[Satire] AOL Instant Messenger Chat | Placer County District Attorney Scott Owens; Dustin ‘Daddy’s Worm’ Thompson; Glenn Sacks; Teri C. Stoddard; Sgt. Victor Pecararo

The Placer County Observer

Placer County District Attorney Scott Owens‘ family wouldn’t like it if they were molested, now would they? How come he allows a pedophile to “get off” both legally and sexually? In his own daughter’s mouth? We have to be blunt and realistic with the evil that exists in Placer County. The judges and DA and the police all allow this abuse to go on. Why? Because the Thompson family (Dustin=pedo; John David=physical abuser) has some sort of demonic pull in the community. What’s almost as bad as the sexual abuse itself is the fact Aaliyah’s mom hasn’t even seen her daughter in over two years. I wonder if Laura and Dessie Owens would like that their daddy lets a piece of shit to sperm in his little girl’s mouth. Oh, wait, Scott Owens told a caller to his office that Save Aaliyah’s Daddy’s Worm video is…

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