Jim Marrs on Monoatomic Gold (VIDEO)

Jim Marrs on Monoatomic Gold




Jim Marrs on Monoatomic Gold, Published on Youtube.com by Zero Sixty-Five on  August 19, 2011, standard Youtube license applies


Jim Marrs and The Tree of Life – Future Technology From The Past – The Hidden Truth Revealed, published by:    on January 01, 2014, standard Youtube license applies

11,303The word for “Tree of Life” in Hebrew is ORME, New Discovery of Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements.
WARNING, This video contains controversial subject matter and it is being shared for educational purposes only. Please educate yourself so that you can make informed decisions on the things that effect your life.
This video contains information that you may not know about, information that YOU WILL NOT KNOW ABOUT from mainstream media. This video has been uploaded because it contained INFORMATION THAT YOU ARE NOT BEING TOLD ABOUT, AND it is this information that YOU CANNOT MAKE INFORMED DECISIONS WITHOUT, period.

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The truth will set us free.


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