EXCLUSIVE:  Texas Sheriff Deputy Punches Pregnant Woman


Texas Sheriff Deputy Punches Pregnant Woman

According to the homeowner, as soon as she requested to view the court order a second time “the police forced their way into the house.”  She was pinned in the corner of the kitchen and that’s where the video starts. You can clearly see the 38 week pregnant women as she screams for help and reminds them she’s pregnant.

“I am pregnant!!!”

You can also hear the kids crying in the background as the CPS employee holds off the rest of the family while the officers assault her. She said she was in extreme pain because her stomach was pressed on the counter top. Shortly after that you can clearly see one of the officers punch the women twice in the back.
After releasing this story, I was contacted by a close friend of the victim  and she was able to provide some additional updates, none of which is good news…

She was taken to jail and her son was placed in foster care even though there were family members willing to care for the child. She was charged with assaulting a police officer although she denies any assault took place. While in jail she repeatedly asked to have her injuries examined and documented and was fearful for her unborn child. The jail nurse said she didn’t want to get involved fearing for her own job. No prenatal care was offered either. She was segregated because she was pregnant in an isolation cell where she slept on bare concrete and blankets and the lights were left on 24 hours a day. She was awakened every 15 minutes not because she made any threats of self harm but because that was the procedure in the isolation cells. She remained there for 6 days and when released she immediately went to her OB/GYN. They were able to take pictures of her injuries still present 8 days after the attack. They were also able to verify that these injuries were not present before as they saw her the day before the incident. They also documented that she lost weight while in captivity, not a good thing for a pregnant woman. She gave birth to another son soon after being released and once again CPS swooped in and confiscated the newborn at the hospital and placed him with a family member with severely restricted visits destroying the bonding and breastfeeding process.

Police officers will occasionally find themselves in situations where tensions are high and should use every means necessary to deescalate those tensions to resolve issues with civility.  However, it is becoming common place for police officers to quickly resort to violence, whether it be against peaceful people, or animals, and escalate the situation .

BrettSanders.me has obtained photos of the aftermath which shows bruising on the woman’s stomach as well as her legs.































Please call the Hunt County Sheriff’s Department and let them know you have seen the video and pictures and this behavior is not acceptable.  Ask for  Chief Buddy Oxford:

(903) 453-6800

Also, go by and leave them a comment on their Facebook page. They need to hear from us!

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Brett Sanders is a liberty activist, Bitcoin advocate, voluntaryist and investigative journalist based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. His work has been featured on CBS 11, Photography Is Not a Crime, CopBlock.org, and TheLibertyBeat.com

 “Welcome to Hunt, TX”


Hunt, Texas is located at the junction of the north and south forks of the Guadalupe River, in the heart of the Texas Hill Country, where the rugged limestone hills separate the coastal plain from the Edwards Plateau. It was named for the friend of the founder, Alvie Joy in 1912. Alvie Joy built the first post office for Hunt, Texas residents, who were mostly farmers and shingle makers. Dating from the 1920’s private camps were built along the banks of the river and still thrive every season.

The Stonehenge II replica was built on the North Fork north of Hunt; in the summer of 2012, Stonehenge II it was moved to the front yard of the Point Theater in nearby Ingram. Stonehenge II is 60 percent as tall as the original, and 90 percent as large in circumference. Along with the replica of Stonehenge are Easter Island-type statues. Take Texas 39 to Hunt.

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