Guest Blog: The Future of English Literature and the Humanities

Interesting Literature

In this guest post, acclaimed author Warren Adler offers an impassioned defence of the study of English Literature and the Humanities and how majoring in English has made him who he is.

I am a proud, grateful, and militant holder of a degree in English Literature. It has enhanced and enriched my life in ways that have given me insight into the human condition. It has introduced me to the great communicators and storytellers of ages past, offering wisdom, knowledge, joy, insight, clarity, and the essential power and civilizing influence of words.

I have spent a long and fruitful life surrounded by some of the great minds and amazing imaginations ever recorded, and I continue to populate my mental compendium and physical library with many more. I cannot conceive of a life without the close friendship of great storytellers like Joyce, Trollope, Thackeray, Dostoevsky, Turgenev, Austin, and the literary gods…

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