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Blogs and Websites to Follow


EVERYTHING TO GET STARTED TO RECLAIMING YOUR LIFE AND YOUR CHILD’S AND NAVIGATING THE ROADS AHEAD, EVEN IF ALONE AND WITH NOTHING–THE BEST WAY TO START OVER, A CLEAN SLATE (“TABULA RASA”)                                                                                                             


an amazing resource authored by an experienced and highly credible, at least, in this author’s non-professional, non-legal opinion, individual who grew up in foster care system, for children and families, including foster care and state-run or contracted youth or transitional or rehabilitative research or “treatment” facility “victims” who suffer “MINOR” “disability” status (or rightful property owners of natural, divine essence and spirit, corporeal) who have been abused by the fraudulent, heavily government-funded, family and juvenile and dependency court system(s) and related domestic divorce dispute and “sustainable” professions or profit centers   

Donnelly Justice 

Black Robed Mafia                        

Family Rights

a website of self-explanatory meaning and substance

Fighting for Families Support Group

Brazoria County, Texas Support Group for Donnelly                        

Donnelly Justice

a website by Sharon and Bill Donnelly, real mommy and daddy to little Donnelly Keaton Burns

Protecting Our Children from Being Sold 

Parents in Action

Case Law

  1. What Every Parent Should Know About CPS 
  2. Child Seizures and “Removals”   

National Coalition for Child Protection Reform

American’s Republic Party  

News with Views 

Georgia Corrupt Judicial System

The Golden Lasso 

New York Corruption Blogspot

Protecting Your Children from Being Sold

Fabulous website authored by the amazingly knowledgeable and experienced yvonne mason

Fight Corrupted Family Courts and CPS

Georgia Coalition for Child Protection Reform

Legal Action    

Work to Be Done     

Little Hostages

a blog about little child “hostages” held captives by a “high conflict” property owner, or, “parent/next of friend/possessory or non-custodial or custodial conservator” and/or the government, fraudulent family courts and their crooksters and rooksters, profiteering attorneys, court-appointed pseudo-scienters, counselors, “therapists,” guardian ad litem and attorney(s), expert witnesses, incentivized social workers, police officers, attorneys general of the states and keepers of the gate for child support enforcement bonuses, federal state block grant funding diverted from Federal Social Security and Medicaid, “SAFE” ‘access’ and ‘visitation,’ bogus “orders” of a juvenile or dependency or probate or commitment court, child protective services, Health and Human Services, social scientists and experimenters, sometimes sexual abusers or pedophiles or human/child traffickers and pornographers of children, foster carers, and institutions and joint public-private non-for-profit governmental co-conspirators and special interest lobbyist individuals and ‘Party’ ideologies traditionally held as anti-American and terroristic in essence, nature, and scope

Lori and Mila Handrahan Story (corrupt Maine),

and also Dr. Judith Reisman’s documentary below, Alfred Kinsey, The Sexual Revolution (show), read also about  The Kinsey Institute in Indiana,


and; on Jun 13, 2013-Famed Sex Prof, Alfred Kinsey, Exposed as a Fraud — and Worse Alfred Kinsey’s famous research sparked the sex revolution and sex ed. But Dr. Judith Reisman’s investigations have proven his “findings” were a scientific fraud based in part on unbelievable crimes against children. Reisman’s earth-shaking books and articles expose

Testimony of Sunny Kelley to Connecticut Task Force to Study Legal Disputes Involving the Care & Custody of Minor Children Public Hearing,  January 9, 2014,%20Sunny.pdf; read also, A Life Sentence by

keith harmon snow,”

Congressional Testimony of Mother,  Brenda Battle Jordan

–Detroit, Michigan;

(short videos on, Lawless America)

White Wraithe-MIchigan CPS has Gigantic Secret List of Parents Labeled Child Abusers Without Due Process

–Allegan County, Michigan CPS problems

Lacie Dryer R.I.P.

February 3, 2014 permalink

Lacie Dryer

Lacie Dryer

Lacie Dryer of Parma Ohio was the mother of Tyson Bahr, Brooklyn Bahr, Alishia Dryer and Cooper Dryer and stepmother of Destiny Dryer. The heartbreak of losing her children to CPS was too much for and she died by suicide on January 28, 2014 at age 29.

Source: Facebook memorial

Source: obituary

Children’s Aid News

Unhappy Grammy–Grandparent’s Blogspot


National Coalition for Child Protection Reform (website)

based in Alexandria, Virginia     

Carver County Corruption

family court corruption blog; Founded by Leah Banken-Dannewitz, Carver County, MN, mother or rightful property-owner and title holder to three (3) natural children who has expert, special knowledge by way of real-life experience on the topic of parents and children or natural property-owners  who have been acutely abused and beaten-up (for government and private party profit undisclosed) by corrupt, lawless, fraudulent family courts, judges, appointees, profiteering lawyers, non-for-profit joint public-private venture non-transparent and other “non-for-profit” lobbyists and abuser-friendly, social workers, court clerks (who are public officers who must take a constitutional oath before taking office, “therapists,” guardian ad litem for children, and criminal ex-husbands or fathers of child property

The Liz Library

 co-founder of National Alliance for Family Court Justice, mother’s and women’s rights in family courts

Expose Corrupt Courts Blogspot

Amy and little Markel Charron’s Story from Houston ,TX (Harris County):

Amy Charron Kidnapping by CPS

–Houston, TX (Harris County)

Amy and Markel Charron: Lawless Modern America and my Horror Dealing wit Corrupted Texas

–Houston, TX (Harris County)

Amy Charron Missing

Amy Charron’s War Against . . .

–Houston, TX (Harris County)

Jenny Morton’s Story from Texas State:


Jennie Morton on Lawless America, Youtube (video)

–Conroe, TX (Montgomery County)–just North of Houston, TX

Conroe Justice Now

–Conroe, TX (Montgomery County)

The Corrupt Courts of Collin County (TX)

Angel Eyes Over Texas

“Jim Black”

Angel Eyes Over Texas Blogspot

“Jim Black”

Angel Eyes Over Texas Youtube Channel

Protective Parents Coalition “for Change”

–Southlake, TX (Tarrant County)

Texas CPS Blogspot

Lawless Modern America and my Horror Dealing with Corrupted Texas

–Amy and Markel Charron’s Story

–Houston, TX (Harris County)

Houston Helium-Amy Charron

–Houston, TX (Harris County)

CPS Racket Blogspot   

Stop Tyranny

Maine Parent’s Blog

Vermont DCF Social Workers Are Kidnapping Your Kids?

Stop DCF And There Corrupt Social Workers, DCF Vermont,CPS,Children (short video)

Kathy Lee Schlopp’s Congressional Testimony  on Lawless America 

–Rhode Island CPS, Massachusetts State Police (Short Video)

Rebecca McLaughlin’s Congressional Testimony to Bill Windsor on Lawless America

Garland Waller and Eileen King’s Ignorance is This Campaign, Boston University Communications Students Project to Educate about Ignorance in Family Courts

Ignorance Is This (short video clip)

“My” “Advocate” “Center”

–Georgia capture site

Stop Placer County Corruption Blogspot

Placer County, CA

Washington DV Press

Fight CPS with Numbers-Suffolk County Court Corruption

Terrifying CPS Tales

Mom’s Fighting Howard County Court

The Family Court Money Machine Blogspot

atwoods vs. the child stealers

Corrupt Genessee County in New York

Georgia Coalition for Child Protection Reform

 fabulous resource for real, authentic and/or parental and civil or constitutional rights advocates with protected interests or natural, divine, corporeal, in rem “stake”    

Court Watcher


Karl Lentz’s website               

Unkommon Law Bringing Law to the People

Karl Lentz’s British website


Susan Knowles Blog

This is a very rich site by published author, Ms. Susan Knowles that emphasizes the problems in the fraudulent family courts and the war on women and children as well as the larger perspective of how Socialist ideology has infiltrated America…the real one. She does have a new blog that is more updated, so I encourage you to search for that site until I can find it myself.



 Let’s Get Honest! Blog

family court corruption and fraud in federal funding

Autism Custody Battles-Warning Signs for Bribery of the Family Court Judge in a Custody Case 

Battered Mothers A Human Rights Issue

             Cook County Judges                                                                  

   Fight CPS in Cook County

in Chicago, Illinois/government abuse

FAMILY COURT MATTERS                                   

  Fight CPS

an awesome resource by and for other parents, families, and children made to be “victims” of the “protectors” and their systems of abuse and re-victimization for immense profit; Author: Linda Jo Martin, write  

Stand by the Children

lots on the anti-science, or pseudoscience, “parental alienation syndrome”

Susan Knowle’s Blog

Susan Knowles is an author and former family law attorney and is currently licensed as a marriage and family therapist; focus is constitutional freedoms and spiritual, Christian therapy for families and children     

 Family Court Injustice         

Luke’s Army

Psychopsema Blogspot, us-judicial corruption

Karl Lentz’s common law radio shows, free legal advice using common law’  

Why is There No Safety  

Mom, Kimberly Sperling’s blog, who,with at least one of her children, has been officially granted [political] refugee status in Canada to escape from unsafe, invidiously discriminatory, fundamentally unfair and masochistic, perverted corrupt and curiously oppressive Minnesota family court judges and related individuals in the business of “sustainable” “protection,” “adoption,” “Congress,” and “Collaboration” or [“inter-disciplinary community partner “stakeholder”] “Unity,” or “help” who may or may not have “special-knowledge”- related and  [financially/criminally/politically/sexually or socially/government/operationally] motivated “interests” in what may be reasonably described as gender specific “best [economical}] practices” or children or property  in Canada from Minnesota                     

 National Alliance for Family Court Justice

(another amazing and experience and real evidence-based source for credible, highly informative, higher-brow and, well…’informed’ knowledge and truths regarding gender-biased, corrupt, and oftentimes abusive, intentionally cruel, even masochistic and perverted coercive injustice in family courts and judicial system all across the US; Founder: Elizabeth (“Liz”)  Richards, Annandale, VA, founded website in 1993, National Leader and Coordinator, liz richards 703-658-3543,, NAFCJ – Founder & National Leader, Annandale, VA   22003; See also articles by Cindy Ross) 


Coalition Against Racketeering Children

Still Disgusted with the System

Falsely Accused Moms

Bottom Feeding Sharks Blogspot

CPS-Constitutional perversion system  

Center for Judicial Excellence

Founder Kathleen Russell’s incredibly wonderful source of professional, specialized insider family court law and legal knowledge and special projects and publicity that genuinely appears to be primarily related to educating America on the way the judicial system in the family and juvenile courts really work as opposed to the public appearance of “fairness” and “equality;” child abuse and child sexual abuse and domestic violence oriented-helpful and practical, in-artful (non-legal) suggestions, recommendations that are truly in mother’s and children’s best interests, and some fathers who are not of the legally abusive and otherwise type

American Mothers of Lost Children

Among the Wolves

New Judge         

Conscious Being Alliance

CPS: Child Protectors, or Pimps?

No Justice in the Judicial System Blogspot

The Leadership Council on Child Abuse and  Interpersonal Violence

an intellectually and/or academically interesting and informative source  for  research and studies that appears, at least on its face, to be written and supported by individuals who have actual experience or educational training in or working with affected individuals, parties, voters, or consumers, and/or recipients of intended target research, and who also appear to be extremely educated and thorough in applied statistical research and methods and variables of public and lawful and legal reach and impact with regard to of the family courts, laws, legal art, power and politicial and economic, governmental structures and institutions and its effects, both short and long-term,  non-for-profit, gender conflict, domestic-violence, policy-focused, special knowledge, regardless of the source or for whom financial  or socially scientific, governmental,  sustainable professional “interest” or incentives lie

Pam Roach Report Blogspot-Wa CPS Unrestrained—cps.html                                       

Mother’s Against Sexual Abuse; (MASA)

Founded by Dr. Claire Reeves in California                        

Black Robe Regiment Pastor          

Murder and Abuse in Foster Care 

Weightier Matters          California Coalition for Families and Children

Parents, “victims,” fathers, mothers, legal guardians or custodians, BAR members, legislators, social reformers, philanthropists, activists, authentic advocates, concerned or interested individual or classes of parentally injured or deprived  individuals professionals, and perpetrators alike, please visit this inspiring and passionately charged, one-of-a-kind catalyst-oriented websites, authored by Father, Mr. Colbern/”Cole” Stuart, ” a lawyer by trade and who is www.Croix’s Dad( see related website or blog) who is the President and Founder of the California Coalition for Families and Children.  “Weightier matters” allude to the “true riches” and virtues of compassion, mercy, and justice in the Book of Matthew (Matthew 23:23, The Holy Bible, real versions) 

Corrupt Genessee County, NY

 a site published by a persecuted Pastor Paul, the “black robing regimen,” a passionate Christian, US veteran, and father from Batavia or Buffalo, NY in Genessee County, NY who advocates against allegedly abusive or criminal, Filipina (Philipino) marriage/ immigration-scammer specialists and their tactics with regard to American courts, the “welfare” syste, as alleged in his posts, and law enforcement policies, practices, customs, and procedures


Disability Rights Washington

a Washington website on How to File a Complaint Against CPS for Disability Discrimination

Plaintiff Must Appear

Karl Lentz UnKommon Law blogspot                       

US Concerned Parents                                                                                 

Equal Access for Justice                                  

Parenting Abused Kids                                                        

The Wellesley Battered Women’s Justice Project

a wealth of knowledge and resource material with legal and lawful references and citations with regard to child protective services and fraudulent family and juvenile dependency court and adoption, foster care, and institutional and legal abuse

CPS: Child Predator Services Protection at its Worst

from the author of website, Sharon Joyce Burns, Donnelly Keaton Burns’ Real Mommy

Something for the People


(a blog to support families and children who are or who have endured painful separation)–This is a site by an alienating profiteer in the “special knowledge” business for corrupt family court officials; always good to know what the other side is saying and doing as they do this to us                                   

Parenting Abused Kids      

It’s Almost Tuesday

a great resource for parents and children, or, “natural man or woman and their little natural ‘property’ erroneously referred to by the “state” as “CHILD, A MINOR” to reap their “best [financial] interests,” written by mother (or natural property owner)      

 Belligerent Act                                             

Moms Against CPS

Connecticut DCF Watch, a site filled with practical, potentially actionable if not overruled constitutional civil rights, Federal case law, the most incredible resource for relevant case law pertaining to family, mother’s, father’s, children’s constitutional rights in the form of case law and national precedent, authored by Mr. Thomas Dutkiewiecz and his wife who survived the “protective” system of abuse)                                                                                     

Jail for Judges                                            

Beat CPS Now

(website of self-explanatory substance and useful material)   

Reality Blog     

Protective Mother’s Alliance International     

 Legally Kidnapped

(a site about parental and governmental legal, but unconstitutional and wrongful, thus, unlawful kidnappings or otherwise child or adolescent “removals” from their homes, property, and loved ones–their lives)


The Leadership Council                                                            

 Mother’s of Lost Children                               

Neither Here Nor There

a site about the consequences of adoption on children 

Exposing the Record

(website authored by a Christian Father, who is currently or  may have been recently a possible Florida politician, lobbyist, advocate, or interested advocate, (Mr.) Ronald Reale, who fought and survived the corrupt and biased family court system in North Carolina, although I am skeptical of his male bias, there is still good information here)

New England and Parent Advocate Network-


Family Rights Association

an A+ Source of Information for Families, Parents, Children, Journalists, Bloggers, Policy-Makers, investigators, advocates, foster or adoptive parents, broken families, abused families, really for every real American; another highly credible and reliable source of well-researched and testified data and experience, including in the Congressional forum)  

 Sacramento County Family Court News Blogspot

Distinction in the Family Courts

Be sure to take advantage of their online Report Card for Court Officials, Attorneys, Judges, and Law Enforcement Officers who helped and/or harmed you and your children in your Home State;  Ms. Joan Fox was charming in responding to my inquiry and mailing me a paper survey, although you can fill out online and submit)

Family Court in America

this one blogpost on this page,  in particular, relates to the following subject matter- Deanna Fogarty-Hardwick, through rare, authentic San Diego lawyer Shawn McMillan’s skills and knowledge of the law and US Constitution and Bill of Rights,  collected a $4.9 million dollar jury award for lying, scheming, cheating, rogue criminals in the Orange County, California social services and child “protection” fraud business after over five years of fighting for her two daughters and their rights and fundamental freedoms and liberty interests and imperatives, although the guilty as charged individual defendant and total, gross county liability owed eventually increased to $10.6 million dollars once attorney’s fees, multiplier(s), and taxes and court costs and fees were assessed     

The Sacramento Bee

(The Sacramento Shield a real news blog)            

  Stop Corrupt DSS

self-explanatory subject-matter)     

Moms on a Mission for CPS Reform


a “Pro Se” website that might be helpful for those forced and coerced or beaten and abused, extorted individuals who may not currently possess financial resources to defend themselves and their constitutional rights, freedoms, privileges, immunities and natural, common law, divine, fundamental liberties which no man or woman ever has the “jurisdiction” or lawful power to take away unless one has committed a valid crime or who is actually physically hurting another individual, and excellent and informative source for pro se materials regarding the exercise of constitutional, civil, and inalienable rights to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”       

 Massachusetts Protective Mothers for Custodial Justice

 Children Against Court-Appointed Child Abuse          

    Battered Mother’ Custody Conference      

 Justice Women

(This site appears to focus on justice for Latina women who need “help” in Spanish)      

 Justice Women’s Handbook

(for women who feel the need to report real and actual “domestic violence” in true emergencies and need to press criminal charges)                                                                                                     

  Ugly Judge                                                                       

    Protective Parents Association                                    

  Battered Moms Lose Custody                                                                                   

Freedom School

Legally Kidnapped          

Asylum Horrible (institutional abuse of children and teens)                                                                               

   Mass Outrage

(website by Massachusetts family lawyer Gregory Hession, advice to parents and families abused by litigation or interested in other resources or types of help, including for adoptive or foster families)) –

  Divorce in Connecticut

(a resourceful blog for similarly deprived and/or violated mothers or families authored by activist Mary Seguin )                                          

  Letters for Daniel

(a blog by a family whose son was involuntarily adopted out from under them                                                                

      Heal Online

(website for current or former “victims” of institutional abuse, child abuse, child sexual abuse, electroconvulsive shock “therapy” and other tortures that was a very helpful resource to a close friend of mine enduring a similarly situated custody dispute nightmare–she found her out-of-state lawyer here)                                                                   

Safe Kids International

Love Fraud                                                                                     

  Terroristic Divorce                                                                                                 

The Truth About Family Court                                  

One Mom’s Battle[/embed]                                                                                                


(This is a website I remembered and had to hunt for a year later when the government or another group apparently infiltrated or took over a treasure trove of practical legal and lawful resources for parents enduring divorce, separation, the courts, difficult custody or other similar situations, including single parents–“S.P.A.R.C.”)                                                

  Forced Adoption

Sociopath Life

Caution on this link:–overseas destinations may be subject to different laws, treaties, Constitutions, and/or lack thereof with regard to many issues, including privacy.  Regardless, I have included it since so many Socialist/Communist countries have enjoyed my blog thus far.  Perhaps if one lives in the U.K., or plans on traveling there or otherwise, one might find this source useful.  Watch out for websites that show a little globe to the left of the URL in the browser.  Also understand that the U.K. and Australia, like the U.S. and so many other countries, are horrendous, beastly dealers in child-trafficking and pedophile rings.  But then again, if one has had occasion to visit this site, then you one is already in-the-know.  In some of the worst places for child-trafficking and the like, there quite logically are those who detest such practices and may or may not have a desire to help.


(1)   Author of this blog and post is  not , and does not purport or misrepresent to be a licensed, board-certified specialist, qualified, lawyer, attorney,  legal practitioner, or trial advocate, and therefore could not possibly intend to give anything that could be characterized or mischaracterized as “legal advice.”    The purpose of this blog, and its content, is only intended for educational and general knowledge and/or entertainment purposes.

(2)  This post is made in good faith.

(3)  The views or opinions, beliefs, teachings, anything that one may construe or misconstrue on any of the sites and blogs listed above are not affiliated in any way with author of this blog and post, and any opinions or beliefs express and/or implied or interpreted on such websites or blogs listed above do not necessarily reflect the views of this blog’s author.

(4)  First Amendment, well-established as a matter of law and fact, fundamental right, privilege, freedom, and/or immunity to, inter alia, the freedom to freely associate, to freedom of speech and expression, and to peaceably assemble in this forum is reserved ( Federal, US Constitution and incorporated Bill of Rights via ratification and application of the Fourteenth Amendment to the Federal, US Constitution) as is the well-established Federal right to privacy against government intrusion (See The Privacy Act of 1974, 5 U.S.C.).  Unalienable and “inalienable” rights to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” are also reserved (The Declaration of Independence).


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