All That You Never Asked: a message to my stepmother

Memories of an Alienated Daughter

You were young and unsuspecting, and eager to leave your mother’s home.

My father wrote you love poems and promised to make you queen of his castle.

He needed to replace my mother you see, and you never asked why.

You cut my hair short to match your own and we never mentioned Her.

It was convenient after all, to have your husband’s ex-wife cast aside and out of our lives.

She had left home, gone away, my father told you.
You never asked why.

Then one day she showed up, eyes full of grief. Shaking in my father’s presence, she handed me a birthday gift. I had just turned five.

Jealous and crying, you looked to my father to console you while I opened the gift.

I was scared to ask my mother to stay. Terrified to say how much I’ve missed her.

From my room at night, I…

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