It is so sad that good, law-abiding sovereign, natural-born American citizens now feel that they have to police the police.  I blame martial law and systemic abuse by lawless hoodlums with badges and an IQ on average ten points below the rest, as this is the new rule for hiring police.  They don’t want them smart, anymore.  The government needs unintelligent criminals so that their crimes go undetected and unreported, while the underlings all get a piece of the action.  In the state statutes that are literally called “state schemes” by the states themselves, these lawless criminals with badges are called “stakeholders”–“community stakeholders.”

Did you know that the Department of Justice (“DOJ”) has promised them free land, much like child protective services and social services and court professionals who kidnap your healthy and happy children from your physical possession without a court order, without a warrant, without your consent, and without exigent (emergency) circumstances?

They want your children and to destroy your life and your family so that you are always in debt to them and lost in the system, a “digital plantation.”  They are the New Mafia.   Where do you think they learned their tricks?  They imprisoned the real one in the 80’s and stole their tactics.  With regard to your legislators.  Take it from the author of this post. They are worse.  They are the ones who put the corrupt judges where they are and your state attorney general, by statute, will defend them.  No one in government will help you.

If you think you found a good lawyer, just wait until you run out of money.  They will extort you and have their buddies throw you in jail and dance on your grave with the judges and court-appointed attorney (if you were “lucky” enough to have one) for the “enhancements” they got paid to increase the alleged offense while you were falsely imprisoned and beaten up in the slammer and a pedophile legally kidnapped your infant, with the help of his Catholic “saint” of a mother and $650/hr. attorney, John Nichols, Sr., Judge Lisa Millard, Associate Judge Conrad Moren in the 310th Court of Harris County, TX, and Judge Margaret Stewart Harris  and the corrupt D.A. like, for example, Chuck Rosenthal and Tonya Roland and juvenile court associate judge Stephen Newhouse in the 313th court in Harris County (Houston), Texas.   If you think I am joking, just read the post on this blog about the grandmother in Alabama who just got out of jail where she was sentenced for hugging he/r granddaughter.  Orwellian?  This is worse.

The same goes for non-for-profit profit centers who recruit “victims” who they then turn around and sell-out the lawless badges, cps, and the courts.  Who do they help?  They help those who can make it profitable for them to help.  Follow-the-money.  Many of these criminals with badges and license to steal and ruin innocent lives  haunt the halls of the fraudulent family courts in this Republic United States of America.

Is the “state” of affairs that bleak?  Maybe, maybe not.  Remember what John Milton wrote in Paradise Lost–“The mind can make of Heaven of Hell and a Hell of Heaven.”  Freedom is what you make of it.  You may have to create your own freedom.  The point is that the government, and the police, are no longer there to “help” or “protect” anything but the “best interests” of the state treasury as this means a fiduciary, or financial interest.  They just decided not to sufficiently notice “We the People” “sovereign” and “elect.”  Know your words, and study the Federal, US Constitution, Bill of Rights, The Declaration of Independence, unalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (which are being ignored in the courts), and other Founding Documents.  State courts are absolutely lawless, so forget about help or hope there, too.  Federal courts have largely become lawless, but every now and then a good carnival barker must let a child win a giant stuffed teddy bear to keep the players playing.  Remember this.  All hope is never lost unless one be at the Gates below (see Dante’s Inferno).  Here is another hint for your investigation into the situation in the courts.  Stay away from the courts, and the government.  There is your solution.  Warn those you know and love as well.

“Catch you on the Flip Side!”  Keep fighting!  Signed, the lion who watches the hawk who watches the mongoose who watches the “brood of vipers.”  “Woe unto you Pharisees and Scribes, Hypocrites!” (Matthew 23:23, The Holy Bible, all real versions).


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