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Is a delay better than a disaster?

Is a delay better then a disaster?

Benjamin Franklin once said, “You may delay, but time will not, and lost time is never found again.”  Now take a minute to think about this.  “A delay is better than a disaster” is another famous quote from an unknown source.  While the two conflict in their meanings they both have the same outcome when it comes to the safety of your children, family and loved ones you need to make a decision.

When it comes down to it, there is no delay long enough for me to accept that a disaster is imminent.  This is my flesh and my blood and I will, at any cost, do what I need to do to prevent this disaster from happening.  That is why when I found out the danger my son was in I contacted the DCF, and after 45 long days, (“the CT DCF delaying, but time continuing on”), they finally responded to me saying that no danger was present.

I offered them many leads, who and where drugs were being sold, my sons medication non-the-less and other narcotics, that he was being left home alone 4 to 5 nights a week so that his father could sleep with his alcoholic girlfriend in her garage.  I even gave them the name of witnesses who have seen this first hand, the drugs, the prostitutes and the selling of controlled and prescribed drugs – the best time and method to contact them.
*Had my son’s blood level checked for proper medication levels? – FAIL
*Contacted the school and pulled his records to see he is failing every class due to lack of medications? – Fail
*Had the father of my son submit to a urinalysis or tox screen? – Fail
*Spoke to the police about the nights I had to pick my son up because it was 2 in the morning, he found drugs in the house and was upset? – Fail Fail Fail
*Took the 5 simple minutes to call the first hand witnesses that could attest to his behavior, soliciting prostitutes, using drugs and emotionally and physically neglecting our child – Fail

I was hoping to tell you a story of an epic battle of custody and the DCF doing their jobs but I am not able to, all I can do is supply you with the dates, the people I spoke to, the people that never got back to me, and the fact that the outcome was, and let this be a lesson, it is ok to use drugs, pick-up whores, neglect your children and sell illegal narcotics, you just need to ensure the case worker you get doesn’t actually give a shit about children or their safety, (average 90% of them) and you are in the clear.

So, lets get these details in writing and see how we can try to rectify this situation as soon as possible, because even now time is passing, and no one but the big man in the sky or whomever you believe to be your higher power knows when it will turn from a delay into a disaster, but once that happens it is far to late and that is beyond acceptable.  If it is the delay that brings the disaster in this case, I will be sure that the DCF pays, I will spend my last breath, dollar and everything I have to bring this to the highest court I can because someone needs to be responsible for these disasters that seem to happen all the time, in the news and online.  The father is certainly not in the right, but he is a sick man, and I warned DCF all about it, it ends up being their neglectful acts in the end that lead to tragedy (an event resulting in great loss and misfortune).
So it started with a call to the CT DCF hotline, after a disturbing call from my son at 1:30am
An investigation was started, let’s call the investigator… Kathy, yes her real name, I pay taxes which pays her salary. So she comes to speak with me at my home, and to ensure the words exchanged were not misunderstood I had a witness here. It is no secret that DCF likes to change their story, most likely to save time and paperwork, just my opinion.. Anyway, I informed her of the many, many dangers lurking in the home that my son is residing in. One being he found drugs, two he fills his oil tank with diesel, play’s Dr. on when he gets his meds and not, The drug use and the drinking, days without hot water. I could go on but I thought I would let the investigator do her job. I did though inform her that there were people that were also concerned about my son and that I highly suggested she at least call, as she said she would.
Tuesday 1-25-11 she came to my home, it was supposed to be on Monday 1-24-11 but she couldn’t make it. On 2-18-11 I called because I had not heard from her and wanted to know how things were coming along, she informed me that she had not gotten any releases back from school, the Dr, or his counselor. So she called back to discuss the major concerns of my son….oh wait that was my mother! There is much more to this story, so I have to say check back tomorrow for the rest, including the involvement of supervisors. Sleep well and don’t let the DCF bed bugs bite.


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