The Toxic Ex In-laws

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When dealing with an abusive ex-spouse, litigants are often forced to deal with in-laws who are toxic. Normal people cannot imagine the dimensions and the truly evil thought processes that are invoked by these people and their inhumane capability of using children as weapons against the other parent.

There is no thought as to what suffering these children go through and certainly no capacity for empathy. How could there be?.  The in-laws of an abusive spouse created the abusive situation by the family environment that was fostered in their household.  Abuse does not create itself. It is a learned behavior which is dynamic and circular.

Children in an abusive household learn abusive behavior and another generation of abusers is created. Statistically, it is these people that are more susceptible to criminal behavior and substance abuse. It’s that simple.

The new DSM V definition of child abuse extends to the behavior…

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