The Octagon Sociopath


Most Sociopaths are octagons in their conning/manipulative behaviour. They have 8 sides to their personality, and this is what makes up their Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde behaviour. This basically follows the traits of a Narcissistic Sociopath, Psychopath.


  • Charming Side~ we know how over the top with charm they can be.
  • Friendly Side~ especially when trying to have people side against you. Did he turn your friends against you? Family? Kids?Even though most Sociopaths do not have life long close friends, they have the ability to be extremely friendly when needing something from someone.
  • Intellectual Side~ they appear to know everything about everything {remember, you were never right}
  • Professional Side~ this so they can obtain whatever it is they are wanting. Be it a new job, a new home or whatever grandiose thing they feel entitled to.  The covetous Sociopath is convinced they have been denied things in…

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