Update ** Bill Windsor – American Hero Exposing Government Corruption

Family Court Injustice

Bill Windsor is an American hero, who has courageously worked to expose government, judicial and law enforcement corruption. Bill has filmed the testimonies of everyday Americans negatively impacted by abuses of power in his efforts to create a documentary film called “Lawless America”.

Also included in “Lawless” is a segment called “Love Letters to the Children” which features the heartfelt words of parents speaking to the children they have been separated from. Many of these parents lost custody of their children in unjust family court or CPS proceedings. 

Bill has traveled all across America (in every state but Alaska) meeting people who have shared horrific stories including: children being wrongly taken by CPS or family court, people being wrongly imprisoned, whistle blower testimonies, targeted individuals and guardianship/elder abuse and more. Hardworking volunteers and supporters have aided Bill and “Lawless”, lending their time, energy and efforts to the cause of justice.

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