Warrants for Arrest and Secret High Court Hearing for the Mother Pt 1of2

Social Action 2014

Sabine McNeill ~ SIGN the petition: http://is.gd/LCNm7L
London, United Kingdom

18 Feb 2015 — You can’t either imagine or make it up, dear Supporters!

https://victimsunite.files.wordpress…. But I’ve gone through this gradual shock therapy ever since I started http://victims-unite.net in August 2010.

First of all, there are Warrants for Arrest against the mother and myself. But I have already received very nice support from a solicitor who phoned the Police on my behalf.

Secondly, I have the report below from yesterday – OUTSIDE the Royal Courts of Justice. Since the mother was not there, no McKenzie Friend was allowed, not on behalf of the grandparents either.

However, a solicitor was found ‘from nearby’ who is now studying the bundle.

I can assure you that nobody knows the case as well as I do, as I have spent a lot of time with Ella since November. As a systems analyst I look…

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