Why the Execution Style Shooting of Reported CIA Agent Roland Carnaby by Pearland and Houston,TX Police Officers| Franklingate Tags

Why the Execution Style Shooting of Reported CIA Agent Roland Carnaby

by Pearland and Houston, TX Police Officers?

“Franklingate Terms”

Since the censors somewhere apparently did not want you to be exposed to the Roland Carnaby scandal, again, I am happy to re-post clues that may or may not lead to information regarding the new, …or perhaps old, “Franklingate” as I found tags to that effect at the bottom of one another post that was apprently taboo (but by whose standards, nobody knows since the cowards who unilaterally deny due process of law and sufficient and full and fair notice and due compensation for voluntary “consent” will not reveal themselves).

The reason it was posted was specifically because of the Franklingate tags and the hope that the hundreds of thousands of mothers forced to prematurely grieve the loss of their property–children–want and need answers that the government is unwilling to give as they take with impunity.  I herein exercise my sovereign, natural, unalienable, and common law rights  in addition to claiming the First Amendment right to freedom of speech, freedom of association, freedom of expression, freedom to freely and peaceably assemble in this forum forced upon us as we are tracked like little rats, and insist upon due and fair notice if anyone objects to the truth of any content in this post and would like a retraction or modification.

We also desire to know if, how, and which judge(s) are or are not tied to knowledge that this now deceased man, Roland Carnaby, may have had regarding the Family and Juvenile Probation or Detention Court Redneck Mafia in and around the Houston, Texas metropolitan area, including Pearland, Texas and Brazoria County.  Allegations, no.  Questions, yes.  Answers and names of police officers, sheriff(s), judges, attorneys, human traffickers and social workers in the “protection” business,  “therapists,” associate judges, magistrates, constables, forensic investigators, executives of relevant corporations, joint public-private “non-for-profit” venture capitalists interested in the outcomes of the cases they are working, and the sick degenerate kidnappers with badges and title of public office (though private contractor) pedophiles and criminals supplying them with our children to experiment on or to “study”…without voluntary consent or due compensation might I add, and all the while claiming five kinds of “immunity” not available by Federal, constitutional, thus state law.


http://www.newsfollowup.com/cia_carnaby_3.htm (See the “Franklingate” terms at the bottom of this page)


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