Name
Denton 2013 Juan Manuel Portales
(1 deaths)

Desoto Police Dept.

City Date Name
Desoto 2006 Antonie D. Bell
(1 deaths)

Devine Police Dept.

City Date Name
Devine 2013 Juan Marcos Gonzalez
(2 deaths)

Dewitt County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Cuerro 2010 John Wesley Thomas
Curero 2005 Thomas Garcia Sanchez
(1 deaths)

Dickens County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Spur 2007 Scott Noble Payne
(1 deaths)

Dickinson Police Dept.

City Date Name
Dickinson 2006 Curtis Wayne Camille
(3 deaths)

Dimmit County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Carrizo Springs 2005 Michael Scott Cerna
Carrizo Springs 2006 Juan Antonio Lozano
Carrizo Springs 2014 Roque Carrizales
(1 deaths)

District Attorney, 91st Judicial District

City Date Name
Eastland 2014 Austin Russell Moon
(1 deaths)

Donley County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Clarendon 2005 Joseph L Williams
(1 deaths)

Dumas Police Dept.

City Date Name
Dumas 2009 John Calhoun Ward
(1 deaths)

Eagle Pass Police Dept.

City Date Name
Eagle Pass 2009 Conrado Gomez
(11 deaths)

Ector County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Odess 2006 Jimmy Lee Thomas
Odessa 2005 Dale Edward Crider
Odessa 2008 Jessie Edward Bass
Odessa 2008 Luis Chavez Chavez
Odessa 2012 Marvin Donald Wilkerson
Odessa 2013 John Douglas Turner
Odessa 2011 Juan Carrasco
Odessa 2011 Guadalupe Leyva
Odessa 2011 Larry Neil White
Odessa 2013 L. C. Davis
Odessa 2013 Robert Thomas Peterson
(2 deaths)

Edinburg Police Dept.

City Date Name
Edinburg 2005 Romeo Moreno
Edinburg 2010 Joel Albin De La Rosa
(1 deaths)

El Campo Police Dept.

City Date Name
El Campo 2006 Jose A. Puga
(29 deaths)

El Paso County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
El Paso 2005 Carl Richard Cappuccilli
El Paso 2005 Roberto Augustine Diaz
El Paso 2005 Walter Rojas
El Paso 2005 Dorothy Mae Williams
El Paso 2005 William Harole Wren
El Paso 2005 David Zacarias
El Paso 2006 Henry David Rodriguez
El Paso 2007 Julian Enriquez
El Paso 2007 Jorge Guerrero
El Paso 2007 Lorenzo Martinez
El Paso 2007 Jaime Mondragon Munoz
El Paso 2007 Armando Ituarte Soto
El Paso 2008 Robert Forrester
El Paso 2008 Mark Edward Taylor
El Paso 2009 Lucio Hernandez
El Paso 2009 Rodell Robinson
El Paso 2010 Carlos Roberto Medina
El Paso 2010 Ramiro Rosas
El Paso 2011 Leonel Carrillo
El Paso 2011 Fernando Garcia
El Paso 2011 Joseph William Toop
El Paso 2012 James Brown
El Paso 2013 Rodney Mathew
El Paso 2014 Krystina Mcdermott
El Paso Tx. 2012 Ramon Renteria
El Paso 2011 Benjamin Lujan
El Paso 2007 Julio Cesar Lopez
El Paso 2013 Elizabeth Marie Carter
El Paso 2012 Hector Alberto Aguilera
(24 deaths)

El Paso Police Dept.

City Date Name
El Paso 2006 Alfonso Lorenzo Deanda
El Paso 2006 William Ecker
El Paso 2007 Andrew Raul Cordova
El Paso 2007 Guadalupe Perez
El Paso 2007 Steve Paul Salguero
El Paso 2008 Anthony Gonzalez
El Paso 2008 Nalan Michael Graniczny
El Paso 2008 John Dalton Martinez
El Paso 2008 Gregory Theron Smith
El Paso 2009 Javier Francisco Guerrero
El Paso 2009 Ruben Troncoso
El Paso 2010 Luis Alfonso Martinez
El Paso 2011 Odell Edward Davis
El Paso 2011 Javier Flores
El Paso 2012 Bernardo Morales
El Paso 2012 Jesus Salas
El Paso 2013 David Rene Carpio
El Paso 2013 Fernando Gomez
El Paso 2013 Charles Eduardo Morales
El Paso 2013 Charles Edward Morales
El Paso 2013 Daniel John Myers
El Paso 2013 Daniel Rodrigo Saenz
El Paso 2013 Roger Tarango
El Paso 2014 Marco Antonio Perez
(1 deaths)

Elgin Police Dept.

City Date Name
Elgin 2011 James Edward Haywood
(3 deaths)

Ellis County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Maypearl 2008 Jerry Thomas Hunter
Waxahachie 2011 Bernardino Moreno
Waxahaxhie 2014 Cindy Strickland Davis
(3 deaths)

Erath County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Dublin 2014 Francisco Hernandez
Hico 2013 Randy Scott Moore
Stephenville 2005 Kennis James Watkins
(3 deaths)

Euless Police Dept.

City Date Name
Euless 2005 Kevin Ray Omas
Euless 2010 Ronald Dewayn Reardon
Euless 2011 Eli Wilson Davis
(1 deaths)

Falls County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Marlin 2011 Andrea Kathleen Yantis
(2 deaths)

Fannin County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Bonham 2011 Micah Theron Shepard
Bonham 2014 Bill Clyde Stills
(2 deaths)

Fayette County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
La Grange 2014 Chad Allen Eieweger
Lagrange 2006 Jamey Lee Foster
(2 deaths)

Ferris Police Dept.

City Date Name
Ferris 2011 Jose Vidal Casarez
Ferris 2013 Angel (aka Oscar) Rodriguez Lopez (aka Martinez)
(1 deaths)

Fisher County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Hamlin 2008 Johnny Anthony Hooper
(1 deaths)

Flatonia Police Dept.

City Date Name
Schulenburg 2012 Jaun Eulogio Rodriguez
(1 deaths)

Forest Hill Police Dept.

City Date Name
Forest Hill 2012 Derrick Anthony Birdow
(10 deaths)

Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Fresno 2013 Carl Lee Jackson
Houston 2006 Robert Elmer Tanner
Houston 2010 Gordon Barron Perinchief
Richmond 2005 Curtis Dan Bishop
Richmond 2007 Lester Lee Belton
Richmond 2007 David Lee Chase
Richmond 2007 Del Ennis Watson
Richmond 2010 Emmanuel Earl Baines
Richmond 2010 George Lucas
Richmond 2013 Humberto Lopez-Martinez
(50 deaths)

Fort Worth Police Dept.

City Date Name
Fort Worth 2005 Carolyn Jean Daniels
Fort Worth 2005 Dino Gomez
Fort Worth 2005 Eric Jay Hammock
Fort Worth 2005 Brian Minho Hwang
Fort Worth 2005 John L Morrison
Fort Worth 2006 Noah Ray Lopez
Fort Worth 2006 Catarino Reyes
Fort Worth 2006 Humberto E Sanchez
Fort Worth 2007 Larry Burl Deatherage
Fort Worth 2007 Dwayne Edward White
Fort Worth 2007 Anthony Hugh Williams
Fort Worth 2008 Sheena Cheriee Bivens
Fort Worth 2008 Ricardo Ferrera
Fort Worth 2008 Gene Ketner
Fort Worth 2008 Judas Nick Lozano
Fort Worth 2008 Clarence Burton Mcneill
Fort Worth 2009 John Paul Bazan
Fort Worth 2009 Michael Isaac James
Fort Worth 2009 Robert Deeangelo Johnson
Fort Worth 2010 John Paul Hurd
Fort Worth 2010 Devin Walker
Fort Worth 2011 Stacey Lee Burris
Fort Worth 2011 Christopher Bryan Johnston
Fort Worth 2011 Reginald E Miller
Fort Worth 2011 Robert Paul Nabors
Fort Worth 2011 Charal Timothy Thomas
Fort Worth 2012 David Eugene Barrett
Fort Worth 2012 Derrick Lamonte Burleson
Fort Worth 2012 Daniel Lee Guerra
Fort Worth 2012 Samuel David Hornsby
Fort Worth 2012 Derek John Ternes
Fort Worth 2013 John Lester Ashmore
Fort Worth 2013 Damon Earl Bacy
Fort Worth 2013 Jermaine Nicholas Darden
Fort Worth 2013 Thomas Bradley Garza
Fort Worth 2013 Timothy Ghormley
Fort Worth 2013 Jeremy Tyler Mcgee
Fort Worth 2013 Sixto Eduardo Quezada
Fort Worth 2013 Brandon Alexander Smith
Fort Worth 2013 Jerry Wayne Waller
Fort Worth 2014 Tony Allen Durham
Fort Worth 2014 Brady Allan Dustman
Fort Worth 2014 Joseph David Elliott
Fort Worth 2014 Joe David Hernandez
Fort Worth 2014 Gregory D Hooper
Fort Worth 2014 Lance Revalee
Fort Worth 2009 Michael Patrick Jacobs
Haltom City 2013 Cody Ira Loron
Richland Hills 2010 Jose Vieira
San Antonio 2006 Angelo Allums
(1 deaths)

Franklin County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Mount Vernon 2012 Jonathan Silver Lover
(2 deaths)

Freeport Police Dept.

City Date Name
Freeport 2011 Timothy Joseph Charles
Freeport 2013 Joel Ledezma Ramos
(4 deaths)

Frio County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Pearsall 2005 Robert Hernandez
Pearsall 2006 Jesus Benavides
Pearsall 2006 Teodulo Ortiz
Pearsall 2010 James Patrick Iness
(1 deaths)

Gaines County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Seminole 2007 Beckie Marie Teague
(17 deaths)

Galveston County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Galveston 2005 John Louis Kenney
Galveston 2006 Jim Dowd Puckett
Galveston 2006 Daniel Mark Whitaker
Galveston 2006 Shailon Herbert Young
Galveston 2007 Unborn Child Riddle
Galveston 2008 Juan Esteban Batentzun
Galveston 2008 Lionel Sanford Edwards
Galveston 2008 Charles Keleman
Galveston 2009 Robert Bryan Dooley
Galveston 2009 Vernon Edward Puckett
Galveston 2010 Dennis Earl Bradford
Galveston 2011 Ronnie Charles Holmes
Galveston 2011 Unborn Child Pool
Galveston 2012 John Alvin Swain
Galveston 2013 Arthur Lee Linear
San Leon (unincorporated) 2013 Omar Marchabeyoglu
Texas City 2008 Unborn Child Smith
(2 deaths)

Galveston Police Dept.

City Date Name
Galveston 2012 Raymond Luther Allen
Galveston 2012 David Michael Pedersen
(16 deaths)

Garland Police Dept.

City Date Name
Dallas 2008 Derrick Watson
Dallas 2009 Antonio Alonzo
Garland 2005 Kevin Ray Garland
Garland 2005 Leo Junce
Garland 2006 Curtis Michael Harwell
Garland 2006 Scott Allen Rockwell
Garland 2008 Donald Ray Fuller
Garland 2009 Ronald Darnell Chester
Garland 2009 Rudy Carenas Elizondo
Garland 2009 Abel Quinonez
Garland 2011 James Howard Kincaid
Garland 2012 John Stanley-Ray Mckenzie
Garland 2013 Casey Daniel Smith
Garland 2014 Sadiq A Ismail
Mesquite 2012 Michael Vincent Allen
Rockwall 2008 Troy Van Pool
(1 deaths)

Georgetown Police Dept.

City Date Name
Georgetown 2011 Anthony Ray Blackmon
(1 deaths)

Gillespie County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Fredericksbug 2011 Damion Michael Schroeder
(1 deaths)

Glasscock County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Garden City 2012 Bradley Scott Forrester
(1 deaths)

Glenn Heights Police Dept.

City Date Name
Dallas 2011 Michael Wayne Oneal
(1 deaths)

Gonzales County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Gonzales 2007 Louis Johnson
(1 deaths)

Graham Police Dept.

City Date Name
Graham 2008 Kenneth Darrell Moore
(1 deaths)

Granbury Regional Juvenile Justice Center

City Date Name
Granbury 2011 Jordan Charles David Adams
(2 deaths)

Grand Prairie Police Dept.

City Date Name
Grand Prairie 2011 Thahn Nguyen
Grand Prairie 2014 Michael Emory Brown
(3 deaths)

Grapevine Police Dept.

City Date Name
Grapevine 2006 Eric Lawrence Grotz
Grapevine 2013 Alberto Morales
Grapevine 2014 James Michael Kubera
(2 deaths)

Grayson County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Sherman 2006 Tymetdred Siquez Bowen
Sherman 2009 Daniel Lee Tietge
(16 deaths)

Gregg County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Kilgore 2006 Abel Jaimes Benitez
Kilgore 2014 Randy Ray Vinson
Longview 2006 Teresa Jo Johnson
Longview 2006 Adolphus Reynold Randall
Longview 2007 Ronnie Lynn Johnson
Longview 2007 Robert Michael Wallace
Longview 2008 Robert John Birkett
Longview 2008 Laderrius Breon Christian
Longview 2009 Brett Michael Birdwell
Longview 2009 Robert Charles Foster
Longview 2009 Michael Eugene Mccourt
Longview 2010 Misty Scott Beene
Longview 2010 Amy Lynn Cowling
Longview 2011 Micah Aaron Garner
Longview 2013 Debra Ann Duffie
Longview 2013 Bobby Joe Madewell
(3 deaths)

Grimes County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Anderson 2007 Larry Dainell Key
Anderson 2012 Anthony Elsworth Mccray
Bedias 2007 Christopher Michael Miller
(5 deaths)

Guadalupe County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Seguin 2006 Leandro Martinez
Seguin 2007 Michael Lee Terry
Seguin 2011 Mario Alvarez
Seguin 2013 Donald Ray Adams
Seguin 2013 Monica Morales Ibarra
(1 deaths)

Gun Barrel City Police Dept.

City Date Name
Gun Barrel City 2008 James Kenneth Mitchum
(1 deaths)

Hale County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Plainview 2005 Fabian Saldana
(1 deaths)

Hall County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Memphis 2006 Christopher Lee Blagg
(1 deaths)

Hamilton County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Hamilton 2006 John Daniel Hanson
(1 deaths)

Hansford County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Spearman 2012 Lacy Dawn Cuccaro
(1 deaths)

Hardeman County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Quanah 2005 Billy Andrew Lankford
(3 deaths)

Hardin County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Kountze 2006 Patsy W. Roby
Kountze 2007 Jerry Guildwin Choate
Kountze 2014 Deanough La Looper
(1 deaths)

Harlingen Police Dept.

City Date Name
Harlingen 2006 Daniel Rivera Tamez
(2 deaths)

Harris County Constable Precinct 1

City Date Name
Houston 2007 David Lee King
Houston 2008 Fenley B Allen
(4 deaths)

Harris County Constable Precinct 4

City Date Name
Cypress 2014 Charles Kevin Goodridge
Houston 2009 Jonathan Isaac Anzaldua
Houston 2014 Alfredo Valentine Tovar
Spring 2010 Jamail Joseph Amron
(2 deaths)

Harris County Constable Precinct 5

City Date Name
Houston 2005 Romon Amadeus Giesburg
Houston 2005 Kevin Hafstienn
(1 deaths)

Harris County Constable Precinct 7

City Date Name
Houston 2012 Corey Hayes
(15 deaths)

Harris County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Houston 2005 Andre Demetrius Ball
Houston 2005 Larry Ray Cure
Houston 2005 Ronnie Lee Howard
Houston 2005 Cecil William Jasper
Houston 2005 Calvin Ray Mack
Houston 2005 Travis Laron Mckinney
Houston 2005 Ralph Joseph Montez
Houston 2005 Alvin Wright
Houston 2006 Craig Anthony Allen
Houston 2006 Leamon Caldwell
Houston 2006 Robert Joseph Howard
Houston 2006 Thomas Johnson
Houston 2006 Daryl Dwayne Kelley
Houston 2006 Darel Len Mckay
Houston 2006 Ronald Leon Williams
(157 deaths)

Harris County Sheriff’s Office

City Date Name
Channelview 2010 Namaan Pierce
Channelview 2014 Balkrishna Jamaal Booker
Crosby 2011 Jose Luis Polanco
Cypress 2013 Cederic D Collins
Cypress 2014 Shawn Renee Larochelle
Epps 2010 Corry Murray
Houston 2006 Bennie Baldwin
Houston 2006 Arthur Lynn Barr
Houston 2006 Rossie Bonilla
Houston 2006 Glen Clark
Houston 2006 Jerry Lewis Ford
Houston 2006 Floyd Ray Jones
Houston 2006 James G. Landa
Houston 2006 James Lyles
Houston 2006 Marshall Edward Parker
Houston 2006 Steven Dwayne Rich
Houston 2006 Byron Daniel Rogers
Houston 2006 Thomas Daniel Thomusela
Houston 2006 Alfred Underwood
Houston 2006 Curtis Joe Watts
Houston 2007 Charles Edward Belgard
Houston 2007 Rogelio Camacho
Houston 2007 Larry Dean Carson
Houston 2007 Jose Cepeda
Houston 2007 Michael Anthony Funka
Houston 2007 Armando Leover Garcia
Houston 2007 Kim Jeanette Humpries
Houston 2007 Herman Lloyd
Houston 2007 Donald Ray Mccardell
Houston 2007 Manual Frank Ramirez
Houston 2007 Kathy Reeves
Houston 2007 Mary Madeline Scott
Houston 2007 Christopher Singeal
Houston 2007 Christopher Singeal
Houston 2007 Renee Sperry
Houston 2007 Jeff Mark Watts
Houston 2007 Sam Williams
Houston 2008 William Hamit Abadin
Houston 2008 Tyrone Eugene Bell
Houston 2008 Robert Betzer
Houston 2008 Issac Blanton
Houston 2008 Melvin Brewster
Houston 2008 Roger Harold Dobbs
Houston 2008 Winston Ray Donley
Houston 2008 Stephen Joseph Fraind
Houston 2008 Raymond Franklin
Houston 2008 Clarence Crawford Freeman
Houston 2008 Felipe Garcia
Houston 2008 David Garza
Houston 2008 James Edward Guy
Houston 2008 Rafal Hernandez
Houston 2008 Tyrone Landhart
Houston 2008 Clarence Mcginnis
Houston 2008 Margarita Saavedra
Houston 2008 John Harvey Stewart
Houston 2008 Larry Taylor
Houston 2008 Julius Cortez Walker
Houston 2008 Franklin Michael Weatherly
Houston 2009 Aswald Aclise
Houston 2009 Daniel Alfonso Aguirre
Houston 2009 Theresa Nicole Anthony
Houston 2009 Fernando Arellano
Houston 2009 Robert Dale Brock
Houston 2009 Ruben Garcia
Houston 2009 Robert E Garza
Houston 2009 Kevione D. Goosby
Houston 2009 Alden Jacque Johnson
Houston 2009 Casey Lee King
Houston 2009 Miguel Martinez
Houston 2009 Tuong Nguyen
Houston 2009 Reginald Nollie
Houston 2009 Flora Cornejo Puebla
Houston 2009 Mamie Laverne Staton
Houston 2009 Richard Wheeler
Houston 2010 Robert Edward Brown
Houston 2010 Diego Castellanos
Houston 2010 Wilbert Lee Cunningham
Houston 2010 Sergio Dante
Houston 2010 Jose Octaviano De La Rosa
Houston 2010 Dennis Louis Ferrell
Houston 2010 Sullivan Guilford
Houston 2010 Jose Alfred Jiminez
Houston 2010 Sandra Gene Oliver
Houston 2010 Wayne Fletcher Pratt
Houston 2010 Joseph Darrel Richmond
Houston 2010 George Randel Theobald
Houston 2010 Terry Glen Williams
Houston 2010 Herman Young
Houston 2011 Patrick Thomas Boone
Houston 2011 Margarito Antunez Brito
Houston 2011 Latoshia Suzette Clark
Houston 2011 Howard Graham
Houston 2011 Norman Ford Hicks
Houston 2011 Charles Richard Roy
Houston 2011 Cody Russell
Houston 2011 Darell Wayne Turner
Houston 2011 Omar Villanueva-Rojas
Houston 2012 John Michael Ficarro
Houston 2012 Shelly Marie Frey
Houston 2012 James Paul Galladora
Houston 2012 Mark Anthony Giles
Houston 2012 Terry Key Irvin
Houston 2012 Steven Daniel Lambert
Houston 2012 Mario Madrigal
Houston 2012 Gerrit Alan Perkins
Houston 2012 John Wayne Pinkston
Houston 2012 Jesus Rivera
Houston 2012 Juan Rogelio Rodriguez
Houston 2012 Patrick Kelly Wetzel
Houston 2012 Johnnie Ray Young
Houston 2013 Dashaude Carr
Houston 2013 Emilio Alexander Castaneda-Ayala
Houston 2013 Misraim Natanael Cisneros
Houston 2013 Tony Carnell Clemons
Houston 2013 Benson Lewis Davis
Houston 2013 Derek Lenard Franklin
Houston 2013 Michael Keith Garber
Houston 2013 Jerry George Garza
Houston 2013 Urie Adriel Gilchrist
Houston 2013 Frank Paul Gomez
Houston 2013 Alex Guzman
Houston 2013 Ronald Lucero
Houston 2013 Edward Jerome Reed
Houston 2013 Christopher Barthlomoew Reedy
Houston 2013 Isidoro Resendez
Houston 2013 Troy Austin Robertson
Houston 2013 Eusebio Duenas Robles
Houston 2013 James Marvan Smith
Houston 2013 Joshua David World
Houston 2014 James Earl Bishop
Houston 2014 Andre Bonier
Houston 2014 John Earl Celestine
Houston 2014 Ethen Drake
Houston 2014 Leroy Fielder
Houston 2014 Johnny Anthony Flores
Houston 2014 Danarian Demil Hawkins
Houston 2014 Vincent Lee Heims
Houston 2014 Albert (jerry) Noe (muncio) Hernandez
Houston 2014 Corey Anthony Hilton
Houston 2014 Kelly Sue Hunckler
Houston 2014 Larry Donnel Johnson
Houston 2014 Kenneth Christopher Lucas
Houston 2014 Thanh H. Pham
Houston 2014 Carlos Ondre Phillips
Houston 2014 Bert Steven Scott
Houston 2014 Jesse John Trevino
Houston 2014 Teddrick Darnell Wiggins
Houston 2014 Michael Douglas Yates
Houston 2012 Ky Van Le
Houston 2009 Kenneth Lionel Beckett
Humble 2010 Christopher Lee Brooks
Katy 2012 Phillip Herbert Brown
Katy 2012 Kemal Yazar
Katy 2014 Jason Aaron Pisio
Olla 2010 Lawrence J. Semien
Spring 2006 James Lee Baker
Spring 2012 Bernard Lynn Turner
(5 deaths)

Harrison County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Marshall 2005 Richard Eugene Winn
Marshall 2007 William Vaughn Phillips
Marshall 2007 Marc Douglas Still
Marshall 2009 Julius Eugene Maloy
Marshall 2010 Jecori Montra White
(1 deaths)

Hartley County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
N/a 2007 Cory Christopher Lucero
(2 deaths)

Haskell County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Haskell 2005 Bobby Wayne Pryor
Haskell 2006 Dale Ray Geesaman
(4 deaths)

Hays County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Kyle 2012 Eloy Davila
San Marcos 2011 Eric Loyd Dykes
San Marcos 2008 Torrey Lamar Smith
Unknown 2010 Chance Roy Donnelly
(1 deaths)

Hedwig Village Police Dept.

City Date Name
Hunters Creek 2014 Emilio Solis
(1 deaths)

Hempstead Police Dept.

City Date Name
Hempstead 2010 Terrell Leray Houston
(1 deaths)

Henderson County Constable Precinct 4

City Date Name
Frankston 2008 Jason Jermaine Cumby
(6 deaths)

Henderson County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Athens 2007 Justin Taylor Boswell
Athens 2007 Lawrence Keith Perkins
Athens 2009 Laura Lee Henderson
Athens 2013 Kayla Ann Gillum
Chandler 2008 Jake Thomas Taylor
Tyler 2013 James Howard Dotson
(1 deaths)

Hewitt Police Dept.

City Date Name
Hewitt 2005 Travis Collins
(1 deaths)

Hickory Creek Police Dept.

City Date Name
Hickory Creek 2008 Joshua Carl Ivy
(13 deaths)

Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Edinburg 2006 Noel Davila
Edinburg 2006 Benny Chapman Harper
Edinburg 2008 Michael Haulbert Pettus
Edinburg 2011 Jesse Guerrero
Edinburg 2012 Ramiro Hernandez
Edinburg 2013 Armando Charles
Edinburg 2013 Paul William Labude
Edinburg 2010 Horacio Moranta
Mcallen 2007 Roel Gonzalez
Mcallen 2010 Richard Scott Carper
Mcallen 2010 Noel Ochoa
Mcallen 2007 Ramon Meza
Mission 2006 Marco Antonio Torres
(2 deaths)

Hill County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Hillsboro 2007 Donald Joe Mcgill
Hillsboro 2011 Michael Shawn Turner
(3 deaths)

Hood County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Granbury 2008 Larry Jo Massey
Granbury 2010 Dennis Dwayne Walton
Granbury Tx 2010 Michael Mark Pollard
(3 deaths)

Hopkins County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Sulphur Springs 2006 Terri Hill Minty
Sulphur Springs 2010 William Keith White
Sulphur Springs 2011 David Allen Robinson
(2 deaths)

Houston County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Crockett 2011 Julie Mae Taylor
Crockett 2014 Joey Salinas
(179 deaths)

Houston Police Dept.

City Date Name
Friendswood 2005 Ritchie Arthur Brown
Houston 2005 Juan Ramon Aguilar
Houston 2005 Kenneth Lee Banks
Houston 2005 Angela Brewer
Houston 2005 Michael Wayne Brooks
Houston 2005 William Ryan Burkhalter
Houston 2005 Jose Paul Cantu
Houston 2005 Bridget Clare Dolon
Houston 2005 Manuel Castro Gonzales
Houston 2005 Alan Leroy Hunter
Houston 2005 Jkorderic Jermain Jefferson
Houston 2005 Luis Alberto Manriquez
Houston 2005 Carlos Miguel Mejia
Houston 2005 Alex Mendez
Houston 2005 David Munoz
Houston 2005 Ronald Charles Newman
Houston 2005 Andre Prince
Houston 2006 Jerome Leonce Bullock
Houston 2006 Lawrence Phinehas Crain
Houston 2006 Jose Avel Fernandez
Houston 2006 Michael Dean Ford
Houston 2006 William Braxton Petty
Houston 2006 John Damon Revis
Houston 2006 Jeremy Ethon Roberson
Houston 2006 Rene Miguel Sanchez
Houston 2006 Donald Ray Taylor
Houston 2006 Ronald Joseph Taylor
Houston 2006 Erica Rhena Tyrone
Houston 2006 Wondwossen Woldeselassie
Houston 2007 Clifton Gerard Eames
Houston 2007 Omar Esparza
Houston 2007 Shane Allen Ewing
Houston 2007 John Dennis Kizzee
Houston 2007 Darrell Lauderdale
Houston 2007 Michael Anthony Lightning
Houston 2007 Robert Bernard Mcintosh
Houston 2007 Johnell Patrick
Houston 2007 John David Perdue
Houston 2007 Jesse Jameiel Robins
Houston 2007 Antonio Santiago Rodriguez
Houston 2007 Raymond Melvin Smith
Houston 2007 Francine Sonnier
Houston 2007 Reginald Sumbler
Houston 2007 Cassy Ann Walton
Houston 2007 Patricia Ann Zuniga
Houston 2008 Sam Akin
Houston 2008 Marcus Alvarez
Houston 2008 Roland Vincent Carnaby
Houston 2008 Eric Junin Chavarria
Houston 2008 Julius Daniel Comick
Houston 2008 Willie David Curtis, Jr.
Houston 2008 James Christopher Flory
Houston 2008 Ruben Gallegos-Rosales
Houston 2008 Alejo Castaneda Gonzalez
Houston 2008 Kenneth Wayne Green
Houston 2008 Patrick Dante Mathis
Houston 2008 Timothy Lemuel Stokes
Houston 2008 Marion Wilson
Houston 2009 Wifido Joel Alfaro
Houston 2009 Jose Ruben Andino-Recarte
Houston 2009 Travis Ray Balko
Houston 2009 John Barnes
Houston 2009 Roberto Pedroza Carillo
Houston 2009 Juan Francisco Chavez-Salgado
Houston 2009 Alton Gene Dragoo
Houston 2009 Edwin Renee Frelix
Houston 2009 Stephen Paul Greene
Houston 2009 Salvador Hernandez
Houston 2009 Lee Roy Johns
Houston 2009 Tony Wayne Johnson
Houston 2009 Clarence Reed Mark
Houston 2009 Jose Oseguera
Houston 2009 Victor Hugo Pineda
Houston 2009 Stuart Earl Proulx
Houston 2009 Lonnie Charles Punch
Houston 2009 Thomas Lopez Rangel
Houston 2009 Jose Alexi Sorto
Houston 2009 Gary Rick Varner
Houston 2009 Jose Alfredo Vides
Houston 2009 Jose Alfredo Vides
Houston 2010 Ndege Mapema Allen
Houston 2010 Henry Lawrence Brooks
Houston 2010 David Dwayne Butler
Houston 2010 Manuel Patrick Carter
Houston 2010 Roel Emilio Clarke
Houston 2010 Joe Anthony Garcia
Houston 2010 Arushary London Goodwill
Houston 2010 Louis Guidry
Houston 2010 Frank W. Hernandez
Houston 2010 Rosalio Ledesma
Houston 2010 Ciara Chantell Lee
Houston 2010 Jesus Tadeo Magana
Houston 2010 Joe Toby Mata
Houston 2010 Thuan Binh Pham
Houston 2010 Joseph Ramage
Houston 2010 Andrew James Reichwein
Houston 2010 Amin Yemir Rocha
Houston 2010 David Renauld Rogers
Houston 2010 Jose Ahismael Salgado
Houston 2010 Wade Carlton Southerland
Houston 2010 Kinzy Laquinte Thornton
Houston 2011 Jesse Brown
Houston 2011 Deltric Deon Caldwell
Houston 2011 Craig Campbell
Houston 2011 Charles Albert Cathey, Iii
Houston 2011 Bernard Davis
Houston 2011 Bernard Davis
Houston 2011 Adam Garza
Houston 2011 Roberto Gomez
Houston 2011 Jonathan Lee Johnson
Houston 2011 Keith Latin
Houston 2011 Blake Allen Pate
Houston 2011 Edgar Antonio Ramirez
Houston 2011 Kenneth Wayne Thomas
Houston 2011 Wayne Arthur Tittle
Houston 2011 Jason Lloyd Trevino
Houston 2011 Terencio Ladios Turcios
Houston 2011 Omar W. Ventura
Houston 2011 Stanley Royce White
Houston 2012 Denis John Chabot
Houston 2012 Brian Charles Claunch
Houston 2012 John Dorsett Coburn
Houston 2012 Richard Earl Davis
Houston 2012 Clancy Aaron Edwards
Houston 2012 Rodney Lynn Estrada
Houston 2012 Joe Faltesek
Houston 2012 Ramiro Rodriguez Garcia
Houston 2012 Shawna Rene Huebner
Houston 2012 Kevin Bernard Hunter
Houston 2012 Jarmar Wesley Hutchinson
Houston 2012 Labaran Idakoji
Houston 2012 Rufino Lara
Houston 2012 Alexandra Brooke Longoria
Houston 2012 Diego Martinez
Houston 2012 Brandon Todd Obermiller
Houston 2012 Tantao Liang Pickron
Houston 2012 Jason Aaron Pierce
Houston 2012 Decorory Montriel Pruitt
Houston 2012 Troy Lynn Randle
Houston 2012 Kenneth Bryon Releford
Houston 2012 Patrick Oneal Spurlock
Houston 2013 Jared Albert Alvarez
Houston 2013 Manuel A Baltazar
Houston 2013 Jerry Blaine Barnes
Houston 2013 Rene Benito
Houston 2013 Carlos Verdell Blanche
Houston 2013 Hector Hugo Elizondo
Houston 2013 Freddy Aleysi Gutierrez
Houston 2013 Erik Damon Lee
Houston 2013 Carmelo Martinez
Houston 2013 Richard Edward Mckenzie
Houston 2013 Ponciano Montemayor
Houston 2013 Kenny Detrelle Montgomery
Houston 2013 Cody Point
Houston 2013 Michael Bernard Smith
Houston 2013 Matthew Deshune Swiney
Houston 2014 David Alejandro Alvarez
Houston 2014 Jordan Baker
Houston 2014 Ryan Kyle Champ
Houston 2014 Stevan Cortes
Houston 2014 Oscar Gaspar
Houston 2014 Leonard Benjamin Glover
Houston 2014 Branndon C. Jefferson
Houston 2014 Larry Earl Johnson
Houston 2014 Hallis Curtis Kinsey
Houston 2014 Veronica Hobley Leath
Houston 2014 Jason Kyle Lewis
Houston 2014 Ruben Lujano
Houston 2014 Hers Ngirarois
Houston 2014 Armondo Ochoa
Houston 2014 Winfred Terrill Parker
Houston 2014 Jack David Press
Houston 2014 Chris Provost
Houston 2014 Sankar Sharma
Houston 2014 Michael Louis Vargas
Houston 2014 Jerry Wilson
Houston 2007 Alex Edil Rivera
Houston 2008 Peter Kosta Ioannidis
Jacinto City 2007 Michael Gene Meloy
(4 deaths)

Howard County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Big Spring 2008 Billie Odell Rawls
Big Spring 2009 Roger Lee Edwards
Big Spring 2013 Stephanie Elaine Baker
Big Spring 2013 Caleb Shearer Hector
(1 deaths)

Hudson Oaks Police Dept.

City Date Name
Hudson Oaks 2006 Billy Weckar
(1 deaths)

Hudspeth County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Sierra Blanca 2013 Ramon Zavala Loya
(1 deaths)

Hughes Springs Police Department

City Date Name
Hughes Springs 2005 Robert D Sanchez
(5 deaths)

Hunt County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Greenville 2006 Glenda Marie Jackson
Greenville 2010 Randy Bruce Wallick
Greenville 2012 Linda Lee Mcalphin
Greenville 2012 Melanie Lynn Smith
Quinlan 2010 Vincent Arnell Thomas
(1 deaths)

Hutchinson County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Stinnett 2013 Dustin John West
(2 deaths)

Irving Police Dept.

City Date Name
Irving 2009 Christopher Frank Graves
Irving 2013 Sarah Jane Tibbetts
(1 deaths)

Jacinto City Police Dept.

City Date Name
Jacinto City 2014 Carmen Durrant Ellis
(1 deaths)

Jackson County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Edna 2013 Charles Jeffrey Kitchens
(1 deaths)

Jasper County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Jasper 2005 Sandra Gayle Wilson
(2 deaths)

Jasper Police Dept.

City Date Name
Jasper 2013 James Taylor
Jasper 2013 Shelby Taylor
(15 deaths)

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Beaumont 2005 Gary Lee Harvey
Beaumont 2006 Shmekia Rena Shyontay Lewis
Beaumont 2008 Steven Eugene Conley
Beaumont 2008 Diedra Deann Garcia
Beaumont 2008 Wanda June Silvas
Beaumont 2010 Michael G. Hill
Beaumont 2011 Kyle Franklin Gavard
Beaumont 2011 Robert Joseph Hartford
Beaumont 2011 Butch Baltrip Silas
Beaumont 2013 Magnolia Lucille Blakeman
Beaumont 2013 John Kennedy Tims
Beaumont 2014 White Joseph Clifton
Beaumont 2014 Andrew David Reed
Beaumont 2013 Robert William Leviness
Kirbyville 2013 Dustin Keith Jones
(1 deaths)

Jersey Village Police Dept.

City Date Name
Jersey Village 2005 Dustin Forest Wright
(1 deaths)

Jim Wells County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Alice 2005 Juan Manuel Garcia
(5 deaths)

Johnson County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Cleburne 2005 Joe Luis Reyes
Cleburne 2006 Juan Luis Cardenas
Cleburne 2007 Kyle Tony Mays
Cleburne 2013 Gregory Richard Mcelvy
Cleburne 2013 Jay Thomas Morgan
(2 deaths)

Karnes County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Karnes City 2006 Ruben Alberto Blanco-Pott
Karnes City 2006 Ruben Blanco Potts
(7 deaths)

Kaufman County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Kaufman 2005 David Brett Glover
Kaufman 2007 Robert Wendell Kannady
Kaufman 2009 Jerome James Nicholson
Kaufman 2012 Richard Kevin Jones
Kaufman 2014 Anissa Michelle Barmhill
Terrell 2011 Larry Wayne Pirtle
Terrell 2013 Gabriel Winzer
(1 deaths)

Keller Police Dept.

City Date Name
Keller 2012 Mark Anthony Brooks
(1 deaths)

Kemah Police Dept.

City Date Name
Kemah 2014 Chad Ernerst Silvis
(1 deaths)

Kendall County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Boerne 2011 Howard Irvin Dillard
(1 deaths)

Kennedale Police Dept.

City Date Name
Kennedale 2011 Chase Lawrence Wood
(2 deaths)

Kilgore Police Dept.

City Date Name
Kilgore 2005 Andrew Michael Ball
Kilgore 2008 William Ray Parker
(1 deaths)

Killeen Police Dept.

City Date Name
Killeen 2011 Debra Kaye Martinez
(2 deaths)

Kinney County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Brackettville 2005 Jose Hugo Aguilar-Flores
Brackettville 2005 Eulalio Garza
(1 deaths)

Kleberg County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Kingsville 2012 Arturo Tovar Aguilar
(1 deaths)

Knox County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Benjamin 2008 Guadalupe Gallardo Juarez
(1 deaths)

La Marque Police Dept.

City Date Name
La Marque 2009 Jamaal Ray Valentine
(3 deaths)

La Porte Police Dept.

City Date Name
La Porte 2006 Shannon Ray Sybert
La Porte 2008 Robert Dean Hawkins
La Porte 2012 Felix Rodrick Rodriguez
(1 deaths)

Lake Jackson Police Dept.

City Date Name
Lake Jackson 2006 Janice Margaret Mckenzie
(4 deaths)

Lamar County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Paris 2006 Hunter Shane Norwood
Paris 2008 Robert James Wilson
Paris 2011 Brannin Don Miller
Paris 2012 Kenneth Don Miller
(3 deaths)

Lancaster Police Dept.

City Date Name
Lancaster 2008 Robert Eugene Forester
Lancaster 2010 David O’Neil Brown
Lancaster 2011 Michael Shunn Roberson
(4 deaths)

Laredo Police Dept.

City Date Name
Laredo 2007 Ricardo Guadalupe Tenorio
Laredo 2007 Michael Corleone Villareal
Laredo 2009 Richard Eduardo Battistata
Laredo 2014 Jose Walter Garza
(1 deaths)

Lasalle County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Carrizo Springs 2009 Orlando Santos
(1 deaths)

Lavaca County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Hallettsville 2006 Dennis Lynn Mozisek
(1 deaths)

League City Police Dept.

City Date Name
League City 2013 Richard David Benefiel
(1 deaths)

Lee County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Giddings 2011 Cesar Adrian Cardenas
(1 deaths)

Leon County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Centerville 2012 John Robert French
(2 deaths)

Lewisville Police Dept.

City Date Name
Lewisville 2006 Francisco Humberto Gonzalez
Lewisville 2012 Roger Preston Hamill
(4 deaths)

Liberty County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Dayton 2010 Rickey Juneau
Liberty 2006 William Weldon Fregia
Liberty 2008 David James Fellows
Liberty 2010 Noe Santos
(5 deaths)

Limestone County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Groesbeck 2005 Marc Blandon Caro
Groesbeck 2006 John Webster Morales
Groesbeck 2012 Felipe Hernandez-Rodriguez
Groesbuck 2012 Madalyn Michelle Banks
Waco 2008 Luis Aguilar-Salinas
(1 deaths)

Lipscomb County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Lipscomb 2005 Emily Martha Corbin
(1 deaths)

Littlefield Police Dept.

City Date Name
Littlefield 2008 Randall Mccullough
(1 deaths)

Livingston Police Dept.

City Date Name
Livingston 2013 Shawn Michael Shanks
(4 deaths)

Llano County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Llano 2005 Bart Edwin Temple
Llano 2009 John Edward Jensen
Llano 2011 Shawn Michael Appell
Tow 2005 Eric Richard Wolfe
(1 deaths)

Llano Police Dept.

City Date Name
Llano 2006 Eli Quentin Lewis
(5 deaths)

Longview Police Dept.

City Date Name
Longview 2008 Kevin Lee Williams
Longview 2013 Candace Miles Jackson
Longview 2013 Jose Ismael Sifuntes
Longview 2014 Reagan Marshall Wagner
Longview 2014 Justin Michael Aguilar
(12 deaths)

Lubbock County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Lubbock 2006 Bobby Jimenez Mata
Lubbock 2007 Juan Manuel Luna
Lubbock 2008 Leonardo Garcia Jiminez
Lubbock 2008 Javier Martinez
Lubbock 2009 Tyrone Jermaine Robinson
Lubbock 2009 Mark Stowe
Lubbock 2010 Abel Garcia Rodriguez
Lubbock 2011 Donaciano Sotelo Rendon
Lubbock 2011 James Calvin Watkins
Lubbock 2012 Glendall Ray Cummings
Lubbock 2012 John David Sanchez
Lubbock 2013 Christopher Brown
(16 deaths)

Lubbock Police Dept.

City Date Name
Lubbock 2005 Pedro Briseno Alcorte
Lubbock 2005 Adam Garcia
Lubbock 2005 Jeramine Deshone Hines
Lubbock 2006 Juan Manuel Nunez
Lubbock 2007 Jesus Hernandez
Lubbock 2008 Christopher Bednarz
Lubbock 2008 Leondrick Akeen Hastings
Lubbock 2008 Monte Lee Jordan
Lubbock 2010 Matthew Scott Colbert
Lubbock 2011 Jermar Antwan Mckinzie
Lubbock 2012 Julian Marcus Begay
Lubbock 2012 Anthony Craig Nichols
Lubbock 2013 Arneilus Antonio Brown
Lubbock 2013 Julio Navarette Gamboa
Lubbock 2014 Guadalupe Esquivel
Lubbock 2014 Arnesto Ramos
(1 deaths)

Lufkin Police Dept.

City Date Name
Lufkin 2007 Brandon Lee Kort
(1 deaths)

Lumberton Police Dept.

City Date Name
Lumberton 2009 Kevin Jibreel Laday
(1 deaths)

Malakoff Police Dept.

City Date Name
Corsicana 2013 William Livezy
(3 deaths)

Mansfield Police Dept.

City Date Name
Mansfield 2007 Diane Louise Mcintyre
Mansfield 2008 Renee Prestidge Johnson
Mansfield 2014 Harvey Paul Bass
(1 deaths)

Marshall Police Dept.

City Date Name
Marshall 2013 Marcus Dewayne Slade
(5 deaths)

Matagorda County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Bay City 2011 Andrew Mendoza
Bay City 2012 Frank Briseno Rodriguez
Bay City 2012 Susan Elizabeth Silva
Bay City 2013 Carlitos None Flores
Bay City 2013 Carl Anthony Williams
(5 deaths)

McAllen Police Dept.

City Date Name
Mcallen 2005 Nelson Saenz
Mcallen 2006 Arthur Ramirez
Mcallen 2006 Ruben Gamez Ramirez
Mcallen 2011 Jose Ignacio Palomo
Mcallen 2014 Jose Juan Martinez
(1 deaths)

McCulloch County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Brady 2013 John David Shelton
(1 deaths)

McGregor Police Dept.

City Date Name
Mcgregor 2013 Joshua Joe Johnson Barnes
(2 deaths)

McKinney Police Dept.

City Date Name
Mckinney 2010 Patrick Gray Sharp
Wylie 2009 Jeremy Richard Bates
(11 deaths)

McLennan County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Waco 2005 Timothy Jerome Standifer
Waco 2006 Ruel Carl Reitenauer
Waco 2008 Noel Douglas Phillips
Waco 2009 Robert Dale Gray
Waco 2010 James Mahlon Lynch
Waco 2011 Nelverson Bell
Waco 2011 Fabian Moreno
Waco 2011 Mulji Ranchard Patel
Waco 2012 Jack Brian Sandeers
Waco 2012 Stanley Richard Willis
Waco 2014 Iretha Jean Lilly
(1 deaths)

Medina County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Castroville 2007 Donald Wayne Jacobs
(3 deaths)

Mesquite Police Dept.

City Date Name
Balch Springs 2007 Steven Everett Shaw
Mesquite 2007 Mark Anthony Holliness
Mesquite 2013 Graham Edward Dyer
(1 deaths)

Methodist Health System Police Department

City Date Name
Dallas 2007 Brosha Dominica Taylor
(3 deaths)

Metro Dept. of Public Safety

City Date Name
Houston 2009 Corby Dean Bradford
Houston 2011 Nolton Joseph Lafleur
Houston 2014 Authur Robinson
(1 deaths)

Mexia Police Dept.

City Date Name
Mexia 2008 Adren Maurice Turner
(7 deaths)

Midland County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Midland 2005 Wesley Merve Thomas
Midland 2006 Rodrick Lydell Hickey
Midland 2007 Jose Luis Lopez
Midland 2013 Dwight Howard Etchison
Midland 2013 Levalgia Gildon
Midland 2014 Norman Lee Mizell
Tarzan 2011 Lonny Dean Martin
(9 deaths)

Midland Police Dept.

City Date Name
Midland 2005 David Allen Calvillo
Midland 2006 Patrick Jason Calanchi
Midland 2006 Armando Paz Garcia
Midland 2007 Chad Steven Sanchez
Midland 2007 Alfredo Losoya Vela
Midland 2008 Paul Edwin Holland
Midland 2009 Jerry Dean Rheinlander
Midland 2009 Jeremy Scott Waller
Midland 2011 Christopher Lee Brawley
(2 deaths)

Milam County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Cameron 2006 Rosendo Gaytan
Cameron 2006 Ricky Dale Shaw
(4 deaths)

Mission Police Dept.

City Date Name
Mission 2005 Jose Adan Lopez
Mission 2009 Adan Zarate Olvera
Mission 2010 Reymundo Pedraza Mendez
Mission 2014 Benjamin Cornejo Gonzalez
(2 deaths)

Montague County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Montague 2005 Randall Wayne Wiggins
Montague 2014 James Weldon Mcgowan
(1 deaths)

Montgomery County Constable Precinct 4

City Date Name
Conroe 2014 Wesley Maloy White
(21 deaths)

Montgomery County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Anderson 2005 Daniel Anderson Beasley
Conroe 2005 Richard Tracy Davis
Conroe 2006 Dave Edward Rogers
Conroe 2007 Mitchell James Byron
Conroe 2007 John Yongwoo Kim
Conroe 2007 James Earl Mcginty
Conroe 2009 Douglas James Snyder
Conroe 2009 Robert Lee Welch
Conroe 2010 Brandon Ray Dalton
Conroe 2010 Earl Handy
Conroe 2011 James Patrick Benefield
Conroe 2012 Pedro Pete Noboa
Conroe 2012 Johnny Isabel Valdez
Conroe 2013 Terry Gene Cooley
Conroe 2013 John Paul Ebarb
Conroe 2014 Randall Everett Johnston
Conroe 2010 Carlos Cabrera
Porter 2011 Michael Davis Lacroix
Spring 2012 Bryan Keith Carnes
Spring 2013 Gregory Allen Bridges
Unincorporated 2007 Elvis Joel Ramirez
(2 deaths)

Morris County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Daingerfield 2005 John Henry Ried
Daingerfield 2007 Gary Charles Goynes
(1 deaths)

Mount Pleasant Police Dept.

City Date Name
Mount Pleasant 2005 Roslyn Resha Hatley
(6 deaths)

Nacogdoches County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Cushing 2014 Darrell Joseph Legnon
Etoile 2013 Kevin Barrett Koonce
Nacogdoches 2008 Brandon Keith Bryant
Nacogdoches 2013 Rickey Lynn Flanagan
Nacogdoches 2013 Carol Keith Moore
Nacogdoches 2013 John Mark Stevens
(1 deaths)

Nassau Bay Police Dept.

City Date Name
Nassau Bay 2011 Steven Hayes
(2 deaths)

New Braunfels Police Dept.

City Date Name
New Braunfels 2009 Jamie Lee Almaguer
New Braunfels 2010 Glenn Shane Godden
(2 deaths)

Nolan County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Sweetwater 2007 Decrick Deshawn Westbrook
Sweetwater 2013 Ruben Castillo Barrera
(1 deaths)

North Richland Hills Police Dept.

City Date Name
North Richland Hills 2007 F Shawn Ferreiro
(12 deaths)

Nueces County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Corpus Christi 2005 Mark David Golding
Corpus Christi 2006 Santos Guajardo
Corpus Christi 2008 Howard Eugene Eller
Corpus Christi 2008 Roberto Rolando Garcia
Corpus Christi 2009 William Allen Evans
Corpus Christi 2010 Kathy Mae Castillo
Corpus Christi 2010 Samuel Salazar
Corpus Christi 2011 Dennis Bridges
Corpus Christi 2011 Gregory Cheek
Corpus Christi 2011 Cruz Clark
Corpus Christi 2013 John Ray Wallace
Corpus Christi 2014 Samuel Everett Toomey
(2 deaths)

Ochiltree County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Perryton 2011 Irvin Ray Ross
Perryton 2014 Amber Nicole May
(4 deaths)

Odessa Police Dept.

City Date Name
Odessa 2012 Raul Natividad Lara
Odessa 2012 Raul Natividad Lara
Odessa 2012 Rene Francisco Najera
Odessa 2013 John Andrew Vassilion
(1 deaths)

Olmos Park Police Dept.

City Date Name
San Antonio 2008 Justin Ybanez
(5 deaths)

Orange County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Orange 2006 Anthony Steve Stepney
Orange 2009 Daniel Paul Solomon
Orange 2011 Robert Montano
Orange 2012 Tammy Michelle Williams
Orange 2013 Joda Lewis Atchley
(2 deaths)

Orange Police Dept.

City Date Name
Orange 2008 Jerry Lynn Jones
Orange 2010 James Millard Whitehead
(1 deaths)

Palestine Police Dept.

City Date Name
Palestine 2008 Robert Wesley Daniels
(1 deaths)

Palo Pinto County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Palo Pinto 2006 Cody Glenn Owens
(1 deaths)

Panola County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Carthage 2014 Keith Dewayne Dean
(9 deaths)

Parker County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Weatherford 2007 David Allen Hamblen
Weatherford 2008 Michael Eugene Wells
Weatherford 2009 Bobby Stephens
Weatherford 2010 Darryl Lynn Brady
Weatherford 2010 Mychael Louis Kelley
Weatherford 2011 Santos Jovel Pineda-Garcia
Weatherford 2012 Donald Mcfaden Orange
Weatherford 2008 Francis Kirk Johnson
Weatherford 2008 Frankie Lewis Tucker
(12 deaths)

Pasadena Police Dept.

City Date Name
Pasadena 2005 Vicente Desena
Pasadena 2005 Barney Lee Green
Pasadena 2007 Pedro Gonzalez
Pasadena 2008 Maximo Torres Avila
Pasadena 2010 Dennis Dwain Jackson
Pasadena 2010 Jose Luis Martinez
Pasadena 2011 Kyle Wayne Collins
Pasadena 2012 Jose Sauceda
Pasadena 2013 Michael Andrea Martinez
Pasadena 2014 David Crawford
Pasadena 2014 Stephanie Hernandez
Pasdena 2010 David Christian Ufert
(1 deaths)

Payne Springs Police Department

City Date Name
Payne Springs 2006 Michael Joseph Recio
(1 deaths)

Pearland Police Dept.

City Date Name
Houston 2013 Noah Burford Silva
(1 deaths)

Pecos County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Iraan 2014 Clinton Hosford
(1 deaths)

Perryton Police Dept.

City Date Name
Perryton 2009 Wade Devin Wilson
(2 deaths)

Plainview Police Dept.

City Date Name
Plainview 2006 Jose Pacheco Ceballos
Plainview 2007 Clara Morris
(4 deaths)

Plano Police Dept.

City Date Name
Plano 2005 Anthony Demille Sanders
Plano 2007 Qwame Maulan Lombardo
Plano 2011 Jonas Hernandez
Plano 2012 Kenneth Darrell Begay
(2 deaths)

Polk County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Livingston 2008 Leroy Clifton Johnson
Lufkin 2009 Maxine Morgan Crabb
(2 deaths)

Port Aransas Police Dept.

City Date Name
Port Aransas 2010 Sherry Black Lancaster
Port Aransas 2014 Bryan Keith Brown
(6 deaths)

Port Arthur Police Dept.

City Date Name
Beaumont 2007 John Albert Sanders
Port Arthur 2005 Tyrone Ulrich Jones
Port Arthur 2008 Louis Jacoby Cryer
Port Arthur 2008 Tremaine Darnell Flanagan
Port Arthur 2013 Rosa Elvira Lopez
Port Arthur 2014 Eduardo Rodriguez
(9 deaths)

Potter County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Amarillo 2007 Raymond Mayburry
Amarillo 2007 Randy Lee Mcsmith
Amarillo 2008 Michael Lee Dick
Amarillo 2008 George Christopher Lane
Amarillo 2008 Marcos Antonio Portillo
Amarillo 2008 Christopher David Price
Amarillo 2010 Gary Donald Carner
Amarillo 2012 Robert Alex Boatright
Amarillo 2012 Joseph Mathor
(1 deaths)

Primera Police Dept.

City Date Name
Primera 2012 Willard Forrest Hargrove
(3 deaths)

Randall County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Amarillo 2006 Matthew Rex Griffin
Amarillo 2012 Branden Lee Bellinghausen
Amarillo 2012 Tara Leann Miller
(1 deaths)

Reagan County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Big Lake 2012 Marcus Wade Madison
(1 deaths)

Red River County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Clarksville 2011 Luther Dale Goforth
(18 deaths)

Reeves County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Lubbock 2013 Jesus Lizarraga Moreno
Lubbock 2014 Aurelio Navarro-Contreras
Odessa 2008 Santiago Penuelos Gonzalez
Odessa 2014 Luis Miguel Sagrero-Alba
Odessa 2011 Martin (nmn) Acosta
Pecos 2006 Jose Ramirez-Gonzalez
Pecos 2006 Thomas Richmond
Pecos 2006 Luis Sustayta-Villa
Pecos 2007 Francisco Cancino-Rodriguez
Pecos 2008 Rogelio Alba Alba
Pecos 2008 Jesus Manuel Galindo-Aguilera
Pecos 2008 Rangel Reyes Garcia
Pecos 2008 Jesus Rivas-Prieto
Pecos 2009 Jose Falcon-Cardenas
Pecos 2011 Claudio Fagardo-Saucedo
Pecos 2013 Federico Santa Cruz-Gonzalez
Pecos 2014 Armando Garcia-Ruiz
Pecos 2009 Hector Ramiro Guerra-Briones
(1 deaths)

Refugio County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Refugio 2006 Bobby Ross Sanders
(2 deaths)

Richardson Police Dept.

City Date Name
Richardson 2005 Jeffrey Scott Collard
Richardson 2006 Kevin Lynn Nelson
(1 deaths)

Richmond Police Dept.

City Date Name
Richmond 2011 Richard Hollas Rogge
(1 deaths)

Rio Grande City Police Dept.

City Date Name
Rio Grande City 2007 Noe Vera
(1 deaths)

River Oaks Police Dept.

City Date Name
River Oaks 2013 Christine Diane Sexton
(2 deaths)

Robertson County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Bryan 2010 Diane Clark Higgins
Franklin 2009 John Edward Lindley
(3 deaths)

Rockwall County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Dallas 2010 Kenneth Steve Kimball
Rockwall 2007 James Thomas Hetchler
Rockwall 2013 Krymsum Yvonne O’Dell
(1 deaths)

Rosenberg Police Dept.

City Date Name
Rosenberg 2008 Judith Davila Cruz
(5 deaths)

Round Rock Police Dept.

City Date Name
Round Rock 2007 Dawn Nicole Mclemore
Round Rock 2008 Bobby Lee Williams
Round Rock 2013 Jonathan Mathew Demarco
Round Rock 2013 Sarah Elisabeth Harrington
Round Rock 2013 Tadarion Deshon Lawson
(1 deaths)

Rowlett Police Dept.

City Date Name
Rowlett 2012 Sandra Elizardo Otten
(1 deaths)

Rusk County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Henderson 2009 Gerald Donnell Johnson
(1 deaths)

Saginaw Police Dept.

City Date Name
Saginaw 2006 Tracie Denise Griffith
(8 deaths)

San Angelo Police Dept.

City Date Name
San Angelo 2007 Juan Flores Lopez
San Angelo 2008 Greg Cranfill
San Angelo 2010 Alexander Peschard
San Angelo 2011 Martin Pena
San Angelo 2012 Julio Cesar Lopez
San Angelo 2013 Micah Anthony Key
San Angelo 2014 Gerald Stephen Cole
San Angelo 2014 Charles Daniel Welborn
(1 deaths)

San Antonio I.S.D. Police Department

City Date Name
San Antonio 2005 Eric Zapata-Colin
(111 deaths)

San Antonio Police Dept.

City Date Name
San Antonio 2005 Joseph Cain
San Antonio 2005 Albert Chavez Enriquez
San Antonio 2005 Eric Joseph Guioco
San Antonio 2005 Stephen Hughes Hastings
San Antonio 2005 Mark Karnuth
San Antonio 2005 Shaun Sonny Taylor Morales
San Antonio 2005 Carl James O’Neill
San Antonio 2005 Juan Andres Olivarez
San Antonio 2005 Hector Rodriguez
San Antonio 2005 Gerald John Salazar
San Antonio 2005 Jacob Schlentz
San Antonio 2005 Doroteo Torres
San Antonio 2005 Paul Javier Vara
San Antonio 2006 Brounxsye Barber
San Antonio 2006 John Henry Cervantes
San Antonio 2006 Jeramey Gay
San Antonio 2006 Steve Vernon Johnson
San Antonio 2006 Robert Lerma
San Antonio 2006 Kevin Magirl
San Antonio 2006 Michael Pais
San Antonio 2006 Nugent Raspberry
San Antonio 2006 Alfonso Rodriguez
San Antonio 2006 Teddy Stranghoener
San Antonio 2006 Ethan Wulfmeyer
San Antonio 2007 Joe Anthony Cortinas
San Antonio 2007 John Doe Me #1186
San Antonio 2007 John Doe Me Case #1187
San Antonio 2007 John Doe Me Case #1188
San Antonio 2007 Christopher James Donnan
San Antonio 2007 James Flanigen
San Antonio 2007 Gene Baraka Franklin
San Antonio 2007 Sergio Galvan
San Antonio 2007 Jimmy Garcia
San Antonio 2007 Daniel Hernandez
San Antonio 2007 Deon Johnson
San Antonio 2007 German Martinez
San Antonio 2007 Micheal Olveda
San Antonio 2007 Joseph Mario Rodriguez
San Antonio 2007 Jesus Eduardo Salinas
San Antonio 2007 Efran Agapito Sauceda
San Antonio 2007 Daniel Christopher Thomas
San Antonio 2007 Aladino Trejo
San Antonio 2007 Richard Joseph Verrett
San Antonio 2008 Griselda Herrera Barrera
San Antonio 2008 Osbaldo Xavier Barrera
San Antonio 2008 Julian Deleon
San Antonio 2008 Alfonso Escamill
San Antonio 2008 Juan Ignacio Gutierrez
San Antonio 2008 Augustus Garcia Hernandez
San Antonio 2008 Omar Ibanez-Torres
San Antonio 2008 Justin Joseph Jeffries
San Antonio 2008 Michael William Mattingly
San Antonio 2008 John Robert Otten
San Antonio 2008 David Pete Rodriguez
San Antonio 2008 Ralph Sanchez
San Antonio 2008 David Medina Torres
San Antonio 2008 Andres Vargas
San Antonio 2009 Abel Bernal
San Antonio 2009 Henry Cruz
San Antonio 2009 Michael Galloway
San Antonio 2009 Michael Mcknight
San Antonio 2009 Julio Rene Molinar
San Antonio 2009 Bryan Lee Morton
San Antonio 2009 David Lee Quintana
San Antonio 2009 Barnabas Roberson
San Antonio 2009 Mauro Bartolo Segovia
San Antonio 2009 Devon Christopher Spencer
San Antonio 2009 Loc Quang Ta
San Antonio 2010 Domingo Berlanga
San Antonio 2010 Jimmy Escoto
San Antonio 2010 Jason Medina
San Antonio 2010 Ethan Lee Owen
San Antonio 2010 Richard Ramos
San Antonio 2010 James Raymond Sada
San Antonio 2010 Santos G. Sanchez
San Antonio 2010 Dominique Smith
San Antonio 2010 Danny Thomas
San Antonio 2011 Pierre Tourell Abernathy
San Antonio 2011 Cesar Delvalle-Gonzalez
San Antonio 2011 James Guerra
San Antonio 2012 Alfredo Hector Aragon
San Antonio 2012 David Garza
San Antonio 2012 Juan Longoria
San Antonio 2012 Juan Antonio Lopez-Loera
San Antonio 2012 Gilbert Leeadam Luis
San Antonio 2012 Gregory Clark Miller
San Antonio 2012 Daniel Roger Schuck
San Antonio 2012 Derrick Allan Smith
San Antonio 2012 Mario Soto
San Antonio 2012 Javier Torres
San Antonio 2013 Jesse Aguirre
San Antonio 2013 Christopher Ashford
San Antonio 2013 Andrew John Beard
San Antonio 2013 Daryll Eugene Blair
San Antonio 2013 Michael John Egan
San Antonio 2013 Christopher Fredette
San Antonio 2013 Jimmy James Garza
San Antonio 2013 Cedric Lee Howard
San Antonio 2013 Bill Larry Jones
San Antonio 2013 Felix Montelongo
San Antonio 2014 Jose Manuel Camacho
San Antonio 2014 Juan Deltoro
San Antonio 2014 Donn Ralph Eastman
San Antonio 2014 Jose Franco
San Antonio 2014 David Donnell Hartley
San Antonio 2014 Carlos Mendoza Hernandez
San Antonio 2014 Marquise Edward Jones
San Antonio 2014 Levon Leroy Love
San Antonio 2014 Lee Redoux
San Antonio 2014 Sheila Vawter
Universal City 2013 Jose Elias Mata
(1 deaths)

San Augustine County Sheriff’s Dept

City Date Name
San Augustine 2010 Sonya Nichol Sheffield
(6 deaths)

San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Cleveland Tx 2007 Dustin Blake Klander
Coldspring 2006 Kenneth William Scroggins
Coldspring 2007 Christoper Allan Jennings
Coldspring 2009 Mark Bryant Mcilwain
Coldspring 2011 Jerry Dion Lawson
Coldspring 2013 Ernest Clark
(4 deaths)

San Marcos Police Dept.

City Date Name
Niederwald 2013 Jerry Paul Stovall
San Marcos 2006 Christopher Jonathan Gonzales
San Marcos 2006 Leslie Eugene Whited
San Marcos 2007 Timothy Logan Taylor
(9 deaths)

San Patricio County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Aransas Pass 2014 Raymond Villarreal
Corpus Christi 2011 Antonio Cano Nava
Sinton 2006 Simon Diaz
Sinton 2006 Glen Raymond Sanderson
Sinton 2008 Raul Gomez
Sinton 2010 Charles Dwayne Huett
Sinton 2012 Espirio Chapa Moreno
Sinton 2014 Benito Gonzales
Sinton 2014 Juan Jose Perez
(1 deaths)

Savoy Police Dept.

City Date Name
Savoy 2005 David Emmanuel Wilhelm
(1 deaths)

Seagoville Police Dept.

City Date Name
Seagoville 2011 Milton Heath Hill
(1 deaths)

Seguin Police Dept.

City Date Name
Seguin 2006 Ricky Lee Risinger
(2 deaths)

Shelby County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Center 2005 Michael Lynn Ard
Center 2009 Rekietha Rochell Calhoun
(3 deaths)

Sherman Police Dept.

City Date Name
Sherman 2011 Lorne Lewayne Linton
Sherman 2013 Lesa Ann Surratt
Sherman 2014 Dustin Michael Brown
(3 deaths)

Silsbee Police Dept.

City Date Name
Silsbee 2005 Clifton Young
Silsbee 2006 Robin Ann Lynn
Silsbee 2010 David Laughlin
(13 deaths)

Smith County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Tyler 2005 Billy Butcher
Tyler 2006 Carl Nolan Bussey
Tyler 2006 Joel Anson Shuler
Tyler 2007 Jerome Demon Lacy
Tyler 2007 Maurice Timmons Sapp
Tyler 2008 John Marc Carpenter
Tyler 2008 Christopher Lee Mccuin
Tyler 2010 Duantes Harrison
Tyler 2012 Sonya Elaine Armstron
Tyler 2012 Isachar Moncada Guerrero
Tyler 2013 Jill Denise Manor
Tyler 2013 Kerry Deon Winston
Tyler 2014 John Bailey Hays
(1 deaths)

Smithville Police Dept.

City Date Name
Smithville 2011 John Henry Lewis
(1 deaths)

South Houston Police Dept.

City Date Name
South Houston 2011 Daniel Torres Cisneros
(1 deaths)

Starr County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Mcallen 2014 Samuel Martinez
(1 deaths)

Stephens County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Breckenridge 2008 Jason Lloyd Gray
(1 deaths)

Sugar Land Police Dept.

City Date Name
Sugar Land 2014 Christopher Stone
(2 deaths)

Sweetwater Police Dept.

City Date Name
Sweetwater 2014 Michael Unknown Berry
Sweetwater 2014 Merced Flores
(1 deaths)

Swisher County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Tulia 2013 Terry Lynn Borum
(1 deaths)

Tarrant County Constable Precinct 7

City Date Name
Fort Worth 2013 Scott Leon Holland
(1 deaths)

Tarrant County Hospital District Police Dept.

City Date Name
Arlington 2011 Gerald Vertrees
(34 deaths)

Tarrant County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Bedford 2014 Donald Martin White
Fort Worth 2005 Wesley Bonner
Fort Worth 2005 Christopher Waller
Fort Worth 2006 Rickey Ashby
Fort Worth 2006 Raleigh Kemp
Fort Worth 2006 Aubrey Eugene Whiting
Fort Worth 2007 Steve L. Moore
Fort Worth 2007 Steve Robledo
Fort Worth 2007 John Robert Seelinger
Fort Worth 2007 Santana Marquice Smith
Fort Worth 2007 Barbara Ann Wheaton
Fort Worth 2008 Tillman Wayne Barber
Fort Worth 2008 James Monte Green
Fort Worth 2008 Fredric Jay Jacobson
Fort Worth 2008 Adrienne M. Lemons
Fort Worth 2009 Duane Albert Hubbard
Fort Worth 2010 Lynn Edward Denham
Fort Worth 2010 Glen Dale Johnson
Fort Worth 2010 Jason Eric Maddux
Fort Worth 2011 James Roy Hemphill
Fort Worth 2011 Mike Martinez
Fort Worth 2012 Archie Lawayne Booker
Fort Worth 2012 Irvin Ireland Dorsey
Fort Worth 2012 Jonathan William Holden
Fort Worth 2012 Jonathan William Holden
Fort Worth 2012 Willie Harold Smith
Fort Worth 2013 Bernard Eaglin
Fort Worth 2013 Charles Nathan Finnell
Fort Worth 2013 Timothy Joseph Ghormley
Fort Worth 2013 Eduardo Constantino Salazar
Fort Worth 2013 Robert Henderson Simmons
Fort Worth 2014 William Diener
Fort Worth Tx 2011 Kaleb Tauren Fitzgerald
Ft. Worth 2008 John L. Fain
(12 deaths)

Taylor County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Abilene 2005 Christopher Paul Perez
Abilene 2005 Dominic Joseph Pizotti
Abilene 2005 Jason R Spencer
Abilene 2005 Jason R Spencer
Abilene 2005 William Crawford Spurgin
Abilene 2008 Ricky Lee Wynn
Abilene 2009 Marcus Dwayne Marsh
Abilene 2010 Daven Jon Ellis
Abilene 2011 Ernest Eugene Baca
Abilene 2011 Arlin Ray Gary
Abilene 2011 Arlin Ray Gary
Abilene 2014 Joseph Lee Patterson
(1 deaths)

Taylor Police Dept.

City Date Name
Taylor 2011 Omar Lopez
(4 deaths)

Temple Police Dept.

City Date Name
Temple 2005 Curtis Lee Lewis
Temple 2005 Curtis Lee Lewis
Temple 2011 Terry Ray Cox
Temple 2012 Larry Wayne Robards
(1 deaths)

Terrell Police Dept.

City Date Name
Terrell 2011 Christopher Chadd Irwin
(1 deaths)

Texarkana Police Dept.

City Date Name
Texarkana 2007 Cedric D. Mercer
(2 deaths)

Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission

City Date Name
Austin 2009 Steven Edward Lunt
Hitchcock 2013 Steven Wayne Touchstone
(1 deaths)

Texas City Police Dept.

City Date Name
Texas City 2013 Richard Lee Thompson
(1857 deaths)

Texas Department Of Criminal Justice

City Date Name
78542 2010 Juan Cantu
Abilene 2005 Edward Alcazar
Abilene 2005 Michael Clifton Gladney
Abilene 2005 Ronald James Jones
Abilene 2006 Levon Lee Denmark
Abilene 2006 Joshua A. Kirk
Abilene 2006 Reynaldo Correa Robles
Abilene 2006 Robert Allan Shafer
Abilene 2006 Michael Anthony Villarreal
Abilene 2007 Daniel Fox
Abilene 2008 John Wesley Ledbetter
Abilene 2008 Robert Marin
Abilene 2008 Luthor Dale Simpson
Abilene 2008 Don Whatley
Abilene 2009 Roger Lee Enberg
Abilene 2009 Dralon Evans
Abilene 2009 Brett Lawless
Abilene 2009 Alvaro Macias
Abilene 2009 Ronald Mcknight
Abilene 2010 Phillp Speckter
Abilene 2010 Thomas Edward Winget
Abilene 2012 Dennis Allen Carter
Abilene 2012 Billy Lawrence Dickerson
Abilene 2012 Kyle Shane Hankins
Abilene 2012 Michael King
Abilene 2012 William Neal
Abilene 2012 Mark Anthony Rauls
Abilene 2012 Robert Sepeda
Abilene 2012 Elasko Thomas
Abilene 2013 Donald Bickford
Abilene 2013 Jesus Castillo
Abilene 2013 Robert Chacon
Abilene 2013 Domingo Contreras
Abilene 2013 Earl W Kessinger
Abilene 2013 Steve Madden
Abilene 2013 Daniel Perez
Abilene 2013 Billy Sanchez
Abilene 2013 Derrell Lonnie White
Abilene 2014 Danmond Bryant
Abilene 2014 Mikko Daniels
Abilene 2014 Rogelio G. Hernandez
Abilene 2014 Ernesto Martinez
Abilene 2014 Drew Craig Mcclelland
Abilene 2014 Billy Lawrence Oswald
Abilene 2014 Clinton Roberts
Abilene 2014 Curtis Duane Thomas
Abilene 2014 James Darrell Turner
Abilene 2014 Marcos Valdez
Abilene 2011 John Wharton
Amarillo 2005 Gilbert Brown
Amarillo 2005 Nelson A. Escolero
Amarillo 2005 Raymond W Gonzales
Amarillo 2006 James R. Hall
Amarillo 2006 Rico H. King
Amarillo 2006 Willie Mack Moddon
Amarillo 2006 Theodore Schmerber
Amarillo 2006 Rickey Lee Thorn
Amarillo 2007 Jeremy Blaylock
Amarillo 2007 Brian Booker
Amarillo 2007 Timothy Clearly
Amarillo 2007 Richard Ferrara
Amarillo 2007 David V. Flores
Amarillo 2007 Anthony Forney
Amarillo 2007 Augustine Gonzales
Amarillo 2007 David L Sexton
Amarillo 2007 Javier Villanueva
Amarillo 2008 Miguel Carrillo
Amarillo 2008 Ricky Gonzales
Amarillo 2008 Kenneth Wayne Hartfield
Amarillo 2008 Roger Dale Keith
Amarillo 2008 Farid Featherstone Matthews
Amarillo 2008 Reymundo Ortiz
Amarillo 2008 John Senakievich
Amarillo 2008 Rudy Vallejo
Amarillo 2008 Adolfo Vasquez
Amarillo 2008 Daniel Ybarra
Amarillo 2009 Marke E. Berry
Amarillo 2009 Bennie Cleveland
Amarillo 2009 Floyd Hardeman
Amarillo 2009 Steven Hernandez
Amarillo 2009 Edward Stanley Hoops
Amarillo 2009 Theodore Nelson
Amarillo 2009 Jimmy Racker
Amarillo 2009 David A Torres
Amarillo 2010 Jamiu A Adamon
Amarillo 2010 John W. Akers
Amarillo 2010 Michael Anderson
Amarillo 2010 Gabriel Chavez
Amarillo 2010 Adrian Delarosa
Amarillo 2010 Tommy Dotson
Amarillo 2010 Travis Dyson
Amarillo 2010 Earl Wayne Lipscomb
Amarillo 2010 Ernest Stokes
Amarillo 2010 Floyd R. Toney
Amarillo 2011 Wilson Dewayne Ansley
Amarillo 2011 Clarence E. Cook
Amarillo 2011 Charles W. Jordan
Amarillo 2011 Frank Wayne Kubala
Amarillo 2011 Jerry W. Partlow
Amarillo 2011 Simon Jesus Salinas
Amarillo 2011 Gary Swearingen
Amarillo 2011 Kevin Wayne Thompson
Amarillo 2012 David Carl Akins
Amarillo 2012 Lewis A Bryant
Amarillo 2012 Bobby J. Cate
Amarillo 2012 David Edward Fowler
Amarillo 2012 Michael J. Parker
Amarillo 2012 Norris Gean Phifer
Amarillo 2013 Arturo Armijo
Amarillo 2013 Arcade Comeaux
Amarillo 2013 Leopoldo Franco
Amarillo 2013 Jose Gonzalez
Amarillo 2013 Norman James Greenwood
Amarillo 2013 Shannon Eugene Hefner
Amarillo 2013 Larry W. Lloyd
Amarillo 2013 John T. Mccormick
Amarillo 2013 Craig Mendenhall
Amarillo 2013 Robert Rosales
Amarillo 2013 Jesus Sustaita
Amarillo 2013 Gregorio Tijerina
Amarillo 2013 Steven Washington
Amarillo 2013 Christopher Woolverton
Amarillo 2014 Jake Adams
Amarillo 2014 Jose Alfredo Cruz
Amarillo 2014 Richard Keith Gaston
Amarillo 2014 Clarence Edward Hawkins
Amarillo 2014 Michael Mann
Amarillo 2014 Juan Carlos Motu
Amarillo 2014 Gary Raleigh
Amarillo 2014 Roberto Rodarte
Amarillo 2014 Ricardo R. Rodela
Amarillo 2014 Daniel Soto
Angleton 2007 Edwin Joseph Arendes
Angleton 2008 Stephen Bentley Morris
Angleton 2009 David Aceves
Angleton 2010 David Carter
Angleton 2011 Salvador Guerrero-Ortiz
Angleton 2011 David Ray Norris
Angleton 2012 Edwin R. Doty
Angleton 2013 Carl Edward Moore
Angleton 2013 David Valdez
Angleton 2014 Michael Grant
Angleton 2014 John Kaderly
Atascocita Rd 2009 Richard Darvin Mcclain
Austin 2006 Doris Dancer
Austin 2008 Larry Joe Mccoy
Austin 2010 Ray Flanagan
Austin 2010 Sammy Joe Roach
Austin 2012 John Patton
Austin 2013 Raymond Swanson
Bartlett 2007 Calvin Lee Mcgee
Bartlett 2007 Ruben White
Bartlett 2014 Lawrence Dobbins
Beamont 2014 David Mathew Layton
Beaumon 2009 Marvin Alridge
Beaumont 2005 James Taylor Brown
Beaumont 2005 Darrell E Gilbert
Beaumont 2005 Ruben T. Loya
Beaumont 2005 Charles Russell
Beaumont 2005 Rafael Trujillo
Beaumont 2006 Paul Blackburn
Beaumont 2006 Benito Chavez
Beaumont 2006 Abraham Hicks
Beaumont 2006 Charlie Lewis Mcghee
Beaumont 2006 Roy G. Mendoza
Beaumont 2006 Jeffery Wayne Murray
Beaumont 2006 Cruz Perea
Beaumont 2006 Cruz Perea
Beaumont 2006 Victor Rocha
Beaumont 2006 Ramon Rodriguez
Beaumont 2006 Lance C. Sheridan
Beaumont 2007 Adrian Vernon Bowie
Beaumont 2007 David J. Burkhart
Beaumont 2007 Rodge Davis
Beaumont 2007 S D Eleby
Beaumont 2007 Thad Lee Graves
Beaumont 2007 Michale Lynn Herborn
Beaumont 2007 Lee Jackson
Beaumont 2007 Geronimo Mendez
Beaumont 2007 Andrew Lee Patterson
Beaumont 2007 Michael A. Pena
Beaumont 2007 Gregoria Torres
Beaumont 2007 Donnie Avery Whitten
Beaumont 2008 Richard Case
Beaumont 2008 Moses Allen Crawford
Beaumont 2008 Randolfo Deleon
Beaumont 2008 Pete Soto Diaz
Beaumont 2008 Grady Kane
Beaumont 2008 Armando Valdez
Beaumont 2009 Jerry Childs
Beaumont 2009 Tim Duncan
Beaumont 2009 Herman Lee Freeman
Beaumont 2009 James Hamilton
Beaumont 2009 Wayne Rich
Beaumont 2009 Randall Edward Weede
Beaumont 2010 Billy Crocker
Beaumont 2010 Roy N. Franko
Beaumont 2010 Harold Crowder Hooker
Beaumont 2010 Marcus Keith Irvin
Beaumont 2010 Joel Thomas Lewis
Beaumont 2010 Kelvin Fitzgerald Little
Beaumont 2010 Thomas Mclean
Beaumont 2010 Larry Wayne Morris
Beaumont 2010 Santiago Perez
Beaumont 2010 William Herbert Scott
Beaumont 2010 Tydrick Williams
Beaumont 2011 Sammy Avalos
Beaumont 2011 Jackie Dale Easley
Beaumont 2011 Ricardo Garcia
Beaumont 2011 Terry Lee Harrison
Beaumont 2011 Cody Roberson
Beaumont 2011 Lester Wilson Rodgers
Beaumont 2012 Ronald Wayne Edmond
Beaumont 2012 Jimmy Lloyd Hickey
Beaumont 2012 Clarence G. Shelvin
Beaumont 2012 Gregory Jon Tharp
Beaumont 2013 James Wesley Clark
Beaumont 2013 Arthur Lee Harding
Beaumont 2013 Clive Coy Hockett
Beaumont 2013 Andrew Karl Johns
Beaumont 2014 Miguel Aguirre
Beaumont 2014 Anthony Dewayne Lewis
Beaumont 2014 Margarito Mendoza
Beaumont 2014 Christopher Alan Puga
Beaumont 2014 Freddy Vargas
Beaumont 2014 Elijah Lee Waites
Beaumont 2014 Mark Robert Weatherford
Beevile 2010 David Mcfarland
Beevile 2013 James Doyle Vaughan
Beeville 2005 Juan De Dios Cantu
Beeville 2005 Ray Anthony Grimes
Beeville 2005 Jose Peralta
Beeville 2005 Leonard Price
Beeville 2006 Abraham Bacos
Beeville 2006 Alfredo Escobedo
Beeville 2006 Armando Garcia
Beeville 2006 Jesse Reyna
Beeville 2006 Juan Sifuentes
Beeville 2006 Gary Don Smith
Beeville 2007 Farahon Chapa
Beeville 2007 Eugenio G. Garcia
Beeville 2007 John Milam Lawson
Beeville 2007 Robert Lee Lobdell
Beeville 2007 David Matthew Rogers
Beeville 2007 Regis Trial
Beeville 2007 Raul Enrique Yglesias
Beeville 2008 George Miller
Beeville 2008 Jefferson Marion Moore
Beeville 2008 Calvin Cavares Riley
Beeville 2008 Robert Otis Smith
Beeville 2008 Billy G. Turner
Beeville 2009 Carl Bordman
Beeville 2009 Joseph Brasher
Beeville 2010 Steve Barrera
Beeville 2010 Harry Long
Beeville 2011 Larry Wayne Derrick
Beeville 2011 Jose Ismael Flores
Beeville 2011 John Adam Gutierrez
Beeville 2011 Casey Myers
Beeville 2011 Carlos A. Rodriguez
Beeville 2012 Joseph Michael Allen
Beeville 2012 Steven Alvarado
Beeville 2012 Isaac Wesley Anderson
Beeville 2012 Albert Hinojosa
Beeville 2013 Darrell Lee Boston
Beeville 2013 Francisco Castillo
Beeville 2013 Mark Wayne Lomax
Beeville 2013 Vidal Molina
Beeville 2013 Mark Lenard Pearson
Beeville 2013 Carlton Joseph Prejean
Beeville 2013 Harold Riggins
Beeville 2013 James Doyle Vaughan
Beeville 2013 Curtis Toon Willeford
Beeville 2013 Curtis Toon Willeford
Beeville 2014 Arnold Castillo
Beeville 2014 Luis Armando Cruz
Beeville 2014 John Dickerson
Beeville 2014 Lionzo Munoz
Beeville 2014 Joe Salazar
Beeville 2014 Bryan Tobin Shackerford
Beeville 2014 Juan Jose Villalovos
Beeville 2006 Jack Robert Vick
Bonham 2011 Brannon Loggins
Bonham 2013 Harry L Gradney
Bonham 2013 Jody Lee Kessler
Bonham 2013 Louis Navarro Sercos
Bonham 2014 Rubin Elbert Boyd
Bonham 2014 Christopher Wayne Roberts
Brazoria 2006 Jesus Garduza
Breckenridge 2013 John Wesley Cox
Bridgeport 2005 Julie Martinez
Bridgeport 2009 Christie Seals
Bridgeport 2009 Beau Alan Weeks
Brownfield 2005 Ronald Lee Delcamp
Brownfield 2005 Ennis Demarcus Johnson
Brownfield 2006 Ronald Delcamp
Brownfield 2006 George Adam Floyd
Brownfield 2006 Kenneth Smith
Brownfield 2012 Joe Hernandez
Brownfield 2014 Tomas Hernandez Favela
Brownwood 2009 Kevin Cooper
Brownwood 2012 Carey Wilson
Bryan 2007 Willie Clark
Bryan 2008 Alejandro Vasquez
Bryan 2011 Ignacio Soto
Bryan 2013 Earl Wayne Harvey
Childress 2005 Jerald J Brown
Childress 2012 Paul Deleon
College Station 2008 Juan Lucio Hernandez
College Station 2010 Frankie Miles
Colorado City 2009 David Lavern Cummings
Conroe 2011 Ralph Dominguez
Corpus Christi 2011 Aaron Cramer
Corpus Christi 2013 Martin Urias
Crockett 2009 Arthur Saucedo
Cuero 2007 Floyd Mobley
Cuero 2007 Mario Rodriguez
Cuero 2009 Ronald Blaine Icenhower
Cuero 2010 Luis Miramontes
Cuero 2011 Virgil Holton Robertson
Cuero 2011 Virgil Holton Robertson
Cuero 2012 Joe Donald Aguirre
Cuero 2013 Glenn Morris Brown
Cuero 2014 Manuel Bermudez
Cuero 2014 Fernando Rodriguez-Amaya
Dalhart 2007 Lankford R. Golightly
Dalhart 2007 Dennis Schandel
Dalhart 2008 Shermaine Peterson
Dalhart 2009 David Philpot
Dalhart 2011 David M. Smith
Dalhart 2011 Manual Williams
Dalhart 2013 Manayn Brumsey
Dallas 2008 Pedro Padillla Espinoza
Dallas 2008 Janet Elizabeth Jackson
Dallas 2008 Ashleigh Shea Parks
Dallas 2008 Valerie Renee Perez
Dallas 2008 Samuel Thomas
Dallas 2008 Sterling L. Vaughn
Dallas 2008 Jinnie Lee Young
Dallas 2009 Aaron Jordan
Dallas 2010 Rosa Linda Padilla
Dallas 2010 Tony B. Thompson
Dallas 2010 Pamela Darlene Weatherby
Dallas 2011 Christopher E. Jimison
Dallas 2012 Shebaa Denise Green
Dallas 2012 Ronnie Hartfield
Dallas 2012 James Walter Moore
Dallas 2013 David Lee Graham
Dallas 2013 Anthony Mccoy
Dallas 2006 Donald Charles Moore
Dayton 2005 Stephanie Goode
Dayton 2006 Etta Brooks
Dayton 2007 Yvonne Gail Anderson
Dayton 2007 Samantha Denise Romar
Dayton 2008 Patricia Walton
Dayton 2009 Nathaniel Daughtry
Dayton 2010 Antoine Bateman
Dayton 2010 James Robert Wilcox
Dayton 2011 Tony Lee Hopson
Dayton 2012 Deborah Arocha
Dayton 2012 Morrell Biggers
Dayton 2012 Frances Reed
Dayton 2012 Virginia Williams
Dayton 2013 Chasity Ann Blanks
Dayton 2013 Louann Lucy Norton
Dayton 2014 Pedro Bertran
Dayton 2014 Stanley Ellis Hampton
Dayton 2014 Candyce Koba
Diboll 2008 Gary Correro
Diboll 2009 Theodore Williams
Diboll 2011 David Sodke
Diboll 2012 Darrell Roebuck
Diboll 2013 Theron Belton
Diboll 2014 Tito Baron Mendez
Diboll 2014 Nicolas Jesus Rodriguez
Diboll 2014 Eluterio Vega
Dickinson 2006 Jesus Jose Flores
Dickinson 2013 Conrado Aguinaga
Dickinson 2013 Conrado Aguinaga
Dickinson 2013 Oliver Broadnax
Dickinson 2013 David Casas
Dickinson 2013 Natalio Chaparro
Dickinson 2013 Donald Cox
Dickinson 2013 Gary Douglas
Dickinson 2013 Robert Guy Ethridge
Dickinson 2013 Ana Lucia Gelabert
Dickinson 2013 Jessie Griffith
Dickinson 2013 Mickey Hall
Dickinson 2013 Ivy Harbour
Dickinson 2013 Gilbert Hernandez
Dickinson 2013 Joe Hernandez
Dickinson 2013 Paulette Ford Holladay
Dickinson 2013 Jeffery Lee Hoyle
Dickinson 2013 Charles Frank Hurt
Dickinson 2013 Jacob Longoria
Dickinson 2013 Jesus Medrano
Dickinson 2013 Michael Moore
Dickinson 2013 San Juanita Hernandez Narvaez
Dickinson 2013 Afredo Nava
Dickinson 2013 Dewey W. Oden
Dickinson 2013 Gary Odom
Dickinson 2013 Eric Bernard Oguinn
Dickinson 2013 Joe Ozan
Dickinson 2013 Francisco Rivera
Dickinson 2013 Raymond Rodriguez
Dickinson 2013 Alvin Russell
Dickinson 2013 Tinnie Simpson
Dickinson 2013 Willie Swanson
Dickinson 2013 Marvin Tanzy
Dickinson 2013 Gibert Torres
Dickinson 2013 Efren Vasquez
Dickinson 2013 Lois Watson
Dickinson 2013 Danny Weaver
Dickinson 2013 Darryl Williamson
Dickinson 2014 Olen E Allen
Dickinson 2014 Arnold Beedy
Dickinson 2014 Wanda Blackwelder
Dickinson 2014 Ruben Blanco
Dickinson 2014 Domingo Bustos
Dickinson 2014 Albert Delossantos
Dickinson 2014 Barbara Faulk
Dickinson 2014 Nicolo Garcia
Dickinson 2014 Gerald Hoffman
Dickinson 2014 Charles Johnson
Dickinson 2014 Jimmy Lee Johnson
Dickinson 2014 Verdell Johnson
Dickinson 2014 Virgil Jordon
Dickinson 2014 Michael Leggett
Dickinson 2014 John Henry Lewis
Dickinson 2014 Ricky Lynn Lindberg
Dickinson 2014 Jose Lopez
Dickinson 2014 Margarita Lozano
Dickinson 2014 Dennis Martin
Dickinson 2014 Monica Pruitt
Dickinson 2014 Benny Ripple
Dickinson 2014 Joyce Smith
Dickinson 2014 Miguel Vela
Dickinson 2014 Karen Walder
Dilley 2006 Michael Lynn Rogers
Dilley 2008 Jerome Lomax
Edinburg 2007 Desmueek Johnson
Edinburg 2008 Robert Leslie King
Edinburg 2009 James Lindsay
Edinburg 2010 Frederick Loeber
Edinburg 2013 Juan Canales
Edinburg 2013 Jesus Mireles Garcia
Edinburg 2014 Charles Julian Duke
Edinburg 2014 Rigoberto Gonzalez
Edinburg 2014 Frank Paul Herrera
Edinburgh 2011 Edward G. Valdez
El Paso 2008 Billy Howard Cornstubble
El Paso 2008 Domingo Valdez
El Paso 2010 Charles Foster
El Paso 2011 Jesus Pena
El Paso 2011 Frederick Terry
El Paso 2013 Tommy Mcfarland
Fairfield 2011 Joseph Alfonso Nava
Fort Stockton 2007 Anthony Charles Adams
Fort Stockton 2007 Michael Berry
Fort Stockton 2007 Guadalupe Perez-Vargas
Fort Stockton 2010 Tomotello Cuellar
Fort Stockton 2011 Ricky Mike Malone
Fort Stockton 2012 Leon Hemphill
Fort Stockton 2012 Daniel Everett Irwin
Fort Stockton 2013 Michael Dwayne Dowdy
Fort Stockton 2013 Dale Anthony Guidry
Fort Worth 2005 Bernard Brown
Fort Worth 2008 Bruce Malone
Ft. Stockton 2007 Larry Spence
Ft. Stockton 2008 Todd Hollinsworth
Ft. Stockton 2009 Antonio Delacruz Leon
Ft. Stockton 2009 Burnis Frank Mcfarland
Galveston 2005 Harry O. Clark
Galveston 2005 Billy Down
Galveston 2005 Arthur Etter
Galveston 2005 Ronald A Major
Galveston 2005 Joe Anthony Martinez
Galveston 2005 Roy Oudems
Galveston 2005 Nakia Williams
Galveston 2006 Dale Crandell Dunbar
Galveston 2006 Eric Dwayne Powell
Galveston 2006 Pete Rocha
Galveston 2006 Guadalupe Rosales
Galveston 2006 Ernest Sims
Galveston 2007 George Williams
Galveston 2008 Hector Becerra
Galveston 2008 Oscar Leos
Galveston 2008 James Raphael Smith
Galveston 2009 Robert Owens
Galveston 2011 Herald Lawerance Lane
Galveston 2011 William Lindsey
Galveston 2011 James Robert White
Galveston 2012 Pedro Florez Torrez
Galveston 2013 Manuel Armenta
Galveston 2013 James Becknell
Galveston 2013 Marion Brown
Galveston 2013 Randall Browning
Galveston 2013 Frank Buxton
Galveston 2013 Lawrence Byrom
Galveston 2013 Brandon Candler
Galveston 2013 Albert Carnero
Galveston 2013 Edwin Dean Carr
Galveston 2013 Robert Carrales
Galveston 2013 Ricky Allen Daugherty
Galveston 2013 Ralph Dawson
Galveston 2013 Lloyd Dazey
Galveston 2013 Victor De Los Santos
Galveston 2013 Richard Derry
Galveston 2013 Enedino Escobedo
Galveston 2013 Joseph Filllmore
Galveston 2013 Diane Fobbs
Galveston 2013 Chadwick Fountain
Galveston 2013 Alvin Freeman
Galveston 2013 Jose Garcia
Galveston 2013 Roland Garcia
Galveston 2013 Rudy Garcia
Galveston 2013 Terry Goodman
Galveston 2013 Richard Wayne Graham
Galveston 2013 William Gray
Galveston 2013 Biolet Green
Galveston 2013 Stockton Marshall Greene
Galveston 2013 Raymond Greenhaw
Galveston 2013 Johnny Hancock
Galveston 2013 Clayton Henry
Galveston 2013 Rolando Hernandez
Galveston 2013 Rex Howard
Galveston 2013 Jerrod Jacobs
Galveston 2013 Charles Johnson
Galveston 2013 Leonard Jones
Galveston 2013 William Perry Kemp
Galveston 2013 Luther Ladell
Galveston 2013 Timothy Langley
Galveston 2013 George Lawrence
Galveston 2013 Wilbert Lee
Galveston 2013 Tyrone Leigh
Galveston 2013 Ignacio Leija
Galveston 2013 Larry Lewis
Galveston 2013 Victor Loredo
Galveston 2013 Jimmy Lozano
Galveston 2013 Gerald Mahan
Galveston 2013 Thomas Maternowski
Galveston 2013 Stanley Mccuistion
Galveston 2013 Ruben Monrial
Galveston 2013 Michael Moore
Galveston 2013 Pedro Munoz
Galveston 2013 Esau Ochoa
Galveston 2013 Jose Ortiz
Galveston 2013 Prudencio Ortiz
Galveston 2013 Allen Owen
Galveston 2013 Michael Plant
Galveston 2013 Tony Ray Plumlee
Galveston 2013 James Ray Pratt
Galveston 2013 Douglas Rainosek
Galveston 2013 Tony Reyes
Galveston 2013 Larry Rhodes
Galveston 2013 Wilbur Rice
Galveston 2013 Jose Rodriguez
Galveston 2013 Jose Rodriguez
Galveston 2013 Norma Rodriguez
Galveston 2013 Jim Saddler
Galveston 2013 Eleazar Salazar
Galveston 2013 Lonnie Sanders
Galveston 2013 Ronald Sherwinski
Galveston 2013 Devon Smith
Galveston 2013 Linda Smith
Galveston 2013 William Smitham
Galveston 2013 Kassi Stuart
Galveston 2013 Robert Thompson
Galveston 2013 Robert Tijerina
Galveston 2013 Patrick Torrence
Galveston 2013 Rogelio Trevino
Galveston 2013 Hubert Tyson
Galveston 2013 Louis Vega
Galveston 2013 Isaac Villanueva
Galveston 2013 Tyrone Wiley
Galveston 2013 Ricky Prince Williams
Galveston 2014 Cleveland Anderson
Galveston 2014 Roland Arenas
Galveston 2014 Steven Barb
Galveston 2014 Alvin Barnes
Galveston 2014 Troy Blanton
Galveston 2014 Norwood Bonner
Galveston 2014 Terry Brannan
Galveston 2014 George Bransford
Galveston 2014 Oscar Briceno
Galveston 2014 David Brown
Galveston 2014 Kenneth Brown
Galveston 2014 Thomas Buck
Galveston 2014 Freddie Burney
Galveston 2014 Michael Champion
Galveston 2014 Noble Lee Clark
Galveston 2014 Theodore Cutley
Galveston 2014 Eric Diaz
Galveston 2014 Jerry Douglas
Galveston 2014 Robert Dulles
Galveston 2014 Brad Eastman
Galveston 2014 Lonnie Edwards
Galveston 2014 Javier Espinoza
Galveston 2014 Eliseo Flores
Galveston 2014 Donald Frank
Galveston 2014 Roberto Garcia
Galveston 2014 Reynaldo Garza
Galveston 2014 Vince Guida
Galveston 2014 Kenneth Hall
Galveston 2014 Hubert Hawkins
Galveston 2014 David Herrera
Galveston 2014 John Valdemar Herrera
Galveston 2014 Billy Hettinger
Galveston 2014 Alton Hooker
Galveston 2014 Robert Jagneaux
Galveston 2014 Jesus Jaramillo
Galveston 2014 Jeffery Johnson
Galveston 2014 Rickey Jones
Galveston 2014 Charles Kirkpatrick
Galveston 2014 Brandon Lewis
Galveston 2014 Efrain Maldonado
Galveston 2014 Robert Matlock
Galveston 2014 Charles Ray Mickles
Galveston 2014 Anson Moore
Galveston 2014 Martha Moore
Galveston 2014 Larry Myers
Galveston 2014 Cox Paul
Galveston 2014 Rene Perez
Galveston 2014 James Polk
Galveston 2014 Thomas Ramos
Galveston 2014 Edward Reese
Galveston 2014 Rudy Richards
Galveston 2014 Julio Rios
Galveston 2014 Ransom Riser
Galveston 2014 Joe Rogers
Galveston 2014 Linda Ruff
Galveston 2014 Terry Sadler
Galveston 2014 Marvin Schulz
Galveston 2014 Herbert Wayne Searcy
Galveston 2014 Dean Seedanee
Galveston 2014 James Sowell
Galveston 2014 Michael Sparks
Galveston 2014 Calvin Stein
Galveston 2014 Earnest Teegarden
Galveston 2014 Henry Lee Thompson
Galveston 2014 John Henry Thompson
Galveston 2014 Timothy Waller
Galveston 2014 George Washington
Galveston 2014 Samuel Wilson
Galveston 2014 Corry Wiltse
Galveston 2014 Henry Woods
Galveston 2014 Armando Zermeno
Gatesville 2005 Victoria L Anderson
Gatesville 2005 Diana Gaines
Gatesville 2005 Danny Garcia
Gatesville 2005 Nicholas C Ortiz
Gatesville 2005 Carolyn Marie Wells
Gatesville 2006 Kevin M. Flores
Gatesville 2006 James Monroe Ivey
Gatesville 2006 Isidro Frank Salinas
Gatesville 2006 Tammy K. Vanegas
Gatesville 2007 Willie Anderson
Gatesville 2007 Janette Blair
Gatesville 2007 Christopher Blodgett
Gatesville 2007 Kelly Suzanne Montoya
Gatesville 2007 Carl Nickerson
Gatesville 2007 Jose Villanueva
Gatesville 2008 Jabrika Davis
Gatesville 2008 Norma Howard
Gatesville 2008 Patricia Jordan
Gatesville 2008 Deloris Mclain
Gatesville 2008 Theresa Nixon
Gatesville 2008 Chris Otting
Gatesville 2008 Sharon Rolls
Gatesville 2008 Laci Shields
Gatesville 2008 Annie Taylor
Gatesville 2009 Juventino Hernandez
Gatesville 2009 Linda Carol Simmons
Gatesville 2009 Brad Stowe
Gatesville 2010 Melanie Dickson
Gatesville 2010 Eli Forward
Gatesville 2010 Reginald Givens
Gatesville 2010 Laura A. Murrell
Gatesville 2010 Janis Lynn Walters
Gatesville 2011 Joey Camacho
Gatesville 2011 David Howell
Gatesville 2011 Molly Hunzicker
Gatesville 2011 Emma Johnson
Gatesville 2012 Allen Wayne Burbaker
Gatesville 2012 Vanessa Chambliss
Gatesville 2012 Marcus Ross
Gatesville 2012 Rebecca Toal
Gatesville 2013 Stephanie Carrillo
Gatesville 2013 Andrea Nelson
Gatesville 2013 James Michael Richard
Gatesville 2014 Gerald King
Gatesville 2014 Albert Wiggs Richardson
Henderson 2007 Rodrick Leon Ward
Henderson 2008 Gregory Cole
Henderson 2008 Alfred Earl Evans
Henderson 2008 Tom Jerry Luera
Henderson 2009 Jose Rodriguez
Henderson 2010 Roy Rainey
Henderson 2011 Robert Lynch
Henderson 2012 Martin Martinez
Henderson 2013 Alfonso Navarette
Henderson 2013 Melton Woodrow Wilson
Henderson 2014 Sam Abraham
Henderson 2014 Robert Earl Duffie
Henderson 2014 Kevin Philip Grant
Henderson 2014 Gerardo Holguin
Henderson 2014 Barbara Teegarden
Hondo 2007 Dustin Mcvade
Hondo 2008 Ricardo Camacho
Hondo 2009 Vonghrachane Saykham
Hondo 2011 Oliver Earl Lewis
Houston 2005 Fulton Lewis Carter
Houston 2005 Bennie Gonzalez
Houston 2006 Benjamin Hudson
Houston 2006 Leon Williams
Houston 2007 James Anthony Drozd
Houston 2008 Paul Richard Andrews
Houston 2009 Gregory Horn
Houston 2009 Donald Kammer
Houston 2009 Carl Koepp
Houston 2009 William Plasky
Houston 2010 Henry Lee Houston
Houston 2010 Antonio Mendoza
Houston 2010 Eugene Mu-Min
Houston 2010 Delroy Smith
Houston 2010 Raynaldo Valdez
Houston 2011 Alonzo Frank
Houston 2011 James Gordon Taber
Houston 2012 Michael Shawn Beheler
Houston 2013 William Boykin
Houston 2013 Roman Martinez
Houston 2013 George Nowlin
Houston 2014 Charles Ray Clay
Humble 2007 Mark Anthony Daniels
Humble 2007 Cory Doucet
Humble 2008 Bryant Braggs
Humble 2009 Arthur T. Buckner
Humble 2010 Wesley Slocom
Humble 2013 Willie Michael Johnson
Humble 2014 Demetrius Moore
Hunstville 2014 Modesto Serros
Huntsville 2005 Robert Anderson
Huntsville 2005 Pat O Barrett
Huntsville 2005 Michael W. Bennett
Huntsville 2005 Polo Canales, Jr.
Huntsville 2005 Norman Colburn
Huntsville 2005 Howard Lamar Ellis
Huntsville 2005 Gonzalo Joseph Garcia
Huntsville 2005 Paul A. Hensley
Huntsville 2005 James Holland
Huntsville 2005 Ralph Jackson
Huntsville 2005 Edwin J Kelley
Huntsville 2005 Eddie Lawrence
Huntsville 2005 Charlie Long
Huntsville 2005 Brandi Marsh
Huntsville 2005 Walter Burnett Robinson
Huntsville 2005 Sam Salas
Huntsville 2005 Kenneth E. Themis
Huntsville 2005 Darryl Glenn Wallace
Huntsville 2006 John Crabtree
Huntsville 2006 Samuel Crawford
Huntsville 2006 Jose I. Davila
Huntsville 2006 Marshall Bruce Geering
Huntsville 2006 Lloyd B. Keneson
Huntsville 2006 Floyd Lewis
Huntsville 2006 Leo Martinez
Huntsville 2006 Ken Wayne Mosier
Huntsville 2006 Terreth White
Huntsville 2006 Marvin Anthony Williams
Huntsville 2007 Danny Wayne Calvert
Huntsville 2007 Florencio Camarillo
Huntsville 2007 Larry Louis Cox
Huntsville 2007 Larry Gantt
Huntsville 2007 Toby Ben Gonzales
Huntsville 2007 Van Gordon Griffith
Huntsville 2007 Phillip Coleman Harwell
Huntsville 2007 John Robert Henry
Huntsville 2007 John Jones
Huntsville 2007 Antonio Lopez
Huntsville 2007 Leo Ousley
Huntsville 2007 Dionicio Robles, Jr
Huntsville 2007 Johnny Shoemaker
Huntsville 2007 James Shriver
Huntsville 2007 Harvey N. Smith
Huntsville 2007 Robert J. Stewart
Huntsville 2007 Rubin C. Vela
Huntsville 2007 Roy Williams
Huntsville 2008 Patrick Colin Ames
Huntsville 2008 Robert Blakeney
Huntsville 2008 Nicholas Flores
Huntsville 2008 Kevin Dwight Gipson
Huntsville 2008 Raul Gonzales
Huntsville 2008 Gabriel Gutierrez
Huntsville 2008 David Kennerson
Huntsville 2008 Panteleon Garza Lopez
Huntsville 2008 Ernest Mcknight
Huntsville 2008 Pedro Mejia
Huntsville 2008 Juan Moreno
Huntsville 2008 Darryl Lester Overton
Huntsville 2008 Barbara Lynn Ripa
Huntsville 2008 Maximo Saldivar
Huntsville 2008 Juan Sanchez
Huntsville 2008 Jerry Wayne Talley
Huntsville 2008 Porter Thomas
Huntsville 2008 Joe Sabas Trevino
Huntsville 2008 Richard Earl Wade
Huntsville 2008 Mike Glenn Young
Huntsville 2009 Nicolas Ramirez Alvarado
Huntsville 2009 Robert Bodkin
Huntsville 2009 Ernest Cabello
Huntsville 2009 Larry Demar
Huntsville 2009 Willie Fletcher
Huntsville 2009 Michael Harris
Huntsville 2009 Floyd Bennett Hays
Huntsville 2009 Todd Hughes
Huntsville 2009 Jeffery Jones
Huntsville 2009 Delbert Limuel
Huntsville 2009 Arthur Medearis
Huntsville 2009 Benito Mendez
Huntsville 2009 Marcellous Oliver
Huntsville 2009 Kenneth Sheppard
Huntsville 2009 Enrique Sosa
Huntsville 2009 Michael Standridge
Huntsville 2009 Walter Tillman
Huntsville 2009 Freddie Wilhite
Huntsville 2009 Raymond Earl Young
Huntsville 2010 Vincent Earl Bell
Huntsville 2010 Gary Dwain Callis
Huntsville 2010 Francisco Chavez
Huntsville 2010 Brent Coats
Huntsville 2010 Thord O Dockray
Huntsville 2010 Alfredo Garcia
Huntsville 2010 Thomas Gilliam
Huntsville 2010 Joel E. Jackson
Huntsville 2010 William C. Johnson
Huntsville 2010 Bobby Neble
Huntsville 2010 Willie L. Nolan
Huntsville 2010 Kenneth Samuels
Huntsville 2010 Hilton Thomas
Huntsville 2011 Paul C. Adams
Huntsville 2011 Irel Bobb
Huntsville 2011 Balbamar Flores
Huntsville 2011 Pedro Garcia
Huntsville 2011 Curtis Jackson
Huntsville 2011 Daniel Scott Madison
Huntsville 2011 Howard D. Manning
Huntsville 2011 Michael Martone
Huntsville 2011 Charles Allen Powell
Huntsville 2011 Jesse C. Putman
Huntsville 2011 Lucas V. Sanchez
Huntsville 2011 William Scott
Huntsville 2011 Alvin Elmer Tutt
Huntsville 2012 Patrick Anderson
Huntsville 2012 Albert Blair Binotti
Huntsville 2012 Larry Butler
Huntsville 2012 Alton Carter
Huntsville 2012 Billy Joe Delosantos
Huntsville 2012 Jimmy Fenley
Huntsville 2012 Efrain Gallegos
Huntsville 2012 Letha Iheme
Huntsville 2012 Donald Wayne Lewis
Huntsville 2012 Oscar Captillo Lopez
Huntsville 2012 Oscar Mendoza
Huntsville 2012 Reggie Clint Miller
Huntsville 2012 Fidel Olivas
Huntsville 2012 Jose Julian Padron
Huntsville 2012 Melvin Pittman
Huntsville 2012 Kenneth Edward Short
Huntsville 2012 Arthur Smith
Huntsville 2012 Aaron William Sperling
Huntsville 2012 Edward A. Stumm
Huntsville 2012 Jerry Webster
Huntsville 2013 Arthur Allen
Huntsville 2013 Wayne Ernest Barker
Huntsville 2013 Chadrick Marshall Barkwell
Huntsville 2013 Michael Benton
Huntsville 2013 Refugio Calderon
Huntsville 2013 Jose C Casillas
Huntsville 2013 Dale Allen Chambers
Huntsville 2013 Joseph Cobia
Huntsville 2013 George Corne
Huntsville 2013 John Dean Davis
Huntsville 2013 Samuel Joe Delarosa
Huntsville 2013 Jeffrey Lynn Dial
Huntsville 2013 Eduardo Figueroa
Huntsville 2013 James Nolan Foster
Huntsville 2013 Jason Eric Garcia
Huntsville 2013 Tommy Garcia
Huntsville 2013 Curtis Earl Glenn
Huntsville 2013 Charles Glover
Huntsville 2013 John Cory Green
Huntsville 2013 H. M. Griffin
Huntsville 2013 Jose Amaro Guerra
Huntsville 2013 Ernest Benjamin Harden
Huntsville 2013 Thomas Terry Hill
Huntsville 2013 Donald Wayne Jackson
Huntsville 2013 Billy Frank Jeffries
Huntsville 2013 Frederick Russell Johnson
Huntsville 2013 Lionel Johnson
Huntsville 2013 David Calhoun Jones
Huntsville 2013 Robert James Lee
Huntsville 2013 Anthony Lopez
Huntsville 2013 Vincent Shane Martin
Huntsville 2013 Robert Burton Mcnair
Huntsville 2013 John Nathaniel Mendiola
Huntsville 2013 Ronnie Everlove Morgan
Huntsville 2013 Otis Perry
Huntsville 2013 Encarnacion Joe Ramirez
Huntsville 2013 Michael Richey
Huntsville 2013 Anthony Rios
Huntsville 2013 Delfino Sabedra
Huntsville 2013 Robert Sada
Huntsville 2013 Demond Patrick Shepard
Huntsville 2013 Clyde Simms
Huntsville 2013 Kenneth Clinton Studyvin
Huntsville 2013 James Anderson Talbert
Huntsville 2013 Lawrence Dilly Taylor
Huntsville 2013 Oscar Earl Tolbert
Huntsville 2013 Eric Waddy
Huntsville 2013 Walter Leonard Webb
Huntsville 2013 Ernest Lee Westbrook
Huntsville 2013 Willie Wilborn
Huntsville 2013 Harold Wilks
Huntsville 2013 Billy Williams
Huntsville 2013 Clide Williams
Huntsville 2013 Johnny B Williamson
Huntsville 2013 Alvin Phillip Wilson
Huntsville 2013 Edward Eugene Winslow
Huntsville 2014 Roberto Ortega Aleman
Huntsville 2014 Theodore Apolinar
Huntsville 2014 Bernard Alfred Aubuchon
Huntsville 2014 Jon Christopher Bennett
Huntsville 2014 Roberto Cardenas
Huntsville 2014 Donald Eugene Dutton
Huntsville 2014 Eliseo Escalona
Huntsville 2014 Cleofas Espinoza
Huntsville 2014 Polo Eteaki
Huntsville 2014 Larry Arnell Forenberry
Huntsville 2014 Manuel Gaona
Huntsville 2014 Reinaldo Lopez Garcia
Huntsville 2014 Alonzo Garza
Huntsville 2014 Carl Edward Goodall
Huntsville 2014 Larry Dean Graves
Huntsville 2014 Patrick Wayne Greenleaf
Huntsville 2014 Joseph Alan Hailey
Huntsville 2014 Tony Barnette Hall
Huntsville 2014 Vincent Darnell Hamilton
Huntsville 2014 James Hendricks
Huntsville 2014 Eulalio Jimenez
Huntsville 2014 Ralph Edward Johnson
Huntsville 2014 David Jay Lassiter
Huntsville 2014 Jackie Lee Lemons
Huntsville 2014 Joseph Edward Lenormand
Huntsville 2014 Sam Lopez
Huntsville 2014 Anthony Vigil Lozano
Huntsville 2014 Phillip Mayo
Huntsville 2014 Robert Donald Miller
Huntsville 2014 Russell Alan Morris
Huntsville 2014 Santiago Oros
Huntsville 2014 Kenneth Lee Patterson
Huntsville 2014 Gilberto Rodriguez
Huntsville 2014 Pedro M Rodriguez
Huntsville 2014 Joe Roland Rosales
Huntsville 2014 Landy Haywood Speaker
Huntsville 2014 Vernon Ray Thompson
Huntsville 2014 Glenn Walker
Huntsville 2014 Duane Lewis Weisheit
Huntsville 2014 George White
Huntsville 2014 Mark Wright
Hutchins 2012 Ernest Cunningham
Hutnsville 2013 John Henry Sledge
Hutnsville 2010 Andrew J Escovedo
Iowa Park 2005 Wesley Ray Creager
Iowa Park 2005 John Edward Garrett
Iowa Park 2005 Robert Lee Hathaway
Iowa Park 2005 Manuel Moreno
Iowa Park 2006 Hunter James Earl
Iowa Park 2006 James Douglas Landrum
Iowa Park 2006 Merrill Mccoy
Iowa Park 2006 James Robert Miller
Iowa Park 2006 Brandon Sewell
Iowa Park 2007 Michael Anthony Berry
Iowa Park 2007 Kenneth Coleman
Iowa Park 2007 Johnny Jiminez
Iowa Park 2007 Miguel Salazar
Iowa Park 2008 Gregory Johnson
Iowa Park 2008 Pablo Rios
Iowa Park 2008 Chris Sigler
Iowa Park 2009 Hector Avila
Iowa Park 2009 John Conner
Iowa Park 2009 Tommy Wayne Horn
Iowa Park 2009 Bennie Joe Howe
Iowa Park 2009 Howard Maines
Iowa Park 2009 Kenneth Silvers
Iowa Park 2010 Antonio Hicks
Iowa Park 2010 Michael W. Mcmahon
Iowa Park 2010 Jose Vanancio Segovia
Iowa Park 2011 Douglas Bridewell
Iowa Park 2011 Richard Jaggars
Iowa Park 2011 Howard J. Stavinoha
Iowa Park 2011 Rodney Wright
Iowa Park 2012 Ofilio Espenosa
Iowa Park 2012 Lamarque Grant
Iowa Park 2012 Joshua Ray Mccauley
Iowa Park 2012 Jamil A. Moore
Iowa Park 2012 Alfred Charles Waddell
Iowa Park 2013 Benito Flores
Iowa Park 2013 Steve Calderon Hinojosa
Iowa Park 2013 Roger Jacob
Iowa Park 2013 Charles Pompa Ortega
Iowa Park 2013 Kenneth Ray Reynolds
Iowa Park 2014 Leslie Reed County
Iowa Park 2014 Kenneth Dwayne Hartley
Iowa Park 2014 Dale Steven Horn
Iowa Park 2014 Gregory James Mackay
Iowa Park 2014 Gregory James Mackay
Iowa Park 2014 Gregory James Mackay
Iowa Park 2014 Johnny Ray Mcfarland
Iowa Park 2014 Anthony Nelson
Iowa Park 2014 Richard Ridyolph
Iowa Park 2014 Jose Ramon Valdez
Iowa Park 2014 Jesse Mata Vera
Kenedy 2005 Dion Dwayne Jamerson
Kenedy 2006 Steven Cobb
Kenedy 2006 Joshua David Dillard
Kenedy 2006 Rafael Ruiz
Kenedy 2006 Jimmie Whitt
Kenedy 2007 Tremaine Dee Jackson
Kenedy 2007 Robert Smith
Kenedy 2008 James Vernon Redd
Kenedy 2008 Edward Rodarte
Kenedy 2009 Jeromiah Chesson
Kenedy 2010 Robert Guevara
Kenedy 2010 Leo Angel Luna
Kenedy 2010 Thomas Edward Rodriguez
Kenedy 2011 David Barrandey
Kenedy 2011 John David Cain
Kenedy 2011 Roger Dunn
Kenedy 2011 Kelly Don Marcus
Kenedy 2011 Benioto Ybarbo
Kenedy 2012 Richard Lee Mercado
Kenedy 2012 Abelino Monge
Kenedy 2012 Timothy Allen Peterson
Kenedy 2012 Juan Sermeno
Kenedy 2012 Charles John Thomas
Kenedy 2012 Georgdan Wilson
Kenedy 2013 Kenneth Bailey
Kenedy 2013 Gabino Barrera
Kenedy 2013 Guadalupe De Leon
Kenedy 2013 Steven Ramos
Kenedy 2014 Buster Hardee
Kenedy 2014 Dwayne Edward Hill
Kennedy 2013 Bobby Jean Paris
Kyle 2010 George Albert
Kyle 2010 Joe Manuel Valdez
Kyle 2012 Don Fitzgerald Johnson
Lamesa 2009 Robert Gerhardt
Lamesa 2009 Russell Dale Sechrist
Lamesa 2010 Joel T. Joiner
Lamesa 2012 Pedro Alcoser
Lamesa 2013 Brondrick Dewayne Howard
Lamesa 2013 Elie Butler Tookes
Lamesa 2014 Angel Perez
Lamesa 2014 Danny Rodriguez
Lewisville 2011 Kevin Biggers
Liberty 2005 Cynthia Rogers
Livingston 2005 Christopher C Britton
Livingston 2005 Daniel Montalvo Garza
Livingston 2005 Eduardo B Hawkins
Livingston 2005 Raymond Tristan
Livingston 2006 Michael Dewayne Johnson
Livingston 2007 Harry R. Gueder
Livingston 2007 James Calvin Jimmerson
Livingston 2008 Jimmie Joseph Boudreaux
Livingston 2008 Jesus Flores
Livingston 2008 Dan Lilly
Livingston 2008 Merlin Livings
Livingston 2008 Frank Marquez
Livingston 2008 Bill Wimer
Livingston 2009 Dewight Wayne Levingston
Livingston 2009 Wesley Thomas Patterson
Livingston 2009 Jerry Sash
Livingston 2009 Shisinday Shozdijiji
Livingston 2010 Ronnie Neal
Livingston 2010 Jeremy Williams
Livingston 2011 Jamon Jenkins
Livingston 2011 James W. Mckeon
Livingston 2011 William Eugene Phillips
Livingston 2012 Selwyn Preston Davis
Livingston 2012 Ramiro Martinez Espinoza
Livingston 2012 Milton Lee Patterson
Livingston 2012 Jimmy Dale Pritchett
Livingston 2013 Roosevelt Degrate
Livingston 2013 Ronnie Hyde
Livingston 2013 William Thomas Mouser
Livingston 2014 Tommy Burns
Livingston 2014 Antonio Garza
Livingston 2014 Michael Hammonds
Livingston 2014 Charles Holland
Livingston 2014 James Hopkins
Livingston 2014 Billy Eugene Huskey
Livingston 2014 Alfred Smith
Livingston 2014 Bryan Keith Thomas
Livingston 2014 Teodulo Venegas
Lovelady 2005 Elmer Walker
Lovelady 2006 Alejandro Ace Espino
Lovelady 2006 Jose Fierro
Lovelady 2006 John Irwin Jackson
Lovelady 2007 Deleon Edwards
Lovelady 2007 Antonio Laredo
Lovelady 2007 Mark Steven Wiggins
Lovelady 2010 Joe Allen
Lovelady 2010 Nehemia Williams
Lovelady 2012 Tommy Chavez
Lovelady 2012 Joe Edward Giles
Lovelady 2012 Rodger Bryant Hudson
Lovelady 2013 Donny Alvarado
Lovelady 2013 Carl Paul Johnson
Lovelady 2014 Walter Earl Harris
Lovelady 2014 Gregory Pollock
Lubboc 2005 Robert M. Gomez
Lubbock 2005 Thomas Dale Self
Lubbock 2005 Kenneth Melvin Yancey
Lubbock 2006 Michael Addison
Lubbock 2006 Maurice L. Hunnicutt
Lubbock 2006 Arthur Ray Turner
Lubbock 2007 Richard Barraza
Lubbock 2007 Juan Rivera Soto
Lubbock 2008 Samuel Joseph Collins
Lubbock 2008 Shawn W Englar
Lubbock 2008 Travis Mathis
Lubbock 2009 Daniel Curry
Lubbock 2009 Leon Larose
Lubbock 2010 Gregorio Rangle Aliniz
Lubbock 2010 Eric Bracken
Lubbock 2010 Albert E. Fleming
Lubbock 2011 Hector M. Chavarria
Lubbock 2012 Curtis Cooper
Lubbock 2012 Jerome P. Luttrell
Lubbock 2013 Bobby Ray Bacy
Lubbock 2013 Patrick Brown
Lubbock 2013 Willie Clark
Lubbock 2013 Glen Cook
Lubbock 2013 Jimmie G. Cooper
Lubbock 2013 Rojelio Arambide Coss
Lubbock 2013 Ekpin Udom Ekpin
Lubbock 2013 Earl Folley
Lubbock 2013 Gustavo Lara Garcia
Lubbock 2013 Cecil Dequan Garrett
Lubbock 2013 Alonzo Gonzalo
Lubbock 2013 Paul Hays
Lubbock 2013 Renda Hooper
Lubbock 2013 Robert Jones
Lubbock 2013 Rickey Liggin
Lubbock 2013 Alan Elton Light
Lubbock 2013 Roman Mungia
Lubbock 2013 John Pheasant
Lubbock 2013 Fabian Ramirez
Lubbock 2013 John Roberts
Lubbock 2013 Johnny Ross
Lubbock 2013 Gary Saunders
Lubbock 2013 David Benson Smith
Lubbock 2013 Juan Zamora
Lubbock 2014 Fouad Alahmadi
Lubbock 2014 Victor Bach
Lubbock 2014 Danny Bailey
Lubbock 2014 Donald Banks
Lubbock 2014 Robert Cleveland
Lubbock 2014 Early Garner
Lubbock 2014 Wayne Delwin Gill
Lubbock 2014 Robert Gonzales
Lubbock 2014 Alexander Hudzinski
Lubbock 2014 Jared Johnson
Lubbock 2014 Wesley Lacuesta
Lubbock 2014 James Loyd
Lubbock 2014 Ramon Martinez
Lubbock 2014 Benjamin W Mccoin
Lubbock 2014 Aubrey Parker
Lubbock 2014 Aaron Wayne Petty
Lubbock 2014 William Reel
Lubbock 2014 Robert Stevenson
Lubbock 2014 Thomas Alton Taylor
Lubbock 2014 Marsele Thompson
Lufkin 2009 Bobby Glenn Costlow
Madisonville 2008 Eduardo Garcia
Marlin 2006 Sylvia Loraine Eason
Marlin 2007 Mary Lou Christan
Marlin 2008 Kathy Evans
Marlin 2009 Guadalupe Garay
Marlin 2009 Teresa Gilbert
Marlin 2009 Cynthia Jeffery
Marlin 2010 Robbie D. Peoples
Marlin 2011 Shearry Lunne Black
Marlin 2011 Robert Hunt
Marlin 2011 Nancy Yarbrough
Marlin 2012 Sheen Michel Lytle
Marlin 2013 Cora B. Barker
Marlin 2013 James Edward Marsh
Midway 2006 Larry Darnell Ransom
Midway 2006 Michael Walker
Midway 2007 Marvin Castro
Midway 2007 Jerome Vallin
Midway 2008 Rocky Guzman
Midway 2012 Alfonso Gabriel Ramirez
Midway 2013 Erick Aguilera
Midway 2014 Jose Francisco Aguilar
Mineral Wells 2005 Tean Bowens
Mineral Wells 2006 Lorenzo Easly
Mineral Wells 2006 Lorenzo Easly
Mineral Wells 2013 Melvin Bell
Navasota 2005 Frank William James
Navasota 2007 Jeffrey Banks
Navasota 2007 Garland Horton
Navasota 2007 Walter Sondermann
Navasota 2008 Juan Salas Chavira
Navasota 2008 Francisco Hinojosa
Navasota 2009 James Black
Navasota 2009 John Karnei
Navasota 2010 Terry Allan
Navasota 2010 John Dejean
Navasota 2010 Rayman Howard
Navasota 2010 Daniel Gonzales Villareal
Navasota 2011 Michael Deshawn Harris
Navasota 2011 Andres Reyes
Navasota 2012 Charles Marty
Navasota 2012 Frank Sallee
Navasota 2013 James William Barron
Navasota 2013 Jeffrey Clarke
Navasota 2013 Verlie Henderson
Navasota 2013 Henry Mauldin
Navasota 2013 Rickey Eugene Morris
Navasota 2014 Johnny Alvarez
Navasota 2014 Kenneth Wayne Bondiek
Navasota 2014 Estanislao Colon
Navasota 2014 Narciso Gonzales
Navasota 2014 Dennis William Heldt
Navasota 2014 William Gene Hutcherson
Navasota 2014 Mark Vernon Hux
Navasota 2014 Hoanh Nguyen
Navasota 2014 Herman Pitts
New Boston 2005 Thomas E Brault
New Boston 2005 Vernon Boyd Caraway
New Boston 2006 Amador Agustin
New Boston 2006 Henry Marvin Green
New Boston 2006 James J. Hamilton
New Boston 2006 Reynaldo George Rodriguez
New Boston 2007 Joe D. Morales
New Boston 2007 Robert Pittman
New Boston 2007 Bobby Rhodes
New Boston 2009 Eddie Grider
New Boston 2009 James Richard Richie
New Boston 2010 Gregorio C. Gomez
New Boston 2010 Kenneth Earl Neal
New Boston 2011 Gary D. Davis
New Boston 2011 Martin Edward Fox
New Boston 2011 Robert E Willard
New Boston 2012 Michael Castello
New Boston 2012 Rodney Dowell
New Boston 2012 Antonio Hernandez
New Boston 2012 George Mccottry
New Boston 2012 Juan Viera
New Boston 2012 Darrell Wales
New Boston 2013 Carl E. Detweiler
New Boston 2013 Ronald Vanmarter
New Boston 2014 Pedro Juarez
New Boston 2014 Michael Xavier Smith
Newton 2007 Roy Bernal
Overton 2009 Jeremy Singleton
Overton 2012 Joe Albert Cruz
Palastine 2014 Howard Glenn Judah
Palestine 2005 Anthony Evans
Palestine 2005 Arlin Hector
Palestine 2005 Shan Daniel Woods
Palestine 2007 Joe Dan Brumbelow
Palestine 2008 Edward Perkins
Palestine 2008 Arturo Santiesteba
Palestine 2008 Royce Shepherd
Palestine 2009 San Juan Arispe
Palestine 2009 Billy E. Mcknight
Palestine 2009 Santiago J. Rivera
Palestine 2009 Rudy Segura
Palestine 2009 Netcha Trevino
Palestine 2010 Gary Lynn Adams
Palestine 2010 Richard Tavor Cantu
Palestine 2010 Milton W. Dixon
Palestine 2010 Jesse M. Gallegos
Palestine 2010 Royal Shed
Palestine 2010 Patrick Lynn Taylor
Palestine 2011 Douglas Hudson
Palestine 2011 Thomas Meyers
Palestine 2011 Tyrone Price
Palestine 2011 Jack Adam Taylor
Palestine 2011 Donald Veron
Palestine 2011 Dalton Williams
Palestine 2012 Raymond Mccown
Palestine 2012 Michael James Pender
Palestine 2012 Ethan Wynn
Palestine 2013 Gabriel Garcia
Palestine 2013 Adam Joseph Guerrero
Palestine 2013 Daniel Harmon
Palestine 2013 Richard Odell Martin
Palestine 2013 Vernon Jack Redwine
Palestine 2014 Ernest Eugene Andrews
Palestine 2014 Kenneth Ray Clark
Palestine 2014 Ricky Lee Collins
Palestine 2014 Jamie Herrin
Palestine 2014 Elijah Johnson
Palestine 2014 Duane Mcdaniel
Palestine 2014 Dorman Dwayne Russom
Palestine 2014 Clinton Anthony Sutton
Pampa 2005 Willie J Hines
Pampa 2006 Samuel Silva
Pampa 2007 Robert W. Cheek
Pampa 2007 Manuel Antonio Martinez
Pampa 2009 Michael Simpson
Pampa 2012 Oscar Solis
Plainview 2007 Paul Ray Judia
Plainview 2008 Ramon Nieto
Plainview 2009 Ronald Henry
Plainview 2009 Toney Sims
Port Arthur 2010 William Mayes
Raymondville 2009 Thomas Detric Adderson
Raymondville 2010 Glynn Ellington Cashaw
Raymondville 2013 Joshua Randall
Richmon 2014 James Neal Benjamin
Richmond 2005 Robert Dale Bond
Richmond 2005 William Grover
Richmond 2005 Robert R Ormand
Richmond 2005 Jeronimo Munoz Rivera
Richmond 2005 Jose Valverde
Richmond 2006 Kevin Garrett
Richmond 2006 Hawthorne Gary
Richmond 2006 Frank Hinderline
Richmond 2006 John Mullinex
Richmond 2006 Jeronimo Munoz Rivera
Richmond 2007 Robert Barrientes
Richmond 2007 Julio Bautista
Richmond 2007 Felix Carvajal
Richmond 2007 Michael Aguirre Jimenez
Richmond 2007 James Newman
Richmond 2007 Lloyd Paul Reynolds
Richmond 2007 Victor Marque Rodriguez
Richmond 2007 Richard Sanchez
Richmond 2007 Jarvis Henley Scroggins
Richmond 2008 William Adams
Richmond 2008 Mohammed A Alayed
Richmond 2008 Michael Leroy Clayton
Richmond 2008 Christopher Irving Dixon
Richmond 2008 Roman Beldon O’Brien
Richmond 2008 William Robinson
Richmond 2008 Robert Rodriguez
Richmond 2008 Raul Villalobos
Richmond 2009 Larry Fisher
Richmond 2009 Titus Garner
Richmond 2009 David Eugene Hartfield
Richmond 2009 Curtis Lewis
Richmond 2009 David Wright Matthews
Richmond 2009 James D. Pack
Richmond 2009 Spencer Charles Stanley
Richmond 2010 Patrick Joseph Sullivan
Richmond 2011 Kenneth Wayne Davis
Richmond 2011 Cedric Dwayne Lewis
Richmond 2011 John Selvage
Richmond 2012 Jesse Disalvio
Richmond 2012 Jose Hernandez
Richmond 2012 Cary Lynn Jones
Richmond 2012 Walter Koon
Richmond 2012 Thomas Allen Middleton
Richmond 2012 William Osborne
Richmond 2012 Paul Rollins
Richmond 2012 Lawrence Ray Washington
Richmond 2013 Dewayne Bennett
Richmond 2013 Donald Bryant
Richmond 2013 Celso Castillo
Richmond 2013 Sylvester Dean
Richmond 2013 Raymond Salazar
Richmond 2014 David Michael Helstrom
Richmond 2014 Robert Wayne May
Richmond 2014 Adan Hinojosa Rios
Richmond Tx 2006 Jimmy Dale Harris
Richmond 2011 Carlos Lozano
Rosharon 2005 Heilry Atkins
Rosharon 2005 Andrew Cervantes
Rosharon 2005 Rodger Dean Jenkins, Jr.
Rosharon 2005 Melvin Neal
Rosharon 2005 Donald Ray Smith
Rosharon 2005 David Lewis Thomas
Rosharon 2005 Nathaniel Watts
Rosharon 2006 Roosevelt Beavers
Rosharon 2006 David Camarillo
Rosharon 2006 John Giaimis
Rosharon 2006 John Giaimis
Rosharon 2006 Joe Hernandez
Rosharon 2006 Gerald Eugene Land
Rosharon 2006 Joseph Sepeda
Rosharon 2006 Rudolph Sims
Rosharon 2006 Edmundo Randon Villanueva
Rosharon 2007 Donald Wayne Blow
Rosharon 2007 Donald Ray Carter
Rosharon 2007 Mariano Lara Flores
Rosharon 2007 Lewis Clyde Franks
Rosharon 2007 Vernon Haggerty
Rosharon 2007 C.l. Johnson
Rosharon 2007 Michael Dean Kallenbach
Rosharon 2007 Anthony Miller
Rosharon 2007 Ramon Ortega
Rosharon 2007 Omar Caicedo Ruiz
Rosharon 2007 Patton Randall Stepp
Rosharon 2008 Roy Lee Clark
Rosharon 2008 Marvin Daniels
Rosharon 2008 Nelva Glenn Harris
Rosharon 2008 Reginald Hinton
Rosharon 2008 Gary Wayne Polson
Rosharon 2008 Felix Zamora
Rosharon 2009 Ruben Arcauta
Rosharon 2009 Michael Bredeson
Rosharon 2009 Willard Davis
Rosharon 2009 Stanley Benjamin Green
Rosharon 2009 Jimmy Jackson
Rosharon 2009 Charlie Lewis
Rosharon 2009 Alfred Eugene Scott
Rosharon 2010 Edward Arredondo
Rosharon 2010 Stephen Calhoun
Rosharon 2010 Obie Mack
Rosharon 2011 Micahel Alford
Rosharon 2011 Prospero Rios
Rosharon 2012 Jesus Castillo
Rosharon 2012 Robert Anthony Clark
Rosharon 2012 Johnaphan Delagarza
Rosharon 2012 Charles Ronald Denton
Rosharon 2012 Larry Ray Dorsey
Rosharon 2012 Roy Lee Ford
Rosharon 2012 Carlos Reyes Gonzales
Rosharon 2012 Gene William Hackett
Rosharon 2012 Ervin Menefee
Rosharon 2012 Jon Lee Story
Rosharon 2013 Francisco Cano
Rosharon 2013 Ronald Coleman
Rosharon 2013 Bernardo Deleon
Rosharon 2013 Donald Ray Ellis
Rosharon 2013 Larry Fritz
Rosharon 2013 Robert Hodde
Rosharon 2013 Glenn Martinez
Rosharon 2013 James Menefee
Rosharon 2013 Joe Rodriquez
Rosharon 2013 Gary Smitherman
Rosharon 2014 George Chambers
Rosharon 2014 Salvador Coronado
Rosharon 2014 Ramon Gomez Deleon
Rosharon 2014 Eugene Jackson
Rosharon 2014 Keith Newsome
Rosharon 2014 David Ortega
Rosharon 2014 Joe Rodriguez
Rosharon 2014 Gary Don Smith
Rosharon 2014 Eddie Williams
Rusk 2005 David Magnusson
Rusk 2005 Kendrick Ladelle Mcgahee
Rusk 2006 Charles Don Boyd
Rusk 2006 Clinton Dale Brooks
Rusk 2006 Joe Ray Daniel
Rusk 2006 James Henderson
Rusk 2006 Rudolph Mcdonald
Rusk 2007 Arthur Duku
Rusk 2007 Millard Johnson
Rusk 2007 Robert Martinez
Rusk 2007 David Morris
Rusk 2007 William Nieto
Rusk 2007 Mario Robertson
Rusk 2008 Joe Baltierra
Rusk 2008 George S. Gutierrez
Rusk 2008 Carl Louis Hagy
Rusk 2008 Terry Turner
Rusk 2009 Eddie Harris
Rusk 2009 Carey Brent Harrison
Rusk 2009 Robert Womack
Rusk 2010 Kenneth Flores
Rusk 2010 Pete E. Munoz
Rusk 2010 Alfredo Rosas
Rusk 2011 Noah Bernard
Rusk 2011 Charles Lee Cook
Rusk 2011 Johnny Pinkert
Rusk 2011 Robert Webb
Rusk 2012 Tania Jewel Allen
Rusk 2012 Christopher James Galland
Rusk 2012 Jerry Don Gantt
Rusk 2012 Randy Glover
Rusk 2012 Kelly Holton
Rusk 2012 Aaron Morales
Rusk 2012 Paul Ray Skelton
Rusk 2013 Fernando Castillo
Rusk 2013 Johnathan Terrell Moomey
Rusk 2013 Yemane Solomon
Rusk 2014 Bruce Harrington
Rusk 2014 James Hiller
San Antonio 2008 Henry Sanchez
San Antonio 2009 Charles West
San Antonio 2011 Daniel David Campa
San Antonio 2012 Freddie Portillo
San Antonio 2013 Ronulfo Cordova
San Antonio 2014 Sterling Mullins
San Diego 2005 Omar Gilberto Chapa
San Diego 2005 Ruben M. Ramirez
Skyview 2009 Erica Gomez
Snyder 2005 Richard Kenneth Goree
Snyder 2005 Willie Lee Ray
Snyder 2006 Royce Maynard
Snyder 2008 Jerry Young
Snyder 2009 Joe Jay Weaver
Snyder 2011 Johnathan Christopher Massey
Snyder 2013 Jason Lee Gray
Sugarland 2010 Joe Angel Duran
Synder 2011 Paul Ramirez
Teague 2006 Paul Declouette
Teague 2007 Jimmy Bagley
Teague 2007 Steven Roy Yarbrough
Teague 2008 Vincent Molina
Teague 2009 Sammy Copeland
Teague 2009 Nathaniel Hadley
Teague 2010 Ruben Pena
Teague 2012 Franklin A. Littlefield
Teague 2013 Wesley Adams
Teague 2013 Kenneth Dozier Craddock
Teague 2013 Samuel Dean Wilson
Teague 2014 Travis Kirchner
Teague 2014 Juan Nave
Temple 2008 Nikki Peel
Temple 2009 James Sweeps
Temple 2011 Vivian Ingram
Temple 2011 Herman White
Temple 2006 David L Flint
Tenenssee Colony 2013 Joseph Hilario Zamarripas
Tennesse Colony 2006 Shane Anthony Morris
Tennesse Colony 2006 Juan Evaristo Ortiz
Tennesse Colony 2012 Donnie Eugene Smith
Tennesse Colony 2014 Michael Welty
Tennessee 2014 Roberto Alvarado
Tennessee 2014 Charlie Arons
Tennessee C Olony 2013 Bobby Joe Stovall
Tennessee Colon 2013 Cecilio Camacho
Tennessee Colon 2013 Matthew Clayborn
Tennessee Colon 2013 Amos Hosey
Tennessee Colony 2005 George Rodriguez
Tennessee Colony 2006 Christopher Anston Brockman
Tennessee Colony 2006 Eluterio Casas
Tennessee Colony 2006 John Edward Delrio
Tennessee Colony 2006 Mark Anthony Flores
Tennessee Colony 2006 Aris O. Gonzalez
Tennessee Colony 2006 Patrick John Lambert
Tennessee Colony 2006 Cesar Macias
Tennessee Colony 2006 Kenneth Matoska
Tennessee Colony 2006 Anthony M. Onsurez
Tennessee Colony 2006 Antonio Rodriguez
Tennessee Colony 2006 Jerry Joe Sinclair
Tennessee Colony 2006 Marion Spearman
Tennessee Colony 2006 Billy G. Wise
Tennessee Colony 2006 Billy G. Wise
Tennessee Colony 2007 Dayne Baldon
Tennessee Colony 2007 Miguel Espitia
Tennessee Colony 2007 Robert M. Gomez
Tennessee Colony 2007 Paul Gonzalez
Tennessee Colony 2007 David Grizzele
Tennessee Colony 2007 Paul Hart
Tennessee Colony 2007 Daniel Holcumb
Tennessee Colony 2007 Rayford Isaac
Tennessee Colony 2007 Tony Max Johnson
Tennessee Colony 2007 Michael Mcbay
Tennessee Colony 2007 Jason Rabago
Tennessee Colony 2007 Richard Streetman
Tennessee Colony 2007 Gerardo Villarreal
Tennessee Colony 2008 Juan Delbosquez
Tennessee Colony 2008 Arturo Moreno
Tennessee Colony 2008 Jessie Pesina
Tennessee Colony 2008 Walter Lewis Simmons
Tennessee Colony 2008 Fredrick Dewayne Smith
Tennessee Colony 2008 Corey Thomas
Tennessee Colony 2008 Roger Williamson
Tennessee Colony 2008 Roger Lynn Williamson
Tennessee Colony 2009 Robert Dearing
Tennessee Colony 2009 Ronnie Fresch
Tennessee Colony 2009 Nhikima Hager
Tennessee Colony 2009 Bruce Harris
Tennessee Colony 2009 Tommye Howard
Tennessee Colony 2009 Arthur E. Johnson
Tennessee Colony 2009 Wendel Ray Lawson
Tennessee Colony 2009 Mark Emmons Mclaughlan
Tennessee Colony 2009 Don Mcqueen
Tennessee Colony 2009 Henry Moore
Tennessee Colony 2009 Guadalupe Perez
Tennessee Colony 2009 Harold Price
Tennessee Colony 2009 Bobby Richardson
Tennessee Colony 2010 Mark E. Brewer
Tennessee Colony 2010 James Brower
Tennessee Colony 2010 Stevie Alvarez Nipper
Tennessee Colony 2010 Manuel Perez
Tennessee Colony 2010 David Weldon Riggs
Tennessee Colony 2010 Curtis Simpson
Tennessee Colony 2010 Curtis Simpson
Tennessee Colony 2010 Ralph Torres
Tennessee Colony 2011 Daniel Alvarado
Tennessee Colony 2011 Elmer Arron
Tennessee Colony 2011 James Boggus
Tennessee Colony 2011 Lee Thomas Butler
Tennessee Colony 2011 Clifton Brian Cornelius
Tennessee Colony 2011 Jim O Davis
Tennessee Colony 2011 Robert Eugene Garland
Tennessee Colony 2011 James Gregory Gloria
Tennessee Colony 2011 James Gregory Gloria
Tennessee Colony 2011 Terry J. Griffin
Tennessee Colony 2011 Kenneth Wayne James
Tennessee Colony 2011 Jeffery Jones
Tennessee Colony 2011 Christopher Sean Lawrence
Tennessee Colony 2011 Robert Lee Mccorkle
Tennessee Colony 2011 Wilbur Moore
Tennessee Colony 2011 Alexander Togonidze
Tennessee Colony 2011 Enrique H. Vasquez
Tennessee Colony 2012 Rodney Adams
Tennessee Colony 2012 Donald Lavon Cook
Tennessee Colony 2012 Derrick Davis
Tennessee Colony 2012 Kalvin R Fields
Tennessee Colony 2012 Adam Flores
Tennessee Colony 2012 Fernando Garza
Tennessee Colony 2012 Steve Gebert
Tennessee Colony 2012 Ellis Nicholson
Tennessee Colony 2012 Sergio Paromo
Tennessee Colony 2012 Demond Sanders
Tennessee Colony 2012 Alejandro Santiago
Tennessee Colony 2012 Cresencio Vasquez
Tennessee Colony 2013 James Adams
Tennessee Colony 2013 Pedro Armijo
Tennessee Colony 2013 Michael Armstrong
Tennessee Colony 2013 Richard Terrance Ayers
Tennessee Colony 2013 Weldon Barker
Tennessee Colony 2013 Alfred Berg
Tennessee Colony 2013 Marvin Blissit
Tennessee Colony 2013 Floyd Bluitt
Tennessee Colony 2013 Francis Brad
Tennessee Colony 2013 Johnny Carter
Tennessee Colony 2013 Darren Castleberry
Tennessee Colony 2013 Rudy Cedillo
Tennessee Colony 2013 Billy Chaney
Tennessee Colony 2013 Bernard Clark
Tennessee Colony 2013 George Clark
Tennessee Colony 2013 Kevin Collier
Tennessee Colony 2013 Jerry Cooper
Tennessee Colony 2013 William Cooper
Tennessee Colony 2013 Gordon Currin
Tennessee Colony 2013 Fredrick Davis
Tennessee Colony 2013 Marvin Davis
Tennessee Colony 2013 Mickey Dale Davis
Tennessee Colony 2013 Eldon Decker
Tennessee Colony 2013 Donald Dirk
Tennessee Colony 2013 Stephen Dupre
Tennessee Colony 2013 Christian Edwards
Tennessee Colony 2013 Juan Escajeda
Tennessee Colony 2013 Luis Escamilla
Tennessee Colony 2013 James Fisher
Tennessee Colony 2013 Emery Gerald Foots
Tennessee Colony 2013 Joe Franklin
Tennessee Colony 2013 Othell Fullbright
Tennessee Colony 2013 John Garretson
Tennessee Colony 2013 Enrique Garza
Tennessee Colony 2013 Edlar Gilstrap
Tennessee Colony 2013 Julius Givens
Tennessee Colony 2013 Humberto Gomez
Tennessee Colony 2013 James Graham
Tennessee Colony 2013 Willie Green
Tennessee Colony 2013 Jimmy Greenway
Tennessee Colony 2013 Alfred Halfhill
Tennessee Colony 2013 James Hardin
Tennessee Colony 2013 Jackie Hargrove
Tennessee Colony 2013 Craig Harrison
Tennessee Colony 2013 Ruben Hernandez
Tennessee Colony 2013 Jesse Hill
Tennessee Colony 2013 Virgil Hill
Tennessee Colony 2013 Tommy Holman
Tennessee Colony 2013 Randall Jacque
Tennessee Colony 2013 Victor Jeronimo
Tennessee Colony 2013 James Labauve
Tennessee Colony 2013 Steven Lampley
Tennessee Colony 2013 Michael Lee
Tennessee Colony 2013 Archie Lewis
Tennessee Colony 2013 Wilbert Lewis
Tennessee Colony 2013 Rene Loredo
Tennessee Colony 2013 Joseph Louthan
Tennessee Colony 2013 Danny Loving
Tennessee Colony 2013 Bobby Jack Madden
Tennessee Colony 2013 Randy Matthews
Tennessee Colony 2013 Jeffrey Dale Maynard
Tennessee Colony 2013 Marion Mcclellon
Tennessee Colony 2013 Andrew Wilson Mcdonald
Tennessee Colony 2013 Floyd Mcdonald
Tennessee Colony 2013 Patrick Mcneil
Tennessee Colony 2013 Russell Merritt
Tennessee Colony 2013 Reynaldo Ornelas
Tennessee Colony 2013 Richard Orosco
Tennessee Colony 2013 Robert Ortiz
Tennessee Colony 2013 Alfredo Perez
Tennessee Colony 2013 Angel Ponce
Tennessee Colony 2013 Thomas Powell
Tennessee Colony 2013 Aurelio Quintanilla
Tennessee Colony 2013 Judith Rayo
Tennessee Colony 2013 Harold Rehder
Tennessee Colony 2013 Ruben Reyes
Tennessee Colony 2013 Jeff Reynolds
Tennessee Colony 2013 Homer N Rice
Tennessee Colony 2013 Richard Roberts
Tennessee Colony 2013 John Rodda
Tennessee Colony 2013 Rudy Romo
Tennessee Colony 2013 Julian Rose
Tennessee Colony 2013 Francisco Sanchez
Tennessee Colony 2013 Gerald Sanders
Tennessee Colony 2013 James Shelnutt
Tennessee Colony 2013 Donald Sigarst
Tennessee Colony 2013 Danny Smith
Tennessee Colony 2013 James Stanley
Tennessee Colony 2013 Don Stone
Tennessee Colony 2013 Timothy Stroud
Tennessee Colony 2013 Rudolph Supak
Tennessee Colony 2013 William Taggart
Tennessee Colony 2013 Benny Taylor
Tennessee Colony 2013 David Torres
Tennessee Colony 2013 Gil Valencia
Tennessee Colony 2013 Patrick Vasquez
Tennessee Colony 2013 Pedro Munoz Velez
Tennessee Colony 2013 Stephan Walker
Tennessee Colony 2013 Charlie Toraz Williams
Tennessee Colony 2013 James Williams
Tennessee Colony 2013 James Wooten
Tennessee Colony 2013 Eric Leon Wright
Tennessee Colony 2013 Bernardino Ybarra
Tennessee Colony 2013 Richard Young
Tennessee Colony 2014 Derek Michael Alexander
Tennessee Colony 2014 Pablo Alonzo
Tennessee Colony 2014 Hilton Armstrong
Tennessee Colony 2014 Edwin Ayler
Tennessee Colony 2014 Cruz Barrientes
Tennessee Colony 2014 Abel Benitez
Tennessee Colony 2014 Willie James Billington
Tennessee Colony 2014 Juan Bocardo
Tennessee Colony 2014 David Paul Boyd
Tennessee Colony 2014 Ronald Bronikowsky
Tennessee Colony 2014 Juan Bustillo
Tennessee Colony 2014 Eduardo Canales
Tennessee Colony 2014 Jesse Carrillo
Tennessee Colony 2014 Lester Erwin Carroll
Tennessee Colony 2014 Alton Charles
Tennessee Colony 2014 John Robert Cole
Tennessee Colony 2014 David Cross
Tennessee Colony 2014 Christopher Cyphers
Tennessee Colony 2014 Joe Anthony Deleon
Tennessee Colony 2014 Armando Delgado
Tennessee Colony 2014 Charlie Richard Ensey
Tennessee Colony 2014 Robert Estrada
Tennessee Colony 2014 Robert Lincoln Ewing
Tennessee Colony 2014 Jose Refugio Flores
Tennessee Colony 2014 Merle Ronald Fuller
Tennessee Colony 2014 Curtis Wayne Garland
Tennessee Colony 2014 David Gordon
Tennessee Colony 2014 Mark Graves
Tennessee Colony 2014 Dennis Grevin
Tennessee Colony 2014 Robert Guerrero
Tennessee Colony 2014 Donald Wayne Guthrie
Tennessee Colony 2014 Howard Leon Harbour
Tennessee Colony 2014 Charles Allen Hargrove
Tennessee Colony 2014 Vernon Harlow
Tennessee Colony 2014 Joseph Harrison
Tennessee Colony 2014 Bryan Harvey
Tennessee Colony 2014 Raymond Eugene Harvey
Tennessee Colony 2014 Joseph Ingram
Tennessee Colony 2014 Jeffery Ishee
Tennessee Colony 2014 Delmar Jackson
Tennessee Colony 2014 Larry Eugene Jackson
Tennessee Colony 2014 Henry Lee Johnson
Tennessee Colony 2014 Jerry Jones
Tennessee Colony 2014 Howard Ray Jordan
Tennessee Colony 2014 Richard Joslin
Tennessee Colony 2014 Alfred Lopez
Tennessee Colony 2014 Antonio Lopez
Tennessee Colony 2014 Anthony Marsh
Tennessee Colony 2014 Orville Lee Mccoy
Tennessee Colony 2014 Fred Deleon Navarro
Tennessee Colony 2014 Gary Nevill
Tennessee Colony 2014 Roger Newby
Tennessee Colony 2014 James Norsworthy
Tennessee Colony 2014 Arnulfo Luna Orosco
Tennessee Colony 2014 Raymond Ortiz
Tennessee Colony 2014 Terry Osborne
Tennessee Colony 2014 Michael Wayne Pace
Tennessee Colony 2014 Jason Wayne Parker
Tennessee Colony 2014 William Paul
Tennessee Colony 2014 Danny Pellham
Tennessee Colony 2014 Dwight Larry Peterson
Tennessee Colony 2014 Tommy Del Phillips
Tennessee Colony 2014 Donald Pinson
Tennessee Colony 2014 George Pittman
Tennessee Colony 2014 Michael Reynolds
Tennessee Colony 2014 James Dial Rierson
Tennessee Colony 2014 Edgar Roshel Roberson
Tennessee Colony 2014 Mickey Robinett
Tennessee Colony 2014 Martin Rogers
Tennessee Colony 2014 Remigio Sanchez
Tennessee Colony 2014 Jermaine Schooler
Tennessee Colony 2014 Jose Serna
Tennessee Colony 2014 Jerry Lee Smith
Tennessee Colony 2014 Scott Stills
Tennessee Colony 2014 Kenneth Tealer
Tennessee Colony 2014 Joe Thomas
Tennessee Colony 2014 Dwayde Thompson
Tennessee Colony 2014 Wayland Lee Tolbert
Tennessee Colony 2014 Jaime Vela
Tennessee Colony 2014 Dempsey Vercher
Tennessee Colony 2014 Robert Walker
Tennessee Colony 2014 Rodney Walsh
Tennessee Colony 2014 John Williams
Tennessee Colony 2014 Jack Woods
Tennessee Colony 2014 Leslie Wayne Yohey
Tennesses Colony 2013 Manuel Garcia
Tennessess Colony 2007 Eddie Lee Lenzy
Texarkana 2005 Jorge V. Rodriguez
Texarkana 2009 Carry Rone
Texas City 2012 Byron A. Fauria
Texas City 2013 Herman Williams
Trinity 2005 Earl Dee Guyton
Trinity 2008 Howard Thomas Guillen
Trinity 2008 Charles Roy Nichols
Trinity 2011 Alfred Anthony Baeza
Tyler 2005 Daniel Lee Barnett
Tyler 2005 Pedro Rodriguez
Tyler 2008 Ronnie Gallion
Tyler 2009 Christina Cervantes
Tyler 2009 Perc Greer
Tyler 2010 Perry J. Brown
Tyler 2010 Arthur Flores
Tyler 2010 Marcus Lusk
Tyler 2011 William Burnett
Tyler 2013 Willie Frank Wilkerson
Venus 2013 Christopher Anderson
Wichita 2008 Jimmy Prestridge
Wichita Falls 2011 Kenneth Earl Price
Winnsboro 2006 Todd Perry
Winnsboro 2012 Christopher Johnson
Woodville 2005 Christopher Lynn Fant
Woodville 2006 Darrel Lamont Bishop
Woodville 2007 Jeffery Bell
Woodville 2007 Gordon Horsely
Woodville 2007 Steven Mobley
Woodville 2008 Richmond Lee Reynolds
Woodville 2008 Roland Deleon Walker
Woodville 2009 Rodolfo Elizondo
Woodville 2009 Sergio Blanco Esqueda
Woodville 2009 Charles Herbert Mcneil
Woodville 2012 Jose Luis Reyes Marrero
Woodville 2012 Christopher Sisk
Woodville 2013 Herbert Cisco Hay
Woodville 2013 Larry Anthony Montgomery
Woodville 2014 Benjamin Patrick Gonzales
Woodville 2014 Randy Sylvester
(57 deaths)

Texas Department Of Public Safety

City Date Name
2.5 Miles East Of Greenville 2008 Harold Lee Austin
5 Miles East Of Magnolia 2010 Chad Derek Mcmichael
5 Miles South Of Caldwell 2006 Thomas Edward Strong
5.1 Miles East Of Glen Flora 2009 Darvin Jarao Hernandez-Carrasco
5.8 Miles S. George West 2010 Zackery Wayland Welch
Abilene 2005 Charles Edward Boll
Amarillo 2005 Emilio Sanchez
Andrews 2012 Earney Lee Maker
Austin 2005 Carl Denver Mitchell
Baytown 2005 Samuel Getzen Strange, Jr.
Baytown 2009 Gilbert Gill Ortez
Bonham 2010 Christopher Blake Ramquist
Bonham 2013 Daniel Blake Compton
Buchanan Dam 2012 William Charles Lipscombe
Channing 2009 Sabino Gardea
Conroe 2009 Gary Dean Weaver
Decatur 2005 Kevin H Wood
Denton 2010 William Michael Bannister
Eastland 2007 Michael Lawrence Steggall
Eden 2008 Manuel Alcantar
Eden 2013 Esteban Jimenez Smith
Era 2013 Ronald Lee Sutphin
Forney 2005 Jacob Levi Thompson
Greenville 2010 Edward Markiest Wheaton
Houston 2007 Jorge Ochoa
La Joya 2012 Marcos Antonio Castro – Estrada
La Joya 2012 Jose Leonardo Coj Cumar
Laredo 2012 Jerome Corley
Lewisville 2012 Lois D. Karan
Linden 2008 Brandon Wayne Robertson
Linden 2009 Michael Dean Bradshaw
Lubbock 2005 Gerald Thomas Wade
Lubbock 2014 Brandon Leonel Monroy
Lufkin 2011 Mason Ohare Burks
Mt. Pleasant 2008 Eric Lee-Roy Smith
N/a 2010 Israel Leija
N/a 2012 Bernabe Ramirez Gonzalez
Odessa 2006 Kevin Martin Vickers
Olmito 2007 David Mercado Gonzalez
Oyster Creek 2014 Jason Adrian Wells
Pattonville 2007 Stanley Ray Hart
Port Arthur 2011 Ronny Wayne Patteson
Powderly 2009 George Martin Rosson
Premont 2013 Leesa Renay Ramirez
Quitman 2009 Kimberly Kay Mclarry
Roma 2006 Ismael Segura-Mendez
Rosharon 2012 Ezequiel Serna
Shelbyville 2014 Jonathan Earl Swindle
Sherman 2005 Thomas Richard Fortner
Snyder 2008 John Michael Clark
Sweetwater 2011 Larry Adrian Green
Sweetwater 2011 Jessie Daniel Torres
Texas 2009 Dustin Michael Walker
Trent 2010 James Elmer Rainey
Unicorporated 2009 Randall Gene Kesseler
Valley View 2012 Michael Joe Barnes
Weatherford 2006 Harold Belmont Gray
(1 deaths)

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

City Date Name
Austin 2014 Steve N/a Steve
(2 deaths)

Texas Youth Commission

City Date Name
Bronte 2006 Robert P Schulze
Crockett 2009 Altrice Louis Oliver
(4 deaths)

Titus County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Mt. Pleasant 2005 James Earl Scott
Mt. Pleasant 2010 Michael Anthony Ferrell
Mt. Pleasant 2010 Fredrick Antiowon Hurndon
Pittsburg 2012 Abraham Mesino
(2 deaths)

Tom Green County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
San Angelo 2013 Juan Daniel Atilano
San Angelo 2014 Gregory Lange
(19 deaths)

Travis County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Austin 2005 Ricky Herron
Austin 2005 Wyant William Stiverson
Austin 2006 John Michael French
Austin 2006 Venita Renel Hill
Austin 2006 Rosalinda Smith Jones
Austin 2006 Mark Anthony Larkins
Austin 2007 Niqa Deshan Gant
Austin 2007 Robert Sanchez Gil
Austin 2007 Eulogio Larry Luna
Austin 2007 Kenneth Archie Stewart
Austin 2007 Charles Robert Thomas
Austin 2007 James Oliver Ward
Austin 2008 Donald Wayne Booth
Austin 2008 Blynda Lou Brooks
Austin 2008 Rachel Annette Jackson
Cedar Creek 2007 Jose Roberto Vallejo
Del Valle 2005 Michael Darnell Dickson
Del Valle 2006 David Clark Kimble
Del Valle 2007 Johnny Gomez
(16 deaths)

Travis County Sheriff’s Office

City Date Name
Austin 2010 Robert Wayne Butler
Austin 2010 David Cisneros
Austin 2010 Stephen Lee Graham
Austin 2010 Donita Michelle Jackson
Austin 2010 Gilberto Rubio-Turrubiates
Austin 2012 Roel Robert Valenzuela
Austin 2013 Polete Charles Rachal
Austin 2014 Suzanna Eugenia Skripkina
Austin 2014 Bruce Allen Thompson
Del Valle 2009 Justin Lee Edwards
Del Valle 2010 Filiberto Flores
Del Valle 2012 Thomas Edward Jones
Del Valle 2013 Laureen G Butler
Del Valle 2013 Jhane Dawlid Frye
Del Valle 2013 Ryan Christopher King
Del Valle 2014 Odis Glen Kelly
(1 deaths)

Trinity County Constable Precinct 1

City Date Name
Trininty 2010 Scott Allen Williford
(2 deaths)

Trinity County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Groveton 2008 Joshua Tijerina
Trinity 2009 Ronnie Gene Deathrage
(1 deaths)

Universal City Police Dept.

City Date Name
Universal City 2005 William Clyde Lary
(1 deaths)

University of Incarnate Word

City Date Name
Alamo Heights 2013 Cameron Redus
(1 deaths)

University of Texas System Police Department

City Date Name
Houston 2014 Leroy Turner
(1 deaths)

University Park Police Dept.

City Date Name
University Park 2014 Thomas E. Klessig
(3 deaths)

Upshur County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Gilmer 2006 Donna R. Delephimne
Gilmer 2009 Lindsey Leroy Stevens
Gilmer 2010 Darold Ray Marshall
(1 deaths)

Uvalde County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Uvalde 2010 Matiloa Katovich
(1 deaths)

Val Verde County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Del Rio 2007 Alberto Herman Reyes-Alvarez
(5 deaths)

Van Zandt County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Ben Wheeler 2007 James Bobby Gaston
Canton 2005 Daniell Lee Bundrick
Canton 2007 Matthew Collin Miller
Canton 2011 Christopher William Newton
Canton 2014 Michael Louis Peden
(9 deaths)

Victoria County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Victoria 2006 Ronald King Garner
Victoria 2007 Jerry Hopes
Victoria 2009 Raymond Pena
Victoria 2011 Rolla Ron Gripp
Victoria 2011 Patrick Charles Kinney
Victoria 2011 Terry Joe Long
Victoria 2011 Anthony Aubry Smith
Victoria 2012 Marcus Duprey Washington
Victoria 2014 Bradford Oneal Mosley
(1 deaths)

Victoria Police Dept.

City Date Name
Victoria 2007 Frank Timothy Benavides
(4 deaths)

Waco Police Dept.

City Date Name
Waco 2005 Robert Earl Williams
Waco 2007 Francisco Ray Olivarez
Waco 2010 Rodney Earl Green
Waco 2010 Aaron Jay Harvey
(6 deaths)

Walker County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Huntsville 2006 Courtenay Jermaine O’Bryant
Huntsville 2006 Rocky Dean Trout
Huntsville 2008 Jorge Lopez Estrada
Huntsville 2012 Victor Ramos Maestas
Huntsville 2012 Chance Robert Royal
Huntsville 2013 Laketha Mashell Thomas
(1 deaths)

Waller County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Hempstead 2012 James Harper Howell
(1 deaths)

Ward County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Monahans 2012 Rodney Wayne Crawford
(2 deaths)

Washington County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Brenham 2013 Madeleine Gene Richardson
Washington 2011 Paul Ryan Robbins
(1 deaths)

Weatherford Police Dept.

City Date Name
Weatherford 2011 Shane Weston Cook
(6 deaths)

Webb County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Laredo 2006 Christina Hernandez
Laredo 2009 Rodolfo Moreno
Laredo 2009 Michael Alan Smarr
Laredo 2009 Rafael Edgar Soliz
Laredo 2010 Jesus Escobedo
Laredo 2011 Charles Gabriel Johnson Aka Treviño
(1 deaths)

Weslaco Police Dept.

City Date Name
Weslaco 2007 Maricela Trevino
(1 deaths)

West Columbia Police Dept.

City Date Name
West Columbia 2012 Richard Corby Smith
(1 deaths)

Wharton County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Wharton 2013 Jeanette Johnson
(1 deaths)

Wharton Police Dept.

City Date Name
Wharton 2007 Danny Reyes Castillo
(1 deaths)

White Oak Police Dept.

City Date Name
Gladewater 2012 Jason Bradly Slaughter
(3 deaths)

Wichita County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Wichita Falls 2006 Ronnie Dean Rhodes
Wichita Falls 2007 Douglas Charles Gollihar
Wichita Falls 2009 John T Cameron
(13 deaths)

Wichita Falls Police Dept.

City Date Name
Wichita Falls 2006 Timothy Alfaro
Wichita Falls 2006 Jose Dejesus Ramirez
Wichita Falls 2007 Lakedra Shamar Randle
Wichita Falls 2007 Juventino Maldonado Suarez
Wichita Falls 2008 Edward Baxter Featherston
Wichita Falls 2009 Daniel Caen Smith
Wichita Falls 2009 Daniel Caen Smith
Wichita Falls 2010 Gary Paul Brown
Wichita Falls 2010 Ross William Muehlberger
Wichita Falls 2011 Jeffery Cole Royal
Wichita Falls 2012 Edward Washington
Wichita Falls 2014 Armando Noeh Aleman
Wichita Falls 2014 Joshua Powell
(1 deaths)

Wilbarger County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Vernon 2013 Daniel Jeremiah Chamberlain
(1 deaths)

Willacy County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Raymondville 2007 Billy Herbert Granger
(11 deaths)

Williamson County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Cedar Park 2012 George William Stokes
Georgetown 2005 Willliam Gerald Britton
Georgetown 2006 Joe Vinson Thornton
Georgetown 2010 Ryan Blake Justice
Georgetown 2010 Jerry Don Petty
Georgetown 2011 Rickie Lee Hendricks
Georgetown 2012 John Earl Dudley
Granger 2014 Mychael Alexander Aguilar
Hutto 2009 Jason Douglas Sorrell
Round Rock 2010 Juan Martinez
Rural Bell County 2009 Timothy Scott Noland
(2 deaths)

Wise County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Decatur 2005 John Robert Morris
Decatur 2012 David Wayne Malone
(3 deaths)

Wood County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Quitman 2006 James Patrick Taylor
Quitman 2009 Laura Janette Allison
Quitman 2010 William Earl Garner
(1 deaths)

Yoakum Police Dept.

City Date Name
Yoakum 2010 Michael James Harrell
(1 deaths)

Young County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Graham 2007 Robert Edward Mcclain
(2 deaths)

Zavala County Sheriff’s Dept.

City Date Name
Crystal City 2005 Jesus C Moncada
Crystal City 2013 Jose Mauro Alemendarez

Divorce Corp Reform In Washington D.C November 15-16, 2014

The PPJ Gazette

Corrupt CT

Bringing corruption to a whole new level.


Divorce Corp Reform In Washington D.C November 15,16 2014



While the movie Divorce Corp opened the eyes of many when it addressed the very real issues within our family courts nationwide, when it was in theaters in January. Thousands of people are being victimized by the family court, losing everything, in a never ending battle, hanging by a thread. Thanks’ to DIVORCE CORP the movie, for shedding the much needed light on this living nightmare.


people from east to west can meet in Washington D.C November 15,16 2014

More money flows through the family courts, and into the hands of courthouse insiders, than in all other court systems in America combined – over $50 billion a year and growing. Through extensive research and interviews with the nation’s top…

View original post 182 more words


If any readers ever found oneself compelled to family or juvenile dependency court expecting justice, well-established rule of law, case law, precedent, and Constitutional, civil, humanitarian, parental, and “unalienable,” natural law, God-given rights only to find that one appears to have entered a “new” tenth circle of Hell (alluding to Dante’s Inferno), then the following Government Code, not law, will at least help to explain the surreal, nightmarish, evil dimension one entered when one fought for one’s child(ren).  The highly treasonous, “contumaciously” rebellious “code,” not law that reeks of criminal anarchy, conspiracy, Communist/”Socialist,” Malthusian dung contained herein, was never accepted in any sufficiently noticed nor substantially lawful offer that could have possibly been legally extended to one with sufficient knowledge of consequences.  When the law becomes a lawbreaker unto itself, no man or woman can reasonably be expected to participate in such fraudulent crime.

With that being said, whether officers of the law and/or court or the egregiously incompetent and lacking in intelligence of the same brand of genetic inferiority such social workers and lying, perverse, morally and spiritually dead, mostly overweight if not morbidly obese “advocates” for child protection and pedophile rings are themselves searching to screen out and eradicate in this modern Eugenics or Holocaust of a war against women and children, are informed or willing to obey the real law and uphold their sworn oaths regarding the real “Enemy,” is not statistically or experientially provident, or, “imminent.”  This is where one has  a choice.  Does anyone claiming to be a Christian or at least informed of The Holy Bible not remember how the prison cells opened for Paul as he was preaching to the other inmates, how Daniel was unharmed by the lions in the pit into which he was thrown, or  how Joseph suffered enormous cruelty and persecution by his brothers, the sons of Jacob for their own jealousy, yet how he ended up living like a king who then saved his oppressors in the name of all that is RIGHT and GOOD?

For those not so spiritually inclined, does one not know the thrill of making a bet and winning, against all odds, or having overcome an obstacle in life that others said couldn’t be done?  Where is your sense of adventure and spontaneity, real Americans and oppressed and left for dead parents of lost, missing, or kidnapped and being held as hostages Sovereign individuals born on the land without sufficient knowledge to have given up your rights voluntarily upon a birth certificate someone else forged?

While the Lord loves obedience to Him, he also informs us to pray (See Spiritual Warfare Prayer, Ephesians 6, The Holy Bible) for the ability to speak “boldly” in the name of the “Holy Spirit.”   Again, for those not spiritually inclined, are you spirited and passionate, or are you common and cowardly?  If the world would come to an end tomorrow, would you at least enjoy exercising your own freedom and will?  Do you really think the “protectors” who lied to everyone else and are threatening your very existence for not lying, including by omission, are going to tell you the truth about your fate?  “Rage against the dying of the real Light,” or eternal darkness will have been your choice, “Comrades.”








 Sec. 2001.001. PURPOSE. It is the public policy of the state through this chapter to:

(1) provide minimum standards of uniform practice and procedure for state agencies;

(2) provide for public participation in the rulemaking process; and

(3) restate the law of judicial review of state agency action.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.

Sec. 2001.002. SHORT TITLE.

This chapter may be cited as the Administrative Procedure Act.Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.

Sec. 2001.003. DEFINITIONS.

In this chapter:

(1) “Contested case” means a proceeding, including a ratemaking or licensing proceeding, in which the legal rights, duties, or privileges of a party are to be determined by a state agency after an opportunity for adjudicative hearing.

(2) “License” includes the whole or a part of a state agency permit, certificate, approval, registration, or similar form of permission required by law.

(3) “Licensing” includes a state agency process relating to the granting, denial, renewal, revocation, suspension, annulment, withdrawal, or amendment of a license.

(4) “Party” means a person or state agency named or admitted as a party.

(5) “Person” means an individual, partnership, corporation, association, governmental subdivision, or public or private organization that is not a state agency.

(6) “Rule”:

(A) means a state agency statement of general applicability that:

(i) implements, interprets, or prescribes law or policy; or

(ii) describes the procedure or practice requirements of a state agency;

(B) includes the amendment or repeal of a prior rule; and

(C) does not include a statement regarding only the internal management or organization of a state agency and not affecting private rights or procedures.

(7) “State agency” means a state officer, board, commission, or department with statewide jurisdiction that makes rules or determines contested cases. The term includes the State Office of Administrative Hearings for the purpose of determining contested cases. The term does not include:

(A) a state agency wholly financed by federal money;

(B) the legislature;

(C) the courts;

(D) the Texas Department of Insurance, as regards proceedings and activities under Title 5, Labor Code, of the department, the commissioner of insurance, or the commissioner of workers’ compensation; or

(E) an institution of higher education.Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.Amended by: Acts 2005, 79th Leg., Ch. 265 (H.B. 7), Sec. 6.007, eff. September 1, 2005.


In addition to other requirements under law, a state agency shall:

(1) adopt rules of practice stating the nature and requirements of all available formal and informal procedures;

(2) index, cross-index to statute, and make available for public inspection all rules and other written statements of policy or interpretations that are prepared, adopted, or used by the agency in discharging its functions; and

(3) index, cross-index to statute, and make available for public inspection all final orders, decisions, and opinions.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.


(a) A state agency rule, order, or decision made or issued on or after January 1, 1976, is not valid or effective against a person or party, and may not be invoked by an agency, until the agency has indexed the rule, order, or decision and made it available for public inspection as required by this chapter.

(b) This section does not apply in favor of a person or party that has actual knowledge of the rule, order, or decision.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.


(a) In this section:

(1) “State agency” means a department, board, commission, committee, council, agency, office, or other entity in the executive, legislative, or judicial branch of state government. The term includes an institution of higher education as defined by Section 61.003, Education Code, and includes those entities excluded from the general definition of “state agency” under Section 2001.003(7).

(2) Legislation is considered to have “become law” if it has been passed by the legislature and:

(A) the governor has approved it;

(B) the governor has filed it with the secretary of state, having neither approved nor disapproved it;

(C) the time for gubernatorial action has expired under Section 14, Article IV, Texas Constitution, the governor having neither approved nor disapproved it; or

(D) the governor has disapproved it and the legislature has overridden the governor’s disapproval in accordance with Section 14, Article IV, Texas Constitution.

(b) In preparation for the implementation of legislation that has become law but has not taken effect, a state agency may adopt a rule or take other administrative action that the agency determines is necessary or appropriate and that the agency would have been authorized to take had the legislation been in effect at the time of the action.

(c) In preparation for the implementation of a rule that has been finally adopted by a state agency but has not taken effect, a state agency may take administrative action that the agency determines is necessary or appropriate and that the agency would have been authorized to take had the rule been in effect at the time of the action.

(d) A rule adopted under Subsection (b) may not take effect earlier than the legislation being implemented takes effect. Administrative action taken under Subsection (b) or (c) may not result in implementation or enforcement of the applicable legislation or rule before the legislation or rule takes effect.

Added by Acts 1999, 76th Leg., ch. 558, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1999.


(a) A state agency shall make available through a generally accessible Internet site:

(1) the text of its rules; and

(2) any material, such as a letter, opinion, or compliance manual, that explains or interprets one or more of its rules and that the agency has issued for general distribution to persons affected by one or more of its rules.

(b) A state agency shall design the generally accessible Internet site so that a member of the public may send questions about the agency’s rules to the agency electronically and receive responses to the questions from the agency electronically. If the agency’s rules and the agency’s explanatory and interpretive materials are made available at different Internet sites, both sites shall be designed in compliance with this subsection.

(c) Repealed by Acts 2005, 79th Leg., Ch. 750, Sec. 2(a), eff. September 1, 2006.

(d) A state agency may comply with this section through the actions of another agency, such as the secretary of state, on the agency’s behalf.

Added by Acts 1999, 76th Leg., ch. 1233, Sec. 1, eff. June 18, 1999. Renumbered from Sec. 2001.006 by Acts 2001, 77th Leg., ch. 1420, Sec. 21.001(63), eff. Sept. 1, 2001.Amended by:Acts 2005, 79th Leg., Ch. 750 (H.B. 2819), Sec. 2(a), eff. September 1, 2006.



(a) An interested person by petition to a state agency may request the adoption of a rule.

(b) A state agency by rule shall prescribe the form for a petition under this section and the procedure for its submission, consideration, and disposition.

(c) Not later than the 60th day after the date of submission of a petition under this section, a state agency shall:

(1) deny the petition in writing, stating its reasons for the denial; or

(2) initiate a rulemaking proceeding under this subchapter.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.


(a) A state agency shall determine whether a rule may affect a local economy before proposing the rule for adoption. If a state agency determines that a proposed rule may affect a local economy, the agency shall prepare a local employment impact statement for the proposed rule. The impact statement must describe in detail the probable effect of the rule on employment in each geographic area affected by the rule for each year of the first five years that the rule will be in effect and may include other factors at the agency’s discretion.

(b) This section does not apply to the adoption of an emergency rule.

(c) Failure to comply with this section does not impair the legal effect of a rule adopted under this chapter.Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993. Amended by Acts 2001, 77th Leg., ch. 871, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 2001.

Sec. 2001.0225. REGULATORY ANALYSIS OF MAJOR ENVIRONMENTAL RULES. (a) This section applies only to a major environmental rule adopted by a state agency, the result of which is to:

(1) exceed a standard set by federal law, unless the rule is specifically required by state law;

(2) exceed an express requirement of state law, unless the rule is specifically required by federal law;

(3) exceed a requirement of a delegation agreement or contract between the state and an agency or representative of the federal government to implement a state and federal program; or

(4) adopt a rule solely under the general powers of the agency instead of under a specific state law.

(b) Before adopting a major environmental rule subject to this section, a state agency shall conduct a regulatory analysis that:

(1) identifies the problem the rule is intended to address;

(2) determines whether a new rule is necessary to address the problem; and

(3) considers the benefits and costs of the proposed rule in relationship to state agencies, local governments, the public, the regulated community, and the environment.

(c) When giving notice of a major environmental rule subject to this section, a state agency shall incorporate into the fiscal note required by Section 2001.024 a draft impact analysis describing the anticipated effects of the proposed rule. The draft impact analysis, at a minimum, must:

(1) identify the benefits that the agency anticipates from adoption and implementation of the rule, including reduced risks to human health, safety, or the environment;

(2) identify the costs that the agency anticipates state agencies, local governments, the public, and the regulated community will experience after implementation of the rule;

(3) describe the benefits and costs anticipated from implementation of the rule in as quantitative a manner as feasible, but including a qualitative description when a quantitative description is not feasible or adequately descriptive;

(4) describe reasonable alternative methods for achieving the purpose of the rule that were considered by the agency and provide the reasons for rejecting those alternatives in favor of the proposed rule;

(5) identify the data and methodology used in performing the analysis required by this section;

(6) provide an explanation of whether the proposed rule specifies a single method of compliance, and, if so, explain why the agency determines that a specified method of compliance is preferable to adopting a flexible regulatory approach, such as a performance-oriented, voluntary, or market-based approach;

(7) state that there is an opportunity for public comment on the draft impact analysis under Section 2001.029 and that all comments will be addressed in the publication of the final regulatory analysis; and

(8) provide information in such a manner that a reasonable person reading the analysis would be able to identify the impacts of the proposed rule.

(d) After considering public comments submitted under Section 2001.029 and determining that a proposed rule should be adopted, the agency shall prepare a final regulatory analysis that complies with Section 2001.033. Additionally, the agency shall find that, compared to the alternative proposals considered and rejected, the rule will result in the best combination of effectiveness in obtaining the desired results and of economic costs not materially greater than the costs of any alternative regulatory method considered.

(e) In preparing the draft impact analysis before publication for comment and the final regulatory analysis for the agency order adopting the rule, the state agency shall consider that the purpose of this requirement is to identify for the public and the regulated community the information that was considered by the agency, the information that the agency determined to be relevant and reliable, and the assumptions and facts on which the agency made its regulatory decision. In making its final regulatory decision, the agency shall assess:

(1) all information submitted to it, whether quantitative or qualitative, consistent with generally accepted scientific standards;

(2) actual data where possible; and

(3) assumptions that reflect actual impacts that the regulation is likely to impose.

(f) A person who submitted public comment in accordance with Section 2001.029 may challenge the validity of a major environmental rule that is not proposed and adopted in accordance with the procedural requirements of this section by filing an action for declaratory judgment under Section 2001.038 not later than the 30th day after the effective date of the rule. If a court determines that a major environmental rule was not proposed and adopted in accordance with the procedural requirements of this section, the rule is invalid.

(g) In this section:

(1) “Benefit” means a reasonably identifiable, significant, direct or indirect, favorable effect, including a quantifiable or nonquantifiable environmental, health, or economic effect, that is expected to result from implementation of a rule.

(2) “Cost” means a reasonably identifiable, significant, direct or indirect, adverse effect, including a quantifiable or nonquantifiable environmental, health, or economic effect, that is expected to result from implementation of a rule.

(3) “Major environmental rule” means a rule the specific intent of which is to protect the environment or reduce risks to human health from environmental exposure and that may adversely affect in a material way the economy, a sector of the economy, productivity, competition, jobs, the environment, or the public health and safety of the state or a sector of the state.

(h) The requirements of this section do not apply to state agency rules that are proposed or adopted on an emergency basis to protect the environment or to reduce risks to human health from environmental exposure.

Added by Acts 1997, 75th Leg., ch. 1034, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1997.


(a) A state agency shall give at least 30 days’ notice of its intention to adopt a rule before it adopts the rule.

(b) A state agency shall file notice of the proposed rule with the secretary of state for publication in the Texas Register in the manner prescribed by Chapter 2002.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.

Sec. 2001.024. CONTENT OF NOTICE.

(a) The notice of a proposed rule must include:

(1) a brief explanation of the proposed rule;

(2) the text of the proposed rule, except any portion omitted under Section 2002.014, prepared in a manner to indicate any words to be added or deleted from the current text;

(3) a statement of the statutory or other authority under which the rule is proposed to be adopted, including:

(A) a concise explanation of the particular statutory or other provisions under which the rule is proposed;

(B) the section or article of the code affected; and

(C) a certification that the proposed rule has been reviewed by legal counsel and found to be within the state agency’s authority to adopt;

(4) a fiscal note showing the name and title of the officer or employee responsible for preparing or approving the note and stating for each year of the first five years that the rule will be in effect:

(A) the additional estimated cost to the state and to local governments expected as a result of enforcing or administering the rule;

(B) the estimated reductions in costs to the state and to local governments as a result of enforcing or administering the rule;

(C) the estimated loss or increase in revenue to the state or to local governments as a result of enforcing or administering the rule; and

(D) if applicable, that enforcing or administering the rule does not have foreseeable implications relating to cost or revenues of the state or local governments;

(5) a note about public benefits and costs showing the name and title of the officer or employee responsible for preparing or approving the note and stating for each year of the first five years that the rule will be in effect:

(A) the public benefits expected as a result of adoption of the proposed rule; and

(B) the probable economic cost to persons required to comply with the rule;

(6) the local employment impact statement prepared under Section 2001.022, if required;

(7) a request for comments on the proposed rule from any interested person; and

(8) any other statement required by law.

(b) In the notice of a proposed rule that amends any part of an existing rule:

(1) the text of the entire part of the rule being amended must be set out;

(2) the language to be deleted must be bracketed and stricken through; and

(3) the language to be added must be underlined.

(c) In the notice of a proposed rule that is new or that adds a complete section to an existing rule, the new rule or section must be set out and underlined.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993. Amended by Acts 1997, 75th Leg., ch. 1067, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1997.

Sec. 2001.025. EFFECTIVE DATE OF NOTICE. Notice of a proposed rule becomes effective as notice when published in the Texas Register, except as provided by Section 2001.028.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.

Sec. 2001.026. NOTICE TO PERSONS REQUESTING ADVANCE NOTICE OF PROPOSED RULES. A state agency shall mail notice of a proposed rule to each person who has made a timely written request of the agency for advance notice of its rulemaking proceedings. Failure to mail the notice does not invalidate an action taken or rule adopted.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.

Sec. 2001.027. WITHDRAWAL OF PROPOSED RULE. A proposed rule is withdrawn six months after the date of publication of notice of the proposed rule in the Texas Register if a state agency has failed by that time to adopt, adopt as amended, or withdraw the proposed rule.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.

Sec. 2001.028. NOTICE OF PROPOSED LAW ENFORCEMENT RULES. Notice of the adoption of a proposed rule by the Commission on Jail Standards or the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement that affects a law enforcement agency of the state or of a political subdivision of the state is not effective until the notice is:

(1) published as required by Section 2001.023; and

(2) mailed to each law enforcement agency that may be affected by the proposed rule.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.

Amended by:

Acts 2013, 83rd Leg., R.S., Ch. 93 (S.B. 686), Sec. 2.35, eff. May 18, 2013.

Sec. 2001.029. PUBLIC COMMENT. (a) Before adopting a rule, a state agency shall give all interested persons a reasonable opportunity to submit data, views, or arguments, orally or in writing.

(b) A state agency shall grant an opportunity for a public hearing before it adopts a substantive rule if a public hearing is requested by:

(1) at least 25 persons;

(2) a governmental subdivision or agency; or

(3) an association having at least 25 members.

(c) A state agency shall consider fully all written and oral submissions about a proposed rule.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.

Sec. 2001.030. STATEMENT OF REASONS FOR OR AGAINST ADOPTION. On adoption of a rule, a state agency, if requested to do so by an interested person either before adoption or not later than the 30th day after the date of adoption, shall issue a concise statement of the principal reasons for and against its adoption. The agency shall include in the statement its reasons for overruling the considerations urged against adoption.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.


(a) A state agency may use an informal conference or consultation to obtain the opinions and advice of interested persons about contemplated rulemaking.

(b) A state agency may appoint committees of experts or interested persons or representatives of the public to advise the agency about contemplated rulemaking.

(c) The power of a committee appointed under this section is advisory only.Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.


(a) Each house of the legislature by rule shall establish a process under which the presiding officer of each house refers each proposed state agency rule to the appropriate standing committee for review before the rule is adopted.

(b) On receiving a written request from the lieutenant governor, a member of the legislature, or a legislative agency, the secretary of state shall provide the requestor with electronic notification of rulemaking filings by a state agency under Section 2001.023.

(c) On the vote of a majority of its members, a standing committee may send to a state agency a statement supporting or opposing adoption of a proposed rule.Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.Amended by:Acts 2011, 82nd Leg., R.S., Ch. 906 (S.B. 791), Sec. 2, eff. September 1, 2011.


(a) A state agency order finally adopting a rule must include:

(1) a reasoned justification for the rule as adopted consisting solely of:

(A) a summary of comments received from parties interested in the rule that shows the names of interested groups or associations offering comment on the rule and whether they were for or against its adoption;

(B) a summary of the factual basis for the rule as adopted which demonstrates a rational connection between the factual basis for the rule and the rule as adopted; and

(C) the reasons why the agency disagrees with party submissions and proposals;

(2) a concise restatement of the particular statutory provisions under which the rule is adopted and of how the agency interprets the provisions as authorizing or requiring the rule; and

(3) a certification that the rule, as adopted, has been reviewed by legal counsel and found to be a valid exercise of the agency’s legal authority.

(b) Nothing in this section shall be construed to require additional analysis of alternatives not adopted by an agency beyond that required by Subdivision (1)(C) or to require the reasoned justification to be stated separately from the statements required in Subdivision (1).

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993. Amended by Acts 1999, 76th Leg., ch. 558, Sec. 2, eff. Sept. 1, 1999.


(a) A state agency may adopt an emergency rule without prior notice or hearing, or with an abbreviated notice and a hearing that it finds practicable, if the agency:

(1) finds that an imminent peril to the public health, safety, or welfare, or a requirement of state or federal law, requires adoption of a rule on fewer than 30 days’ notice; and

(2) states in writing the reasons for its finding under Subdivision (1).

(b) A state agency shall set forth in an emergency rule’s preamble the finding required by Subsection (a).

(c) A rule adopted under this section may be effective for not longer than 120 days and may be renewed once for not longer than 60 days. An identical rule may be adopted under Sections 2001.023 and 2001.029.

(d) A state agency shall file an emergency rule adopted under this section and the agency’s written reasons for the adoption in the office of the secretary of state for publication in the Texas Register in the manner prescribed by Chapter 2002.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.

Sec. 2001.035. SUBSTANTIAL COMPLIANCE REQUIREMENT; TIME LIMIT ON PROCEDURAL CHALLENGE. (a) A rule is voidable unless a state agency adopts it in substantial compliance with Sections 2001.0225 through 2001.034.

(b) A person must initiate a proceeding to contest a rule on the ground of noncompliance with the procedural requirements of Sections 2001.0225 through 2001.034 not later than the second anniversary of the effective date of the rule.

(c) A state agency substantially complies with the requirements of Section 2001.033 if the agency’s reasoned justification demonstrates in a relatively clear and logical fashion that the rule is a reasonable means to a legitimate objective.

(d) A mere technical defect that does not result in prejudice to a person’s rights or privileges is not grounds for invalidation of a rule.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993. Amended by Acts 1999, 76th Leg., ch. 558, Sec. 3, eff. Sept. 1, 1999.


(a) A rule takes effect 20 days after the date on which it is filed in the office of the secretary of state, except that:

(1) if a later date is required by statute or specified in the rule, the later date is the effective date;

(2) if a state agency finds that an expedited effective date is necessary because of imminent peril to the public health, safety, or welfare, and subject to applicable constitutional or statutory provisions, a rule is effective immediately on filing with the secretary of state, or on a stated date less than 20 days after the filing date; and

(3) if a federal statute or regulation requires that a state agency implement a rule by a certain date, the rule is effective on the prescribed date.

(b) A state agency shall file with its rule the finding described by Subsection (a)(2), if applicable, and a brief statement of the reasons for the finding. The agency shall take appropriate measures to make emergency rules known to persons who may be affected by them.

(c) A rule adopted as provided by Subsection (a)(3) shall be filed in the office of the secretary of state and published in the Texas Register.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.


If a conflict exists, the official text of a rule is the text on file with the secretary of state and not the text published in the Texas Register or on file with the issuing state agency.Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.


(a) The validity or applicability of a rule, including an emergency rule adopted under Section 2001.034, may be determined in an action for declaratory judgment if it is alleged that the rule or its threatened application interferes with or impairs, or threatens to interfere with or impair, a legal right or privilege of the plaintiff.

(b) The action may be brought only in a Travis County district court.

(c) The state agency must be made a party to the action.

(d) A court may render a declaratory judgment without regard to whether the plaintiff requested the state agency to rule on the validity or applicability of the rule in question.

(e) An action brought under this section may not be used to delay or stay a hearing in which a suspension, revocation, or cancellation of a license by a state agency is at issue before the agency after notice of the hearing has been given.

(f) A Travis County district court in which an action is brought under this section, on its own motion or the motion of any party, may request transfer of the action to the Court of Appeals for the Third Court of Appeals District if the district court finds that the public interest requires a prompt, authoritative determination of the validity or applicability of the rule in question and the case would ordinarily be appealed. After filing of the district court’s request with the court of appeals, transfer of the action may be granted by the court of appeals if it agrees with the findings of the district court concerning the application of the statutory standards to the action. On entry of an order by the court of appeals granting transfer, the action is transferred to the court of appeals for decision, and the validity or applicability of the rule in question is subject to judicial review by the court of appeals. The administrative record and the district court record shall be filed by the district clerk with the clerk of the court of appeals. The court of appeals may direct the district court to conduct any necessary evidentiary hearings in connection with the action.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993. Amended by Acts 1999, 76th Leg., ch. 894, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1999.


(a) A state agency shall review and consider for readoption each of its rules in accordance with this section.

(b) A state agency shall review a rule not later than the fourth anniversary of the date on which the rule takes effect and every four years after that date. The adoption of an amendment to an existing rule does not affect the dates on which the rule must be reviewed except that the effective date of an amendment is considered to be the effective date of the rule if the agency formally conducts a review of the rule in accordance with this section as part of the process of adopting the amendment.

(c) The state agency shall readopt, readopt with amendments, or repeal a rule as the result of reviewing the rule under this section.

(d) The procedures of this subchapter relating to the original adoption of a rule apply to the review of a rule and to the resulting repeal, readoption, or readoption with amendments of the rule, except as provided by this subsection. Publishing the Texas Administrative Code citation to a rule under review satisfies the requirements of this subchapter relating to publishing the text of the rule unless the agency readopts the rule with amendments as a result of the review.

(e) A state agency’s review of a rule must include an assessment of whether the reasons for initially adopting the rule continue to exist.

Added by Acts 1999, 76th Leg., ch. 1499, Sec. 1.11(a), eff. Sept. 1, 1999.


If a court finds that an agency has not substantially complied with one or more procedural requirements of Sections 2001.0225 through 2001.034, the court may remand the rule, or a portion of the rule, to the agency and, if it does so remand, shall provide a reasonable time for the agency to either revise or readopt the rule through established procedure. During the remand period, the rule shall remain effective unless the court finds good cause to invalidate the rule or a portion of the rule, effective as of the date of the court’s order.

Added by Acts 1999, 76th Leg., ch. 558, Sec. 4, eff. Sept. 1, 1999. Renumbered from Sec. 2001.039 by Acts 2001, 77th Leg., ch. 1420, Sec. 21.001(64), eff. Sept. 1, 20


A state agency rule, order, or guide relating to decentralization of agency services or programs must include a statement of the manner in which the agency complied with Section 391.0091, Local Government Code.

Added by Acts 2003, 78th Leg., ch. 718, Sec. 2, eff. Sept. 1, 2003.


Sec. 2001.051. OPPORTUNITY FOR HEARING AND PARTICIPATION; OTICE OF HEARING. In a contested case, each party is entitled to an opportunity:

(1) for hearing after reasonable notice of not less than 10 days; and

(2) to respond and to present evidence and argument on each issue involved in the case.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.

Sec. 2001.052. CONTENTS OF NOTICE.

(a) Notice of a hearing in a contested case must include:

(1) a statement of the time, place, and nature of the hearing;

(2) a statement of the legal authority and jurisdiction under which the hearing is to be held;

(3) a reference to the particular sections of the statutes and rules involved; and

(4) a short, plain statement of the matters asserted.

(b) If a state agency or other party is unable to state matters in detail at the time notice under this section is served, an initial notice may be limited to a statement of the issues involved. On timely written application, a more definite and detailed statement shall be furnished not less than three days before the date set for the hearing.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.

Sec. 2001.053. RIGHT TO COUNSEL.

(a) Each party to a contested case is entitled to the assistance of counsel before a state agency.

(b) A party may expressly waive the right to assistance of counsel.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.

Sec. 2001.054. LICENSES.

(a) The provisions of this chapter concerning contested cases apply to the grant, denial, or renewal of a license that is required to be preceded by notice and opportunity for hearing.

(b) If a license holder makes timely and sufficient application for the renewal of a license or for a new license for an activity of a continuing nature, the existing license does not expire until the application has been finally determined by the state agency. If the application is denied or the terms of the new license are limited, the existing license does not expire until the last day for seeking review of the agency order or a later date fixed by order of the reviewing court.

(c) A revocation, suspension, annulment, or withdrawal of a license is not effective unless, before institution of state agency proceedings:

(1) the agency gives notice by personal service or by registered or certified mail to the license holder of facts or conduct alleged to warrant the intended action; and

(2) the license holder is given an opportunity to show compliance with all requirements of law for the retention of the license.

(d) A license described in Subsection (a) remains valid unless it expires without timely application for renewal, is amended, revoked, suspended, annulled, or withdrawn, or the denial of a renewal application becomes final. The term or duration of a license described in Subsection (a) is tolled during the period the license is subjected to judicial review. However, the term or duration of a license is not tolled if, during judicial review, the licensee engages in the activity for which the license was issued.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993. Amended by Acts 1995, 74th Leg., ch. 589, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1995.


(a) In a contested case, a state agency shall provide an interpreter whose qualifications are approved by the Texas Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing to interpret the proceedings for a party or subpoenaed witness who is deaf or hearing impaired.

(b) In this section, “deaf or hearing impaired” means having a hearing impairment, whether or not accompanied by a speech impairment, that inhibits comprehension of the proceedings or communication with others.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993. Amended by Acts 1995, 74th Leg., ch. 835, Sec. 18, eff. Sept. 1, 1995.

Sec. 2001.056. INFORMAL DISPOSITION OF CONTESTED CASE. Unless precluded by law, an informal disposition may be made of a contested case by:

(1) stipulation;

(2) agreed settlement;

(3) consent order; or

(4) default.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.

Sec. 2001.057. CONTINUANCES.

(a) A state agency may continue a hearing in a contested case from time to time and from place to place.

(b) The notice of the hearing must indicate the times and places at which the hearing may be continued.

(c) If a hearing is not concluded on the day it begins, a state agency shall, to the extent possible, proceed with the hearing on each subsequent working day until the hearing is concluded.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.


(a) This section applies only to an administrative law judge employed by the State Office of Administrative Hearings.

(b) An administrative law judge who conducts a contested case hearing shall consider applicable agency rules or policies in conducting the hearing, but the state agency deciding the case may not supervise the administrative law judge.

(c) A state agency shall provide the administrative law judge with a written statement of applicable rules or policies.

(d) A state agency may not attempt to influence the finding of facts or the administrative law judge’s application of the law in a contested case except by proper evidence and legal argument.

(e) A state agency may change a finding of fact or conclusion of law made by the administrative law judge, or may vacate or modify an order issued by the administrative judge, only if the agency determines:

(1) that the administrative law judge did not properly apply or interpret applicable law, agency rules, written policies provided under Subsection (c), or prior administrative decisions;

(2) that a prior administrative decision on which the administrative law judge relied is incorrect or should be changed; or

(3) that a technical error in a finding of fact should be changed.

The agency shall state in writing the specific reason and legal basis for a change made under this subsection.

(f) A state agency by rule may provide that, in a contested case before the agency that concerns licensing in relation to an occupational license and that is not disposed of by stipulation, agreed settlement, or consent order, the administrative law judge shall render the final decision in the contested case. If a state agency adopts such a rule, the following provisions apply to contested cases covered by the rule:

(1) the administrative law judge shall render the decision that may become final under Section 2001.144 not later than the 60th day after the latter of the date on which the hearing is finally closed or the date by which the judge has ordered all briefs, reply briefs, and other post hearing documents to be filed, and the 60-day period may be extended only with the consent of all parties, including the occupational licensing agency;

(2) the administrative law judge shall include in the findings of fact and conclusions of law a determination whether the license at issue is primarily a license to engage in an occupation;

(3) the State Office of Administrative Hearings is the state agency with which a motion for rehearing or a reply to a motion for rehearing is filed under Section 2001.146 and is the state agency that acts on the motion or extends a time period under Section 2001.146;

(4) the State Office of Administrative Hearings is the state agency responsible for sending a copy of the decision that may become final under Section 2001.144 or an order ruling on a motion for rehearing to the parties, including the occupational licensing agency, in accordance with Section 2001.142; and

(5) the occupational licensing agency and any other party to the contested case is entitled to obtain judicial review of the final decision in accordance with this chapter.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993. Amended by Acts 1997, 75th Leg., ch. 1167, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1997.

Sec. 2001.059. TRANSCRIPT.

(a) On the written request of a party to a contested case, proceedings, or any part of the proceedings, shall be transcribed.

(b) A state agency may pay the cost of a transcript or may assess the cost to one or more parties.

(c) This chapter does not limit a state agency to a stenographic record of proceedings.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.

Sec. 2001.060. RECORD. The record in a contested case includes:

(1) each pleading, motion, and intermediate ruling;

(2) evidence received or considered;

(3) a statement of matters officially noticed;

(4) questions and offers of proof, objections, and rulings on them;

(5) proposed findings and exceptions;

(6) each decision, opinion, or report by the officer presiding at the hearing; and

(7) all staff memoranda or data submitted to or considered by the hearing officer or members of the agency who are involved in making the decision.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.


(a) Unless required for the disposition of an ex parte matter authorized by law, a member or employee of a state agency assigned to render a decision or to make findings of fact and conclusions of law in a contested case may not directly or indirectly communicate in connection with an issue of fact or law with a state agency, person, party, or a representative of those entities, except on notice and opportunity for each party to participate.

(b) A state agency member may communicate ex parte with another member of the agency unless prohibited by other law.

(c) Under Section 2001.090, a member or employee of a state agency assigned to render a decision or to make findings of fact and conclusions of law in a contested case may communicate ex parte with an agency employee who has not participated in a hearing in the case for the purpose of using the special skills or knowledge of the agency and its staff in evaluating the evidence.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.


(a) In a contested case, if a majority of the state agency officials who are to render a final decision have not heard the case or read the record, the decision, if adverse to a party other than the agency itself, may not be made until:

(1) a proposal for decision is served on each party; and

(2) an opportunity is given to each adversely affected party to file exceptions and present briefs to the officials who are to render the decision.

(b) If a party files exceptions or presents briefs, an opportunity shall be given to each other party to file replies to the exceptions or briefs.

(c) A proposal for decision must contain a statement of the reasons for the proposed decision and of each finding of fact and conclusion of law necessary to the proposed decision. The statement must be prepared by the individual who conducted the hearing or by one who has read the record.

(d) A proposal for decision may be amended in response to exceptions, replies, or briefs submitted by the parties without again being served on the parties.

(e) The parties by written stipulation may waive compliance with this section.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.


 Sec. 2001.081. RULES OF EVIDENCE. The rules of evidence as applied in a nonjury civil case in a district court of this state shall apply to a contested case except that evidence inadmissible under those rules may be admitted if the evidence is:

(1) necessary to ascertain facts not reasonably susceptible of proof under those rules;

(2) not precluded by statute; and

(3) of a type on which a reasonably prudent person commonly relies in the conduct of the person’s affairs.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.


In a contested case, evidence that is irrelevant, immaterial, or unduly repetitious shall be excluded.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.

Sec. 2001.083. PRIVILEGE.

In a contested case, a state agency shall give effect to the rules of privilege recognized by law.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.


An objection to an evidentiary offer in a contested case may be made and shall be noted in the record.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.

Sec. 2001.085. WRITTEN EVIDENCE.

Subject to the requirements of Sections 2001.081 through 2001.084, any part of the evidence in a contested case may be received in writing if:

(1) a hearing will be expedited; and

(2) the interests of the parties will not be substantially prejudiced.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.


A copy or excerpt of documentary evidence may be received in a contested case if an original document is not readily available. On request, a party shall be given an opportunity to compare the copy or excerpt with the original document.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.


In a contested case, a party may conduct cross-examination required for a full and true disclosure of the facts.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.

Sec. 2001.088. WITNESSES

. A state agency may swear witnesses and take their testimony under oath in connection with a contested case held under this chapter.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.


On its own motion or on the written request of a party to a contested case pending before it, a state agency shall issue a subpoena addressed to the sheriff or to a constable to require the attendance of a witness or the production of books, records, papers, or other objects that may be necessary and proper for the purposes of a proceeding if:

(1) good cause is shown; and

(2) an amount is deposited that will reasonably ensure payment of the amounts estimated to accrue under Section 2001.103.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.


(a) In connection with a hearing held under this chapter, official notice may be taken of:

(1) all facts that are judicially cognizable; and

(2) generally recognized facts within the area of the state agency’s specialized knowledge.

(b) Each party shall be notified either before or during the hearing, by reference or  in a preliminary report or otherwise, of the material officially noticed, including staff memoranda or information.

(c) Each party is entitled to be given an opportunity to contest material that is officially noticed.

(d) The special skills or knowledge of the state agency and its staff may be used in evaluating the evidence.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.


(a) On the motion of a party, on notice to each other party, and subject to limitations of the kind provided for discovery under the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure, a state agency in which a contested case is pending may order a party:

(1) to produce and to permit the party making the motion or a person on behalf of that party to inspect and to copy or photograph a designated document, paper, book, account, letter, photograph, or tangible thing in the party’s possession, custody, or control that:

(A) is not privileged; and

(B) constitutes or contains, or is reasonably calculated to lead to the discovery of, evidence that is material to a matter involved in the contested case; and

(2) to permit entry to designated land or other property in the party’s possession or control to inspect, measure, survey, or photograph the property or a designated object or operation on the property that may be material to a matter involved in the contested case.

(b) An order under this section:

(1) must specify the time, place, and manner of making the inspection, measurement, or survey or of making copies or photographs; and

(2) may prescribe other terms and conditions that are just.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.


(a) The identity and location of a potential party or witness in a contested case may be obtained from a communication or other paper in a party’s possession, custody, or control.

(b) A party may be required to produce and permit the inspection and copying of a report, including factual observations and opinions, of an expert who will be called as a witness.

(c) This section does not extend to other communications:

(1) made after the occurrence or transaction on which the contested case is based;

(2) made in connection with the prosecution, investigation, or defense of the contested case or the circumstances from which the case arose; and

(3) that are:

(A) written statements of witnesses;

(B) in writing and between agents, representatives, or employees of a party; or

(C) between a party and the party’s agent, representative, or employee.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.


(a) On request, a person, including a person who is not a party, is entitled to obtain a copy of a statement in a party’s possession, custody, or control that the person has previously made about the contested case or its subject matter.

(b) A person whose request under Subsection (a) is refused may move for a state agency order under Section 2001.091.

(c) In this section, a statement is considered to be previously made if it is:

(1) a written statement signed or otherwise adopted approved  by the person making it; or

(2) a stenographic, mechanical, electrical, or other recording, or a transcription of the recording, which is a substantially verbatim recital of an oral statement by the person making it and that was contemporaneously recorded.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.

Sec. 2001.094. ISSUANCE OF COMMISSION REQUIRING DEPOSITION. (a) On its own motion or on the written request of a party to a contested case pending before it, and on deposit of an amount that will reasonably ensure payment of the amount estimated to accrue under Section 2001.103, a state agency shall issue a commission, addressed to the officers authorized by statute to take a deposition, requiring that the deposition of a witness be taken.

(b) The commission shall authorize the issuance of any subpoena necessary to require that the witness appear and produce, at the time the deposition is taken, books, records, papers, or other objects that may be necessary and proper for the purpose of the proceeding.

(c) The commission shall require an officer to whom it is addressed to:

(1) examine the witness before the officer on the date and at the place named in the commission; and

(2) take answers under oath to questions asked the witness by a party to the proceeding, the state agency, or an attorney for a party or the agency.

(d) The commission shall require the witness to remain in attendance from day to day until the deposition is begun and completed.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.

Sec. 2001.095. DEPOSITION OF STATE AGENCY BOARD MEMBER. The deposition of a member of a state agency board may not be taken after a date has been set for hearing in a contested case.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.


A deposition in a contested case shall be taken in the county where the witness:

(1) resides;

(2) is employed; or

(3) regularly transacts business in person.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.


(a) The officer taking an oral deposition in a contested case may not:

(1) sustain an objection to the testimony taken; or

(2) exclude testimony.

(b) An objection to deposition testimony is reserved for the action of the state agency before which the matter is pending.

(c) The administrator or other officer conducting the contested case hearing may consider objections other than those made at the taking of the testimony.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.


(a) A deposition witness in a contested case shall be carefully examined.

(b) The testimony shall be reduced to writing or typewriting by the officer taking the deposition, a person under the officer’s personal supervision, or the deposition witness in the officer’s presence.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.


(a) A deposition in a contested case shall be submitted to the witness for examination after the testimony is fully transcribed and shall be read to or by the witness.

(b) The witness and the parties may waive in writing the examination and reading of a deposition under Subsection (a).

(c) If the witness is a party to the contested case pending before the agency with an attorney of record, the deposition officer shall notify the attorney of record in writing by registered or certified mail that the deposition is ready for examination and reading at the office of the deposition officer and that if the witness does not appear and examine, read, and sign the deposition before the 21st day after the date on which the notice is mailed, the deposition shall be returned as provided by this subchapter for unsigned depositions.

(d) A witness must sign a deposition at least three days before the date of the hearing or the deposition shall be returned as an unsigned deposition as provided by this subchapter.

(e) The officer taking a deposition shall enter on the deposition:

(1) a change in form or substance that the witness desires to make; and

(2) a statement of the reasons given by the witness for making the change.

(f) After the deposition officer has entered any change and a statement of reasons for the change on the deposition under Subsection (e), the witness shall sign the deposition unless:

(1) the parties present at the taking of the deposition by stipulation waive the signing;

(2) the witness is ill;

(3) the witness cannot be found; or

(4) the witness refuses to sign.

(g) If a deposition is not signed by the witness, the officer shall sign it and state on the record the fact of the witness’s waiver, illness, absence, or refusal to sign and the reason given, if any, for failure to sign. The deposition may then be used as though signed by the witness.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.


(a) A deposition may be returned to the state agency before which the contested case is pending by mail or by a party interested in taking the deposition or another person.

(b) For a deposition returned by mail, the state agency shall:

(1) endorse on the deposition the fact that it was received from the post office; and

(2) have it signed by the agency employee receiving the deposition.

(c) For a deposition returned by means other than mail, the person delivering it to the state agency shall execute an affidavit before the agency stating that:

(1) the person received it from the hands of the officer before whom it was taken;

(2) it has not been out of the person’s possession since the person received it; and

(3) it has not been altered.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.


(a) At the request of a party or the party’s counsel, a deposition in a contested case that is filed with a state agency may be opened by an employee of the agency.

(b) A state agency employee who opens a deposition shall:

(1) endorse on the deposition the day and at whose request it was opened; and

(2) sign the deposition.

(c) The deposition shall remain on file with the state agency for the inspection of any party.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.

Sec. 2001.102. USE OF DEPOSITION.

A party is entitled to use a deposition taken under this subchapter in the contested case pending before the state agency without regard to whether a cross-interrogatory has been propounded.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.


(a) A witness or deponent in a contested case who is not a party and who is subpoenaed or otherwise compelled to attend a hearing or proceeding to give a deposition or to produce books, records, papers, or other objects that may be necessary and proper for the purposes of a proceeding under this chapter is entitled to receive:

(1) 10 cents for each mile, or a greater amount prescribed by state agency rule, for going to and returning from the place of the hearing or deposition if the place is more than 25 miles from the person’s place of residence and the person uses the person’s personally owned or leased motor vehicle for the travel;

(2) reimbursement of the transportation expenses of the witness or deponent for going to and returning from the place where the hearing is held or the deposition is taken, if the place is more than 25 miles from the person’s place of residence and the person does not use the person’s personally owned or leased motor vehicle for the travel;

(3) reimbursement of the meal and lodging expenses of the witness or deponent while going to and returning from the place where the hearing is held or deposition is taken, if the place is more than 25 miles from the person’s place of residence; and

(4) $10, or a greater amount prescribed by state agency rule, for each day or part of a day that the person is necessarily present.

(b) Amounts required to be reimbursed or paid under this section shall be reimbursed or paid by the party or agency at whose request the witness appears or the deposition is taken. An agency required to make a payment or reimbursement shall present to the comptroller vouchers:

(1) sworn by the witness or deponent; and

(2) approved by the agency in accordance with Chapter 2103.

(c) An agency may directly pay a commercial transportation company for the transportation expenses or a commercial lodging establishment for the lodging expenses of a witness or deponent if this section otherwise requires the agency to reimburse the witness or deponent for those expenses.

(d) An agency may not pay a commercial transportation company or commercial lodging establishment or reimburse a witness or deponent for transportation, meal, or lodging expenses under this section at a rate that exceeds the maximum rates provided by law for state employees. An agency may not adopt rules that provide for payment or reimbursement rates that exceed those maximum rates.

(e) In this section:

(1) “Commercial lodging establishment” means a motel, hotel, inn, apartment, or similar entity that offers lodging to the public in exchange for compensation.

(2) “Commercial transportation company” means an entity that offers transportation of people or goods to the public in exchange for compensation.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993. Amended by Acts 1995, 74th Leg., ch. 76, Sec. 5.20(a), eff. Sept. 1, 1995.


 Sec. 2001.121. STATEMENT OR TESTIMONY BY CERTAIN CHILD ABUSE VICTIMS. (a) This section applies:

(1) to a contested case and judicial review of a final decision under this chapter, whether by trial de novo or under the substantial evidence rule, in which an issue is the abuse of a child younger than 12 years of age; and

(2) only to the statement or testimony of a child younger than 12 years of age who is alleged to have been abused.

(b) The recording of an oral statement recorded before the proceeding is admissible into evidence if:

(1) an attorney for a party to the proceeding was not present when the statement was made;

(2) the recording is both visual and aural and is recorded on film or videotape or by other electronic means;

(3) the recording equipment was capable of making an accurate recording;

(4) the operator was competent;

(5) the recording is accurate and has not been altered;

(6) the statement was not made in response to questioning calculated to lead the child to make a particular statement;

(7) each voice on the recording is identified;

(8) the individual conducting the interview of the child in the recording is present at the proceeding and available to testify or to be cross-examined by either party; and

(9) each party to the proceeding is given an opportunity to view the recording before it is offered into evidence.

(c) On the motion of a party to the proceeding, the individual conducting the hearing may order that the testimony of the child be taken in a room other than the hearing room and be televised by closed circuit equipment in the hearing room to be viewed by the finder of fact and the parties to the proceeding. Only an attorney for each party, an attorney ad litem for the child or other individual whose presence would contribute to the welfare and well-being of the child, and individuals necessary to operate the equipment may be present in the room with the child during the child’s testimony. Only the attorneys for the parties may question the child. The individuals operating the equipment shall be confined to an adjacent room or behind a screen or mirror that permits them to see and hear the child during the child’s testimony but does not permit the child to see or hear them.

(d) On the motion of a party to the proceeding, the individual conducting the hearing may order that the testimony of the child be taken outside the hearing room and be recorded for showing in the hearing room before the individual conducting the hearing, the finder of fact, and the parties to the proceeding. Only those individuals permitted to be present at the taking of testimony under Subsection (c) may be present during the taking of the child’s testimony. Only the attorneys for the parties may question the child, and the individuals operating the equipment shall be confined from the child’s sight and hearing as provided by Subsection (c). The individual conducting the hearing shall ensure that:

(1) the recording is both visual and aural and is recorded on film or videotape or by other electronic means;

(2) the recording equipment was capable of making an accurate recording;

(3) the operator was competent;

(4) the recording is accurate and is not altered;

(5) each voice on the recording is identified; and

(6) each party to the proceeding is given an opportunity to view the recording before it is shown in the hearing room.

(e) A child whose testimony is taken as provided by this section may not be compelled to testify in the presence of the individual conducting the hearing during the proceeding.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.


(a) This section applies:

(1) to a proceeding held under this chapter or a judicial review of a final decision under this chapter, whether by trial de novo or under the substantial evidence rule, in which an issue is the abuse of a child 12 years of age or younger; and

(2) only to a statement that describes an alleged incident of child abuse that:

(A) was made by the child who is the alleged victim of the incident; and

(B) was made to the first individual 18 years of age or older, other than the individual accused of abuse, to whom the child made a statement about the incident.

(b) A statement that meets the requirements of Subsection (a)(2) is not inadmissible as hearsay if:

(1) on or before the seventh day before the date on which the proceeding or hearing begins, the party intending to offer the statement:

(A) notifies each other party of the party’s intention to do so;

(B) provides each other party with the name of the witness through whom it intends to offer the statement; and

(C) provides each other party with a written summary of the statement;

(2) the presiding official conducting the proceeding finds that the statement is reliable based on the time, content, and circumstances of the statement; and

(3) the child who is the alleged victim testifies or is available to testify at the hearing in court, at the proceeding, or in any other manner provided by law.

(c) The finding required by Subsection (b)(2) shall be made in a hearing conducted outside the presence of the jury, if the hearing is before a jury.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.



(a) A decision or order that may become final under Section 2001.144 that is adverse to a party in a contested case must be in writing or stated in the record.

(b) A decision that may become final under Section 2001.144 must include findings of fact and conclusions of law, separately stated.

(c) Findings of fact may be based only on the evidence and on matters that are officially noticed.

(d) Findings of fact, if set forth in statutory language, must be accompanied by a concise and explicit statement of the underlying facts supporting the findings.

(e) If a party submits under a state agency rule proposed findings of fact, the decision shall include a ruling on each proposed finding.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.


(a) A party in a contested case shall be notified either personally or by first class mail of any decision or order.

(b) On issuance in a contested case of a decision that may become final under Section 2001.144 or an order ruling on a motion for rehearing, a state agency shall send a copy of the decision or order by first class mail to the attorneys of record and shall keep an appropriate record of the mailing. If a party is not represented by an attorney of record, the state agency shall send a copy of the decision or order by first class mail to the party and shall keep an appropriate record of the mailing.

(c) A party or attorney of record notified by mail under Subsection (b) is presumed to have been notified on the third day after the date on which the notice is mailed.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993. Amended by Acts 1999, 76th Leg., ch. 18, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1999.


(a) A decision or order that may become final under Section 2001.144 in a contested case must be rendered not later than the 60th day after the date on which the hearing is finally closed.

(b) In a contested case heard by other than a majority of the officials of a state agency, the agency may extend the period in which the decision or order may be issued.

(c) Any extension shall be announced at the conclusion of the hearing.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.


(a) A decision in a contested case is final:

(1) if a motion for rehearing is not filed on time, on the expiration of the period for filing a motion for rehearing;

(2) if a motion for rehearing is filed on time, on the date:

(A) the order overruling the motion for rehearing is rendered; or

(B) the motion is overruled by operation of law;

(3) if a state agency finds that an imminent peril to the public health, safety, or welfare requires immediate effect of a decision or order, on the date the decision is rendered; or

(4) on the date specified in the order for a case in which all parties agree to the specified date in writing or on the record, if the specified date is not before the date the order is signed or later than the 20th day after the date the order was rendered.

(b) If a decision or order is final under Subsection (a)(3), a state agency must recite in the decision or order the finding made under Subsection (a)(3) and the fact that the decision or order is final and effective on the date rendered.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993. Amended by Acts 1997, 75th Leg., ch. 611, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1997.


(a) A timely motion for rehearing is a prerequisite to an appeal in a contested case except that a motion for rehearing of a decision or order that is final under Section 2001.144(a)(3) or (4) is not a prerequisite for appeal.

(b) A decision that is final under Section 2001.144(a)(2), (3), or (4) is appealable.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993. Amended by Acts 1997, 75th Leg., ch. 611, Sec. 2, eff. Sept. 1, 1997.


(a) A motion for rehearing in a contested case must be filed by a party not later than the 20th day after the date on which the party or the party’s attorney of record is notified as required by Section 2001.142 of a decision or order that may become final under Section 2001.144.

(b) A reply to a motion for rehearing must be filed with the state agency not later than the 30th day after the date on which the party or the party’s attorney of record is notified as required by Section 2001.142 of the decision or order that may become final under Section 2001.144.

(c) A state agency shall act on a motion for rehearing not later than the 45th day after the date on which the party or the party’s attorney of record is notified as required by Section 2001.142 of the decision or order that may become final under Section 2001.144 or the motion for rehearing is overruled by operation of law.

(d) If a state agency board includes a member who does not receive a salary for work as a board member and who resides outside Travis County, the board may rule on a motion for rehearing at a meeting or by:

(1) mail;

(2) telephone;

(3) telegraph; or

(4) another suitable means of communication.

(e) A state agency may by written order extend the time for filing a motion or reply or taking agency action under this section, except that an extension may not extend the period for agency action beyond the 90th day after the date on which the party or the party’s attorney of record is notified as required by Section 2001.142 of the decision or order that may become final under Section 2001.144.

(f) In the event of an extension, a motion for rehearing is overruled by operation of law on the date fixed by the order or, in the absence of a fixed date, 90 days after the date on which the party or the party’s attorney of record is notified as required by Section 2001.142 of the decision or order that may become final under Section 2001.144.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.


The parties to a contested case, with state agency approval, may agree to modify the times prescribed by Sections 2001.143 and 2001.146.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.


Sec. 2001.171. JUDICIAL REVIEW.

A person who has exhausted all administrative remedies available within a state agency and who is aggrieved by a final decision in a contested case is entitled to judicial review under this chapter.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.


The scope of judicial review of a state agency decision in a contested case is as provided by the law under which review is sought.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.

Sec. 2001.173. TRIAL DE NOVO REVIEW.

(a) If the manner of review authorized by law for the decision in a contested case that is the subject of complaint is by trial de novo, the reviewing court shall try each issue of fact and law in the manner that applies to other civil suits in this state as though there had not been an intervening agency action or decision but may not admit in evidence the fact of prior state agency action or the nature of that action except to the limited extent necessary to show compliance with statutory provisions that vest jurisdiction in the court.

(b) On demand, a party to a trial de novo review may have a jury determination of each issue of fact on which a jury determination could be obtained in other civil suits in this state.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.


If the law authorizes review of a decision in a contested case under the substantial evidence rule or if the law does not define the scope of judicial review, a court may not substitute its judgment for the judgment of the state agency on the weight of the evidence on questions committed to agency discretion but:

(1) may affirm the agency decision in whole or in part; and

(2) shall reverse or remand the case for further proceedings if substantial rights of the appellant have been prejudiced because the administrative findings, inferences, conclusions, or decisions are:

(A) in violation of a constitutional or statutory provision;

(B) in excess of the agency’s statutory authority;

(C) made through unlawful procedure;

(D) affected by other error of law;

(E) not reasonably supported by substantial evidence considering the reliable and probative evidence in the record as a whole; or

(F) arbitrary or capricious or characterized by abuse of discretion or clearly unwarranted exercise of discretion.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.


(a) The procedures of this section apply if the manner of review authorized by law for the decision in a contested case that is the subject of complaint is other than by trial de novo.

(b) After service of the petition on a state agency and within the time permitted for filing an answer or within additional time allowed by the court, the agency shall send to the reviewing court the original or a certified copy of the entire record of the proceeding under review. The record shall be filed with the clerk of the court. The record may be shortened by stipulation of all parties to the review proceedings. The court may assess additional costs against a party who unreasonably refuses to stipulate to limit the record, unless the party is subject to a rule adopted under Section 2001.177 requiring payment of all costs of record preparation. The court may require or permit later corrections or additions to the record.

(c) A party may apply to the court to present additional evidence. If the court is satisfied that the additional evidence is material and that there were good reasons for the failure to present it in the proceeding before the state agency, the court may order that the additional evidence be taken before the agency on conditions determined by the court. The agency may change its findings and decision by reason of the additional evidence and shall file the additional evidence and any changes, new findings, or decisions with the reviewing court.

(d) The party seeking judicial review shall offer, and the reviewing court shall admit, the state agency record into evidence as an exhibit.

(e) A court shall conduct the review sitting without a jury and is confined to the agency record, except that the court may receive evidence of procedural irregularities alleged to have occurred before the agency that are not reflected in the record.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.


(a) A person initiates judicial review in a contested case by filing a petition not later than the 30th day after the date on which the decision that is the subject of complaint is final and appealable.

(b) Unless otherwise provided by statute:

(1) the petition must be filed in a Travis County district court;

(2) a copy of the petition must be served on the state agency and each party of record in the proceedings before the agency; and

(3) the filing of the petition vacates a state agency decision for which trial de novo is the manner of review authorized by law but does not affect the enforcement of an agency decision for which another manner of review is authorized.

(c) A Travis County district court in which an action is brought under this section, on its own motion or on motion of any party, may request transfer of the action to the Court of Appeals for the Third Court of Appeals District if the district court finds that the public interest requires a prompt, authoritative determination of the legal issues in the case and the case would ordinarily be appealed. After filing of the district court’s request with the court of appeals, transfer of the action may be granted by the court of appeals if it agrees with the findings of the district court concerning the application of the statutory standards to the action. On entry of an order by the court of appeals granting transfer, the action is transferred to the court of appeals for decision, and the agency decision in the contested case is subject to judicial review by the court of appeals. The administrative record and the district court record shall be filed by the district clerk with the clerk of the court of appeals. The court of appeals may direct the district court to conduct any necessary evidentiary hearings in connection with the action.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993. Amended by Acts 1999, 76th Leg., ch. 894, Sec. 2, eff. Sept. 1, 1999.


(a) A state agency by rule may require a party who appeals a final decision in a contested case to pay all or a part of the cost of preparation of the original or a certified copy of the record of the agency proceeding that is required to be sent to the reviewing court.

(b) A charge imposed under this section is a court cost and may be assessed by the court in accordance with the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.

Sec. 2001.1775. MODIFICATION OF AGENCY FINDINGS OR DECISION. Except as provided by Section 2001.175(c), an agency may not modify its findings or decision in a contested case after proceedings for judicial review of the case have been instituted under Section 2001.176 and during the time that the case is under judicial review.

Added by Acts 1995, 74th Leg., ch. 76, Sec. 5.21(a), eff. Sept. 1, 1995.


This subchapter is cumulative of other means of redress provided by statute.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.



(a) If a person fails to comply with a subpoena or commission issued under this chapter, the state agency issuing the subpoena or commission, acting through the attorney general, or the party requesting the subpoena or commission may bring suit to enforce the subpoena or commission in a district court in Travis County or in the county in which a hearing conducted by the agency may be held.

(b) A court that determines that good cause exists for the issuance of the subpoena or commission shall order compliance with the subpoena or commission. The court may hold in contempt a person who does not obey the order.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.


(a) The attorney general, on the request of a state agency to which it appears that a person is violating, about to violate, or failing or refusing to comply with a final order or decision or an agency rule, may bring an action in a district court authorized to exercise judicial review of the final order or decision or the rule to:

(1) enjoin or restrain the continuation or commencement of the violation; or

(2) compel compliance with the final order or decision or the rule.

(b) The action authorized by this section is in addition to any other remedy provided by law.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.


Sec. 2001.221. DRIVER’S LICENSES.

This chapter does not apply to a suspension, revocation, cancellation, denial, or disqualification of a driver’s license or commercial driver’s license as authorized by:

(1) Subchapter N, Chapter 521, Transportation Code, except Sections 521.304 and 521.305 of that subchapter, or by Subchapter O or P of that chapter;

(2) Chapter 522, Transportation Code;

(3) Chapter 601, Transportation Code; or

(4) Section 13, Article 42.12, Code of Criminal Procedure.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993. Amended by Acts 1995, 74th Leg., ch. 76, Sec. 5.22(a), eff. Sept. 1, 1995; Acts 1997, 75th Leg., ch. 165, Sec. 30.197, eff. Sept. 1, 1997; Acts 1999, 76th Leg., ch. 1117, Sec. 7, eff. Sept. 1, 2000.

Sec. 2001.222. STATE AGENCY PERSONNEL RULES AND PRACTICES. This chapter does not apply to matters related solely to the internal personnel rules and practices of a state agency.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.


Section 2001.038 and Subchapters C through H do not apply to:

(1) except as provided by Section 531.019, the granting, payment, denial, or withdrawal of financial or medical assistance or benefits under service programs that were operated by the former Texas Department of Human Services before September 1, 2003, and are operated on and after that date by the Health and Human Services Commission or a health and human services agency, as defined by Section 531.001;

(2) action by the Banking Commissioner or the Finance Commission of Texas regarding the issuance of a state bank or state trust company charter for a bank or trust company to assume the assets and liabilities of a financial institution that the commissioner considers to be in hazardous condition as defined by Section 31.002(a) or 181.002(a), Finance Code, as applicable;

(3) a hearing or interview conducted by the Board of Pardons and Paroles or the Texas Department of Criminal Justice relating to the grant, rescission, or revocation of parole or other form of administrative release; or

(4) the suspension, revocation, or termination of the certification of a breath analysis operator or technical supervisor under the rules of the Department of Public Safety.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993. Amended by Acts 1995, 74th Leg., ch. 914, Sec. 4, eff. Sept. 1, 1995; Acts 1997, 75th Leg., ch. 769, Sec. 2, eff. Sept. 1, 1997; Acts 1999, 76th Leg., ch. 62, Sec. 7.62, eff. Sept. 1, 1999.

Amended by:

Acts 2007, 80th Leg., R.S., Ch. 1161 (H.B. 75), Sec. 2, eff. September 1, 2007.

Acts 2009, 81st Leg., R.S., Ch. 87 (S.B. 1969), Sec. 25.087, eff. September 1, 2009.

Sec. 2001.224. TEXAS EMPLOYMENT COMMISSION. Section 2001.038 and Subchapters C through H do not apply to a hearing by the Texas Employment Commission to determine whether or not a claimant is entitled to unemployment compensation, and the remainder of this chapter does not apply other than to matters of unemployment insurance maintained by the commission. Regarding unemployment insurance matters, the commission may not comply with Section 2001.004(3) or 2001.005 relating to orders and decisions.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.

Sec. 2001.225. CERTAIN ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE CODE APPEALS. Section 2001.176(b)(1) does not apply to an appeal under Section 32.18, Alcoholic Beverage Code.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.

Sec. 2001.226. TEXAS DEPARTMENT OF CRIMINAL JUSTICE AND TEXAS BOARD OF CRIMINAL JUSTICE. This chapter does not apply to a rule or internal procedure of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice or Texas Board of Criminal Justice that applies to an inmate or any other person under the custody or control of the department or to an action taken under that rule or procedure.

Added by Acts 1995, 74th Leg., ch. 76, Sec. 5.23(b), eff. Sept. 1, 1995.


Sec. 2001.901. APPEAL FROM DISTRICT COURT. (a) A party may appeal a final district court judgment under this chapter in the manner provided for civil actions generally.

(b) An appeal bond may not be required of a state agency.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.

Sec. 2001.902. SAVING CLAUSE.

This chapter does not repeal a statutory provision that confers investigatory authority on a state agency, including a provision that grants an agency the power, in connection with investigatory authority, to:

(1) take depositions;

(2) administer oaths or affirmations;

(3) examine witnesses;

(4) receive evidence;

(5) conduct hearings; or

(6) issue subpoenas or summons.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.


(1)  Author of this post and blog is not a licensed, board-certified, legal specialist, attorney, lawyer, trial advocate, paralegal, or legal practitioner, nor does Author purport or misrepresent Author to be qualified or licensed in any of said matters.

(2) This post is made in good faith.

(3)  This post is intended only for educational, general knowledge, and/or entertainment purposes and was accessible on the public Internet.

(4) Readers are encouraged to “read between the lines,” especially the emboldened and italicized words (yes, words, not “text,” “content,” or “insight” as Author believes these words to be repetitiously and deliberately calculated to be propaganda to promote illiteracy and books in general so as to keep society and even its employees who do its dirty-work, as one may perceive or not, uninformed for its best interests of the state (treasury and general fund) in one’s child/children/elderly/”incompetent”/infirm/”disabled”).

Mother of Seven Year-old Daughter says she waited Fifteen Years to “Finally See Justice Served” on Judge Lisa Millard, Reportedly Took $20,000 Bribe

Mother Waited Fifteen Years to “See Justice Served” on Judge Lisa Millard,

Accused of Taking $20,000.00 Bribe to (Legally, but Unlawfully) Kidnap Seven Year-Old Girl


Judge Lisa A. Millard, 310th Judicial District Court of Harris County in Houston, Texas

Woe to You Pharisees” (The Holy Bible, Matthew 3:13-3:23, most versions).

Public Notice to Judge Lisa Millard and Conrad Moren: You have a well-established in law and in fact duty to recuse yourself from the “best interests” of my only child, with whom I have been allowed no meaningful contact in over two years because I did everything to protect my son that his doctor, CPS hotline workers, Pearland police officers, paramedics, and Texas Children’s Hospital personnel told me I had to do, or to otherwise risk jail time and fines for not allowing my son to report what either happened, or, in the alternative, was “coached” by private “play therapist”/sex therapist , a one Ms. Kimberly A. Abernethy of Houston, Texas, for Matthew James Worrell and his adulterous wife, Nancy Gray-Worrell (as per her own admission on court record in your court–the same court that granted her a divorce to have my son’s father move into her former marital home with her three small children.

Lisa Millard.Comment on bribe.petition to remove.06.24.14 001

Read the comments above from Mother of a Seven Year-Old Daughter who she claims Judge Lisa Millard took a $20,000.00 bribe/ judicial campaign donation (even though she always runs unopposed) through her ex-husband’s attorney.  “Waited Fifteen Years to See Justice Served,” says Victim Mother, Ms. Dawn Cooper;

Judge Lisa Millard apparently uses the “disrespectful” or “you’re interrupting” line as a pretext to hold easily targeted parties in alleged “contempt of court,” and to remove helpless mothers from the court for ex-parte conspiratorial collaboration with father, father’s attorney, and, in my case, with CPS and Prosecutor for the 310th court under Vince Ryan’s Office (County Attorney), who serves Judge Ed Emmett’s money-making Children’s Commissioner’s Court from which they all profit from the more children they take from fit parents so as to continue cycles of abuse with the bad parent (who almost always has access to way more resources and to discriminatory federal programs that teach them the custody switching scam) so as to keep valuable clients in the system for whom they can receive gobs of federal funding and kickbacks and referrals from “collaborative,” “interdisciplinary” pseudo-scienters and degenerate, incompetent guardian ad litems for children in the role of sinecure for highest campaign contributions to Judge Millard “community partners.”

Judge Millard repeatedly shouted at me in open court and on court record, both official and unofficial,  during 2012-2013 proceedings, “Do you understand that this is not a constitutional court,” and “We are past the Constitution now.”  I did not understand, for the record.

If one dares to reasonably and respectfully assert his or her constitutional rights, one will immediately be threatened with what could only be false imprisonment and her ominous and Johnny-on-the-Spot thug-life bailiff who, if he were a real man, would go after the alleged (in child’s words, NOT the mother’s) pedophile and sexually deviant pervert of a father that three police officers said that it was their opinion that “of course he did it” (referring to alleged victim’s father).  Is it possible that Judge Lisa Millard and CPS did not believe allegations that they refused to hear from child directly because they already knew that CPS licensed “play therapist”/sex therapist, Kim A. Abernethy of Houston, Texas was the one the father and his wife and family paid to “coach” my baby boy to utter those disgusting and filthy words to multiple first responders themselves?

I am also curious as to who may be able to comment on whether or not anyone has ever known any mothers in the last few years to emerge from Judge Lisa Millard,  I mean Conrad Moren, Donna Everson, William Sumpter Frazier, CPS, Child Advocates, Inc., and father’s opposing counsels’ courtroom, without being “removed,” threatened with “contempt of court,” sentenced for “contempt of court,”  without being accused of being “disrespectful,” or for having the wrong facial expression or too much preparatory papers and evidence for which there is no room to put it or even a chair or table for the parties, while wild dingo harpies from Hell (mostly very unprofessional, ignorant, uncouth, unhealthy and slovenly in appearance, by the way) run off with their child, and dignity  to subversively and under the color of “best interests” and “honest” services, generate dirty blood money for the “state” of Texas?

Judge Lisa Millard.pic with children

Judge Lisa Millard’s Next Victims?

If you and your child or family have been maliciously retaliated against, abused by this or any other judge,  and/or been re-victimized in a manner that shocks the conscience of any sane and intelligent individual while being subjected to, at minimum, “cruel and unusual punishment” without being accused or charged with a crime, please be real and courageous, and come forward by commenting and telling your story now.  How many more families does this judge have to destroy for money and job security?  Thank you so much, Ms. Cooper, for confirming what I already knew about this judge.  Know that you and your daughter were definitely not alone as helpless victims of this Pharisee of a “judge.”

Disclaimer:  This post is made in good faith and is intended only for educational purposes, for general knowledge, and/or entertainment purposes.  Furthermore, comments and opinions discussed herein are based on firsthand, actual knowledge and reasonable belief,direct testimony, and circumstantial evidence possessed by this blog’s author.

If anyone desires a correction and/or retraction, submit your certified/verified request(s) in writing  and signed in wet-ink with all supporting arguments and their factual and legal bases in addition to any and all controverting evidence.

Retaliation would be within character based on such depictions and allegations made in good faith.

The Gift of the Mommies, by Anne Grant

As posted on READWAVE, The Gift of the Mommies, A True Story

For more information, go to (Regarding Rhode Island crimes against innocent families and children)

By: Anne Grant

The Gift of the Mommies, A True Story

A veteran flight engineer of the United States Air Force, “Claire” flew transport planes in Panama and the Persian Gulf Wars before giving birth to “Connor” in 2001 — thirteen days after the September 11th attack on America.

Activated stateside, she remained the baby’s primary caretaker, nursing him and providing breast-milk at his daycare center. On monthly training weekends, her husband kept Connor.

Claire retired in 2004 with numerous medals for meritorious service before her world shattered on February 22nd. As she lay reading to Connor, then 29 months old, he crawled onto her head and said, “Mommy, susk my cock.” She had noticed his genitals got inflamed on weekends when she was gone. She knew her husband had been a victim of Father Michael Devlin, a Massachusetts priest defrocked for sex crimes against children.

At family court, the judge accused Claire of abusing the child by questioning him about his genital injuries and awarded custody to his father. By Christmas 2009, Claire had not seen her son for nearly eighteen months. She suffered post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), not from wars abroad, but from court battles at home. She had defended her country, but was forbidden to protect her son.

Pictures of Mary and baby Jesus make Christmas a painful holiday for Claire and other mothers who have lost children to abusers in America’s dysfunctional family courts. Claire invited another mother to spend Christmas with her. Since they could not see their sons, they may as well spend the day together.

“Grace” drove to Claire’s home and convinced her it was time to see Connor. She had brought a gift, an archeologist’s tool kit for digging up dinosaurs.

Claire wrapped the gift carefully, adding Connor’s favorite stickers and a Christmas card. She included a birthday card she had not been allowed to give him. She put on her prettiest mommy clothes — a red and black fleece jacket, warm pants, and snow boots. Bundled into Grace’s car, Claire asked quietly: “How are we going to do this?”

Grace wasn’t sure. Claire had no restraining order against her, just years of legal abuse and abiding fear that if she got close to her son’s father and aunt, she would kill them for what they were doing to Connor.

The father’s house was dark with no sign that a child lived inside. They found his car at his sister’s home. Grace knew they needed a police officer, or they would get blamed for something they did not do.

Finding a squad car, Grace kept a tight reign on her own PTSD symptoms. She pulled out a business card and told the officer she was taking a woman to see her son on Christmas. She had tried to contact the boy’s father, but he wasn’t home. They needed the officer to help them avoid any problems.

At the house, Grace asked the officer to stand at a distance for fear of alarming the child. He watched from just beyond the next house. By then streetlights were coming on.

Instead of going to the door, Claire stood by Grace’s car under a streetlight looking radiantly beautiful. Her prematurely white hair flared out like luminescent angel wings.

Grace took Claire’s present to the door. She rang the bell and held her breath. A scurry of young feet sounded inside. The door opened, and Connor stood before her.

Grace smiled and handed him the present: “Connor, this is from your mommy. Look! She’s standing there under the light.” He leaned forward, his eyes searching.

“That’s my mommy!” Connor exclaimed. He waved frantically, and Claire waved back laughing and weeping. No matter what scary things they had told him about her, he was not afraid. Grace felt the enormity of their love and thought of her own son.

“Nooooo!” A screech erupted as the boy’s aunt barreled toward the door. She snatched the box from his hands.

Grace spoke firmly to the woman: “Look over my right shoulder. A police officer is there for us, and I will call him if I need to.”

Pulling the boy away, the aunt retreated into the house.

Grace reached her car and turned to see an unnerving sight. Connor had squeezed behind the Christmas tree by a big window in the living room. He pressed his fingers to the glass as if drowning in a submerged car against an unyielding weight of water. He pressed so hard she could see the whites of his hands. He leaned in, pushing his face, then his entire body, against the window for one last look.

Claire stood under the light waving and weeping. Suddenly the house went dark; the boy disappeared. Claire climbed into Grace’s car.

The mommies had delivered their gift.

The “Cinderella Effect”: Wicked Stepmoms who Steal Real Mommies’ Property “Child”

“Cinderella Effect
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In evolutionary psychology, the Cinderella effect is the alleged higher incidence of different forms of child abuse and mistreatment by step-parents than by biological parents. It takes its name from the fairy tale character Cinderella. Evolutionary psychologists describe the effect as a remnant of an adaptive reproductive strategy among primates where males frequently kill the offspring of other males in order to bring their mothers into estrus, and give the male a chance to fertilize her himself. There is both supporting evidence for this theory and serious criticism.

In the early 1970s, a theory arose on the connection between stepparents and child maltreatment. “In 1973, forensic psychiatrist P. D. Scott summarized information on a sample of “fatal battered-baby cases” perpetrated in anger (…) 15 of the 29 killers – 52% – were stepfathers.”   Although initially there was no analysis of this raw data, empirical evidence has since been collected on what is now called the “Cinderella Effect” through official records, reports, and census.
For over 30 years, data has been collected regarding the validity of the Cinderella effect, with a wealth of evidence indicating a direct relationship between step-relationships and abuse. This evidence of child abuse and homicide comes from a variety of sources including official reports of child abuse, clinical data, victim reports, and official homicide data.   Studies have concluded that “stepchildren in Canada, Great Britain, and the United States indeed incur greatly elevated risk of child maltreatment of various sorts, especially lethal beatings.”

 Studies have found that not biologically related parents are up to a hundred times more likely to kill a child than biological parents.
Powerful evidence in support of the Cinderella effect comes from the finding that when abusive parents have both step and genetic children, they generally spare their genetic children. In such families, stepchildren were exclusively targeted 9 out of 10 times in one study and in 19 of 22 in another.   

In addition to displaying higher rates of negative behaviors (e.g., abuse) toward stepchildren, stepparents display fewer positive behaviors toward stepchildren than do the genetic parents. For example, on average, stepparents invest less in education, play with stepchildren less, take stepchildren to the doctor less, etc.[6] This discrimination against stepchildren is unusual compared to abuse statistics involving the overall population given “the following additional facts: (1) when child abuse is detected, it is often found that all the children in the home have been victimized; and (2) stepchildren are almost always the eldest children in the home, whereas the general (…) tendency in families of uniform parentage is for the youngest to be most frequent victims.”

Evolutionary psychology theory
See also: Infanticide (zoology) and Kin selection
Evolutionary psychologists Martin Daly and Margo Wilson propose that the Cinderella effect is a direct consequence of the modern evolutionary theory of inclusive fitness, especially parental investment theory. They argue that human child rearing is so prolonged and costly that “a parental psychology shaped by natural selection is unlikely to be indiscriminate.”   According to them, “research concerning animal social behavior provide a rationale for expecting parents to be discriminative in their care and affection, and more specifically, to discriminate in favor of their own young.”
Daly and Wilson research[edit source  The most abundant data on stepchild mistreatment has been collected and interpreted by psychologists Martin Daly and Margo Wilson, who study with an emphasis in Neuroscience and Behavior at McMaster University. Their first measure of the validity of the Cinderella effect was based on data from the American Humane Association (AHA), an archive of child abuse reports in the United States holding over twenty thousand reports.[9] These records led Wilson and Daly to conclude that “a child under three years of age who lived with one genetic parent and one stepparent in the United States in 1976 was about seven times more likely to become a validated child-abuse case in the records than one who dwelt with two genetic parents”.[10] Their overall findings demonstrate that children residing with stepparents have a higher risk of abuse even when other factors are considered.[7]
Explanation[edit source | edit]
All organisms face trade-offs as to how to invest their time, energy, risk, and other resources, so investment in one domain (e.g., parental investment) generally takes away from their ability to invest in other domains (e.g. mating effort, growth, or investment in other offspring).[11] Investment in non-genetic children therefore reduces an individual’s ability to invest in itself or its genetic children, without directly bringing reproductive benefits. Thus, from an evolutionary biology perspective, one would not expect organisms to regularly and deliberately care for unrelated offspring.
Daly and Wilson point out that infanticide is an extreme form of biasing parental investment that is widely practiced in the animal world.[12] For example, when an immigrant male lion enters a pride, it is not uncommon for him to kill the cubs fathered by other males.[13] Since the pride can only provide support for a limited number of cubs to survive to adulthood, the killing of the cubs in competition with the new male’s potential offspring increases the chances of his progeny surviving to maturity.[13] In addition, the act of infanticide speeds the return to sexual receptivity in the females, allowing for the male to father his own offspring in a timelier manner.[14] These observations indicate that in the animal world, males employ certain measures in order to ensure that parental investment is geared specifically toward their own offspring.
Unlike the lion, however, humans in a stepparenting situation face a more complicated tradeoff since they cannot completely disown their partner’s offspring from a previous relationship, as they would risk losing sexual access to the mother and any chance of fathering potential offspring. Thus, according to Daly and Wilson, stepparental investment can be viewed as mating effort to ensure the possibility of future reproduction with the mother.   This mating effort hypothesis suggests that human males will tend to invest more in their genetic offspring and invest just enough in their stepchildren. It is from this theoretical framework that Daly and Wilson argue that instances of child abuse towards non-biological offspring should be more frequent than towards biological offspring.   

One would therefore expect greater parental responsiveness towards one’s own offspring than towards unrelated children, and this will result in more positive outcomes and fewer negative outcomes towards one’s own children than towards other children in which one is expected to invest (i.e., stepchildren). “If child abuse is a behavioral response influenced by natural selection, then it is more likely to occur when there are reduced inclusive fitness payoffs owing to uncertain or low relatedness.”  Owing to these adaptations from natural selection, child abuse is more likely to be committed by stepparents than genetic parents—both are expected to invest heavily in the children, but genetic parents will have greater child-specific parental love that promotes positive caretaking and inhibits maltreatment.
Daly and Wilson report that this parental love can explain why genetic offspring are more immune to lashing out by parents.  They assert that, “Child-specific parental love is the emotional mechanism that permits people to tolerate –even to rejoice in – those long years of expensive, unreciprocated parental investment.” They point to a study comparing natural father and stepfather families as support for the notion that stepparents do not view their stepchildren the same as their biological children, and likewise, children do not view their stepparents the same as their biological parents.  ] This study, based on a series of questionnaires which were then subjected to statistical analyses, reports that children are less likely to go to their stepfathers for guidance and that stepfathers rate their stepchildren less positively than do natural fathers.


Daly and Wilson’s reports on the overrepresentation of stepparents in child homicide and abuse statistics support the evolutionary principle of maximizing one’s inclusive fitness, formalized under Hamilton’s Rule, which helps to explain why humans will preferentially invest in close kin.  Adoption statistics also substantiate this principle, in that non-kin adoptions represent a minority of worldwide adoptions.   


Research into the high adoption rates of Oceania shows that childlessness is the most common reason for adopting, and that in the eleven populations for which data was available, a large majority of adoptions involved a relative with a coefficient of relatedness greater than or equal to 0.125 (e.g., genetic cousins) It is also observed that parents with both biological and adopted children bias the partitioning of their estates in favor of the biological children, demonstrating again that parental behavior corresponds to the principles of kin selection
In their 1985 Canadian sample, Daly and Wilson classify the frequencies of different living arrangements (two natural parents, one natural parent, one natural parent with one stepparent, or other) according to child age. This was accomplished by administering a randomized telephone survey.   

Records of child abuse from children’s aid organizations as well as police reports on runaways and juvenile offenders were then used to determine whether children from stepparental living situations were overrepresented as abuse victims when compared to the demographic data gathered from the telephone survey data.

The results indicate that the only living situation that has a significant correlation to increased child abuse is one natural parent and one stepparent in the same household. While rates of running away and crime were comparable for children living with step-parents and children of single-parents, abuse rates for children living with step-parents were much higher.   Daly and Wilson examined several potentially confounding variables in their research, including socioeconomic status, family size, and maternal age at childbirth, however only minor differences between natural-parent and stepparent families with respect to these factors were found, indicating that none of these are major contributing factors to the observed Cinderella effect Attachment theory.


Further information: Attachment Theory
Evolutionary psychologists have also suggested that one of the causes of stepchild abuse may be the lack of a parental attachment bond that the mother would normally form with her own child. This attachment bond must be formed before the age of two in order to become a secure bond, and adoption can often disrupt the development of this bond. An infant must be fed by the primary parental figure, usually the mother, and must have the mother present during severely physically painful events in order for a parental attachment bond to form, and either a consistent omission of the mother from this process or an alteration between two people (the original mother and the adoptive mother) can cause either an insecure attachment or disorganized attachment from the parent to the child. As a result, it is highly recommended by most psychologists that the adoptive mother be present very early in the infants life, preferably immediately after its birth, in order to avoid attachment disruptions and attachment disorders.
It is sometimes argued that this evolutionary psychological account does not explain why the majority of step-parents do not abuse their partners’ children, or why a significant minority of genetic parents do abuse their own offspring. However, their argument is based on a misunderstanding: the evolutionary psychological account is that (all else equal) parents will love their own children more than other people’s children – it does not argue that step-parents will “want” to abuse their partner’s children, or that genetic parenthood is absolute proof against abuse. Under this account, step-parental care is seen as “mating effort” towards the genetic parent, such that most interactions between step-parent and stepchildren will be generally positive or at least neutral, just usually not as positive as interactions between the genetic parent and the child would be.

Supportive evidence
Strong support for the Cinderella effect as described by Daly and Wilson comes from a study of unintentional childhood fatal injuries in Australia.  Tooley et al. follow the argument of Daly and Wilson to extend the Cinderella effect from cases of abuse to incidences of unintentional fatalities. Children are not only vulnerable to abuse by their parents, but they are also dependent on their parents for supervision and protection from a variety of other harms Given that parental supervision is fundamentally correlated to incidences of unintentional childhood injury as shown by Wadsworth et al. and Peterson & Stern, Tooley et al. posit that selective pressures would favor an inclination towards parental vigilance against threats to offspring well-being Tooley et al. further argue that parental vigilance is not as highly engaged in stepparents as genetic parents, therefore placing stepchildren at greater risk for unintentional injury.
Based on data gathered from the Australia National Coroners’ Information System, stepchildren under five years of age are two to fifteen times more likely to experience an unintentional fatal injury, especially drowning, than genetic children.   Additionally, the study finds that the risks of unintentional fatal injury are not significantly higher for genetic children in single parent homes versus two-parent homes. This difference suggests that removing one biological parent from the home does not significantly increase risk to the children, but that adding a non-biological parent to the home results in a drastic increase in the risk of unintentional fatal injury.   Despite the fact that adding a stepparent to the home increases the available resources in terms of supervision in comparison to a single-parent home, risk of unintentional fatal injury still significantly rises. 

This higher risk of injury for stepchildren can be attributed to the fact that stepparents occupy the same supervisory role as a genetic parent, yet they have a lower intrinsic commitment to protecting the child and therefore are less likely to be adequately vigilant.  The authors conclude that the Cinderella effect applies not only to purposeful abuse by stepparents, but is also relevant to explaining increased rates of accidental fatalities among stepchildren.

   Furthermore, a study of parental investment behaviors among American men living in Albuquerque, New Mexico, reveals a trend of increasing financial expenditures on genetic offspring in comparison to step-offspring, which also suggests that parents are less inclined to preserve the well-being of stepchildren.  The study assesses paternal investment based on four measures: the probability that a child attends college, the probability that the child receives money for college, the total money spent on children, and the amount of time per week spent with children. 

 Four different classifications of father-child relationships are examined and compared, including fathers living with their genetic children and fathers living with the stepchildren of their current mates.  Though the study finds a clear trend of increasing investment in genetic children, the data also shows that fathers do still invest substantially in stepchildren.  The authors explain the parental investment exhibited by fathers towards stepchildren as possibly motivated by the potential to improve the quality or increase the duration of the man’s relationship with the stepchildren’s mother.[28] This studied corroborates the findings of Lynn White, that stepparents in general provide less social support to stepchildren than their genetic children.[29]
Though the general trend of the data from this study supports the Cinderella effect, Anderson and colleagues note that the observed differences between parental investment in genetic children and stepchildren might be slightly reduced by a few confounding factors. For example, the authors point out that stepparenting is a self-selective process, and that when all else is equal, men who bond with unrelated children are more likely to become stepfathers, a factor that is likely to be a confounding variable in efforts to study the Cinderella effect.

Anderson and colleagues also conducted a similar study of Xhosa students in South Africa that analyzes the same four classifications of paternal-child relationships, and this study offers similar results to those observed among fathers in Albuquerque.   Additionally, a study of Hadza foragers in Tanzania by Marlowe also finds evidence of decreased care provided by fathers to stepchildren when compared with genetic children. The author uses the Mann-Whitney U-tests to evaluate most of the observed differences in care exhibited towards genetic and stepchildren, and finds that Hadza men spend less time with (U=96), communicate less with (U=94.5), nurture less, and never play with their stepchildren.  Marlowe further argues that any care that is provided towards stepchildren is likely attributable to the man’s mating efforts and not parental interest in the well-being of the stepchildren. 

 In further support of the Cinderella effect as elaborated by Daly and Wilson, a study conducted in a rural village in Trinidad demonstrates that in households containing both genetic children and stepchildren, fathers devote approximately twice as much time to interaction with genetic offspring in comparison to stepchildren.  Additionally, this study finds that the duration of the relationship between the stepfather and stepchildren is negatively correlated with the relative proportion of interaction time and positively correlated with the relative proportion of antagonistic interactions between the two.[32] As a proportion of total time spent interacting with genetic and stepchildren, fathers are shown to have approximately 75 percent more antagonistic interactions with stepchildren.[32] In this study, antagonistic interactions are defined as involving physical or verbal combat or an expression of injury. This includes, for example, spanking, screaming, crying, and arguing. The duration of the relationship between genetic fathers and children shows a positive correlation with both relative proportion of interaction time and antagonistic interaction.[32] The author argues that these results show that in terms of time invested, fathers favor genetic children over stepchildren, and this preference is not attributable to the duration of the father-child relationship, a factor which is sometimes believed to be a confounding variable in the Cinderella effect.[32] Though this study does claim a significant increase in antagonistic behavior between stepparents and stepchildren and therefore supports the Cinderella effect, it also notes that only six percent of all the observed parent-child interactions were considered antagonistic, and that the researchers never noticed any blatant physical child abuse.[32]
David Buller
Philosopher of science David Buller, as a part of his general critique of evolutionary psychology has reviewed Daly and Wilson’s data. He argues that evolutionary psychology (EP) mistakenly attempts to discover human psychological adaptations rather than “the evolutionary causes of psychological traits.” Buller also argues that Daly and Wilson’s 1985 Canadian sample included cases of sexual abuse as well as cases of unintentional omission, such as not buckling a child’s seatbelt in the car. Buller asserts that unintentional omission does not fall under the realm of dangerous acts, and rather should be designated “maltreatment”. He argues that since sexual abuse is not often accompanied by physical abuse, it is unreasonable to assume that it is motivated by the same kind of psychological mechanism as child homicide.

Buller also points out that the conclusion that non-biological parents are more likely to abuse children is contradicted by the fact that even if the rate of abuse among stepparents was disproportionate, most child abuse is in fact committed by biological parents, and that the lowest rate of child abuse is found among adoptive parent.  Daly and Wilson respond to Buller’s criticism by stating that Buller confuses the empirical statistical findings, which define the Cinderella effect, with the proposed theoretical framework, which offers an evolutionary explanation for the data
Buller also argues that Daly and Wilson’s findings are inherently biased since they use data from official documents, and the officials collecting that data are trained to take special notice of stepparents versus biological parentsFurthermore, Buller states that since Daly and Wilson rely on official reports (such as death certificates) for their data, and that this data is inherently biased against stepparents.

He cites a Colorado study, in which it was found that maltreatment fatalities were more likely to be correctly reported on death certificates when an unrelated individual was the perpetrator rather than when a parent was the perpetrator, suggesting that the data is empirically skewed to support the Cinderella effect.  According to this study, by Crume et al., when the perpetrator of the murder was a parent, maltreatment was correctly noted on the death certificate only 46 percent of the time. Furthermore, they found that when the perpetrator was an “Other unrelated (including boyfriend)” individual, maltreatment was reported on the death certificate 86 percent of the time, significantly higher than for parents.[37] Although these statistics seem to provide evidence of bias against stepparents, further review of the data undermines this conclusion. As Crume et al. and Daly and Wilson note, maltreatment was only likely to be reported on the death certificates 47 percent of the time in the case of “Other relatives (including step-parents),” which represents a marginal increase from the amount of parental maltreatment.[35][37] Therefore, as Daly and Wilson respond to Buller’s critique, this does not seem to be a significant source of error in studying the Cinderella effect and does not provide evidence for inherent bias in their data.[35]
Temrin et al. Sweden study
The findings of Daly and Wilson have been called into question by one study of child homicides in Sweden between 1975 and 1995, which found that children living in households with a non-genetic parent were not at an increased risk of homicide when compared to children living with both genetic parents. The study, published in 2000 and conducted by Temrin and colleagues argued that when Daly and Wilson classified homicides according to family situation, they did not account for the genetic relatedness of the parent who actually committed the crime. In the Swedish sample, in two out of the seven homicides with a genetic and non-genetic parent, the offender was actually the genetic parent and thus these homicides do not support Daly and Wilson’s definition of the Cinderella effect.   Daly and Wilson attribute the contrasting findings of the Swedish study to an analytical oversight. Temrin and colleagues neglect to consider the fact that the proportion of children in living situations with a stepparent is not constant for all child age groups, but rather increases with age. After correcting for age differences, the Swedish data set produces results in accordance with the previous findings of Daly and Wilson. The Swedish sample does show, however, decreased risk to children living with a stepparent compared to the North American samples collected by Daly and Wilson, suggesting that there is some degree of cross-cultural variation in the Cinderella effect.   Alternative hypotheses
It has been noted by multiple researchers that child abuse is an intricate issue and is affected by other factors.  Daly and Wilson state, however, that even if evolutionary psychology cannot account for every instance of step-parental abuse, this does not invalidate their empirical findings.
Burgess and Drais propose that child maltreatment is too complex to be explained fully by genetic relatedness alone and cite other reasons for child maltreatment, such as social factors, ecological factors and child traits such as disability and age.   However, they also note that these traits are simply indicative, and do not inevitably lead to child maltreatment.   Temrin and colleagues also suggest that there may be other factors involved with child homicide, such as prior convictions, drug abuse problems, lost custody battles and mental health problems.
In 1984, Giles-Sims and David Finkelhor categorized and evaluated five possible hypotheses that could explain the Cinderella effect: “social-evolutionary theory”, “normative theory”, “stress theory”, “selection factors”, and “resource theory”. The social-evolutionary theory is based on the proposal that non-genetically related parents will invest less in costly parental duties, due to the fact that their genes are not being passed on by that individual. The normative theory proposes that, due to genetic repercussions, incest among genetically related individuals is a widespread taboo and would thus be less common among biological relatives. They propose that incest among stepfamilies would be less taboo, since there is no risk of genetic degradation. The stress theory proposes that increased stressors, which are inherently more common among stepfamilies, cause an increased risk of abuse. The selection factors theory proposes that individuals who are likely to be stepparents (divorcees) are likely to be inherently more violent due to emotional disturbances, aggressive impulses, and self-esteem issues. Due to this, stepparents as a group would have a higher proportion of individuals with violent-prone characteristics, which would suggest that the abuse is happening due to personality factors, rather than the step-parental relationship directly.

Finally, according to resource theory, individuals who contribute resources are granted authority, while individuals that lack resources are denied authority and more likely to resort to violence to obtain authority. It is therefore hypothesized that stepparents who are able to contribute resources to a family and have those resources be accepted by the family are less likely to be abusive. However, this hypothesis had yet to be tested directly on stepfamilies.   This paper of Giles-Sims and Finkelhor predates however practically all empirical studies on the Cinderella effect.
Ethical issues[edit source 
Discussing the implications of this line of research, Australian psychologist Greg Tooley, author of a 2006 study confirming the existence of the effect,  confessed that “it is certainly difficult to talk about because it is such a hot issue”.[40]
See also

• Parenting
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