FROM THE SAME “STATE”and Minnesota Judiciary and CORRUPTION that Made Holly Collins and Kimberly Sperling and “Children” Seek and Were Granted Political Asylum in The Netherlands and Canada and HOPEFULLY “Protection” Against the Family Court Fraud  in Minnesota and US legal statutes so Enabled, and other Mothers Not Disclosed….

Watch Real Mommy Sandra (“Sam”) Grazzini-Rucki, advocate friends or acquaintances, Real American “Citizens,” Tim, John (?) and Listen to the Grazzini-Rucki  Kids (of five of them UNRESTORED, on knowledge and belief)  in Corrupt Dakota County, Minnesota and “John” Exercising Constitutional First Amendment Rights to Freedom of Speech and to Peaceably Assemble or to “Petition for Grievances” and, Pursuant to 5 U.S.C. Sections 552(a), et seq., Real Americans’ Federal Right to Invoke The Privacy Act of 1974 (which includes the right to be informed of the law or statute for which a purported officer of the law purports to ACT or Enforce.

Julian’s Real Mommy Thinks it ADMIRABLE AND NOBLE quality Demonstrated in this recording that man/(wo)man being responsible and free “citizens” SOVEREIGN and “ELECT” in this instance, and many others in this highly Active and Involved, Passionate area of Universal Concern real property being natural little male and female Corporeal offspring, in Minnesota, work together and do not discriminate or focus on petty gender issues where there should be none at BAR.

Issue Presented (to Private Contractor (?) Police Officer who Appears to Act Under the Color of Law):  Whether or Not Impeding the Flow of Traffic a “Petty Misdemeanor?”

Originally Posted at Carver County Corruption

Source: “Yawhowa 777” Published on on September 09, 2013, standard Youtube License Applies; Posted at Carver County Corruption,

See also, “Follow-Up” (Sandra’s Background Story) at

Now See What Happened to the Lawyer Who Defended Sandra Grazzini- Rucki  and Family all the way to the US Supreme Court on Petition for Certiorari, Michelle MacDonald at (Dirty DUI Sting while Michelle was in the Running for the Minnesota Supreme Court).

Fair Use and Legal Disclaimer (PROMINENTLY DISPLAYED):

(1)  This post is made in good faith and to deter crimes and unlawfullness…by…the “law” or alleged state actors though private contractors who will claim, among other things,  “immunity.”

(2)  The information or “content” in this post is expressly not intended for commercial, potentially harmful, or profitable use.

(3)  This post is made pursuant to 17 U.S.C, Section 107 (Federal Republic USA Fair Use statute) for general knowledge/academic research, and/or good faith entertainment purposes.

(4)  Julian’s Real Mommy DOES Invoke First Amendment fundamental constitutional right to freedom to Express as a natural born American sovereign “citizen”, at the least SPEECH, Federally protected, and Freedom to (freely) Associate and assemble on this forum in good faith and for lawful sovereign, elect purposes to which all objectively reasonable individuals Must Know and Understand.

(5)  If any individual wishes or desires for Author of this blog or post to Modify or Retract in whole or in part any of the shared information contained in this post, Julian’s Real Mommy Will Act reasonably and lawfully, and promptly.  Thank you for reading this post.


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