Freemasonry, Kidnapping and Murder

Freemasonry, Kidnapping and Murder

From all accounts Maureen Spalek was the model mother, caring for her three children in the best way she possibly could. Life was pretty routine for Maurine, until she had a falling out with her high-level Freemason Husband:
“once married to an individual who told her openly that he was an untouchable high level Freemason. After a major disagreement and subsequent divorce her children were illegally taken after a visit to hospital for one of her children who was knocked over by a motor cycle in suspicious circumstances. The nurse involved wrote a report saying that Maureen was unstable and an unfit mother. The children were immediately taken in to care and very soon after adopted. Maureen has had independent reports stating that she is perfectly fit.” (Source)
When Maureen took her 4 year old with a broken leg to the hospital, she was forced to wait for over 24 hours before they would even treat him. Long enough to make any mother worth her salt angry enough to spit nails. When Maureen complained about this gross neglect, she was written up by the nurse in charge as being “defiant towards authority”.
The Nurse also wrote other derogatory comments about Maureen and filed her report with Social Services. As a result, all 3 of Maureen’s children were taken into custody by Social Services and placed in Foster homes. Maureen’s children were kidnapped and placed with other families without so much as a hearing to validate the seriousness of the Nurse’s report.
This ties into the recent events that involve Hollie and Anne Greig, whose home was broken into by police, ransacked as if by vandals, computers stolen and her locks changed. All because one lone and certified “nut-job”, who has befriended the pedophile gang that raped Hollie, and is still at large, wrote a letter to Social Services.
So, if you are a high ranking Freemason or close friends with a pedophile rape gang, UK Social Services is on your side. However, if you are a poor defenseless woman divorced from a high-level Freemason, or a little girl that was gang-raped repeatedly for years by a Pedophile gang, don’t bother complaining to the “authorities”. Unless you want more of the same.
After her children were taken by police, Maureen Spalek went to the Foster home to make sure they were not being mistreated. She rang the bell, no-one answered, she went away. The Foster parents called police and 7 police cars showed up on Maureen’s doorstep, kicked in her door, and hauled her off to jail.
As of this writing, no police cars have showed up or kicked the doors down of any of the alleged pedophiles in the Hollie Greig case. Not one. Maureen was denied legal representation and wasn’t charged until after she had spent some time in a cold dank prison cell reserved for loving mothers concerned about their children’s welfare.
The children of Maureen Spalek were put up for adoption. It appears that Nurse who wrote the report had a guilty conscience over the whole affair and was getting ready to “spill the beans” to Maureen.
“However, the nurse was murdered before she could speak to her. An individual was convicted of the murder and sentenced. Maureen attempted to get a visiting pass to the prison in an attempt to find out if this person did murder the nurse and why. Before she could make the visit the prisoner was killed in prison. Maureen is receiving daily harassment from Cheshire and Mersyside police organized through the untouchable masonic connections, she has also been the victim of corrupt judges and medical staff.” (Ibid)
The man who murdered the Nurse was identified as a “Contract Killer”. In other words, it is believed he was paid to kill the Nurse by someone who was very threatened by the direction things were going. He to had a twinge of remorse and was preparing to “name names” to Maureen. It looks like he was murdered as well. The prison stated he died “under suspicious circumstances”.
Yes, there are many ways to die, in “Merry Old Free-masonic England”. One could get hit by a car, or contract a terminal illness. It appears that quickest route to the funeral home involves the refusal to cover-up for the crimes of those that are connected to people in power.
To get arrested and thrown in “the clink” all you need to do is expose powerful Pedophiles, like Robert Green, or send your child a birthday card, like Maureen Spalek. Yes, Maureen Spalek was arrested once more for the horrific crime of sending a birthday card to her son. The son she painfully brought into this world. The son whose diapers she changed. The son who she fed and taught to walk. The son who was unlawfully kidnapped by the State.
Undoubtedly, as we speak, the police have placed surveillance on Maureen’s home (probably similar to the surveillance that tipped them off to the change of heart experienced by the now dead Nurse and her dead killer) where they monitor her night-time prayers for any mention of the names of her kidnapped children.
Still a third case has come to my attention. This one involves a Joseph Wallace, who demanded that the City of Glasgow explain to him why his son was permitted to be supervised by a State employee with a record of child molestation. It appears that Joseph’s son was also victimized by this animal. The Glasgow city attorney responded that the matter really wasn’t their concern and implied that somehow, if this employee they apparently hired to work around children, had child molestation in his past, it was Joseph’s duty and not theirs to discover it.
We can see now the genuine concern that our politicians have for our children. They are hard at work throwing journalists like Robert Green, or birthday card senders, like Maureen Spalek, in jail. Apparently they cannot afford to provide either Robert or Maureen with legal counsel because their lawyers are to busy helping to orchestrate a cover-up so horrific it defies imagination.
The only weapon we the people have is exposure. Please donate and help make this happen. Every penny will go towards helping publicize the Hollie Greig and Maureen Spalek case all across the internet.  

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