Is District Attorney Scott Owens’ School Shrink Wife Helping the Placer County Pedophile Ring?

The Placer County Observer

District Attorney Scott Owens‘ wife is in a unique position: as a psychologist for a Placer County school district, she has ties that allow for her husband’s office, coupled with Child Protective Services and the Placer County courts, to peddle children to the pedophile choir clamoring for new victims. In other words, Scott and Laura Owens not only cover up for known pedophiles (Scott calls this high-profile case a “scam”), but they actually argue for placing little babies — such as this tear-jerking series of videos of a little girl crying her eyes out — in the clutches of pedophiles.

 Laura Owens is a Placer School district psychologist, she writes fraudulent evaluations on teens and children to aid her husband in kidnappings from CPS! And to make Placer county ooddles and ooddles of money. Psycho-polotics! Look it up online. psycho-politics were put in place by the communists…

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