The California Family Courts Sexual Abuse Industry


The California Family Courts Sexual Abuse Industry


This is going on in most family courts,  so parents should be aware EVERYWHERE!  IN fact, in the US Eastern District of Texas, government cuts to the chase and even calls what are traditionally referred to, though only since the “no fault” divorce scheme worked up in the 1970’s to sustain the Bar profession, as family “civil” courts, “CPS cluster courts” (CPS stands for child “protective” services, a division of the Department of Family and “Protective” Services for the “state of Texas” which is located in the capitol, Austin in Travis County).   It is also not above profiteering social workers, judges, attorneys, and court-appointed (though not of record and sometimes even unknown)”therapists” and guardian ad litems to “coach” children that they have been sexually abused to switch custody to reap federal state and local block grant funding and to pad judicial slush funds.


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