Dyslexia and the Family Courts

Child Care Proceedings Exposed

Do many UK adults have dyslexia?
Britain has two million severely dyslexic individuals, of which some 1,625,000 are adults. Some of the world´s most successful people are dyslexic, including Bill Gates (the founder of Microsoft), Richard Branson (the Virgin Boss), and Thomas Edison (the inventor).

What is dyslexia?
Put simply, dyslexia is a disorder which can cause difficulties in spelling, reading and writing. Dyslexia can affect people in different ways. Visual dyslexia may result in number and letter reversals and the inability to write symbols in the correct sequence, while auditory dyslexia involves difficulty with the sounds of letters or groups of letters. Dyslexia can also affect memory.

While dyslexia is classified as both a learning and reading disability, it is more commonly referred to as a Specific Learning Disability.

Does dyslexia qualify as a disability?
Not necessarily. Under the Equality Act 2010, for a condition to be considered a…

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