Mao and Kissinger in 1973.

Like little pests, they just keep crawling out of the woodwork as soon as you get rid of the last bunch.  SPIES. Pinks, as in, PINKERTON AGENTS.  STOOLIES.  NARCS.  INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS.  TROUBLE-MAKERS.  INSTIGATORS.  GODLESS.  IMMORAL.  DISLOYAL.  SELL-OUTS.  DISEASES.  SOCIAL DISEASES–PLAGUES SENT UPON THE EARTH TO DESTROY MAN’S SOUL.  As if the real America does not have enough domestic terrorists trying to round-up and turn into the House Committee on Un-American Activities, it appears as though the USA  has always had quite the variety of criminal saboteurs to deal with at home and in the foreign courts that think their criminal and traditionally and historically un-American dealings and worthless pieces of paper are binding.  One individual, at least, eagerly anticipates the New Nuremberg Trials.

More of them described below.


The Ugly Truth about the
Anti Defamation League (ADL)

The Hour Of The Time believes in Liberty and Freedom for all People, without exceptions, regardless of race, religion, or place of ancestral origin. HOTT supports the Jewish People and their legitimate organizations. This link has absolutely nothing to do with anti-Semitism or racism. The ADL is an organization that manipulates our Jewish Citizens and the general population of America by applying the term “anti-Semitic” to any and all opposition in order to fulfill the secret agenda of Karl Marx’s dream of a socialist world. The subversive ADL has worked diligently to control politicians, the domestic and foreign policy of the united States of America, and to destroy the Constitutionally guaranteed Rights of all Americans including Jewish Americans. The ADL has become what it pretends to oppose… it has become a strong-arm and intelligence organization of modern tyranny. We will undoubtedly be labeled anti-Semitic… indeed we may even be burned out or murdered for daring to speak the truth… but speak the truth we will no matter the consequences. Set yourself Free… click the links below and don’t stop reading until you have consumed it all. As always we recommend you listen to everyone, read everything, but believe absolutely nothing unless you can verify it in your program of due dilligence through your research.

This series of 8 historic broadcasts was taken in whole or in part from investigations conducted by the CAJI News Service, the Intelligence Service, Jews For the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JFPO), reports published by The Executive Intelligence Review entitled “The Ugly Truth About The ADL”, and the book “Dope Inc.” Please distribute copies of these transcripts to everyone you know.

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