Addie Lynn and Sisters, P.O. Box 162, Fountain Green, UT 84632

I am not sure how I  found adorable little Addie’s story posted on a Utah online news web page, but I sure am glad–grateful–that I found it.  I saw this little angel’s bright eyes and smile ALIVE with the joy and wonder of the world still new in her eyes on the web site, and for some reason, I saw and Felt Hope.  I really mean  that something in me was awakened–a spirit of optimism only to this very special  and meaningful life  that the news reporters appear to have accepted some defeatist notion that child  down and out for the count  that Julian’s Real Mummy, Joni Faith Saloom, BLUE  Heart Spirit Raised, will Ante-Up in Favor the INDOMITABLE Spirit of man/(wo)man.

Something inside of me said “NO,” which challenge is always exciting and cause for a smile.  Six year-old Addie, who was diagnosed with brain atrophy by MRI and reportedly (according to nationwide news websites) stopped growing at three years-old (though I wouldn’t know it by looking at her picture) is too special, and she SHALL beat the ODDS.  Afterall, medicine is not an exact science, although doctor’s realism is natural as this is their job to make predictions.   Author of this blog offers words of caution in reminding REAL AMERICA that now that the Hippocratic Oath has been done away with in PRIVATIZED non-for profit hospitals, thus, not a far reach to muse one shall not expect new doctor’s to take the Hippocratic Oath, if at all, seriously as this audience knows all too well that the PRIVATIZED state and federal COURTS literally owned, on knowledge and belief,  by the (“American”) BAR Association (is that the same as the “CAPTA” BAR Association (?) and Executive Branch Department of Justice (“DOJ”)…just call these Associations what they are Actually– “Father’s for Equal Rights” and Angry Fathers and Second Wives or Stepparents Who Don’t Want to Pay State “Ordered” “Child Support” openly Confesses High Treason and Misprision and Fraud, Among Other Offenses Actionable and Repugnant to the US Constitution that their courts “ARE NOT” “Constitutional” (Article III courts, See Federal US Constitution and Incorporated Bill of Rights) thereby Willfully Ignoring their Constitutional Oaths and, for police officers, Statements of Office) I hope and pray and have faith that YOU WILL, TOO.  My father always used to remind me that one WILL “Witness what one confess” (The Holy Bible, Confucius’ Precepts, Ancient Wisdom,…Common Knowledge, but probably all of them,  and this is a fact not yet checked.  This little girl–Addie Pausett–made national news headlines…from Utah.  This is an indicator that this little Sweetheart has a Higher Purpose and THIS BATTLE IS NOT OVER  YET FOR MISS ADDIE PAUSETT AND HER MOTHER AND TWO SISTERS!  She has Work to do in this Life.  Re- Inspired.

Tragically, Addie’s father Passed unexpectedly this month.  He is survived by Addie, her mothers, and her two sisters in Utah.  This selfless, pure-hearted child, NATURALLY, only wants, of all things, Christmas Cards on what she has been told is her “last Christmas.”

Addie, I am rooting for you more than you know, and I believe you SHALL be here as long as your Creator who I believe is God–the Father the Son, and the Holy Spirit (but you are a free spirit and you may choose to believe what you want when you are old enough and you WILL BE, Addie, God-willing, and my WILLING and I am Confident all the Real Mommies and Daddies and their Children Who Want to Come Home Who Will Read This and Remember You Every Day in their Prayers to WILL that you WILL  be with us much longer even when your will may sometimes get tired)  wants you to be here with your mommy and your sisters or siblings.  Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays, little one.  You are very special and Bright… and  Famous.  That is so awesome!  I bet you get unexpected surprises this year from Santa Clause.   You too, are a GIFT and a TREASURE from God…to your mother and sisters, and to just about every state in the Republic US–that’ the name of the country we live in, in case nobody told you or you haven’t studied that in school yet. By the way, I am so sorry about your Daddy.  But I am so Glad that you are still in this world.  I hope that you see this post, Addie (but your mommy probably won’t read Adult parts to you, anyway). This Christmas, I, too, will be missing a family member, my only son, Julian, who will be eight years old this January.   Right now, I REALLY WISH that Julian could be here with me to make you  a card and decorate it with all kinds of sparkly colors and glitter.  I bet he would really have fun making Christmas cards.   I bet you could start your own business making Christmas Cards since I hear how much you like them.  You could write all kinds of cards if you wanted.  I bet people would buy them, too!  It’s never too early for ambition, tempered of course.

To EVERY individual who gets a chance to read this post, please, if it is the only card or gift you are able to or even want to  give this holiday season, though it is not the season that Addie asks anyone to celebrate, Mail a Christmas Card (or two or three–great activity and quality time if Reader is still blessed to still have their Property “Child(ren)–to Addie Lynn and Sisters ( and mother tami must also be enduring indescribable grief, loss, and stress losing her separated spouse, the girls’ father,  unexpectedly)at the following MAILING ADDRESS:

Addie Lynn and Sisters, P.O. Box 162, Fountain Green, UT 84632

XOXO to Addie Lynn, Sisters, and Mother, Heartfelt Condolences to You, and the Most Sincere Hope and Faith that this is the Last  Loss or Tragedy for Your Family for a Long While,  and…

Seasons Greetings to All Others!  Life is worth Celebrating afterall, it would seem,  even when one has  materially lost another, in Addie’s and her mother and sisters’ case, their father, and in so many of our cases, for no good cause, our real property “child(ren).”  Thank you for the lesson, Addie.  You are a Beautiful, Brilliant Star with A lot of Life Left in You!

Again, to the Family: You truly have my Heart and are in My Thoughts. Please keep Hope.  Miracles happen every single day, and we don’t even know for sure that this would be a miracle.  As much as I hesitate to express this, I am going to express it for the sake of Hope that I think may have Escaped You, Reasonably, in what Can only be described as indescribable grief and torment… and STRESS.  Perhaps when one life is sacrificed that no man knows why as we are not to “lean” upon our own “understandings, but another is Saved…unexpectedly.  Good luck to Real Mommy, Tami!  And if social services calls, please DO NOT ANSWER THE DOOR (AND THAT IS NOT LEGAL ADVICE) but an excited utterance.

Source:   STANDARD EXAMINER, How to help make Addie’s final wish come true this Christmas, Published on Friday , December 05, 2014 – 5:53 PM by Rebecca Orly Hernandez, Digital Journalist,

Note: There appears to be a “charitable” organization that has taken up Addie’s cause to which one may donate, but that organization also encourages direct communication with Tami (mother), Addie Lynn, and her Sisters at the Above-Cited Address.  Alternatively, one may find the organization’s information by performing a simple search through  “Google”  browser, search on Addie Pausett in Utah Christmas Cards for a multitude of news websites and online publications that printed stories on Addie.  Author of this blog expressly DOES NOT endorse any organization or “non-for-profit” association of which Author of this blog would not have had time diligently research.   Thank you for reading this post.



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