Whistle Blower Jan Smith Exposes How Parents Can Be Falsely Diagnosed, Children Taken

“Keep in mind, that most of the people you are dealing with, could not pass a psychological evaluation themselves..and probably have quite a few indicators of various differential diagnoses and personality disorders.”Jan Smith, Court Psychology Whistle Blower, Activist and Lobbyist for Family Rights and Children’s Rights


Washington State: Jan Smith offers this whistle blower video to give insight on the corruption and failures in the court’s use of psychological evaluations, and how parents can be incorrectly diagnosed, or determined to be an unfit or unsafe parent based on false, unscientific diagnostic methods. Jan was a chemical dependency counselor for 11 years, and has admitted to submitting false and fraudulent reports to the Court as part of her job.


Jan admitted that her “unscientificdiagnostic procedure is now widely used throughout Washington state and has resulted in countless children being taken from their families, and put into foster care or adopted into other families.
See Video at: http://youtu.be/N2c_UOIsLMQ



Jan says she worked for an organization that did not want to use widely recognized scientific tools used to diagnose clients because the diagnosis may not support putting a client into a long- term treatment program (which would be profitable). The old method made it easier to put a person into a 1 or 2 year program, with little evidence to justify why, thus generating business. Jan says when the new methods were implemented, using better scientific tools, she would often get an assessment whose results indicated minimal or no treatment. Then her supervisor would change and/or alter the assessment in order to get that client into treatment, even if it was not medically necessary. To save her job (Jan says she was motivated to do this because she was a desperate single mom), Jan created her own procedure to manufacture criteria and exaggerate information so that the assessment supported the desired treatment program. When submitted to the courts, the reports often did not raise questions, even though it was the job of the judge and the defense attorneys to ask questions. Jan says her reports were “totally unscientific” and “pretty much fraudulent”, designed to increase treatment which would drum up business.


Jan says “the system is scandalous, is fraudulent and is financially based”.   Soon, other agencies utilized Jan’s fraudulent assessment methods. When a client sought a second opinion, Jan’s assessment was brought in, and if the other agencies liked her work, they would copy it until it became standard procedures to use indicators to “bump up” or mandate or coerce treatment, even if those methods do not match sound scientific practices.

Other tactics used include to embellish life history” to create a negative picture of the parent, and to justify the false diagnosis.   According to Jan, professionals have a “god like” status and not usually questioned in court, especially when supported by a social worker, GAL, defense attorney or judge.

Jan says that if a court cannot get a diagnosis on a client, that indicators will be used to invent or create a diagnosis. Use of indicators is NOT a valid way to diagnose or detect mental illness or risk of harm.

Families are being destroyed by these fraudulent practices. So you have an agency, and prosecutors unethically taking indicators from the field of psychology and using it unscientifically to falsely diagnose or label a parent. The defense attorneys, judges, CASA workers are not questioning it but pushing these false diagnosis through the system, so there is no protection for the families.   Children are unjustly stolen from their families.   Parents are labeled for life with mental illness or other problems that, in reality, have never existed.

People who do have disabilities or need help, are not getting the help or support they need. Children are being taken from families, never to be seen again. Jan says this is a “human and civil rights violation”. The public is deliberately being lied to and misled so they believe the system is just, and to avoid detection of the true harm being done due to systematic failures, greed and corruption.

Further, situation depression, anxiety, stress, grief/loss as a result of injustice and the forced removal of their children, is also used against the parents to justify the false diagnosis–and require the removal of children. Jan says the system profits from selling children, that foster care and adoption is big business for the state.




Jan offers these suggestions…this is NOT to take the place of legal  or medical advice.   Please seek help from an appropriate professional with questions about your own situation.

-Get collateral witnesses

-Get confidentiality statements, DO NOT allow hearsay into the assessment

-When a court official, judge, social worker, GAL is asking you to take multiple (3,4,5) assessments until they get the diagnosis they want, report that person to the State Auditors Office for “duplication of services”.   Duplication of services is fraud–it involves a court official asking for multiple assessments because they do not like the positive (negative) result from the first assessment so, they embellish, lie, exaggerate and otherwise seek someone who will back up their opinion. Opinion is NOT a valid means to determine a diagnosis. If that does not happen with one psychological assessment, then they seek another and another until the desired outcome is achieved.

-Understand your rights. You have a right to refuse a psych evaluation. If you choose to participate in a psychological evaluation, you have the right to request a copy of that evaluation.   DO NOT take or consent to take another psych evaluation until you get the results and paperwork from the first eval, otherwise you will not be able to defend yourself. If you have a defense attorney refusing to give you a copy of your paperwork, file a complaint on them.

File complaints against anyone requesting multiple psych evaluations for “Duplication of Services” this is illegal, this is fishing for a diagnosis not a valid medical diagnosis. You may also consider filing a complaint with the State Auditor, the Judicial Board or other relevant agency.

“FRAUD UPON THE COURT PSYCHOLOGY WHISTLE BLOWER” by Jan Smith, YouTube, 11/16/2012: http://youtu.be/N2c_UOIsLMQ

See also Jan Smith’s congressional testimony to Bill Windsor of Lawless America about how he/r grandchildren were stolen and family devastated due to government corruption and abuse:


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