The Adoption R.I.C.O. Court Con

Posted: 02 Oct 2014 03:53 PM PDT
Source: Jim Black of social media site Angel Eyes over Texas, the highly credible and well-respected Department of Family and Protective Services of state of Texas, child protective services(“CPS”) former survivor along with his family, respected and honest business owner in Texas, and humbly proud grandfather, law-abiding activist who still shows respect and civility toward the same government that egregiously deprived he and his family, although Black later got his children or grandchildren–property–back.

There once was a time when adoptions were a good thing. Such a great thing that the month of November is “National Adoption Month.” All across the US there will be organizations and agencies that celebrate children finding a forever home. Unfortunately there will be thousands of parents filling great sorrow because adoptions has become a profitable business.

Some years back, the federal government started offering adoption incentives to attract more adoptive parents. These incentives for each state are based on an ever increase in adoptions. As a result more children had to be brought into the system. In doing so more children had to be brought in and more parental rights terminated. This presented a situation for more court appointed attorneys to collect more fees. Now many businesses make money off of these children. A practice that needs to be stopped.

So we are asking that people help us turn it into National (Expose) Adoption month. We are asking people to start posting pictures of their children to whom rights were terminated on the social media. If not pictures, post your stories. We must build awareness across this nation that adoption is not what it used to be. That now it borders on legalized human trafficking. Please expose (at the bare min) the County and State where your rights were terminated. Any addition information is up to you. All we ask is that you include the hash-tag #natexposeadoption in your post or tweet allowing all the posts to be drawn together.

For those accessible to social networking, or, in the alternative, to those individuals who have the good fortune to not be stalked, legally and otherwise, though unlawfully, and for those not still subjected to legal, unlawful abuse where security and privacy with regard to social networking is not a material issue in their case(s) and/or lives and/or those of their property or “children” and families, effectiveness for Mr. Jim Black and Angel Eyes Over Texas reform/activist efforts (in good taste and in good faith) require certain “hash-tags” to be used.  Please see above and also other posts when you hopefully check out Angel Eyes Over Texas!  Many thanks to Mr. Jim Black.  Your diplomacy and temperament are admirable.  This author sure hopes your civility is reciprocated by those charged with maintaining civil, ordered society and liberty.

P.S.  The “SS” (social workers) actually tried to use Saloom’s  words, intentionally taken out-of-context or otherwise evidencing “SS” …intelligence, “lil’ angel” and “Jesus” with regard to Author’s then five year-old son, Julian Jacob Worrell of Genealogy Saloom (abducted under the color of law, or, “kidjacked,”  on May 08, 2012, just before he was to start kindergarten, by social worker and police officer individual defendants at the Pearland CPS Office in Brazoria County, Texas), to erroneously portray Julian’s Real Mummy and Property Owner–Author was traditional and gave her son the gift of a father through his name, hoping that one day he would want to be a part of his life, for genuine reasons)–as “unstable,” though she failed to accuse or notify Saloom of this…well, ever.  If she had, she would certainly have an actionable discrimination for perceived disability lawsuit as New England mothers have asserted, along with others.

Cheryl Harvick (Brazoria County CPS Program Supervisor, on knowledge, belief, and alleged “title” in writing), Paul Elton (Pearland Police officer), William Lilly (Harris County Sheriff’s Office Crimes Against Children, and Sex Crimes Unit, failed to be properly supervised by Ruben Diaz, as reported as the basis for his twenty day suspension without pay in July 2014 in a two-liner online news site), Lesly Damian-Murray (Brazoria County CPS caseworker), and Karen Coblentz (Brazoria County CPS Program Director) deprived both Salooms (Joni and Julian Jacob Worrell of Genealogy Saloom, rights reciprocal, claims as to “Plaintiff” individuals and as to individual claims against all defendants sued in individual and official capacities) of their well-established as a matter of law and fact rights, privileges, and fundamental liberties to include “liberty, life, and pursuit of happiness” (Declaration of Independence) with foreseeable and intentional harm and injury to their natural, sovereign, elect bond and relationship with the expressly stated goal of permanent “removal” and “parental rights” as of 1:30PM on May 08, 2012, a Gift from Creator that no man may properly sever, as acknowledged in Founding documents and articles of this Republic US, for Harvick’s and Elton’s (and for Lesly Damian-Murray and her superior, Karen Coblentz) expressly stated retaliation for Saloom calling Office of Consumer Affairs and making an “appearance” at the Pearland Police substation located at 2555 Cullen, Pearland, Texas  77581 real property/only “child,” her son who she raised alone without incident or injury, to engineer Harvick’s defense for wrongful “removal,” absent court order, absent exigent circumstances, absent warrant issued on probable cause or reliability for Julian remaining with his primary caretaker for 5 1/2 years, and absent any voluntary “consent” or signatures or “agreements.”

On knowledge, belief, and certain evidence, individual defendants (none of whom are properly listed on the federal docket (See 4:13-cv-1002, US District Court, Southern District of Texas, Houston Division, (Hon.) Judge Kenneth M. Hoyt presiding), and as First Amended Complaint, before reverse and remand from the US Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in favor of subject matter “jurisdiction,” and other pertinent legal instruments filed sui juris, de jure by Saloom, conspired with “J.J.W.” of Genealogy Saloom’s “father,” Matthew James Worrell and his admitted on court record as adultering wife he stole with three small children by another man in whose marital house they reside(though not of any record or proof–no birth certificate, social security card, no Acknowledgement of Paternity, and no name on Julian’s valid, authentic, unnoticed, insufficiently birth certificate on file with the 310th Judicial District Court of Harris County, Texas (elected Judge Lisa A. Millard, Associate Judge appointed by Governor Ricky Perry, Conrad Moren) or the court that had no “jurisdiction” in the 300th Judicial District Court of Brazoria County, Texas–(Hon.) Judge K. Randall/”Randy” Hufstetler who issued “Orders in Aid of Child Abuse and Neglect” without any notice, hearing, or continuing “exclusive” jurisdiction even alleged, thus, null and void on its face as a matter of law and fact), and with Donna Everson, court-appointed Guardian Ad-Litem and Attorney Ad-Litem for Julian who refused to even speak to Author, Julian’s mother, who was unrepresented though she timely requested a court-appointed lawyer before full adversary hearing/show-cause hearing, to make an easy, cool $30,000-$100,000 for the “state” of Texas, kickbacks, referrals, Responsible Fatherhood grants, quota attainment, admiration and possible career promotion, inter alia, on knowledge and belief and testimony of those similarly situated, to “execute” the ever ubiquitous “RICO Court Con” and adoption scam (not what it used to be as Author concurs with Mr. Black that “adoption” used to sometimes be a good thing, and maybe sometimes still is where necessitated, not manufactured for “Titles” IV-A, IV-D, and IV-E Social SecurityAct and Medicaid and “TANF” fraud on the Federal government, and on others), although there were not any grounds for “termination of parental rights” at the time.

That “SAFE” supervised “visitation” (check out the bags of unreported and unrecorded cash only payments that Cypresswood Drive”SAFE” (free stalking for fathers and private investigators and process servers) supervisor Tamisha Laster tips out multiple volunteers, “recorders” and “observers” who write everything parents and children say and sell the notes, or “observations,” on little Orange (“Red”) sheets of paper that Laster claims she doesn’t know where she takes them on these CPS trainee extortion sub-standard 2-hour “visitation” per month (if the father even shows with child property) extortion and maternal alienation or less wealthy than alienating mother with more elite… South Texas College of Law…attorney who is best friends with the judges and ad-litem who knows which CPS-licensed “therapist” (a.k.a. Kimberly A. Abernethy in North Houston) father days (when no bank or “SAFE” main office in Houston is open to deposit “cash only” fees) only to the highest bidder who can compel testimony for $100 or $150/hr. in the same court in which the judge and all clerks and sundry employees and associate judge and court “recorder” who will deny even a quote as to transcripts so as to block appeal, even though indigent by proxy respondent should have received them, on timely motion for “in forma pauperis,” complementary so that justice might be carried out and for good cause shown, on knowledge and belief, took a $20,000 bribe (known by old-school FBI and Federal officials as the “Damon 10,000 Screw, ” or, “The Fix Is In”) through  Executive Director Marinelle Timmons (Prairie Street, Corporate HQ, Houston, Texas  77002, located in the old courthouse downtown, a joint private-public venture along with Children’s Assessment Center, sexual-cover-up front), who refuses to answer certified return request receipt mail with attached exhibits, including the Sex Crimes individual defendant William Lilly’s (HCSO) recent termination (July 11, 2014) for failure to investigate from Saloom immediately pursuant to Timmons’ fraudulent letter that falsely alleged that Saloom “requested” “termination” of “visitation,” in July of 2014 when the defendant’s’ Attorney General for state of Texas Counsel, on knowledge and belief, tipped her off that Saloom’s case would be reversed and remanded to the US District Court for the Southern District of Texas, possibly to aid and abet a fraudulent defense

Julian is now 7 1/2 years-old and has been deprived of any and all  meaningful contact with his loving and devoted mother absent any showing of  parental “unfitness” or child abuse or neglect (See Cheryl Harvick, defendant individual Brazoria County CPS supervisor in article entitled Fostering Abuse…, byline by Margaret Downing, The Houston Press, March 27, 2003 and her mass round-ups of foster children for retaliation…and money, on knowledge and belief and first-hand, non-perjured, non-hearsay, non third-party hearsay direct testimony absent fraud and deceit under color of law, actual legal and lawful knowledge and circumstantial and demonstrative evidence).

Posted: 02 Aug 2014 07:17 PM PDT

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