Parental Alienation: Insight & Tips from Judge Michele Lowrance

Family Court Injustice

Summary: In her article “Parental Alienation – A Corrosive Legacy”, Judge Lowrance shares her insight on what parental alienation is, the damage it causes and what can be done to legally protect yourself (and your children).

“Parental Alienation – A Corrosive Legacy” includes tips for Judges on to recognize parental alienation. Judge Lowrance offers tips for parents on what you can do about parental alienation in the courts, and how to cope with the difficult emotions and reactions caused by parental alienation.


..Some Additional Thoughts….

What Is Parental Alienation

Parental Alienation is a form of severe emotional and psychological abuse inflicted on children, it often contributes to physical abuse–even murder. 

According to Judge Lowrance, when one parent declares war against another, the damage and trauma inflicted not only affect the child involved but can contaminate a family for generations. This is especially devastating when one parent resorts to alienation in that war, using a…

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