Never Ignore Someone who Cares for You . . .



When I saw this captivating image on my blog reel, I immediately thought of my son, Julian, my only child who turned eight last month without me, again . . . another year without contact (going on three).  I used to joke that he was my sunshine and my moonshine because he loved the sun and I loved the moon and he quiet and stillness of the nighttime under the mysterious and mystical moon that we used to admire together.  But I always picked him wild sunflowers when I was in the field working during the day, or at least, I pulled over the Jeep mobile that I used to have to do pick them, so that I could give them to him when I picked him up from preschool to show him how much mommy missed him and that she was always thinking about him, even when they weren’t together (though being apart from him always broke Mummy’s heart). 

So how much more did I cry when I read the words today that remind me of what I have to feel and think every day, and, likewise, that my little Julian either now or someday has to think also . . . that it is disrespectful to life and to those who have lost loved ones to squander time spent on this earth when we should be celebrating it together.  Sacreligious, really.  Profane, inhumane, obscene, criminal, and this angers each and every objectively reasonable individual, especially Real  Mommy or Real Daddy in the Real America, and elsewhere, that my son, my only child a portrait of me on the outside and so many ways on the inside, though the captors who hold my son hostage and spent six years previous to his abduction trying to alienate and change that most basic spiritual and biological fact and natural law Given to man and (wo)man by GOD ALMIGHTY, was compelled to take classes on “how to grieve and mourn for the loss of his real mommy” when Mommy–me–is still alive.  Judge Lisa Millard in the 310th court in Harris County, Texas actually applauded when my son’s previously absentee, or, at the very best, inconsistent “responsible” father flaunted this fact in court . . . that he was compelled by social services (CPS) and a guardian and attorney ad litem (Donna Everson) in Houston, Texas for Brazoria County’s Cheryl Harvick, CPS Program Supervisor, to take my son to CAPTA sponsored or affilitated “family re-integration ‘therapy'” classes to try to fit in with his then brand new (and first ever) wife and he/r three children by another man. 

To all the Real  Mommies and Real Daddies of the Real America similarly deprived and “righteously” angered (See Ephesians 6 there for justification), how does this quote make you feel knowing you should be with your natural child, and that your natural child, especially if  of a tender and impressionable age (ripe for brain-washing age, or, rather, “re-programming” critical point), is thinking the same thing?

The House Committee on Un-American Affairs is Currently Staging a Comeback in a Major Way–the New House Committee on Un-American Affairs and activities and thoughts.  It is not the Real Americans who need to fear the stoolies and spies, but rather it is those rogue criminals and infiltrators  who have kidnapped our natural, real property, an extension of our own physical body, hearts, mind, soul, and of course the Living body of the Spirit which dwells inside all of us Real Mommies and Daddies of the Real America, a Republic, sovereign in nature, who should be careful not to get caught speaking, thinking, or conducting business or activities inimical to the true “best interests” of the United States of America. 

United we Stand, Divided, we Fall.  This Mommy is Still STANDING.  My son will be made to know that she took a STAND for him and waited all these years in patience and endurance.  How about you? How do you STAND?  God gave you a voice.  If you don’t use it for yourself and your child or children or family, and especially for your enemies, like the Good Book says, then one should cease speaking at all, for it will have been given as a gift in vain.  How exactly has it come to pass that society has come to allow criminal, profiteering judges and guardian ad litem and social workers and BAR hoppers kidnap our property and children and take it as authority (from a common criminal)?   


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Never lose that special moonshine in your life 🙂 


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