Q: “Is it ‘fair’ to say the American Judicial System (attorneys and judges and Congressman) are ‘NAZIS.’

A: (Ted) Chortles, “I think it is unfair to the NAZI’s!” 

Nazis marching.The Fixer

Watch Short Interview with Author and Former Lawyer who has Argued at the US Supreme Court and Listen to his  Articulate Summary of the How and the Why US GOVERNMENT AND JUDICIAL CORRUPTION!

Source:  US Judicial Corruption, Psychopsema, a Blogspot, Published Sunday, July 15, 2012 by

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(2) The content in this post–Interview/Video with Author of book, The Fixer and former Attorney Ted Moore–is expressly not intended for commercial or profitable gain by any individual without a copyright or the original owner of intellectual material.

(3)  The content in this post is solely made for entertainment purposes pursuant to U.S.C. 17, Section 107 (Fair Use).

(4)  Author of this Blog and post Asserts Federally Protected and (US)Constitutionally Secure Constitutional First Amendment FUNDAMENTAL right to freedom of expression (FEDERALLY PROTECTED SPEECH) ( Federal US Constitution and Incorporated Bill of Rights, as ratified and applied through ratification and application of the Fourteenth Amendment to the US Constitution and Incorporated Bill of Rights of which Every Objectively Reasonable Individual Knows, Now Knows, Understands, or Should Have Known for this REPUBLIC USA.


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