Comment by DV survivor, Riverside CPS and Riverside Superior Court removed children in the blame the victim scenario.

Court of Appeal, Superior Court and Supreme Court News

My 4 children were taken away from me because I was a victim of domestic violence!

I pressed charges he was arrested for felony corporal punishment and 4 counts of willful cruelty! I refused to go the hospital so I could stay to care for my kids. I had no broken bones just many major bruises to head face leg and arms.

Angel Jaimes cps worker in riverside Indio said and I quote”you allowed it to happen in front of them” when all was said and done I lost everything!

My rights were terminated because I no longer had or could afford suitable housing!! If the amount of money dumped into just my case had been put into helping me have a home I would still have them today! United Supreme Court ruled that terminating rights is the civil equivalent of the death penalty! Where’s the due process then? Where’s…

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