Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas to the Collateral Damage

Court of Appeal, Superior Court and Supreme Court News

concentrationchildrenHappy birthday and Merry Christmas to children of case XXXXXXXXXXXX. The court has allocated you as collateral damage for its actions therefore you are deemed as property of the State of California and the Riverside Superior Court to be disposed, dehumanized and tortured at will.

Parents of children in case xxxxxxx have no rights to their children, don’t have the right to celebrate birthdays, take care of them, enjoy the traditions that mark Christmas, Easter and any other special occasion. An entire side of your extended family is exterminated as you are property of the Riverside Superior Court.

You are, after all, a mere number in the system, to be used as tools against a parent accordingly. You are collateral damage viewed as IT entities to be judicially raped and battered with your parents.

Childhood in that scenario does not count; memories are filled with the abusive and vindictive actions…

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