Pedophile Protection Squads | Sob Stories. Fake Names. How to Spot Their Tactics.

The Sacramento Shield

Raine Xanes was contacted by known child molester Shane Crowe about The Ellis County Observer‘s articles and coverage of his sickening past. “Raine” text-messaged me, began telling me how she wasn’t seeking information to get a lawsuit, but the more this went on, the more bizarre her “story” started having holes in it. The fake photos were one thing: Then, she claimed she was a family law lawyer. Her name didn’t come up on the State Bar Web site. She had a Houston-area cellphone number (979), but she had a distinct European-ish accent. Almost like merging a Southern twang with a European accent (she said Raine Xanes is Swedish name.) Then, her sob story of being a widow with two daughters didn’t pan out. “Josh,” her mythical husband, was killed in the line of duty seven years ago while working as a cop. The Texas Commission on…

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