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Why is no solution proposed? Where are the advocates for the hundreds of thousands of individual parents/property owners and children whose lives have been destroyed with zero requested findings of fact or conclusions of law by pay-to-play family court judges, in particular, in Harris County and Brazoria Counties, Texas? My rep’s office, Randy Weber, and former Senator Mike Jackson’s office did nothing but patronize me and re-alert the Office of Consumer Affairs in Austin, Texas, which is the same agency I called to report an irrational caseworker in response to my complaint regarding my then five year-old son’s strange sexual abuse allegations about “Daddy” and “The Visitor,” before Brazoria County CPS Supervisor Cheryl Harvick unreasonably and unconstitutionally, thus, unlawfully, searched and seized (permanently and did express as such at the time) my only child who has not been returned, but who was handed over to the alleged abuser or co-conspirator since May 08, 2012? His eighth birthday–third in-a-row without his real mummy, myself, Joni Faith Saloom–without me or even a phone call or a gift to or from me. Ms. Harvick, who has quite the retaliatory history of wrongfully seizing (constructively, kidnapping, among other egregious crimes committed under the color of “authority” of “law” for the state of Texas, particularly in City of Pearland, TX), let me know along with Pearland Police Officer Paul Elton, and others watching and neglecting to protect, let me know without a doubt that I would “never call the Office of Consumer Affairs on One of Her People Again'” (referring to Brazoria County CPS caseworker Lesly Damian-Murray) under Director Karen Coblentz, and why Officer Elton chimed in that I would “never go “talkin’ ‘smack’ about him at ‘his’ precinct [Pearland] again!”
Why was former Sgt. William Lilly allegedly terminated from Harris County Sheriff’s Office for failing to investigate (including my son’s) sex crimes against children and trying to put false felonies on the mother and accusing he/r of lying to avoid work and investigation?”
I know why, and so do many others. “Woe Unto You Pharisees, Scribes, and Hypocrites, ” for the Watchers are Watching You (Peacefully of Course)!

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How Child Protection Services Buys and Sells Our Children

texas2-630x286Who Is Protecting Our Children From Child Protective Services?

A question that is often raised when dealing with CPS. In most states it means turning to the Ombudsman. Dependent upon the state the ombudsman maybe part of Health and Human Services or which ever agency carries out the function of child protection.

But as Representative Harold Dutton (D) of Houston (House District 142) found out at the June 25, 2014 Sunset Review hearing, the answer is not always clear.

While Rep. Dutton was questioning the quality of the complaint system, Sunset staff only acknowledged that it existed. They failed to determine if it worked or not. You can find a out a great deal more in the following article.

Who Is Protecting Our Children From Child Protective Services? | Watchdog Wire – Texas.

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