Montana’s “Throwaway” Youth Report Commissioned for the Eighth Judicial Circuit and Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency| Karen B. Francis, Contributor

Montana’s “Throwaway” Youth Report Commissioned for the Eighth Judicial Circuit and Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency

Prepared by: Marlin Farley, Jeri Brunoe, Consultants, and Karen B. Francis, State Training and Technical Assistance Center

Here is Your “Required Action,” Ms. Karen Francis:

Study of a Similarly Eugenicist and Socially Darwinistic Government-Commissioned Study:

Read about how the US government, was inducing thin this 2001 study, was inducing its Socialist-Communist coercive control mechanisms for  “trauma-informed outcomes” research  by kidnapping children from healthy and fit parents and their schools (as this is from the Office of Juvenile Delinquency or Probation, an Executive Branch DOJ commission, quite sadly, that is if author of this post if properly “interpreting” their little newsletter that is public knowledge and found right over the public Internet.  If this is what they had no fear of disclosing to the American public to whom they are fiduciaries to the Public Trust and Integrity of the Judiciary (to keep the “GAME” going for their state county, and judicial treasuries and free federal land grants to hoodlum cops and social workers, doctors, daycare workers, and other first reporters, of course), then just imagine what they are not disclosing in the present 2015.  “Readers are Leaders,” so keep reading, or else you better start NOW!

There is no longer any such notion of “honest services,” but there is a Federal R.I.C.O. prosecutable predicate crime by private citizen attorney generals termed honest services fraud.  Connect it to an organized structure and a criminal enterprise with a pattern, people.  Think Child Advocacy Centers, Supervised “Visitation,” Juvenile, Dependency, Probate, Family Courts, Collaborative, Unified Law and Courts, residential treatment facilities, shelters, “community resource” (“community stakeholder” and “partner” and “third party faith-based organization” “resources”), your local big city sheriff’s office and office of juvenile probation and lucrative “diversionary” programs and “justice” children’s youth services facilities/peodophile amusement parks for, well, you know who if you have not found this blog by accident.  “Take heart and have courage, and keep fighting the ‘Good Fight'” (peaceably, of course, as in The First Amendment to the Federal US Constitution and incorporated Bill of Rights by way of ratification and application of the Fourteenth Amendment to the Federal US Constitution and incorporated Bill of Rights.  Read to your children, hug them every chance you get, and “teach them well.”  Read the Bible to them whether you believe in it or not (I happen to), for it is, at least, and instruction manual for life, but I hope you BELIEVE.

Signed, the Lion(ess), Who Watches the Hawk, Who Watches “The Mongoose” Who Watches the “Brood of Vipers” and Pharisees in the Family Courts of Fraud! (citing to The Holy Bible, all real versions)/

These infiltrators really underestimate the power of natural-born, “sovereign,” “elect” American citizens of this Repubic USA, and of course, of the INDOMOTIABLE SPIRIT OF MAN/(WO)MAN!

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  • (1)  This post is made in GOOD FAITH and for deterrent purposes against child abusers, alleged child abusers, and those who would maternally alienate fit, loving mothers and children from one another.(2) Content in this post is protected by Julian’s Real Mummy’s First Amendment herein claimed rights as a natural-born American, “sovereign,” “elect” citizen pursuant to the Supremacy Clause of the US Constitution and incorporated Bill of Rights made applicable to the states via ratification and application of the Fourteenth Amendment to the Federal, US Constitution and incorporated Bill of Rights, under the freedom of expression, freedom of association, freedom to peaceably assemble, and freedom to speech.(3) All content in this post is also protected pursuant to the Federal statute 17 U.S.C., section 107 (“Fair Use”) as this content is solely intended for general knowledge, academic research, and/or entertainment purposes.

    (4)  If anyone should desire, require, or demand a retraction or modification in part or in full, you must contact the author of this blog for fair notice to correct, pursuant to reasonable and lawfully obtained evidence supported by all legal and factual bases for your desire, demand, and/or requirement for  a full or partial retraction in a timely manner so that Author of this blog may respond expediently and lawfully.


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