Join the FIGHT to stop JUDICiAL & ATTORNEY MISCONDUCT in Harris, Houston, Texas

This is my first post to my new blog in hopes of finding others who have been treated not only unfairly by Harris (Houston) County Family Court, but ILLEGALLY. My story is only one — a huge one (and hard to believe), but only ONE.If those persons forced into poverty by unfair handling of divorce assets, children forced to live with relatives or, worse, in foster care due to false claims — often made anonymously, and the ruin of families and lives by this corrupt government body do not join together, use everything possible, i.e. social media, word of mouth, protests, etc. to put a very bright light on this topic, the unlawful activity will continue.  You may not think it effects you. I didn’t think much about either, until my husband of 20 years decided to abandon myself and our two children.I have unlawfully been “ordered” not to put my ex-husband in an unattractive light so, I will not mention his name when I am speaking of some of the horrible things this court allowed him to do. I do, however, have no problem filling you in on all the other names in this case. You will just have to use your imagination when it comes to topics that do not name a specific person.
The Players:  Retired Judge Frank Rynd (now special counsel for the Catholic Church, Houston/Galveston Diocese); Judge Sheri Y. Dean; Judge David Farr; Judge [black]; Judge [14th court of appeals]; Judge [new associate judge]; Attorney Julia Lovorn; Attorney Craig Haskins; Attorney William Soffer; Attorney Edward Burwell; Attorney [fat one restraining order];


Every one of these judges and attorneys were involved in this cover up. Every single one. They all knew what was going on. You would think this was a cover up for the president of the United States. It wasn’t. It was a cover up for a regular middle-class couple from Cypress, Texas. Nobodies.

Please check back to follow this story. If you have been treated unfairly and illegally by this court, please contact me with your name and your story. I want to put it here. We must let this court know that we will not sit by silent. Even if your case is officially finished, you may have ramifications. The statute of limitations for a civil manner in Texas is four years. Let’s let them know we are watching them. Make your vote count. Write in your own name on any ballot. You don’t have to be an attorney to be a judge. to be continued . . .


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  1. You realize, of course, that Judge Pratt was the only judge that stood up to the corruption. When she told women of the Republican party what was going on, they asked how to get the other judges to rule the way Pratt rules. That is why Judge Dean, Judge Farr, Judge Millard and District Clerk Chris Daniel worked so hard to get rid of her. Have you noticed the junk put out by the high-dollar attorney (Greg Enos) that worked so hard to get rid of Judge Pratt? He put in his publication a comment about the one appellate case of Judge Pratt’s that was reversed. The attorneys tried to appeal her over 2 dozen times – every time she was sustained, except one. So Enos reported on that one. And the other family judges have all been overturned more than Pratt. Did he report on any of them? Of course not. He is a very dishonest and disingenuous reporter. Just like the Houston Chronicle reporter he bribed with a nomination of a Pulitzer prize to write bad things about Pratt; he bragged about it in his publication. Isn’t it amazing that as soon as she stopped writing the libelous things about Pratt, she stopped writing for the Houston Chronicle and ran to write for a newspaper in Austin. Hiding from getting sued, I’d say. Also about the questionable Greg Enos, he seems to be good at identity theft. He put up a profile of Judge Pratt on AVVO, acting like he was her, with his contact info. And then there’s the other judge that he wanted removed because he was about to have a case in his court, so “someone” talked the judge’s ex-girlfriend into “embellishing” her testimony to the grand jury (as she admits when interviewed in the Texas Lawyer”). Isn’t that witness tampering? Talking a witness into perjury? So many illegal/dishonest things done by this one attorney to get rid of the one judge that would not make deals with the lawyers to appease the legal community and hurt the children in her court. You should see the letters, and letters, and LETTERS of thanks from the kids in her court; there was never one like her before, and sadly, probably won’t ever be another one. You didn’t have to have an attorney to win the case in Pratt’s court. Think that made the money-hungry attorneys mad? She didn’t just sign any order given to her. So when the attorneys buddied up to make deals that made them money but were bad for kids… think that made the attorneys mad? Check out Judy Ritts and Peri Mashburn and how they joined forces as mediator/attorney or amicus/attorney to control the outcome of the case, or the retired Judge Doug Warne and Joan Jenkins (of Jenkins and Kamin), and how they buddied up to pressure her cases to use him as an arbitrator, and then have him make rulings contrary to the law but which made Jenkins rich. And how about that district attorney? First she said no deal with made with Pratt, then when challenged by her opponent, she said a deal was made. No proof. No written agreement/plea bargain Back when Johnny Holmes was District Attorney, he wouldn’t give a case to the grand jury during an election year because of this type of behavior; shame the current D.A. didn’t learn that lesson. And if the current D.A. did “insist” Pratt resign, as she ultimately claimed, after saying that what Pratt did was not illegal, isn’t that Official Oppression? Pratt wouldn’t play ball with the family law corruption of Harris County, so shots were fired on her house and her opponents gutted her dog, and let her know they knew where her family lived. While her replacement, Alicia Franklin, pretends to not have been part of that, not only did she lie when campaigning (claiming Pratt missed 6 trial dockets – evidence shows that’s simply not true), she just happened to ask Pratt about her ‘dog’ and ‘family’ the day after Pratt’s family was threatened and dog was killed. And all the emails sent out by Greg Enos to plot against Judge Pratt were sent to Alicia Franklin’s fiance Doug York. Coincidence? And if you look at the comments made by the Judicial Commission when deciding about Pratt’s case, it’s pretty clear that they were working with the Houston Chronicle and the D.A. – the U.S. Attorney General ought to investigate that whole commission and criminal division. I have provided you lots of information her about the illegal and immoral behavior going on in the Harris County family courts – can you get it into the Houston Chronicle? Does anyone really want to fix it? Maybe you should start by doing something about your entry on the left side of this publication that says “Pratt guilty of……” Not only was she no-billed, nothing was ever proven and she was never even charged with anything. Except trying to help litigants like you.


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