Criminal Barristers Lizzie Santiago, Joe Flores, Matthews Law Firm DEPRIVE DISABLED| CORRUPT TX

Re: Alleged Crimes Committed through or at d/b/a Matthews and Associates Law Firm in Houston and Corpus Christi, Texas; Alleged Crimes Ratified and Condoned or Tacitly Authorized by Multiple Texas Judges and Elected Government “Officials” in Austin, Texas (Texas Attorney General, Gregg Abbott and Governor Rick Perry)–Go Pick on Someone of Your Own Stature!  What Kind of Sick Degenerate Tortures the Disabled and Brain Damaged?

Pay the Man His Money, Already, Lizzie Santiago and Joe Flores! 


Did You Steal the Settlement Money from Astra Zeneca, Lie About It, or Both? 

Texas, Tejas, “Friend,”….Behave Yourself, Already!  Where is Your Hospitality, Charm, and Class?  Shame on You, …Again, and Again, and Again, Like a Child Throwing a Temper Tantrum You Clasp your Purse Strings so Tight that they are Bound to Break, Like a Merchant in Venice, Really!

Self-Governed,  Exercise your Sovereign, natural, common law rights, Today!

Considering that you are attorneys or paralegals at the Matthews and Associates Law Firm in Houston and Corpus Christi, Texas, Your Crimes Were Ill-Willed, Cruel, Conscience-Shocking to the Core, Ruthless, and Deliberately Executed with Reasonably Foreseeable Knowledge of Irreparable Harm that Should be Recompensed Immediately!  In the alternative, you reveal yourselves to be cheap, low-life, “ambulance-chasing” lawyers who can’t even afford to pay-out their own clients when they win their claims, as alleged by Daniel, a man with firsthand, actual knowledge and circumstantial and demonstrative evidence in his favor against these Filthy Swine in Houston!  The people who protected these criminals may have been people or foreign agents you voted for, more than once.

Read-on to the petition for how the elected public servants treat the Sovereign elect citizenry who it serves and would not exist without.  Texas, You’re Getting Way Too Greedy, and Way too Arrogant!  That is Where Mistakes are Made.  Election years will be here soon!  Criminal Barristers in Houston and/or Corpus Christi, Texas Who Allegedly Stole Many Thousands of Dollars, if not More, from a Disabled, Broken, Suffering, and now Homeless Man who it appears has been denied justice by every single official in Texas charged with granting it to him:   Lizzie Santiago of Matthews and Associates Law Firm and Joe Flores, alleged Attorneys or Lawyers—Reported Thieves and Common Criminals, Hoodlums Who Should be Deported on the Same Buses Coming into Texas. You are filthy, desperate thieves not worthy of your career.  You should trade places with your former client ya’ greasy, greedy degenerate ambulance chasers in cheap suits and swathed in the smell of sin, greed, and corruption!

Please read Daniel’s petition below and sign if you agree that he has been horribly wronged, irreparably harmed, had money that rightfully belonged to him and was promised to him by his lawyers on numerous occasions stolen.  Finally, if you agree that Daniel has been abused by criminal barristers and lawless criminal government in Texas– those who were supposed to “protect” him (in the light most favorable to Daniel as he comprehended the word to mean), that is,  before they stole his “big pharma” settlement money, refusing to give him a dime, and contributed  to his homelessness, seizures, and dangerous medical condition or disability…and before they allegedly began making threatening phone calls to his family, specifically, his mother in Colorado.  Although Author of this blog does not agree with the wording as written in link that one needs to click on above to access the petition, please consider that this man contends that he has a disability (construed in the light most favorable toward Daniel as a Sovereign citizen) that is at the heart of this petition.  For, Daniel admits to suffering brain damage in this petition as a direct result or exacerbating circumstance that could have been prevented.

Once again, it appears from reading this petition that “state” of Texas has once again mercilessly, cruelly, and intentionally delighted in denying justice and fairness to a helpless innocent man or woman who sleeps on the land.  It truly astonishes me that the same Texas Attorney General who prides himself and his staff on the gobs of money it collects or otherwise steals back from Medicaid, Social Security, and Home Health Care Busts, a man who himself is disabled and in a wheelchair, no less, could ruefully and sadistically jeer at the very Sovereign who suffers without basic needs, and for whom such public office and servants were created to serve with integrity, ethics, honor, fairness, equality, and justice with equal access.  Said Perpetrator in official and individual capacity and in collaboration appears to pillage and horde, if not launder money through certain alleged “non-for-profit” lobbyist groups and “advocates.”


(1) This post is made in good faith and goodwill.

(2) Although firsthand evidence and direct testimony is herein presented by Daniel, who has actual, legal, to be demonstrated knowledge of alleged crimes, on knowledge and belief, Author of this blog makes no claims regarding the truthfulness of the eyewitness testimony offered in the petition above.

(3)  This post is intended solely for educational and/or entertainment purposes.

(4) Anyone who wishes for a correction and/or full retraction should give fair notice and opportunity to Author of this blog and post as soon as one may wish such correction or retraction.

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  1. In my opinion, Lizzie Santiago is a crook. She needs to be prosecuted under the fullest extent of the law for stealing money from people that can’t defend themselves. She purposefully vultures on the lowest of people in our society. She gets by with being a thief because she can. She will be stopped. PLEASE people, stop the “legalized theft” of Lizzie Santiago. She has stolen several thousands of dollars from me in covert actions that she covers up. No one bothers to turn her over to the feds. I DO have the courage to let the feds know. Lizzie Santiago, STOP YOUR THEFT AND PILLAGING OF MONEY THAT DOES NOT BELONG TO YOU. What on earth does it take to STOP YOU? IT TAKES A FEDERAL INDICTMENT BY THE U.S. GOVERNMENT. This is freedom to express my opinion. I have no been told any different.


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