by Patrick Flaherty

(–the Eugenicist??? or am i mistaken?

Recently, I stayed in CONNECTICUT for two weeks to support the efforts of BO GRITZ to help LINDA WIEGAND regain custody of her children.

How does a rational person explain the national media’s frenzy with the OJ SIMPSON trial, or the JON BENET RAMSAY murder investigation, and its concentrated effort to ignore the BO GRITZ trial in CONNECTICUT as if it were a BILDERBERGER meeting? Could it be there Is there a conspiracy to manage the news in the USA?

Was there an organized effort by the FBI to ‘get’ BO GRITZ, an icon of the patriot movement? Has the media done what it did in NEBRASKA when former state senator, JOHN DECAMP, tried to expose the involvement of people in high places in a homosexual prostitution ring?

There are many disturbing parallels between NEBRASKA and CONNECTICUT in this regard, not the least of which was the $1 million civil judgment in early 1999 against LARRY KING, JR for the satanic ritual abuse of PAUL BONNACCI when he was a child.

LARRY KING (not the radio show host!) moved in the same political circle as PRESIDENT REAGAN and then VICE PRESIDENT BUSH.


The acquittal of BO GRITZ and SHELDON ROBINSON for the attempted second degree kidnapping of LINDA WIEGAND’s oldest boy opens the way for this mother to return to the state of CONNECTICUT and fight for custody of her two boys. She remains a ‘fugitive from injustice’: her side of the story can be found on the INTERNET at:


The national media has deliberately ignored this story while the local media dominated by the HARTFORD COURANT has until recently portrayed LINDA as a liar and manipulator of the legal system. What changed all that?


On FEB 17, 2000 in the midst of the ongoing GRITZ trial, PROSECUTOR MALONE released to the defendants the heretofore sealed report of the STATE ATTORNEY’s investigation into LINDA WIEGAND’s allegations of satanic ritual and sex abuse of her two boys by her ex-husband, TOM WILKINSON. The report had been sealed in 1998 after an 18 month investigation by Assistant STATE ATTORNEY JOHN MASSAMENO.

JUDGE NICOLA RUBINOW, who was curiously assigned to her first criminal case after having previously ruled for TOM WILKINSON in an earliar child custody issue, quickly sealed the report again so the jury could not see it and instructed the defendants not to release it to anyone.

However, now it can be read on the INTERNET at:, or otherwise at


The significance of this report is twofold: It concludes that LINDA had ‘reasonable cause’ to believe her children were being sexually abused, thus exonerating her for taking them out of state to NEVADA to protect them. She was just being a good mother. Yet with that report sealed PROSECUTOR MALONE continued to mock her allegations of satanic ritual abuse and judicial abuse of power to support his conspiracy theory.

Furthermore, the sealing of this report is consistent with her allegations that evidence of sexual abuse was being suppressed. For example, the 30 taped interviews of the boys with court appointed psychiatrist DR. ROBSON have been sealed by the court. Why? – in ROBSON’s own words, “because they contain the boys allegations of sex abuse.”

The issue of credibility has always been the focus of THE HARTFORD CURANT in its presentation of the custody battle between WIEGAND and WILKINSON. Until the release of the MASSAMENO REPORT, this newspaper repeatedly misrepresented her as a liar despite my repeated efforts to correct their distortions.

The MASSAMENO REPORT comes to a very different conclusion, and no doubt, that is why it has been repeatedly sealed. It concludes WILKINSON ‘s “probable deception”, and notes this psych evaluation revealed psychopathological tendencies consistent with a child abuser. In regard to LINDA WIEGAND, it notes that she passed a lie detector test when she denied ‘coaching’ the two boys. Her credibility was greater, according to this report, but its recommendation to prosecute TOM WILKINSON was ignored.


According to LINDA, an employee within the ENFIELD courthouse revealed that this report was kept suppressed until the statute of limitations had expired on the child abuse allegations against TOM WILKINSON effective JANUARY 2000. MR. MASSAMENO confirmed to me that TW could only be prosecuted for current charges.

How and why could one man receive protection from the judicial system of a state that proudly proclaims itself to be THE CONSTITUTION STATE? Is it possible the links of his family and lawyer are linked to the BUSH family and political machine that dominates CONNECTICUT politics?

Despite being bankrupted by his three and a half year legal ordeal/persecution, BO GRITZ told reporters after his victory: “This has never been about me. It is about intimidating court tactics, and a constipated state bureaucracy” that fails to protect victims of sexual abuse.


Hours after this acquittal in a telephone interview with ENFIELD’s ‘JOURNAL INQUIRER’, LINDA said she will surrender to law enforcement officials sometime “within the next two weeks”, surely to face criminal charges, but also to begin fighting again to regain custody of the two boys she claims are being abused by her former husband.

Meanwhile, TOM WILKINSON lives in SUFFIELD only seven miles from the MASSACHUSETTS border strategically positioned to flee the jurisdiction of CONNECTICUT courts in this custody battle. Not too far north, his best friend PROF. ARTHUR ZAJONC teaches physics at AMHERST COLLEGE.


ZAJONC is the President of THE ANTHROPOSOPHICAL SOCIETY in the USA. It is WILKINSON’s membership in this organization that has been the center of WIEGAND’s allegations of satanic ritual abuse. According to LINDA, he claimed that BEN was his wife in a previous lifetime. His father, the former general counsel for ALLSTATE, is also intimately involved with this group’s church activities.

Since the insurance industry rules HARTFORD, the center of CONNECTICUT’s political life, is there any evidence to suggest the judges who ruled against WIEGAND and consistently violated her civil rights are in any way beholding to the politicians who appointed them to protect the interests of the ESTABLISHMENT in CONNECTICUT? Thus far, it is only circumstantial

My gut feeling has always been that once all the dots are connected, as in the FRANKLIN COVER UP in NEBRASKA, the evidence will point to the BUSH family political machine. My investigation is still ongoing, but I believe it is no coincidence that TOM WILKINSON and GEORGE HERBERT WALKER BUSH share the same birthplace: MILTON, MASSACHUSETTS.

The deeper you dig into this story, the more dirt comes to the surface: for example, THE LINDISFARNE ASSOCIATION, the political arm of the ANTHROPOSOPHICAL SOCIETY, was sponsored in part by LAURENCE ROCKEFELLER, and is now funded in part by Canadian billionaire, MAURICE STRONG.

STRONG is a former head of the ROCKEFELLER FOUNDATION, the organizer of the RIO CONFERENCE in BRAZIL, a major force in the UNITED NATIONS, an advocate of free trade with CHINA, and a man very active in the NEW WORLD ORDER conspiracy to create a one world religion. In testimony before the UN, he called for laws to regulate human behavior and its effect on the EARTH that would have the same effect as the moral code given by MOSES.


Yes, it seems likely that TOM WILKINSON has friends in high places and that would partly explain the vicious attacks against LINDA WIEGAND and the FBI’s attempt to ‘get’ BO GRITZ in CONNECTICUT using the perjured testimony of militia leader JOHN TROCHMANN to prove an outrageous conspiracy theory.

Even PERSECUTOR MALONE was forced to acknowledge in his closing argument that TROCHMANN and his wife “may have been mistaken” when they placed WIEGAND and GRITZ together six months earlier than their alleged first meeting in SEPTEMBER 1996 shortly before GRITZ was arrested. Other witnesses and evidence contradicted his testimony, but JUDGE RUBINOW was so intent on a conviction that she did not permit defense attorneys to cross-examine them!

She claimed they had traveled so far cross-country that they need to go home and rest. Never mind the fact that BO GRITZ was forced to travel from NEVADA 17 times for his court appearances while evidence was being fabricated against him. Why else did it take three years to bring him to trial?

Already a major battle is shaping up between various elements of the patriot/militia community over what I call THE LINDA WIEGAND CASE. Who will be left standing proud and tall? The real patriots or the paid FBI agents? The outcome could affect the Presidential election of 2000.

Patrick Flaherty


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