Has anyone ever tried to make you think you should be wearing a tin-foil hat?  Has anyone ever tried to make others think that you should be wearing a tin-foil hat without you knowing about it?  Those with a military background might be familiar with the terms,  neutralization campaign.  They are more common than one might think, especially in the high technological era in which we find ourselves.  The discrediting techniques of a psychopath, and those of professional psychopaths and sociopaths and narcissists are easy to identify.  Watch Gang Stalkers by clicking the link below for an interesting and novel presentation.

Source: Gang Stalking’s Agenda, Uploaded to by Protect Life Now on December 22, 2011, standard Youtube license applies; See also Zeph Daniels at…(Original Video), Published on October 01, 2013 by Candid Camera on,   See also (podcasts) or near expert gang stalking counter-intelligence (again, all information is information, that doesn’t mean it is all true, so author of this post expressly does not make any qualified recommendations or referrals based on any expert or special knowledge which, therefore, should not be relied upon, but rather should be another lead or starting point in your own journey to the ultimate Truth as it fits into your path and beliefs).  This is spiritual warfare.



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