Should a Guardian ad Litem Facilitate Mediation?

Should a Guardian ad Litem Facilitate Mediation? My Experiences with GAL; Mediation

Hennepin County, Minnesota was recently cited in an inferior and reaching, non-persuasive defense for alleged “immunity,” judicially created, thus, judicially legislated, “immunity” theory in a notorious alleged sexual abuse case against “parents,” the plaintiffs where our friend Mindy Mitnick (sp?) was the charging court-appointed guardian ad litem (Doe v. Hennepin County, 858 F. 2d 1325 (8th Cir. 1988));(reh’g, reh’g en banc, denied Nov. 21, 1988)).

Thanks to your blog or “CCC,” a familiar individual jumped at the chance to explain how and why that opinion had been abrogated, not to mention, out-of-circuit and typical in any case that involved allegedly pro-pedophile expert witness of choice, Ralph Underwager.

Thank you for exposing the criminally abusive hypocrites and “Pharisees” that have set out to destroy America, most recently due to what appears to be the perfect storm of political and socio-economic and malevolent, avaricious, deceptive forces in which Federal “Responsible” Fathers, Healthy Marriage Initiatives, (Un) “SAFE” (free stalking for fathers, and any mothers who would attempt to do what in natural effect cannot be done other than in the realm of nature Papal indulgences to the wealthy) “access and ‘visitation'” and child support enforcement policy, being invidiously discriminatory against, among other “immutable” “suspect ‘classes,'” (wo)man (female gender), socio-economic [“security”/”best interests” . . . of the “state” General Fund or Treasury the “stake” holder fraudulently claimed by fiduciaries to the “public ‘trust'”‘], marital (unmarried, single) status, and young mothers who cannot afford representation in court (let us not leave out “high conflict” labeled “players” who reject the “game” as they are prime, unwitting targets of _________for experimentation along with their private, real property sometimes “referred” as “child(ren)” . . . without due compensation or informed and sufficient or timely con sent the “subjects” of involuntary servitude by way of retroactive slavery being surrogate mothers who unknowingly and involuntarily bore the fruits of he/r labor, healthy, happy, intelligent, and polite only to have property “child’ unreasonably kidnapped, or, “removed” by force for no good cause or crime save for obeying the statutory codes of “state” “military enclaves” and ” ‘catchment’ ‘zones.'”

So Mitnick, GAL extraordinaire, is still at it up there eh? He/r “special knowledge” came to me by way of Sound Cloud in, if I am recalling correctly, the “Banken v. Banken” or Rice case??? Don’t quote me on that.

The Next Nuremberg Trials are going to have to include a new category for the guardian ad litem, amicus, and attorneys ad litem in addition to the “judges” and “doctors'” trials. Front row seats–who is selling tickets? Hey, that’s not a bad idea since they deprived us of the ability to earn a living by way of at least ten national, “state,” local, and agency lists–as Dale Carson, former FBI agent in Cook County in Chicago and no less notorious Duval County, Florida police officer or son of a judge there sent down to clean-up corruption mid-century terms it in his comical, yet short and informative book, “How to Police-Proof Yourself for Dummies 101, “the digital plantation.”

Family Court Injustice

Should a Guardian ad Litem (GAL) be allowed to mediate between parties, assisting in coming to agreements about custody and parenting time, and facilitating communication? The Minnesota Rules of Guardian ad Litem Procedure say no. However, Guardians often assume the responsibility of mediator, or facilitate back and forth communication between parties, voluntarily. Judges also frequently call Guardians to be present during mediation, which often results in the Guardian performing mediation or influencing the process.

 Let’s start the discussion…What are YOUR thoughts on the role of a Guardian ad Litem? Should they perform mediation? And what should happen if a GAL violates the rules, and acts outside of their duties? Post your thoughts and experiences (use anon name to protect your identity) in the comments below!



In 2008, Hennepin County 4th Judicial District, Guardian ad Litem, Jamie L. Manning facilitated a mediation between my abusive ex…

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