Family Court Injustice

 Family Court Injustice has been documenting historical events and real life stories of children stolen from their families by unjust courts or through government and judicial policies and/or abuses of power. This article about the Lebensborn Program (1935-1945), Nazi Occupied Europe gives a glimpse into the Nazi eugenics program to create a “master race” that also included kidnapping and murder in it’s policies. 

“Lebensborn” meaning “fount of life” was a secret program implemented by the Nazis (1935-1945) with the goal of engineering a “master race”. Another part of Lebensborn included ridding the population of those considered “unwanted” or “subhuman” to further the Aryan race. The official purpose of Lebensborn was the “preservation and promotion of racially valuable Germanic hereditary property”.

Part I of the Lebensborn series includes information on women selected as “racially pure” who were chosen to bear children with SS officers and other Nazi officials. Most…

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