The Lebensborn Program Pt. I: Nazi Program to Breed ‘Master Race’

Family Court Injustice

Family Court Injustice has been documenting events and real life stories of children stolen from their families by unjust courts or through government and judicial abuses of power. This article about the Lebensborn Program (1935-1945), Nazi Occupied Europe gives a glimpse into the Nazi eugenics program to create a “master race” that also included kidnapping and murder in it’s policies. Equally horrendous is the persecution of women participating in Lebensborn, and their innocent children, after the War ended. A dark chapter from history is the Lebensborn Program or Registered Society Lebensborn (1935-1945), Nazi Occupied Europe. Under the Lebensborn program, women (mostly unmarried) who were approved by the Nazi party to be racially pure were encouraged to get pregnant with SS officers, and high ranking Nazi officials in order to breed a “master race”.While some of the women chose to keep their children, a majority gave their children over to state…

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