Who Says No One Teaches their Children Right from Wrong These Days?

“Out of the mouth of a babe….


Source: Do Good Works, Uploaded to Youtube.com by Tepfirah Rushdan on February 11, 2012

I saw this short video of a little girl that really made me smile while studying, and as it went along with the theme of my constitutional and case law research, I felt compelled to post…and because it was super cute.  This young lady could probably teach the woman who replaced Eric Holder’s place with her simple, yet pure-hearted platform…because it is  pure-hearted and uncorrupted.  It also reminded me realize that when my five year-old son was abducted under the color of law on May 08, 2012 by rogue social worker and police officer defendants for, among other things that can draw no connection to the honest or pure-of-heart,  a certain gender and class biased  male-entitled agenda–“Responsible Fatherhood” grants to the states hardly cloaked under the d/b/a on the website of the Texas Attorney General as “Third Party Faith-Based” and “Community” Organizations  and “PRWOA”– greatly abused in the hands of the wrong criminal element in law enforcement, social work, the family and juvenile courts, probate courts, BAR associates and attorners, and honest services court contracted “therapeutic jurisprudence,” and “social-economic” policy and official custom for the “state of Texas” that earns a lot of commission and quota for a lot of different agencies by placing healthy, happy, fit, intelligent and well-cared for children with fathers with criminal records who are recently married and who appear able to be fix able, or, “rehabilitated” on paper and who are in turn incentivized with the promise of no more child support that the state, not the mother imposes while effectively stripping all parental, civil, and constitutional rights in a merciless and violent, masochistic manner of the mother, and, reciprocally, the little male or female property, who raised that child of her corporeal, living body imbued with the spirit–real property subject to natural and divine, common law.

This little sweetheart summed it up when she said, “People need to be nice to each other.”  “That’s not nice” is a simplistic, yet profound summary of the facts daily destroying our world and sovereign Republic US.  Sadly, however, all Americans of every color are currently targets of tyranny and a pernicious extreme Nazi Eugenicist and Social Darwinism-inspired problem in national and state and local policy initiatives written to appear, on their face, to embody the ideals of this innocent child whose mommy needs to keep her away from social workers, state hospitals, doctor’s offices, daycares, child protective services, police–just about anyone and everyone with a state license, which is incredibly sad.  She is cute and adoptable.  It would appear that nobody is safe anymore, especially in “SAFE” supervised “access” and “visitation” jails where parents–property owners–if they are so privileged, that is, must pay a curious cash only fee, among other things.  Kudos to this Real Mommy for educating her daughter.  It is too bad that opportunity has been mercilessly ripped away from the rest of us who must see reminders of our children in sweet little faces and voices all around us every day all because somewhere along the way we failed to earn the contempt of a social worker or ego-maniac heavily incentivized and tipped off [cash only] by interested parties for personal gain, profit, greed, policy, bribes or “donations,” and, well, this audience probably understands the rest of the story.

Source: Do More Good Deeds, http://domoregooddeeds.wordpress.com/2012/10/29/the-belligerent-claimant/


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