Sample Affidavit of Truth the Name GAME

“Truth,” Time Saving Truth from Falsehood and Envy, Francoise Lemoyne, 1737

Sample Affidavit-of-Truth:

KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS that I am, the living soul and free-will man who is commonly called ʻGordonʼ of the Thomas-clan associated with the original peoples and herein referred to as the ʻManʼ who was witnessed by many as being born of a woman my mother and not of any statute and having no occupation and sometime living in the area commonly called ʻvancouverʼ situated within the geographical

region commonly called ʻbritish columbiaʼ associated with the land mass commonly called ʻcanadaʼ for the legal-identity name ʻGORDON  THOMASʼ for HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN, DO SOLEMNLY DECLARE THAT:

1. In this Affidavit-of-Truth, the facts declared herein are true, correct, and not meant to mislead, and unless successfully rebutted with specificity and particularity point-bypoint by any interested party, such truth and facts shall be deemed and decreed to be accepted nolo contendere as so written and declared herein, and thereby such facts stand as the truth in commerce therefor;

2. The Man has first hand knowledge and experience of the facts declared herein, except where otherwise clearly stated to be made on opinion, belief, or information, and thereby the Man is competent to declare in honour matters in this Affidavit-of-Truth;

3. The Man has information that the flesh, blood, and bones of which he is made came into mortal existence via his mother circa the year 1947, and the legal-identity ʻNAMEʼ  “THOMAS Gordon #1234567” was created as a legal-fiction in Canada by agents of Her Majesty circa the year 1966 via a Canadian Immigration Document, and the legalidentity NAME  “GORDON  THOMAS # 123 456 789” was created as a legal-fiction in Canada by agents of Her Majesty circa the year 1967 via an application for Social Insurance, and the legal-identity NAME  “GORDON  THOMAS #12345678” was created as a legal-fiction in Canada by agents of Her Majesty circa the year 1972 via a Canadian Citizenship process, therefore it is obvious that one is not the same as the other since they all have different means of identification and different numbers (viz. the flesh, blood, and bones is not the same as any NAME on any piece of paper);

4. The Man was lead to believe, by agents of HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN, that the legal-identity NAME was the same as the Man himself, however the Man now knows that his living sole and mortal body is not the same as said legal-identity NAME;

5. The Man has information that Legal Title to the legal-identity NAME “GORDON THOMAS” belongs to HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN by the registration of a Certificate of Live Birth with the Registrar of Births Deaths & Marriages and the creation of a “Birth Certificate” therefor;

6. The Man has information that Equitable Title for the legal-identity NAME “GORDON THOMAS” belongs to HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN since all property purchased for said NAME becomes the property of the Legal Title holder, namely HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN; 

7. The Man has information that Quiet Possession for the legal-identity NAME “GORDON THOMAS” is held by HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN since said NAME resides within the “Records” of the Registrar of Births Deaths & Marriages possessed by HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN;
8. The Man verily believes that Her Majesty has complete ownership (Legal Title, Equitable Title, and Quiet Possession) of the legal-identity NAME “GORDON THOMAS” by the fundamental tenants of Property Law; 9. In order to stay alive, work, and feed himself, the Man had to utilize the property of others by the principle of Private Necessity, thus he had to utilize the property of HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN in commerce to sustain his life;

10. At times, the Man plays the role of an actor for the legal-person with the legal-identity NAME “GORDON THOMAS” (or derivatives thereof) in the law, when and if required by circumstances or Private Necessity;

11. The Man has made a mistake by presuming that the legal-identity NAME was his to use without the permission of the Legal Title holder to said NAME, namely HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN;

12. The Man has information that an individual called John Doe (herein ʻDoeʼ) has created, without the Manʼs consent or knowledge, a financial obligation (see Exhibit “A”) in an amount exceeding $100,000 upon GORDON THOMAS via one of Doeʼs Claims that “GORDON THOMAS” made a profit or received a benefit of $100,000 via “some bogus reason” applicable to “GORDON THOMAS”, citing section #blah-blah of the Bogus Liability Act” as foundation for Doeʼs opinion for said financial obligation;

13. The Man verily believes that Doe has fabricated his Claims not based upon any fact, evidence, or actual event which took place at any time; 14. The Man verily believes that Doe fabricated Claims, which are false in a material particular, and send said Claims through the mails via regular post, without providing a remedy for the damage and harm which he has created and caused by his actions against “GORDON THOMAS”;

15. The fact is that the Man hereby claim that Doe is now indebted to Gordon Thomas in the amount of $100,000 as compensation for the harm and damage created by actions of Doeʼs unfounded Claims and related actions against the good name and reputation of “GORDON THOMAS”, as well as compensation for the Manʼs stress, worry, pain, suffering, and efforts to defend against Doeʼs actions; and 16. The fact is that the Man hereby claims that Doe is now indebted to Gordon Thomas in the amount of $25,000.00 for “False Claims of Indebtedness”, in accordance with the Fee Schedule served to Doe via Registered Mail RW 123 456 789 CA on or about  30th February 2014.
SWORN before me at the City of# # ) Vancouver, in the Province of## # )____________________________________ British Columbia this               day of## )# by: the Man  : Gordon. : Thomas.  as actor                                in the year 2014## )# for: GORDON THOMAS, the entity.
______________________________ Commissioner for taking Affidavits In the province of British Columbia.

Alternative Explanation from a Third Party

Here is a copy of “The NAME GAME Explained”, which was received from an anonymous third party.  It is quite good and covers the same material, presented with different words: <Quote> The NAME GAME Explained
Recent research here in Canada shows that the income tax, and all other statutory law, is imposed based upon the ‘property right’, and that property right is the property right of the corporate Crown in Canada, and corporate State (be it a State or the UNITED STATES) in the USA. The same scheme can be found in any country that is a subject country of the Pontiff of Rome’s Holy Roman Empire. Thus, in actuality, the assumed ‘property right’ is that of the corporate Holy Roman Empire, as the Crown or incorporated State is an agency for the Holy Roman Empire.

The ‘Crown’ is the administrative corporation of the Pontiff of Rome owned City of London, the financial, legal and professional standards capitol of/for the Vatican, The City of London is a square mile area within Greater London, England, and is an independent city-state. In the USA, the administrative corporation for the Pontiff of Rome is the UNITED STATES, and that corporation administers the Vatican capitol, for, primarily, military purposes, called Columbia, or the District of Columbia. The UNITED STATES also administers the 50 subcorporate States of the United States of America, identified with the 2 cap letters – CA, OR, WA, etc.
All adult humans are deceived into using the fiction name, as imprinted on the copy of the birth certificate you receive when ordering it from Provincial/State Vital Statistics, or to whatever source you apply. Although the birth certificate is of somewhat recent origin and used to formally offer ‘citizens’ as chattel in bankruptcy to the Pope’s Holy Roman Empire owned Rothschilds’ Banking System, the false use of the family name goes back into the Middle Ages in England. Thus, it is with the family name made a primary, or surname,  (example – Mister Jones), and the given names of the child (example – Peter) made a reference name to the primary name. This is the reverse or mirror image to reality. A ‘family name’ is NOT a man’s name – it is a name of a clan – a blood relationship. [Replace the example names with your given and family name.]
We are then ‘forced’ or ‘obliged’ to use that name in all commercial and Government dealings and communications. So, when we do use it, as 99.99% of the human inhabitants of North America (and most of the world) do, we supposedly ‘voluntarily’ attach ourselves, the free will adult human, to the Crown/State owned property, called the ‘legal identity name’ as an accessory attached to property owned by Another party.

The Crown/State then invokes the legal maxim, accessio cedit principali, [an accessory attached to a principal becomes the property of the owner of the principal], where the principal is the legal identity name as ‘intellectual property’, the owner is the corporation called the Crown/State or UNITED STATES, and the accessory is the free will human who has supposedly volunteered himself to be ‘property by attachment’ of the Crown/State. An adult human who is property is, and by any other name, a ‘slave’, be it citizen, subject or freeman.
I would point out here that all concepts that teach that the relationship between free will man and Government/corporate bodies is contractual are incorrect. All supposed remedies in contract law, American UCC or Canadian PPSA are ‘red herring’ diversions – some intended, and some in ignorance by the teachers.
As a slave, one’s property in possession, including body and labor, belongs to the slave owner 100%. And, the property right is a bundle of rights – own, use, sell, gift, bequeath and hypothecate property.
Thus, ALL ‘income’ resulting from the owned human slave’s mental and/or physical labor belongs to the slave owner. That which is left with or granted to the slave for his own use and maintenance is called a ‘benefit’. In Canada, the ‘return of income’ [the phrase itself tells the story] is called a T1 ‘tax and benefits package’. The T1 or 1040 is an accounting by the slave of his fruits of labor that belongs to the slave owner, and the prescribed ‘benefits’ that he may keep or have back from withholding. Thus, all income tax cases’, in reality, result from fraud, illegal concealment and theft by the accused slave of the slave owner’s ‘property’.
Going back to an above paragraph, we find that the attachment of oneself to the Crown/State owned name is ‘assumed to be voluntary’, as the Crown/State has no valid right to impose slavery upon adult humans against their will. And, constitutional prohibitions of slavery only encompasses ‘ involuntary servitude’, not ‘voluntary servitude’. Anyone working as an employee is in a contract of voluntary servitude – direction and time control by, and obedience and loyalty to the employer. Until we ‘assumed to be slaves’ get our heads around this key to the lock that holds our chains of slavery around our necks and ankles, we will continue to attempt to swim with that 100 lb ball chained to our leg.
Reports of unsuccessful attempts at paying government imposed debts using the Canadian Bills of Exchange Act or US UCC provisions of settling an account proved that there was no contract issue between a Canadian or American adult human and the Government as is commonly taught by some patriot gurus.Under contract, a ‘bill’ is a method of equalizing a contract – like value exchanged for like value. However, under the ‘property right’ of a slave owner in regard to property in the possession of an owned slave, a ‘demand’ for the property by the slave owner, or the slave owner’s agent (such as the IRS, or county tax collector, or for a court imposed fine), is all that is necessary, without regard to due process of law. Remember, ALL that a slave possesses belongs to the slave owner. I am NOT saying you ARE a slave. I just point out to you that Government, and its employees, judges and officers SEE you as a SLAVE.
Further, when any ‘officer’ of the corporate body, be it ‘peace officer or police’, all the way to King or President choose to declare someone ‘homo sacer’ (meaning a man who has been stripped of his status of ‘person’ – that being an obedient corporate slave member of the corporate body politic) – he is stripped of the rights of due process of law, and can be fined, punished, tortured or killed without repercussion to the officer, or officer involved. This happens all the time in the world of the Holy Roman Empire.
This doctrine of ‘homo sacer’ is clearly presented in the US Fugitive Slave Act 1850, Section 6:
Quote: “In no trial or hearing under this act shall the testimony of such alleged fugitive be admitted in evidence; and the certificates in this and the first [fourth] section mentioned, shall be conclusive of the right of the person or persons in whose favor granted, to remove such fugitive to the State or Territory from which he escaped, and shall prevent all molestation of such person or persons by any process issued by any court, judge, magistrate, or other person whomsoever. Unquote
Three major points here:

1. The accused disobedient slave cannot enter evidence in his own defense. Sound familiar? The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal and German ‘Holocaust Denial’ litigation courts declare that “truth is no defense”.  Judges constantly ignore offered defenses by Government accused defendants, especially in traffic and income tax issues. And, this may be acceptable if the judge were to explain why he need do that, but almost 100% of the time, no explanation is offered, and that is to hide the ‘homo sacer’ doctrine, and the fact that a slave is being tried and disciplined for disobedience to the rules within the slave owner’s property right.

2. The ‘certificate’ presented by the officer or agent of the property owner (declaration of property ownership) is sufficient for conviction of disobedience.

3. No molestation (such as criminal or civil complaints) can be made by, or on behalf of the accused or convicted disobedient slave. Anyone know of successful litigation against a police officer or judge who severely abused the unalienable rights of a man? Yes, there may be a few in well publicized cases, where the system has to hide their despotic Roman scheme, but that is rare.
A POSSIBLE REMEDY However, since we are ‘forced to’, or ‘obliged to’ use the Crown/State owned legal identity name in all commercial and government dealings, services and communications, we can make a ‘claim of right’ under the Rule of Private Necessity – with the necessity being the means to sustain and maintain our life, as all food, shelter, clothing, means of travel and that which answers our need for happiness all has to be obtained or used in the realms of commerce. Briefly, commerce is all communications, contracts, and other interrelations and interactions with other parties, which includes government.
This should counter the claim that we ‘voluntarily’ attach ourselves to Crown/State property. Repeating – The Private Necessity is that we cannot do anything in relation to life, liberty, property or due process of law without using the Crown/State owned name, and thus we cannot sustain or maintain our lives without that fiction name.
Also, a Freedom Of Information Demand should be sent to the Minister, or Representative requesting the authority, date, means and methods by which you, a free will man (m or f) became a slave owned by the corporate Crown or State.
A process that has worked recently in Texas is the ‘surrender’ of the copy of the birth certificate one has in possession to a judge, or the judge assigned to a case where you, in the legal identity name, are the defendant, in an ‘in chambers’ hearing. Some call this ‘surrender’ of the defendant (the legal identity name) as being on the ‘private side’ using the Biblical method of settling disputes privately if possible.
This is preferred to ‘surrendering it in court’ as that is on the ‘public side’, and as a human presence in the court  room, the assumption that you are an attachment to the legal identity name has already been made. And being attached as an accessory to it, you become surety, guarantor and do ‘represent’ the legal identity name defendant.

Fair Use and Legal Disclaimer (PROMINENTLY DISPLAYED):

  • (1)  This post is made in GOOD FAITH and for deterrent purposes against child abusers, alleged child abusers, and those who would maternally alienate fit, loving mothers and children from one another.
  • (2) Content in this post is protected by Julian’s Real Mummy’s First Amendment herein claimed rights as a natural-born American, “sovereign,” “elect” citizen pursuant to the Supremacy Clause of the US Constitution and incorporated Bill of Rights made applicable to the states via ratification and application of the Fourteenth Amendment to the Federal, US Constitution and incorporated Bill of Rights, under the freedom of expression, freedom of association, freedom to peaceably assemble, and freedom to speech.
  • (3) All content in this post is also protected pursuant to the Federal statute 17 U.S.C., section 107 (“Fair Use”) as this content is solely intended for general knowledge, academic research, and/or entertainment purposes.
  • (4)  If anyone should desire, require, or demand a retraction or modification in part or in full, you must contact the author of this blog for fair notice to correct, pursuant to reasonable and lawfully obtained evidence supported by all legal and factual bases for your desire, demand,




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