Shocking things about Arizona CPS!

A Miracle for Two Sisters

Shocking things about Arizona CPS!  Part 1

goldHave you ever wondered why Arizona’s record on child safety, children in foster care, and adoptions is the worst in the nation?  Arizona has a checkered past with regards to CPS, and as Winston Churchill was known to say,  “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”  Yet with the plethora of evidence that CPS has been doing more damage than good to children and families for decades, the same ineffective and detrimental remedies are continually sought as the fix – throw  MORE MONEY at the system because the system’s overburdened.  Without any consideration to how the practices and culture of the system is the precise cause of the overburdening, more money is always pumped in for the new hires that in turn, perpetuate the overburdening.  This the solution for a system renown to be hurting our most…

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