Judge Lisa Millard, 310th Judicial District Court of Harris County in Houston, Texas–proud of 20 years of maternal deprivation, male entitlement, discriminating against those who can’t afford justice, or, the “poor,” the tanned, the female, the “disabled” being less than eighteen years of age, against those who are not yet present or served in court, and the intelligent who won’t play her incestuous game involving, among other things,….disturbing in nature….psychopsema–a social and economic crime To Judge Lisa Millard: Thank you for your contributions to a more insane, criminally unjust and unequal, less literate, less free, more abusive, narcissistic personality disorder and sociopath engendering…ripe for experimental research, bribes, corruption, votes, extortion, treason against the American public with whom you were tragically “trusted” and “vested” (see Harris County Juvenile Detention Kids-for-Cash scam or staked “state” scheme)! The Big Guy Downstairs is surely watching and proud of you, daughter of another judge, and so too will the other side be watching your actions against children and mothers …like a…”HAWK” (and we don’t mean “NAMBLA” man-boy love “hawks,” either, though we know how popular this issue would make your “party” and further your agenda) Photo: Courtesy of Google Images


20 Years of Kids-for-Cash Scams Alleged in Judge Lisa Millard’s Infamous 310th Court in Harris County in Houston, Texas (Allegedly Protecting Wealth Pedophiles through “Texas Super lawyers, ” Bribes/Judicial Campaign Donations, Court-Appointments, Judicial Slush Funds and Continuing Learning Education Legal Seminars for them)

This judge –Lisa A. Millard (recently re-elected for six years)–never met a rich and abusively controlling, manipulative, criminal absentee “Responsible” father who abandoned his child and the mother for years on end until he got remarried and wanted rid of child support…. who she didn’t like, or whose attorney she wasn’t in business with, on knowledge, belief, and firsthand, actual, legal knowledge in more than one identical case.


Real Mommy Nikki Marie Jones and Brittany Ann Corcoran’s Nightmare and deliberate and knowingly and reasonably foreseeable being government commissioned RE-VICTIMIZATION for profit  that is Unfortunately all too Familiar with this Audience….

Pursuant to Judge Lisa Millard’s 1996 “orders” converted to Gilbert or Jim Corcoran for “sole managing ‘conservatorship'” of then 6-year old Brittany Corcoran who he had not seen or spoke to, as reported, in 3 1/2 years, and for whom a paternity suit had finally been brought and finalized in Millard’s incestuous 310th Court in Harris County in Houston, Texas, against public decency, trust, and peace “possessory ‘conservator'” to Brittany’s previous sole caretaker and nurturer, her natural property-holder/”mother” from whom she was “berthed,” or birthed of her corporeal body and vessel aboard her waters granting more if not all “right, privileges, “immunities of a property-holder Nikki Marie Jones, having allowed the same the same egregious crime(s) against humanity and High treason against Julian’s Real Mummy, Joni Faith Saloom,and my only property (over social worker and individual police officer individual defendants (which should include private “play therapist” Kimberly A. Abernethy  in Houston (who is licensed by DFPS) who didn’t even bother to show-up to the court theater to which Saloom was afterwards, not before said individual property being a natural male age 5 1/2 (pre-kindergarten) was abducted or wrongfully, unreasonably, and unconstitutionally “removed” from Joni, reciprocally, his property, on May 08, 2012 in Pearland, Texas (Brazoria County) with the foreknowledge that Joni would be instantly and permanently deprived of any and all meaningful contact with her property being a little natural male, her life, her very heartbeat, coerced and compelled against her will by father and, in a separate suit by the “state of Texas”–DFPS–in May 2012, both natural woman and her little natural male “child,” who was at the time 5 1/2 years old pursuant to actual or, in the alternative, intentionally and knowingly contrived allegations of said child for sexual abuse against his father–“Daddy”– and “The Visitor”--“a ‘homeless’ teenager with black, spiky hair,” as alleged to multiple professionals and family members in May 2012), Matthew James Worrell (a.k.a. Matt Worrell) and family…who, like stubborn infantile children who must always have their own narcissistic personality disordered, sociopath engendering ways by any Machiavellian means  after five  and half years of harassing Joni and Julian through malicious and even threatened and expressed cps and police visits and complaints, got what they thought they wanted, at his incalculable expense damages tolling for life and progressive in nature, scope, death, and expense against society, constructively, actual HARM and INJURY that was reasonably foreseeable as intended and pre-planned and incrementally and systematically carried out as evidence reveals that no bribed judge will ever let the guardian ad litem and opposing counsel paid by Health and Human Services Commission, on knowledge and belief, or related inter-agency grantor admit on the record…and there is, contrary to your obstruction of justice, more than one record. (Click or cut and paste into browser) regarding the case of  Nikki Marie Jones ex rel Jones, Appellant and the infamous former Harris County D.A. John B. Holmes for the Harris County Sheriff’s Office as Appellee, Nos. 01-99-01159-CR, 01-99-01162-CR, Justices O’Connor, Hedges, and Price, published December 21, 2000; See also Nikki’s habeas corpus case, no. 816902, in Harris County, 351st Criminal District, regarding the charge against her for alleged “interference with child custody” for protecting her daughter from the child or property’s real reports of sexual abuse against her father, Gilbert or Jim Corcoran, who had of course been recently married, of Belliare, Texas (who is or was a medical technician) (The alleged abuser’s harassing and vexatious lawsuit against KHOU Channel 11 News in an effort to obstruct justice and erode Public Trust and journalistic integrity)

2002–       Nikki Jones, Brittany Corcoran’s fit and protective, highly persecuted and targeted REAL Mommy filed a bill of review in the First District Court of Appeals in Houston, Texas (Harris County) and listed at least six appellate points (although the writing Justice appears to have avoided altogether how many and what the other appellate points actually represented).  Jones was forced to bring this suit  sui juris, or,  in “pro se.”    The only appellate point the Houston appellate court discusses is Jones’ contention that Judge Lisa Millard was acting as counsel when she procured her counsel.  It is interesting to note that there is no counsel listed upon appeal…that’s because there is no right to a court-appointed attorney based on indigence in appellate court.  Jones appears to assert that she has a right of appeal because Judge Lisa Millard should have disqualified herself, or, self-recused.  But see Judge Lisa Millard’s earlier “CLE” seminar that she gave bout “one judge, one life,” and how to go out of one’s way to refuse to recuse oneself from a case and on collaborative or “unified” family law that disregards all constitutional and Federal law on the books and instead looks to employing the expensive, yet, economically stimulating “special knowledge” (and Ford Foundation funded or ICLE Agenda-21 reminiscent boiler-plate manuals written by and for the profit of social working psychopaths for a less populous, thus, more sexually deviant and experimentally preferred insane and criminally profitable to the states world) of a plethora of court-appointed sinecures–old biddies who can’t work anymore, basically, and pay at least $1,000 a quarter, some more, in judicial campaign or slush fund fees to each judge who puts them on cases to betray and deny liberty and obstruct truth and justice and proper investigation or zealous individual advocacy from all (See also Judge Lisa Millard and Attorney John Nichols (CFG), Sr.’s CLE seminar on “Keeping it In and Keeping it Out”…of the record) (More is described in another post on this blog about CLE’s, or, continuing learning education credits con by Marvin Bryer of California who spent $100,000 trying to save his grandchild for his daughter, much to his avail).

In this case, Houston Attorney Lynn E. Kurigner of Kamin & Jenkins for alleged pedophile father

Additionally, what does one do when the required transcript for appeal is “confidential”and Millard’s court recorder (notice no longer “reporter”) repeatedly tells you that the judge won’t even let him talk to you, and that “those costs money,” but refuses to provide even a quote or the process to obtain a quote?  Holy corruption!  I can personally attest to having an almost identical case to Nikki and Brittany’s with the same corrupt outcome in Judge Lisa Millard’s court.  How come so many of us have exactly the same story and it is always the same flat $20,000 bribe or “donation” as payment (in many of our cases actually witnessed, as in, eyewitness–good luck getting that evidence admitted, ha-ha!  “Keeping it Out” of the record indeed, Judge Millard (see her CLE seminar moderated by family attorney John Nichols, Sr.)!  At this, you are an expert with “special knowledge“–No wonder you and your minions really need everyone to be crazy, or at least, perceived as such) Nikki Jones was one thousand percent right about Judge Lisa Millard.  Justices Hedges and Keyes always affirm Judge Millard’s (especially all her appealed termination of mother’s parental rights cases for insufficient evidence in support of properly empaneled family court juries), and every other corrupt Houston (Harris County) family court judge’s crooked and highly predictable boiler-plate cover-up scams well-played.

The above article by Brian Wallstin of the The Houston Press certainly reveals that Wallstin earned his Press Club Journalism Award as sponsored (now that it is no longer a Free Press, much to the detriment and disinformation of Houstonians.  Interestingly, I recognized Wallstin’s name from a write-up he published about the infamous Houston hand doctor Michael Brown in which Wallstin was careful to give credence to Attorney John Nichols, Sr.  I actually recall writing Wallstin a brief e-mail attesting to the lack of credibility by the notorious board certified family law specialized “Texas Superlawyer” John Nichols, Sr., who every attorney with whom I have ever spoken gasps in horror and shock and runs the other way when they hear his name.  We hear he plays real dirty like Houston Attorney Julia Lovorn….in court and out-of-court at paternal grandmother and father who abandoned mother entire pregnancy and at birth’s house they share and scheme together in a dysfunctional, disturbing way).

On the other side of the adversarial “aisle” was Lynn S. Kuriger for defendant through Kamin Associates.

Read real testimony of Real Mommy from whom, fifteen years ago– Judge Lisa Millard reportedly(legally or under the color of law through abuse of public office or title, but unlawfully) kidnapped only property–“child”— a then seven 7) year-old little girl–to give her to a man she had never known before, “presumably,” a father–a nightclub-owning alcoholic, as reported by mother’s own hand below:

Lisa Millard.Comment on bribe.petition to remove.06.24.14 001


“Texas Super lawyer” who also represented my baby boy’s father in 2007 in highly contentious paternity suit, John Nichols, Sr. like Millard’s Associate Judge, Conrad Moren, was appointed by Texas Governor Rick Perry in the role of “Adjutant General” of Texas, or, Commander-in-Chief of Texas Forces in Times of Martial Law and “Domestic” Emergencies, and they have both been specifically chosen to rule against, or have otherwise volunteered to rule against major sexual choice rights in Texas (i.e. Houston Mayor Annise Parker and Nichol’s certified question to Texas Attorney General Gregg Abbott asking to delay deciding the Defense of Marriage decision (“DOMA”); See also former Forced-to-Resign Harris County, Texas D.A. Chuck Rosenthal arguing the strategically engineered Lawrence v. Texas sex scandal (which is peculiarly relevant to a defendant Sergeant William Lilly in the case of my only child who I raised alone until May 08, 2012 and have been deprived of ever since) and then case before the US Supreme Court.

…(“All the World is but a Stage…and Men, and Millard, are but Actors….)

20 YEARS IN BUSINESS OF REPORTED/ALLEGED PEDOPHILE PROTECTION, KIDS -FOR- CASH RICO COURT CONS, ADOPTION SCAMS,  AND STILL SERVING (and protecting their own private wealth and trust funds for their spoiled “affluenza” afflicted troubled and entitled children who are nothing like the sweet, appreciative, “mentally healthy” children they “kidjacked” (see from you for no reason other than a bribe or other egregious crime against humanity and the PUBLIC TRUST to which they are a FIDUCIARY and have obligation to disclose and self-recuse any and all conflicts of interests with regard to yours and your child’s case, if you are still fortunate enough to have one, and where they are required by all laws of ethics, morality, and common sense for at least the appearance  of justice, fairness, and equality to uphold the integrity of the Judicial Branch of government and help to ensure compliance with believing in and ultimately following the laws and teaching their children not to fear and loathe authority based on real, actual oppression and deprivation of fundamental, constitutionally protected, federally secure and common law, natural and civil rights which are also the guaranteed rights to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” (quoting The Declaration of Independence)….unalienable, timeless.

…themselves and their own families as they permanently, mercilessly, hypocritically, and self-righteously destroy the lives of others.

Reaching Out to All other “Victims,” rather, Survivors and Individuals STANDING of the 310th Judicial District Court of Harris County, Texas in and around Houston, (“Hon.”) Judge Lisa A. Millard and Associate Judge Conrad Moren Presiding (310th, Harris County in Houston, Texas), (Children, Mothers, Sons, Fathers, Grandparents, adoptive parents, foster children, foster parents, those who have had rights terminated or lost “custody” or “conservatorship” of their child with absolutely no showing or allegation of parental unfitness where the alleged abuser or custody-switching beneficiary had a very high-priced attorney, including but not limited to any of the following individuals potentially involved in yours and/or your precious property or “child’s” deprivations perpetrated under the color of law for authority in abuse of their badge, office, or constitutional oath or statement of office John Nichols, Sr. and/or “Bo” Nichols (reportedly $650/hr.), Jr., Julia Lovorn, or even Houston Attorney Lawrence/”Larry” Rothenberg(reportedly $450/hr.) or Bruce Allen Buskirk, where the court-appointed attorney and/or Guardian ad-litem and/or amicus for child was Stephen Newhouse now 313th Juvenile Court Judge in Harris County, Texas, Donna Everson, or Ronnie Harrison, where William Sumpter Frazier was the prosecuting attorney or played a role in the court case,  Houston Attorney Jeannie Caldwell, Rebekah Birdwell, Cheryl Harvick, CPS Program Supervisor for Brazoria County, Karen Coblentz, Children’s Assessment Center or Children’s Crisis Care Center (C.C.C.C. and “C.A.C.”), Brazoria County Children’s Alliance, Sergeant William Lilly, formerly of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, Officer Paul Elton (Pearland Police Department),  Dedra Latasha Hardaway (Brazoria County CPS social worker), Lesly Damian-Murray(Brazoria County CPS social worker), Karen Coblentz  (CPS Program Director in Angleton, Texas, Brazoria County),  Robin Gray or Robin Nelson(Harris County, CPS social worker at the “C.A.C.”), Debra Hatley (CPS Program Supervisor at the Children’s Assessment Center (“C.A.C.”) in Houston, Harris County), Sergeant J. Walton, (Harris County Constable, Ron Hickman’s Precinct 4), Tonya Clay (C.A.C., CPS Manager or Director/social worker) Judge  Veronica Torres (Harris County Title IV-D child support magistrate “judge” in Harris County), Yvette Jircik, Harris County Child Support Division of Texas Attorney General’s Office, Michael Balash, Sherry Minke with “SAFE,” Carol Sepulveda, CAPTA “therapist”–therapeutic deceiver– with The ARK in Humble, Texas, Cecilia Johnson (home assessment evaluator for kinship care, Region 6 CPS contractor, Humble, TX), Nisela Zamorano, Brazoria County CPS, Deidre Ford (C.A.C. Program Director),  Sandra Rosinski-Russell, Child Advocates, Inc. (Houston, Texas HQ), Regina Carrillo (Pearland or in and around Houston area), Dr. Jo Ann Baer (Pearland or in and around Houston area),  Detective Ron Worley, Judge Margaret Stewart Harris (Criminal Court # 5 in Houston, Harris County, TX), Tonya Rolland (former “assault” attorney and former corrupt D.A. Chuck Rosenthal‘s “employee” in Harris County (Rolland’s best buddy is Judge Margaret Stewart Harris, and apparently an unidentified false witness who appears to look like Kelly Siegler on the tape of the false imprisonment/ Brandon Gardiner (Harris County Police Officer), Houston Attorney Ricardo/”Rick” Ramos (Ramos & Fritzsch Law Offices), former 308th judge and judicial campaign manager for Judge Jim York,  Charley Prine, Kimberly/Kim A. Abernethy (play therapist in North Houston, licensed by CPS as a “play therapist,” private practice),  Norma Willcockson, Heidi Mandle, Carol Stith or Karel Stith, Guardian ad-litem and attorney ad-litem(married to family court Judge in the same county, Bonnie Hellums), Meca Walker, Alicia Franklin,  Peter Basralian, Constable Precinct 7 in Harris County (HCSO), Texas in HoustonKristi Belluomini, Ekira Jones (forensic investigator at C.A.C. or elsewhere in Harris or Brazoria County), Priscilla Hufstetler (any kin to Judge Hufstetler in the same County of Brazoria?) with the Pearland Police Department, Harris County Mental Health Deputies, Craig Feazel, Harris County, anyone involved in a “dirty” DWI/DUI sting  and/or entrapped “assault” scam that was conveniently engineered during your child custody proceedings and/or divorce in Harris County, Texas where you were most likely held without bail with no “priors,” other “victims” of clerks tampering with judicial and government documents, any judge who has kicked you out of your own alleged “hearing” or bench trial to conduct more ex parte testimony with the opposing team (“Responsible Father” and the new “Step Mommy”), docket for Harris County, and/or where potentially inculpatory and exculpatory and/or all evidence has been withheld from you and your child in your defense, including by CPS, any and all police officers, captains, law enforcement officer or official who has refused to allow you to either receive or make a legitimate, non-frivolous, non-harassing police report, especially in an emergency situation with your child, the names of any and all first reporters who you believe, in bad faith and/or retaliation, malice, and/or bribe or donation from another parent seeking custody or termination of his child support obligation reported you, the names of any and all judges who denied you and your child any and all findings of fact or conclusions of law where you timely moved for them were not granted, any Harris County (or other) judge lost control on you in court and screamed her/his court was not a “constitutional court,” any bailiff in any family, juvenile, or probate court who has threatened to arrest you  with arrest (or judge for that matter for trying to present your own case as you were forced to do, unrepresented) and repeatedly “removed” you from the court for no apparent reason other than you wouldn’t answer the judge’s question the way she wanted you to and “sanctioned” your failure at subornation of perjury by labeling you as “difficult,” “defensive,” “hard-to-manage,” or anything like that to include constantly telling you to quit “interrupting” or “testifying” even though you were just trying to answer her or his question(s) truthfully, any judge who denied you access to your child’s school and issued at least one, if not more protective orders or unreasonable and irrelevant permanent injunctions against you without notice, proof, or a hearing (based solely on a materially false affidavit), any judge and/or court and/or attorney who failed to give you notice or blatantly (too) late notice of any hearing or trial, the names of any judges who manufactured “probable cause” to subject you to a paternity or substance test to include a hair follicle test, the name of any judge, associate judge/magistrate, and/or GAL/court-appointed attorney for you and/or child prevented from having any evidence admitted, any judge who demanded you to turn over your children’s birth certificate, social security card, and/or passport for no good cause or explanation, the names of judges who let the CPS special prosecutor, “supervised” “visitation” programs and the names of individuals involved who have harmed or allowed any kind of abuse and/or maternal alienation to continue against your child(ren) and told you they couldn’t help you until you took your case to court where they would charge you a substantial fee for their testimony and those horrid orange “observation” notes auntil you CPS, and especially the guardian ad litem/attorney ad litem for the child run the entire court, the names of any judges who ordered “sole managing conservatorship” to a recently married father or adoptive or new or foster parent who had a history of severe alcohol and/or actual or record of substance abuse and/or who alleged “parental alienation” as a reason to switch custody, the names of any expert witnesses who played the same “game”–” The Fix is In, any judge, the names of any magistrates, associate judges, and judges who allowed your child’s other parent being abusive, at the least, legally, to repeatedly file false affidavits, ex-parte, unnoticed hearings about which you were never informed and repeatedly filed for emergency hearings (ex-parte) to switch custody in bad faith, the names of any judges or magistrates/associate judges who told you that you had better sell some “jewelry, house,” or anything else of value to hire a lawyer because they couldn’t help you without one (you being respondent or defendant in a case where you were indigent and  guardian ad-litem, court-appointed attorney, or otherwise who denied your child his or her right to speak to the judge even though you or an attorney moved for such interview, any magistrate/judge/court referee who switched custody on you without your knowledge, consent, notice, or a hearing, any judge or associate judge who signed “orders” for opposing counsel and then told you it was “your turn” to testify, names of all judges, lawyers, amicus, appointed GAL/AAL’s, especially Donna Everson (one of Judge Millard’s top three, if not first highest ranking judicial campaign contributor, consistently over the past five years according to reports obtained from the Public Integrity Unit in Austin’s judicial campaign fund reports),  and even your own attorney, perhaps, who have seriously questionable conflicts-of-interest and/or a “stake” in the outcome of your child’s or family member’s case through memberships or investments in juvenile and/or prison facilities and/or diversion programs in and around Harris County, Texas, magistrates, and/or elected judges  who refused to appoint an attorney for you in a termination of parental rights case before the “Show Cause”/”Full Adversary” hearing, improperly seated/empaneled family law/termination of parental rights jury venire members who are paid to sit together frequently, names of judges who barred any and all of your proffered evidence(but testified for the other side and allowed all their evidence), including through his or her ad-litem’s carefully controlled or suborned objections (or text messages–See former Judge Elizabeth Coker story in Polk County, Texas, post on this blog for your convenience under the Corrupt Judges section),but then asked her minions to follow you out of court after the hearing or unnoticed improper “trial” (which she promised would be a jury based on your timely and written motion from the beginning of the inception of the case) to get one of the cps reports you offered that she refused to be admitted to throw in the file to appear as if maybe a real trial was had, which it weren’t, not by any reasonable BAR members tandards even (and that is BAD), names of any judges who testified as a witness where there were none, names of any and all court personnel, court recorders or reporters, judges, associate judges, (Hispanic) Receptionist on evening shift at Pearland Police Department who most likely will not reveal her name to you no matter how nicely you acted, Felecia Powell Williams (court and CPS appointed “therapist”), Charlotte Yoakum (Harris County CPS), CASA, Attorney (formerly “Hon.”) John J. Specia, Jr., Connie Nelki, Marinelle Timmons, CEO of “SAFE” Victim’s Assistance Centre, Inc./Un-SAFE (free stalking for sociopath, NPD, legally abusive and maniacal fathers recently married and out of jail) in Houston, Texas/Harris County, Barbara Jordan, Adrian Kendricks, Amanda Strickland (Brazoria County CPS attorney),  Veronica Juarez with “SAFE” (…and Senator Whitmire’s office, formerly),  Tamisha Laster with “SAFE,” Matt Schippers with “SAFE,” Diane Coello, with “SAFE” and with CPS, Stella Cox with Vince Ryan’s Office, any collaborators in Chris Daniel’s crew of ALL clerks and sundry court personnel--Harris County Clerk’s Office, Judge K. Randall/ “Randy” Hufstetler of the 300th Judicial District Court of Brazoria County, Texas in Angleton, Brazoria County D.A. (Ms.) Jeri Yenne, Sheriff Charles Wagner, Captain J.C. Doyle, Pearland Police Chief, City Manager of Pearland, (now former) Bill Eisen or otherwise, Pearland City Council members, Judge Ed Emmett, Harris County Children’s Commissioner’s Court, Harris County Sheriff’s Office Special Crimes Against Children and Sex Crimes Unit, Ruben Diaz, Detective Alvarado, Pearland Police Department,  Judge Sheri Dean, Judge Judy Warne, Judge Bonnie Hellums, Judge Denise Pratt, formerly of the 311th Court in Harris County, Texas (Houston), Judge Jim York (246th Court), Harris County, Texas in Houston, Officer Brown, Pearland Police Department) of elected Judge Lisa A. Millard (since 1994) and appointed Judge/Magistrate Conrad Moren (a lawyer and fellow BAR member, sitting with Attorney “Bo” Nichols, Jr. on the Leadership Board of the Burta Rhodes Rayburn (American) Inn of (Family) Court,  appointed by Texas Governor Rick Perry and granted Executive Powers under Coast Guard “authority”), and all 310th Clerks and Sundry Court Employees.

COME FORWARD TODAY AND Contact Author of this Blog Before Another Child and Parent are Totally and Permanently Lost to One Another without any crime or abuse or neglect having even been alleged!, “Julian’s Real Mummy” (Click on the “Gravatar”/Profile on this Blog for contact information)–There are many more children–much more natural property, rather–and families suffering the tyranny and evil oppression of this horrid Harpy from HE _ _ (double hockey stick)!

MOMS AND CHILD…SURVIVORS, COME FORWARD NOW!  This cannot be allowed to happen any more, and especially not in Texas where similarly deprived parents and children who have some of the worst and the most stories in numbers than any other state except maybe California without fear of exposure for legitimate and real crimes as alleged or reported by an individual(s) who has been and/or whose children have been actually harmed and seriously deprived and who possess some kind of firsthand, good faith, actual legal knowledge (hopefully hard evidence) and concrete facts as a deterrent  Lives are being ruined daily in her court, and she has grown very wealthy, even for a judge, by selling our children, many of us our only children–small children and alleged “victims” of paternal pedophiles (on knowledge, belief, circumstantial and other evidence, and by firsthand, legal, actual lawful knowledge as opposed to perjurious multiple party hearsay).  This black- hearted, soulless woman or human-less hybrid hails herself and is sanctimoniously promoted and put on a pedestal as being the child’s advocate judge.  She has continuously run unopposed, yet racks up $100k in her last judicial campaign fund (See exact figures and reports in Texas Tribune and/or original source from the Public Integrity Unit in Austin, Texas).

Share your Real nightmare (and your natural property or “child’s”) on, a site to rate your judge, although she will probably have the comment “removed” as was your child allowed to be so through her silent approbation or incitement…ex parte, your liberty, your rights, fundamental freedoms, and anything else this greed-mongering HARPY can get away with scavenging through the pernicious cloak of “judicial ‘immunity‘”…and the privilege that comes with the wealth from selling the property–children–not born of her own diseased and vile body void of a soul, or, in the alternative, black.

See also Judicial Canons III, IV (recusal or disqualification grounds–28 U.S.C. Section 455 and 28 U.S.C. Section 144).


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